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The Importance Of Drinking Water Before Bed Time
The amount of water a person needs a day depends on the body size, activity level and local weather. Drinking too little water can cause serious consequences. The best way to drink enough water is drinking throughout the day.
Foods For Weight Loss
You seem to have food cravings all the time but be afraid of getting fat. In this case, “cheat” foods that make you feel full may help.
Fix Your Form
Want fantastic form? Good standing posture means straight alignment from head to heel. In fact, from a side view, you should be able to draw a line through your ear, shoulder, hip, knee and ankle. Get a friend to take a side-view photo of you and assess your posture.
Maximize Your Mobility
A mobility workout may not sound like the premise for a sculpted shape but, guess what, the benefits of being able to move your joints through their full range of motion extend beyond the obvious increases in flexibility.
Six Diseases White-Collar Workers Should Take Precautions
People who do office works after a period time will usually suffer from diseases such as eye strain, back pain, cervical vertebrae degeneration, carpal tunnel syndrome, dull or dry skin, abdominal fat... Without appropriate treatments and adjustments, these diseases will affect the health very much.
Six Surprising Reasons Why You Are Losing Weight
If you suffer from depression, you can lose weight quickly. People with depression often feel very difficult to perform the behaviors in their life, including eating, drinking and rest.
How To Protect Yourself From Sunlight
The Sun emits ultraviolet (UVA and UVB), which can cause damage if you are not protected carefully. Radiation from the sun can cause sunburn, cataracts, premature aging, weakened immune system and skin cancer.
New Discoveries On Breast Cancer
If breast cancer is not detected and intervened timely, it will spread into blood vessels, lymphatic vessels, diaphragm and other organs of the body, causing many serious complications that threat human life. Ten discoveries below are very new things about the disease mentioned above.
Running Fuel (Part 2)
To fuel your muscles to start the race with full glycogen levels. Assuming you’ve followed a balanced diet throughout your training, the muscle glycogen your body normally uses to fuel training will automatically be stored by your body as you start to taper.
Running Fuel (Part 1)
But achieving your personal best isn’t just about training hard. What, when and how much you eat can have a dramatic effect on your stamina, performance and recovery. It will help you focus better and avoid injury, too. In fact, it’s the key to optimum performance.
5 Surprising Changes In Your Body After Delivery
Your feet will be 1-2 sizes larger than before, but your bra will be 1-2 sizes smaller when you complete breastfeeding your baby.
How To Know If He Loves Me Or Is Playing Me
The relationship can be very complicated. Although you have the first date or had many relationships, you may find yourself in some situations and everything seems vague. Unfortunately, finding a right man can take a lot of effort and heartbroken.
Tips For New Parents To Take Care Of Infants
The neonatal care for the first time can be a stressful experience; however, it can also be fun when you have the techniques and the appropriate support to take care of your baby. The parents are less stress than those who are not prepared carefully to care of their baby.
Tips for mothers of twins
Life after the birth of twins seems busy and messy; however, plans and logical organizations make the transition become easier. Babies require for permanent care, so double the care when you have twins.
Harmful Effects Of Carbonated Soft Drinks
Carbonated soft drinks (soda) are the popular drinks over the world. However, they also bring harmful effects if you consume them too much.
How To Lose Weight With Water
You can learn how to lose weight with water from now on. Water is an essential part of life. Everyone needs water whether they’re on a diet or not. When you are on a diet, drinking enough water and extra water is very important.
How To Move On
If you’ve been hurt by a friend or betrayed by a lover, you may find it hard to let it go. But you should - for your sake more than theirs.
Quick Recovery From Birth
Giving birth is a hard process - physically and emotionally. You will feel exhausted and extremely painful after that. It takes many weeks to completely recover. Here is some advice that helps you to hasten the process.
Take Care Of Mom After Birth
Like babies, moms also need care and support after birth. Postpartum starts immediately after delivering the baby. The period involves the mother progressing through many changes, both emotionally and physically. It may last about 6-8 weeks or till the mother’s body returns to the pre-pregnant state.
How To Lose Weight And Slim Down Your Body
When your body gains weight – fatty tissue will enlarge at your abdomen, waist, hands, thigh, armpit or your mylohyoid region. Especially to women after birth, their bodies start to gain weight, accumulate excessively fat so that their body shapes become portly and no longer slim. So, how to lose weight and get in shape effectively?
Tips For Weight Loss At Home
You can actually lose weight right at home with these following tips associated with using diet pills.
Change Your Life Before Breakfast (Part 2)
Holliday suggests having three alarm clocks set to go off within a few minutes of each other, with the final one on the other side of your bedroom to get you moving about.
Change Your Life Before Breakfast (Part 1)
Early mornings are the best time to think, plan and achieve. So, set your alarm clock and hour or two earlier – it’ll open up a whole new world of achievement
8 Causes That Make You A Scatterbrain
Lack of vitamin B12 can lead to reduced memory diseases. Approximately 40% of women become more scatter-brained in menopause. Memory can be affected after a flight lasting more than four hours.
Is Life Making You Angry?
Rage is on the rise, and the pressures of modern life can provoke us into self-righteous fury. What’s behind this anger – and how do we bring it under control?
10 Signs Showing He Is No Longer Like You
Sometimes, the relationships break and finish suddenly with no reason. Sometimes, you may believe that you are being with an idol man. Then he sends you his mixed signals to let you guess his feeling. You make excuses to explain the mess of his behavior. Once your guy is not interested in you anymore, it is very painful.
