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Pregnant Women And Things To Note When Bathing
However, specialist doctors advise you should not abuse sauna because high temperature of steam and water make body temperature increase and harm the development of babies.
Give Up Coffee For Beautiful Breasts
It is very good for your breasts to supply your body with a certain amount of vegetable like tomato, carrot, China squash, cauliflower, onion, asparagus, cucumber, loofah… every day.
Foods You Should Avoid When Wanting To Conceive
Normally, it’s advised that couples should have a plan for about 3-6 months before pregnancy. During this time, you will get much advice from specialists, the dear ones in your family about preparations before giving birth. These are vaccinating, learning how to count the ovulation days; and eating is indispensable.
7 Tips To Lose Weight In One Week
You should eat healthy fats which include nuts, lean fish, olive oil if you want to maintain curves of your body when losing weight. Diets combining with doing moderately exercise will help you lose weight healthily. This means that you will burn fat without affecting muscles and gradually replace fatty areas on body by firm and healthy curve.
Advice For A Healthy Heart
Though experts affirm that the potential of our heart is extremely strong and it can even work up to 140 years (the creator has programmed like that); however, the fact is that many people have problems with their heart after the age of 40.
Instant Expert : Never Lose Your Keys Again!
Misplaced your mobile or arrived in a room with no clue why you’re there? Experts call it ‘brain fog’ and we’re all falling victim. Here’s how to clear it
Drop A Stone In 4 Weeks
‘I’m so much happier and more confident. I dreaded the “before” shoot, but I loved the “after” one. Slipping into a dress knowing I was the slimmest I’d been in ages felt great. I’ve got an LBD body I can’t wait to show off!’
Green and Clean
Most plastic bags don’t biodegrade, so reusable ones are a smart option. But when researchers tested reusable bags shoppers were using, almost all had large numbers of fecal bacteria, according to a 2011 study in Food Protection Trends.
Welcome to the House of Hormones!
As more of us have children in our mid-30s, an increasing number of women are going through the menopause just as their children hit the turbulent teens.
Should I Stop Asthma Treatment ?
I have just found out that I am pregnant and worry that the asthma medicine will do harm to the fetus. Should I stop taking the medicines?
Say Goodbye To Split Ends
Although when the summer comes, women tend to make fewer hairstyles than in the winter, which will reduce the chemical substance into the hair. However, the harsh light and polluted air will concern you much. The problem that most women get into is the situation that the hair is dry and split.
Listen To Your Nurse
Giving birth is not predictable, and the flexibility makes it smoother (not to mention feeding babies). Tell me, and the doctor, or the midwife what you want in advance – we will try to supply.
Danger Ahead?
Popular symptoms when you are pregnant such as bleeding or contraction may be harmless or signals of serious problems. This is how you can tell the difference between them.
Performance Enhancing Drinks
Gaming often involves late hours. You may have a coffee or energy drink next to you right now. I do. Or you may find caffeine makes you jittery and interferes with your gaming, so you avoid it. It wasn't going to be long before manufacturers caught on to our often nocturnal lifestyle and targeted us with a specific solution.
7 Years Younger : Herbal relief
Strange as it may seem, if you’re lucky enough to be offered a seat on the train or the bus, you may want to refuse – politely, of course! When we sit, we experience of fewer muscle contractions, which are vital for clearing glucose and fats from the bloodstream.
28 Days Super Sleep Plan (Part 2)
Stress is a major sleep stealer. It’s a simple equation. High levels of stress trigger the release of hormones that put your body on alert – and research shows that hormone levels can stay raised throughout the night. Dr Jacobs’ research shows that relaxation produces brain wave patterns similar to stage-one sleep – the transition time between being fully awake and sleeping.
28 Days Super Sleep Plan (Part 1)
With new concerns over the safety of sleeping tablets, is there really a pill-free way to conquer insomnia? Our unique four-week plan can help you get a fabulous, totally natural, night’s sleep!
