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‘We Love Our New Bikini Bodies!’ (Part 2)
I’m delighted she’s found some workouts she loves, including running, spinning and Pilates. She now has the determination to make them long-term habits because she’s seen the effect they have not just on her body but her confidence, too.
‘We Love Our New Bikini Bodies!’ (Part 1)
By doing so, she’s completely transformed her body confidence, which should help her to stick to new habits. The one massage she needs to remember is this: “Everything she puts into her mouth will work for or against her gorgeous new body.”’
Unilateral Training : Balance Out Your Body
This is where unilateral training – working one side of your body independently from the other – can help you. It highlights potential strength imbalances and levels them out by loading the body equally.
The Paleo Way : The top five Paleo foods
Avocado is one of the only fatty fruits containing mainly monounsaturated fat. Avocado oil can be used as a dressing for salads and you can use avocado in savory and sweet dishes.
Sports Psychology : Beat Your Boyfriend In The Gym
All ball State University study showed that men needed at least 48 hours of recovery time to achieve the same fitness levels as in previous workouts. This compares to only four hours needed for a woman to recover after training and get back to full strength.
Get Happier Smarter Fitter Richer : 9 actions that can change your life!
Whatever your goal, a new breed of psychologists now believe that actions are the most powerful way to instantly change how you think and feel. So is it time to ditch the visualization and positive thinking?
Lose Weight Without Effort (Part 3)
The total super food for energy, weight-loss and anti-ageing, oats are lower in gluten than wheat, which tends to bung up the digestive system. They provide slow-release energy, and reduce cholesterol.
Lose Weight Without Effort (Part 2)
For an effective eating plan you can sustain until you reach your weight-loss goal, you need to eat foods from all three groups on a daily basis.
Lose Weight Without Effort (Part 1)
Strict diets can result in side effects such as headaches, nausea, insomnia and anxiety as a result of your body’s natural homeostasis being thrown out of balance. And if you’re not nourishing yourself throughout the day, when your body needs maximum energy, you’ll end up making the wrong food choices.
Get Supermarket Savvy
Every girl loves to shop, but when you’re on a diet or counting the pennies, food shopping can be a stressful task. You might think you’re a savvy shopper, but supermarkets subject us to psychological manipulation at every turn of the trolley.
Diet Diary : What I ate today?
Grab a handful of almonds twice a day to keep your energy up and help avoid a snack attack. Eight to 10 almonds is sufficient. Soaking them overnight in water makes the nutrients more available.
What To Drink With… Spicy Mexican Back-Bean Soup
When searching for successful food and wine pairings, there can be few more interesting or more rewarding challenges than finding a suitable wine to drink with a full-bodied and exotically spiced soup.
Restaurants - Secret Garden
Amidst the rows of gardening stores along White Plains, Katipunan, Basil stands out not as a plant, but as a venue for people to unwind, nourish their bodies, and please their palates. Upon entering the restaurant, the relaxing smell of wood and herbs as well as the sound of running water softly greet you.
So What Are You Doing At Lunch?
Last month, we launched our Reclaim Your Lunch Break campaign, urging you to buck the unhealthy trend for working through. If the increased risk of heart disease, depression and weight gain still hasn’t made you down tools at 1pm, maybe these four inspiring ideas will….
How To Look Good On Facebook
All this strategizing shouldn’t obscure that social-media sites are, at heart, invitations to connect. ‘Social media is about dialogue’, says social-media consultant Coral Summers.
The Healing Power of Placebo
The placebo effect has long been considered irrelevant and a nuisance when determining what is valuable in a treatment such as acupuncture, a drug trial, or even surgery.
The New No-Fuss Weight Loss Programme
Every time gorgeous TV presenter Cristina Tárrega shares a snippet of advice about a new supplement, fitness programme or beauty product, she makes millions for somebody and luckily for the audience, it isn’t herself!
Weight Loss : resource-constrained settings
A study in a low-income population found that a program designed for “resource-constrained settings” helped people lose weight and keep it off for the long term. Participants developed three goals at the study’s start and monitored their progress on a website that included tips on weight-loss techniques.
Food Science : The protocol, Data analysis, Tips to treat
Predicting how much blood glucose levles will rise or fall in response to meals involves a few variables. These include how much and what you eat, and the amount of insulin in your blood (whether your own, injected, or pumped).
Street Food Revolution
When a former burger van becomes one of the hottest dining spots in London, it’s safe to say street food has gone in the world. And if the queues outside distressed, rock-chic restaurant Meat Liquor in central London are anything to go by, it’s a foodie phenomenon changing the way we eat out forever.
More Style Less Effort
You’ve had yet another groundhog week: five days of the office, gym, TV dinners and long commutes. By 6pm on Friday, it’s time to escape the daily grind effortlessly (no clammy train journeys) and stylishly (no tracksuit allowed) for that Bath city break.
Pamper Rx
Jacuzzis therapy and hot mud cover, or any therapy that directly affect your body temperature is taboo during pregnancy. The researches demonstrated that steaming for 10 minutes during the first 4-6 weeks of pregnancy could cause high risk of miscarriage.
Kitchen Insider (Part 5) - On the importance of homemade stock
The secret to flavorful soups, sauces, and stews is good stock. Making it from scratch is always better than using store-bought cubes. Cook it low and slow, let the flavors take their time and develop on their own.
Kitchen Insider (Part 4) - On making home-cooked food party-ready
Skip the metal chafing dishes and opt for pretty ceramic plates. Think of a theme and a color palette – if you want a fresh, springtime feel, use colors like yellow, orange, and green.
Kitchen Insider (Part 3) - On baking soft and chewy cookies, On making an authentically Thai dinner
When you cook Thai food, you have to make sure that your dish has the perfect blend of saltiness, sweetness, and the fragrance of herbs. No one single flavor should stand out itself. Sourness and spiciness are optional; however, they always add a kick to your dish.
