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Decoding Scans
A definite diagnosis of Down syndrome can currently only be made by invasive testing, commonly by amniocentesis or chorionic villus sampling (CVS). Down syndrome occurs when the baby receives an extra chromosome 21 (trisomy 21). It is one of the most common serious abnormalities that occur and is associated with severe mental retardation.
What Is Placenta Calcification
In the past, placenta calcification was only identified after the birth when the placenta (also called the afterbirth) was physically examined by the doctor or midwife. Small white calcium deposits like little hard stones were seen and felt. This was not thought to be a problem. It was said that the placenta was simply ageing – a normal phenomenon when baby is due or late.
Notes When You Let Babies Travel By Car
To children, travelling isn’t inconvenient, it will be very happy if you prepare the things that babies need carefully, especially in long journey.
Nutrition News - Eating Smart Made Easy
If your child has nut allergies OR goes to a nut-free school, you might say, "Welcome, SuperSeedz". These seasoned pumpkin seeds don't contain any of the most common allergens (wheat, tree nuts, peanuts, milk, and eggs) and are so flavorful-in Sea Salt, Coco Joe, Original Curry, Super Spicy, Tomato Italiano, and Sugar & Cinnamon varieties that your kids won't clamor for chips.
25 Ways To Reawaken Your Inner 25-year-old
Stop acting your age. If you want to look and feel younger-fast-put more thought into having fun. You become the person you were before you had a mortgage to pay. You begin living in the moment, which is what happiness is all about. To get you started, we've collected 25 opportunities to let loose in your life.
6 Simple Ways That Can Prevent Cancer
Many scientific organizations gave the new researches that prove viewpoint that cancer can be really prevented. Some following simple methods can intensify the ability of protesting cancer of people.
8 Fears That Pregnant Women Often Suffer From
Being pregnant and having labors don’t simply mean that you will have beautiful babies after 9 or 10 months. During pregnancy, there’re many things to be afraid of.
8 Reasons Why You Should Think About Having Babies Immediately
If you have been nurturing a thought to have a baby but are not brave enough to do so as you’re still so confused about it, you should have a look at the following article.
Rights And Wrongs About Choosing Milk For Children
When children are at kindergarten age and primary school age, parents tend to choose milk arbitrarily in case the milk has good qualities. That you come to a milk store or supermarket and optionally pick a milk label I completely wrong.
5 Important Things That Pregnant Women Should Know About Folate
Folate is considered to be a golden nutrient of pregnancy, though, it’s not everyone knows about its importance and how to provide the nutrient for the body rightly. The followings are 5 important things about folate that future mothers need to take notice of.
9 Signs Showing Your Health Is Becoming Worse
Besides sprain or harmed muscles, backache can be symptom of cystitis or inflammation surrounding back. Once you have backache, you should go to hospital to check. In necessary cases, you should be carried out bladder endoscopy with doctor’s nomination.
Swim To Marathon Fitness
There are no real secrets when it comes to boosting your marathon skills. To speed up over distance, you run a lot. But running is a high-impact sport and we’re not all built to do it regularly. In fact, figures in the American Journal of Sports Medicine show that up to 56 per cent of runners get injured every year.
Discover Tips To Have Clean Tongue
When talking about oral health, there’re many people only think about brushing teeth. In fact, the tongue is also a part the need keeping clean in order to preserve oral health.
Small Tips For You To Control Appetite
This might be little paradoxical but the absorbing a great amount of healthy fat is a smart way to reduce weight. Researchers from California University think that oleic acid is one of beneficial fats for human body and able to stimulate the small intestine to produce Oleoylethanolamide. The substance will affect the nervous system through which the hunger signal goes to the brain.
All Problems About Pregnancy Ultrasound
When should pregnant women have pregnancy ultrasound? What is the purpose of ultrasound? What should pregnant women do before having ultrasound? All pregnant women want to know these things.