32 Ways To Make Your Life Easier (part 2)
Frozen fresh fruit makes a brilliant alternative to an ice Jolly – with far fewer calories. Line a rimmed baking sheet with bake well paper and arrange sliced raspberries, peaches, blueberries or grapes in a single layer before freezing. Once frozen, transfer to small freezer bags. Keep for a month.
32 Ways To Make Your Life Easier (part 1)
If your tea-light holders are covered in melted wax, instead of chipping away at it, just put the holders in the freezer for a few hours – the wax will shrink and pop right out.
Our Home Is Where Our Happiness Is
The communal living area is the hub of the home. The glass doors open fully to the garden to extend the living space. Mel loves Marrimekko and had these striking panels made for the windows. The modern fire is a real talking point.
Surprising Things That Make You Forget
How many times have you forgotten someone’s name, or a specific word? What about losing your keys – how many minutes this week have you wasted hunting for them?
How To Live To 100!
People who drink at least one cup of green tea per day are five times less likely to develop lunf cancer than those who don’t, a study from Taiwan’s Chung Shan Medical University found. It is though the antioxidants in green tea are responsible.
Protein Powders – What You Need To Know
Preserve muscle mass: A University of Illinois study discovered that daily protein supplements can help postmenopausal women to avoid loss of muscle mass, which can be a common side effect of weight loss. Muscle loss slows metabolism and, as we grow older, increases the risk of falls.
3 Ways To Shapely Calves
Skip as fast as possible for 30 seconds (or 50 counts) and then halve the pace for another 30 seconds. Stretch out the calves briefly before repeating two or more times, gradually adding more sets (or more jumps/time per set) over time.
13 Foot Myths Busted (Part 2)
Increasingly scientists are questioning this belief, saying that perhaps there are shades of grey where fat is concerned. The classic example here is dairy products. In recent years a number of studies have found no link between dairy consumption and heart disease. In fact, milk and dairy consumption is associated with a small reduction in the risk of heart disease, stroke and diabetes.
13 Foot Myths Busted (Part 1)
Most natural therapists you meet will tell you this, but studies form the University of Nebraska found coffee has no diuretic effect in regular drinkers. The only time it does cause a small loss of fluid is if you are what experts call “caffeine naive” – that is you never drink it – and you suddenly have a mega dose (two to three cups) in quick succession.
Stop Avoiding… Start Doing
How much better would your life be if you scored a pay rise, finished that fitness programme or sorted out that problem with your other half? Amazing, right? The problem is, you just have to do something about it.
Guilt – Free Treats
Nairn’s Oatcakes are a tasty, wholesome snack full of slow-release carbohydrates to keep you going for longer, Try these wheat-free savoury biscuits on their own or with peanut butter for the perfect mid-afternoon or pre-workout energy boost.
Find Your Inner Hotshot
If you’re better at selling yourself short than bigging yourself up, it’s time to work on inflating your ego for a super career boost
What It Takes To Be…A Real Pt!
Now that I’m qualified to work as a gym instructor as well as a nutrition and weight management advisor, I’m really getting used to this health and fitness professional lark. I’m enjoying the confidence I have in giving advice when people ask me about food and exercise and I’m delivering it with tons more knowledge than before.
Boost Your Smile & Sleep Tight
If you’re going natural with your beauty products, don’t forget your teeth. Green People toothpaste is free from SLS, parabens and artificial sweeteners, and is packed with aloe vera and other oral-friendly ingredients.
Dehydration Is The Reason For Obesity
Nowadays, a body carrying a lot of diseases is caused by dehydration which slows down metabolism and other internal activities. Thus, it is recommended to drink 2-3 litters of water per day. Sadly, many people believe other drinks can replace pure water but our brains just consider them as fast-food. Besides, most people can’t realize dehydration because they don’t feel thirsty.
6 New Ways To…Find Your Groove!
Stop toe-tapping to Jessie J tunes and learn how to dance like the real deal at a Seen on Screen Fitness (SOSF) class. SOSF instructors have all toured with A-list stars like Rihanna, Beyoncé and Jessie J, and now they want to work with you!