Kitchen Insider (Part 2) - On frosting cupcakes, On making a great pie crust
Do not over blend. When the particles are the size of big grains of sand that is enough. Do not continue to blend to the point of melted butter when everything will be sticky. A good pie crust needs those pieces of butter intact to create a delicious, flaky texture when baked.
Kitchen Insider (Part 1) - On discovering new ice cream flavors
Start with a strong concept: an interesting flavor combination rather than just a random combination of ingredients. It should make sense. Studying existing desserts and deconstructing their flavor profile is a good way to get ideas.
Isotonic sports drinks
When you want to rehydrate after working out, water is fine for modest exercise. But if you’re training for more than an hour, an isotonic drink can be more effective, replacing fluids and minerals lost via sweating.
Drink Your Greens (Part 3) - Which juicer is best for you?
Juicers come in many shapes and sizes, so choose a model that will suit your needs. There are two main types, the slower-masticating juicer, good for fruit and leafy greens, and faster centrifugal models, which are ideal for hard fruit and veg.
Drink Your Greens (Part 2) - Go for green juices
Juicing is perfect if you struggle to get your five-a-say, as a boost when you’re going through a period of stress or feeling under the weather. ‘If you want to juice for the taste and nutritional benefits, make a glass whenever you fancy one,’ .
Drink Your Greens (Part 1) - Green revolution
Blends of greens such as kale, spinach and chard boast an array of impressive healthy benefits, from detoxing and alkalizing your body, to strengthening your bones and improving your skin.
To Bank Or Not To Bank
Research shows that cord blood may be able to safely regenerate other types of cells in the body, fuel­ing optimism that doctors may one day routinely use a patient’s own stored cord blood to treat such con­ditions as cerebral palsy, spinal cord injuries and diabetes.
Young Slim And Diabetic (Part 2) - Prevention and treatment
Practicing lean muscles will help to stable the insulin and decrease the risk of getting pre-diabetes. According to research, 10% lean muscles are form, the risk of getting diabetes will decrease by 12%.
Young Slim And Diabetic (Part 1) - Health threats
“When people grow fatter, the Type 2 Diabetes is rapidly becoming popular. However, obese is silently attacking a new group of victims: slim women. This article will analyze the habits that may push you to TOFI and diabetes.”
What The Headlines Really Mean?
Titles or advices in newspapers make you confused? Some facts you should take into accounts when reading impulsive information of media world are as follows.
Put Allergies To The Test
After tests, children need some next steps of treatment to prevent new allergies (for examples: teenagers stand a high chance of being allergic to environment), or control the recurring allergies.
Not to Worry : We live in stressful times
Most Americans are anxious about the economy, jobless rates and downsizing, just to name a few. And when you’re pregnant, there can be brand-new stressors you didn’t see coming: You worry about whether you can still do your job now and when you return from maternity leave
Is Pregnancy A Disability?
Pregnant women should already have such protections under a 2008 amendment to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), says Jeannette Cox, a law professor at the University of Dayton in Ohio.
Identicals Misidentified
Researchers studied 1,302 parents of same-sex twins and found that 179 with identicals thought they were fraternal, and 12 with fraternals thought they were identical, perhaps because they got wrong information based on prenatal ultrasounds.
Green Garden
Yard work is great exercise for moms-to-be, but don’t drink from the hose! Researchers screened 179 gardening products, including tools, gloves, kneeling pads and hoses, for such toxins as lead, phthalates, chlorine, cadmium, flame retardants and Bisphenol A (BPA), all of which can harm the fetus.
Exhausted : Prevent from growing young again
Like other situations, the first step to improve is recognizing it and its bad consequents. Keep in mind that if you relax too little, it means that you put an amount of poison into your body.
Examine Your Etiquette
There is a reason explaining why the waste basket containing tampons are located in restroom: they want to keep the bathroom clean and hygienic. Chemical compounds in those baskets will kill the bacteria.
Comply With Your Exercise Regulations
Congratulations! You start and set up an exercise mode. But how many times have you started then you find yourself five it up in half-way as a lazy one? We now bring you advice and tools that keep you on right track so that you can receive what you really want to.
Burning Desires
That fiery sensation known as heartburn happens when the lower esophageal sphincter (LES), a muscle respon­sible for keeping stomach contents in their place, begins to relax or leak.
Age-proof Your Diet
No matter which age you are at, there is one thing you always worry about: “weight”. You usually think that the older you are, the less pressure about weight puts on you.
Things Pregnant Women Should Asks Their Husbands For Help
Many women during pregnancy have psychology that they need to eat for two. The fact is that you only need to extra about 200-300 calories per day, equivalently to eat 2-3 snacks a day.
Notes When Pregnant Women Use Cosmetics
During pregnancy, pregnant women do not usually make up because of worrying about effects on their babies. However, there are some tips on cosmetics for pregnant women who want to beautify on special occasions.
Necessary Minerals For Pregnant Women
Iron and calcium are two minerals which are necessary for women in pregnancy. Nevertheless, do not take iron and calcium whenever you are pregnant because calcium and iron in pregnant women’s blood should be controlled, lack or excess of them causes many consequences.
How To Hygiene Your Vagina In Summer
The warm and hot weather in summer is a convenient condition for funguses to grow up and spread to vagina, which increases the risk of gynecological diseases.
Do Not Miss Sugarcane Juice In Pregnancy
Although drinking sugarcane juice every day, properly I do not know much about the effect of this drink in pregnancy. At the beginning of pregnancy, my mother said that trying to drink lots of sugarcane juice helped my baby be clean and less viscous.
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