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The New 9 To 5 Diet (Part 1)
Between the 'back to back meeting day servo muffin', the B 'client lunch day third course' and the 'colleague's birthday sponge', it's a minor miracle that we working women aren't hauling as many spare types as a road train. But there's something even more sinister than a muffin top in office eating.
Big Bang Theory
We've been doing it since the Immaculate Conception office closed its doors, and watching it since Harry met Sally, so you'd reckon we'd have the art of O-ing sussed.
10 Strange Symptoms At Pregnancy
Some experts explain this phenomenon is that these are the first signs of being pregnant and it will happen to some pregnant women. Change of endocrine that also affects women’s smell (normally that is oversensitive) will lead to this state.
Apple Helps Increase Resistance For Pregnant Women
According to experts, apple contains a lot of nutrients that are useful for pregnant women and fetus. This is kind of fruit that is easy to eat and popular.
Good Tips That Help Pregnancy Become Perfect (Part 2)
Some kinds of oil that are used to message can cause spasm of uterus, especially in the first and second quarter. In addition, some kinds of oil can cause allergy to pregnant women although they used to use them normally. You should refer to expert’s idea about safeness of messaging oil before using.
Good Tips That Help Pregnancy Become Perfect (Part 1)
Nerve system, especially brain and backbone of babies will take form in the first day when mothers are pregnant. Therefore, when pregnant women provide necessary nutrients such as folic acid, calcium, Fe, this thing will create foundation for fetus’s development.
Habits That Can Make Mouth Dry
In reality, except for these two reasons, bad habits in daily life can make mouth dry. It can affect mental health of human body unconsciously.
Secrets To Take Care Of Health At Home
Sleep will take place when temperature of body is lower than normal. Bating with hot water will make temperature of body increase, it also delays brains to secrete hormone that causes sleepy feeling. Therefore, you should take a bath with warm water about 2 hours before going to bed so that it won’t affect quality of sleep.
Tips To Prevent Miscarriage (part 2) - How to avoid miscarriage
Pregnant women should have recurrent pregnancy tests at obstetrics center or hospital: Regularly go to the hospitals or medical centers can help you check and follow the developments of your fetus. Therefore, if something unusual happens to the fetus, there’ll be interventions in time.
Tips To Prevent Miscarriage (part 1)
Miscarriage is the spontaneous end of pregnancy that often occurs in the 20th week of pregnancy. About 1 out of 5 pregnant women has miscarriage. Miscarriages often occur in the first 3 months and the 4 next months.
How To Use Painkillers
According to statistics, there’re 50% of patients who see doctors because of pain symptoms. Pain killers are just used for treating symptoms, but we still need to use them. However, lots of research shows that the majority of people who use pain killers not only use them wrong but also don’t care about the side effects of the drugs.
Yogurt Can Help Reduce Depression
Professors from the University of South Bohemia (Czech Republic) carried out a study about the relationship between eating yogurt daily and improve depression. 20 students that had good strength participated in the experiment of eating 250ml yogurt a day in 6 weeks. Blood tests were taken before and during the process to have the comparison to the group of 20 other students that didn’t eat yogurt.
The Super Herbs
Coriander contains a huge range of vitamins and minerals, including B vitamins thiamine, riboflavin and folate, which help give us energy. Add in iron, which makes haemoglobin to carry oxygen around the body, and you have a general tonic effect.
Benefits From Citrus Fruits
Regularly being provided with 5 servings of this fruits to your regimen can help prevent heart diseases, improve immune system and maintain the standard weight of the body.
No more Counting Sheep
When you find yourself tossing and turning before finally drifting off? Do you often wake up in the middle of the night, mind racing with work worries? If so, you could be suffering from “Semi-Somnia” - a sleep disorder that experts are calling insomnia’s irritating little sibling’.
Swim Yourself Slim (Part 3)
This program is designed for beginner to intermediate swimmers who are not regularly part of a swimming squad or training club. It could be you never learned to swim properly, or haven't been in the pool for many years. Don't stress - just start by putting your toe in the water and take your time to build your confidence.