You've Lost Your Job. Now What?
After the emotional thunderbolt of being told, ‘We’re letting you go’, you might want to wallow. And who’d blame you? “But there’s no time to waste,” says career specialist Paul MacKenzie-Cummins, who reckons thinking strategically from the moment you hear the news will help you on your way to a new job – fast.
Shatter Your PB With Performance-Boosting Tips
Exercising regularly doesn’t give you a free pass to pig out. Sure, it’s fine to indulge every now and then, but eating junk all the time will hinder your workouts and your health, no matter how much you run! Remember, it’s about being healthy on the inside, too.
Secrets Of The Super-Energetic
Facing a no-energy crisis? Steal these tips from five women who have to be on top form – and feel ready for anything
Thin Is Not Fit
There was a fitness challenge up for grabs. And I thought, this one I cannot lose. After all, I stand a little more than 5’5’’ tall and weigh 55 kg. My BMI (Body Mass Index) is perfect and I am in shape.
Some Common Muscle Misconceptions
You did boot-camp and now you’re in pain. You may think you shouldn’t work out again soon afterwards, but the right kind of exercise can make your muscles feel better and help you recover faster. Just don’t focus on the affected area.
Eat Chocolate To… Save Your Face
From anti-wrinkle creams to collagen capsules and enzyme peels, we’re constantly on the lookout for new ways to fend off the ravages of time. But, working from the outside in may not be the best approach. According to the skin experts, there’s no better place to start an anti-ageing offensive than your kitchen.
Grow Your Own Edible Garden
An edible garden is useful, beautiful and easier to create than you might think, no matter how much – or how little – space you have.
“Energy Healing Changed My Life”
Energy healing can help bring the body back into balance. Here, three women tell how they’ve changed their lives for the better by literally re-energizing.
The Magic Touch
It makes sense that a hug or a massage makes you feel good – touch releases the “love” hormone oxytocin in our brain. But this kind of affectionate contact has a few other surprising benefits.
10 Savvy Ways To…Boost Your Bank Balance
When was the last time you were in the black? And, no, we don’t mean that LBD you wore on Saturday. Times are tough: the average debt of an adult in the UK is $45 and 318 people are declared insolvent or bankrupt every day. But, you don’t have to give up the good life to be cash-savvy.
Are We Too Clean?
A squeaky-clean home and work environment might be your idea of heaven, but some research suggests that you need more dirt in your life if you want a clean bill of health. We consulted two experts to find out if it really is possible to be too clean…
Roll With The Punches
Maybe you’re not the fighting type, but here are some facts that will get you in the ring: Boxing blasts up to 600 calories an hour while sculpting your arms, shoulders, core, and legs.
Kicking Back - Up Close When We Last Checked In With
Family may now be her first priority, but Jillian is still passionate about having a fit lifestyle. These days, however, finding an hour (or even a few minutes, for that matter) to focus on working out and eating right is so challenging, even she has had to make some sacrifices
Caution - Bullies At Work (Part 3)
If you don’t have a clear cut discriminatory case like Lee’s, though, your best bet may he to follow the same advice that parents preach to picked-on kids: Stand up for yourself.
Caution - Bullies At Work (Part 2)
Still, experts are divided as to why some bosses resort to tyrannical tactics. Some research, such as a 2009 Psychological Science study, suggests that insecurity drives certain supervisors to turn on their subordinates. But other findings indicate the opposite: that an overinflated sense of self-worth is to blame.
Caution - Bullies At Work (Part 1)
Remember that playground tyrant? Well, she’s moved into the corner office where she can wreak havoc on not only your career but your health too. Here’s what you should know about this growing trend.
Look Younger By Tonight!
Anti-age your behavior and you’ll seem younger and classier. Avoid swearing, yelling or negative comments, and remove terms such as “senior moment”, “menopause moment” or “getting old” from your conversations. Upbeat, positive and humorous people always have a “younger” edge
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