Secret Of Wrinkles
To decode secret of wrinkles, dermatologists around the country will reveal some unexpected truths that may surprise you.
Organize Your Health Records
Moms wear many medical hats. We nurse colds and fevers, bandage scraped knees, kiss boo-boos, and treat ear infections, strep throats, and stomach bugs. We’re also expected to keep tabs on everyone’s medications, height and weight, allergies, and doctor visits.
8 Foods That Increase Breast Milk Secretion
Breast milk is considered to be the perfect nutritional source for babies. In breast milk, there are almost the necessary nutrients for infants in their first months of life. Breast milk is also a stable foundation for children to develop well in the next months. The milk contains minerals that formula milk can’t compete with; the nutrients will help children to improve their resistances and be healthy always.
Some Mistakes In Losing Weight By Jogging
Jogging is a good kind of exercises suitable to everybody and it helps many women be in good shape and stabilize body weight. However, there’re many people who make mistakes when jogging.
7 Potential Bad Effects From Soft Drinks
Carbohydrate drinks are always in many people’s favorite favorites in hot days. However, soft drinks don’t really have refreshment effects but do have harmful effects to health, especially the 7 bad effects following.
People Who Shouldn’t Eat Ice-Cream In Summer
In summer, the weather gets hotter and hotter every day, so ice-cream becomes a favorite of many people. Ice-cream can make us feel cool and refreshed; however, not everybody should eat ice-cream.
Tips That Brings Good Sleeps For You
The nature of sleeps is an inhibiting process that covers the brain and the under part of it. When the activities of the alternating exciting and inhibiting spots of the brain are mutually exclusive and unable to spread, we can’t sleep. That the inhibition breaks the limit of excitements and spreads all over the brain and the under part of it make sleeps.
Unexpected Harmful Effects From Nutritional Supplements
That using nutritional supplement is good anyway makes people keep taking the drugs without concerning the dark sides of them when being used too much or in a wrong way.
Things That Mothers Need To Know When Cutting Baby’s Nails In The First Time
Newborn baby’s nails are often thinner and softer than yours. However, they are very sharp, so they can scratch face of babies or mothers. Some following tips will show you about manner, tool and the appropriate time to cut baby’s nails safely.
Golden Advice For Pregnant Women In The Second Quarter Of Pregnancy (Part 2)
Stand straightly, the left hand will cling on a fulcrum. The right foot will do the movements in the front and back. You also do similarly for the left foot. After that you will turn your body with 180o and repeat those movements.
Golden Advice For Pregnant Women In The Second Quarter Of Pregnancy (Part 1)
These 3 months are surely the period that you are the healthiest and have activities most. You should prepare to welcome the most anxious event. Fetus will begin to move in your womb. The unpleasant feeling and morning sickness in the first 3 months will disappear.
Postures That You Need To Avoid In Pregnancy
When you are still childless, there are movements and postures that are normal. However, when you become pregnant, you shouldn’t do these things because they can be dangerous for mother’s body. They will make mothers tired, painful and fetus will have harmful effects.
How To Become Wonderful Mothers In Children’s Eyes
You are taking care of a young angle and sometimes you will feel exhausted and powerless with the development and accrued things when you are mothers. You have doubts about your ability of being mothers and so you will lose confidence.
Be Cautious With Insomnia Due To Diet
Insomnia is considered the state that you cannot sleep or you have difficulty in maintaining sleep. You will wake up at night and after that you cannot sleep again. You will wake up too early or when you wake up, your body is tired and exhausted.
Benefits Of Yoghurt That Women Should Know
Eating yoghurt helps your skin become clear and smooth. Yoghurt consists of lactic acid whose functions are purging dead skin and eliminating dead cells. You can also use it to make a mask to help your skin get more beautiful.
Small Tips To Eat Litchi Without Getting Hot For Body
Litchi is the food that has hot feature and if you eat litchi a lot, it will make your body hot.
Incorrect Conceptions About Diet You Should Avoid
You think that some substances are harmful; however, when body lacks these substances, it cannot be healthy. These are 5 misunderstanding things relating to diet that you can have questions.
Surprised Things About Human’s Body
Not all appendixes are useless. The recent researches showed that appendix is a safe house for bacteria and supports the digestive system to be healthy.
Surprising Aestheticizing Effects Of Lemon Juice
Warm lemon juice is the solution for the problems about digestion. Lemon juice helps filter blood, it will reduce the risk of indigestion, constipation and eliminate toxins out of body. It can support for digestion and reduce sputum.
Taking Medicine Does Not Mean Only Swallowing
When you use medicine by drinking, you need to be consulted by pharmacist or doctor to drink when you feel hungry or full, after eating or in eating.
2 Habits That Can Take Away A Lot Of Your Energy
You should be wise when you use the popular technological equipment such as computer, cellphone to protect your health.
3 Bad Habits That Can Easily Cause Serious Illness For Men
Not having breakfast, being lazy to do exercise are not testing doctor are the bad habits of women that can easily cause many dangerous diseases.
Changes Of The Body After Pregnancy
The following body changes after pregnancy is normal physical conditions. Women should know about them in order to not be so worried and have the health negatively affected.
Pregnant Women Should Be Aware Of Food Poisoning
Food poisoning is one of sickness that pregnant women easily get when eating foods that are processed in wrong ways.
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