Swim Yourself Slim (Part 2)
These drills will help hone your technique and train your body's motor skills to improve swim efficiency. You'll find drills mixed in with the weekly programs .Chop and change the schedule to suit your work the schedule to suit your work and family commitments just make sure you actually apply the workout so you do get the results.
Swim Yourself Slim (Part 1)
Want to make a splash this year with real results and achieve your best body ever? Then try looking at some of the good old 'standard' sports in a new light. Over the next three months we'll provide an in-depth and practical guide to your designer body with workouts, training tips and exercise plans that fit seamlessly into your busy life.
Is This Your Diet Enemy?
So, you’re eating smart but your wholesome diet hasn’t helped you slim down or buzz with energy? We may have the answer - if you’re not getting the results you crave, you could be piling your plate with the wrong foods for your body. We’re all different, and the diet that works for one person may not work for you.
Are You Getting Enough?
The cost of living means supplements are a luxury many of us can no longer afford. So, is your diet up to scratch? We reveal the nutrients you need and the best ways to get them
FA King It (Part 2)
A US woman's recent court battle against a hair color manufacturer after she suffered third degree bums from using their blending product, has brought the perils of bleaching into sharp focus.
FA King It (Part 1)
Computer-generated images, counterfeit handbags, surgically-enhanced anatomy... the world has gone fake-crazy. But when is playing pretend a harmless way to get ahead, and when is it a health hazard?
Grow Your Own Herbal Medicine
They’re the Yorkshire terriers of the vegetable world: herbs may be small, but they make a lot of noise, nutritionally speaking. In fact, if you want to do one thing to improve your diet fast, adding a handful of herbs to your meals could make all the difference.
It's Your Call
We don’t want to sound like your mum, but if your body’s started doing a little funny business, you really should get it checked out. Actually, maybe we do want to sound like your mum - a survey by Cancer Research UK and Tesco found that 40 per cent of people needed a nudge from a relative or friend to finally see their GP about a worrying change in their body.
Knowledge Is Power
Gum disease has been linked to cancer, heart disease and pregnancy complications, ‘regular check-ups will also reduce the risk of needing expensive restorative work later in life,’ says Dr. Carter.
Snack Smart - Power Up Your Day
I Need a boost? Try a Reflex Diet Carnitine drink. With 1,500mg of pure L-carnitine, it has virtually no calories and definitely no nasties! Available in three great flavors, you can find it at good health food stores.
10 Ways Put A Spring In Your Step
Your body needs water to transport oxygen to its cells, so if you don’t get enough, you could feel tired and experience headaches. Recent research by the University of Connecticut showed that even mild dehydration can alter a person’s mood, energy and concentration. Aim to drink two liters of water a day to stay topped up.
Ways To Release Pregnant Women From Hot Weather
The summer weather is hot and muggy while the hormone changing makes pregnant women easily get angry and nervous. The hot temper of the pregnant will cause bad effects on babies, so pregnant women should keep calm and be happy.
3 Tips That Prevent Hair Loss After Pregnancy
The hair loss that occurs after pregnancy is absolutely normal; it’s because of the hormone changing. Especially, during pregnancy, the level of estrogen is higher than normal so that the hair’s life can last longer. After giving birth, the level of estrogen gets back on normal, so moms often have to face with hair loss problem.
How To Beautify For Pregnant Women At Weekend
Scientists think that pregnant women should go swimming to reduce the pain and discomfort that happen during pregnancy. Besides, this sport will help you to be healthy.
Love Live You
If you fancy a shot at triple figures, our time-defying plan can help. It’s our ultimate guide to healthy ageing, with top tips foi- balancing your hormones, a menu to keep you young and amazing yoga moves to turn back time. Your future starts here... 5 ways to live longer
Want To Know The Real Secret To Staying Younger For Longer?
Want to know the real secret to staying younger for longer? There’s a miracle anti-ageing ingredient that you won’t find in even the dearest bottles of skin-saving serum. Instead, this magic formula responsible for bone, brain, heart and skin health is produced inside your own body: yup, it’s your hormones.
10 Ways To Have A Better Period
There’s nothing worse than trying to juggle catch-ups with friends and a pile of work when your stomach’s aching like nobody’s business. Try to keep the week you know Aunt Flo will be in town relatively quiet - don’t book in too many work or social commitments, just schedule in time to watch your favorite films or TV shows.
Development Of Babies From 17 To 20 Weeks Old
At 17 weeks old, babies can understand all of the basic sounds. Therefore, mothers encourage their attempt to interact by creating that way for babies to imitate mothers’ voice.
5 Harmful Habits Of Using Handbag
Handbags which are too heavy or are used in the wrong way can bring you headache, neck and shoulder pain. The following bad habits are very popular.
10 Tips To Control Weight During
Women who have a little problem about overweighting will feel much more worried when they become pregnant. The overweighting issue can lead you to the verge of having diabetes complications during pregnancy.
14 Things That Need Doing Before Labor (Part 2)
Many women wonder about choosing the right time to tell their boss that they’re pregnant. Lots of them feel stressed and worried about it. It’s easier to understand your feelings if your boss is a male or your job requires dynamism and strength.
14 Things That Need Doing Before Labor (Part 1)
Women want to control everything; you want to choose a good age to have a baby, a time that your job is stable, or the weather that is good for delivery… This is just your personal thought which is not in baby’s concern.
Ways To Avoid Memory Loss After Childbirth
Apart from preparing things to welcome your baby, let’s spend some time to do the simple things to avoid memory loss after childbirth.
Three Keys To A Great Retirement
Folks in retirement or nearing that milestone have bit news to cheer. A recent retirement survey of online subscribers by the Consumer Reports National Research Center found that the average retirement-account balance rose by 6 percentage points in the past year, the largest gain we’ve measured since the financial crisis hit in 2008.
Forbidden Things When Drinking Tea
Tea is a favorite and popular drink to many people. However, not all people know about harmful effects of this drink when using it in an incorrect way.
How To Eliminate Harmful Effects Of Computer
Sitting in a long time in front of computer can damage eyes, make eyes fall, have dark ring around eyes. In addition, it also makes eyes dry and reduces eyesight.
Dangers To Pregnant Women
Many mothers think that staying in house is safe; however, in many moments, you don’t recognize that there are dangers in your house. You should pay attention to the following tools in house that cause bad effects on pregnant women:
Pregnant Women Shouldn’t Eat Ice Cream
Many pregnant women consider that eating ice-cream or cold drinks is a method to slake their thirst effectively. Although your body will be quickly lowered temperature, it is only false effect. Moreover, it is harmful to health.
Things To Avoid When Drinking Soymilk
Soymilk is considered to be a healthy drink for human body. It’s especially good for children’s brain development, so is their physical development. The main element of the milk is protein which is at high level, making soymilk an important food source of life.
7 Money Stumbles To Avoid (Part 4)
The worst decision I made was being too conservative when I first starting investing in my company’s 401(K) in my 20s. I took advice from a co-worker who was about 10 years from retirement and very conservative. He made me scared of the stock market, so I put most of my money in bonds.
7 Money Stumbles To Avoid (Part 3)
Porter mentioned another measure she and her husband have taken. Because both work in relatively fragile businesses- Porter, 42, sells hand-sewn crafts, and Hannon, 48, works for a newspaper- the couple have prioritized saving for a rainy day. Their emergency account holds about a year’s worth of living expenses.
7 Money Stumbles To Avoid (Part 2)
Our survey showed that in only 40 percent of households did both spouses know where to find details of their financial accounts, required passwords, and keys to safe-deposit boxes. In only 30 percent of homes did both partners also share major details of the family’s finances? The death of a spouse who controls the family money can leave survivors struggling to construct the financial puzzle.
7 Money Stumbles To Avoid (Part 1)
About two-fifths of respondents set aside 5 percent or less of pretax income in defined-contribution retirement accounts, most likely missing out on free employer matches. Niety-one percent never reviewed fund expenses within their plans, though those expenses play a major role in investors’ returns.
15 Dishes Extremely Nutritious For Pregnant Women
In addition, it also contains a lot of vitamins C. This is kind of vegetable that helps you absorb Fe best. You should eat broccoli when you eat with rice and spaghetti.
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