Secrets That Can Control Weight In Pregnancy
Body Max Index is known with abbreviation BMI. It is used to evaluated thin of fat level of a person. This index can help define a person that is obese or malnourished. You are considered obese if your BMI is 30 or over.
Wonderful Things When Getting Pregnant
In reality, many women become uglier in pregnancy. However, many women become more beautiful when they become pregnant: their body becomes sexier, plumper and their breast becomes stretched and more beautiful. Many men confide that they like their wives always become pregnant because in this time, their wives become the most beautiful and charming.
Bad Habits Harmful To Ears, Eyes And Nose
When feeling itchy in ears, people often ease the itch by using cotton swab, the top of fingers or any possible things. This is a bad habit as it can accidentally push the dirt to the deeper part of the ear or in the worse situation, it can break the eardrum.
Deal With Bloating And Indigestion
Bloating and indigestion are symptoms that often occur after eating, long-time staying up late or having other digestive disorders.
How To Prevent Hypertension
Limiting salt in your meals can help you prevent and control hypertension. WHO recommended that adults should absorb 2,000 milligram sodium a day. Besides, you also need to be aware of the amount of salt in processed foods.
Good Tips To Treat Mosquito Bites
Baby’s skin is still young and very sensitive, especially to mosquito bites: the bites can make baby’ skin severely swollen and take long time to fade away.
Misunderstanding In Detoxifying For The Body
Drinking a lot of water or practicing or having steam bath to help sweat will help eliminate toxins out of body. These are rather popular misunderstanding things.
Royal Jelly’s Effect On Curing Diseases
Royal jelly is a special source of nutrients from nature. It has different uses such as becoming food, curing, beautifying, rejuvenating skin and preventing cancer.
Spices’ Wonderful Effect On Curing Diseases
According to archaeologists, chili is used as spice in nearly 10,000 years. It isn’t accidental when this spice is loved so. Researchers showed that capsaicin active element in chili is a wonderful kind of partial reliever to attacks in head, arthritis, and other chronic attacks.
Wonderful Tips That Can Increase The Chance Of Getting Pregnant
How to increase reproductive ability (to both men and women) is a question with a lot of answers. Fortunately, in reality, there are many ways to improve reproductive ability. These methods have direct relation to lifestyle, activities, diet and effort of both husbands and wives.
5 Habits That Can Make You Catch Depression
Depression is imbalance about chemical elements, especially reduces production of neural neuron whose duty is to transmit information (serotonin, dopamine...). You can know the reason; however, experts recommend that daily habits aren’t exceptional when the spleenful state becomes more serious.
6 Mistakes In Dinner That Can Make You Gain Weight
Evening is often the time for resting and relaxing of body, so if you eat too much, body cannot charge all energy. This also causes pressure for digestive system as well as nervous system and as a result, it will cause insomnia. In a long time, function of nervous system will reduce.
10 Reasons To Begin A New Day With Lemon Juice
With the effect of preventing oxidization and bringing good health, a cup of water every day will help your body and mind have a new vitality.
Bad Habits That Can Make You Have Kidney Stone
Patients that are people that are middle-aged, women often catch this disease more than men. Gallstone is accompanied with inflammation of gallbladder and bile duct. Mainly clinical symptom is pain in low slope on the right. Attack can last in 15 minutes to some hours. Sometimes, patients should vomit or sweat.
Beer Is A Wonderful Cosmetic For Pregnant Women
Many people think that drinking beer isn’t good, it is a bad thing. However, scientists show that beer is a drink that is useful for health, especially to women, beer is a wonderful cosmetic for hair and skin.
Forbidden Things When Drinking Milk
Milk contains a lot of nutrients such as calcium, magnesium and protein… that are very useful for people’s body. Therefore, many people tend to drink a lot of milk However, not many people know that there are some forbidden things when drinking milk.
Beat Diet Depression
Feeling deprived and depressed is common when you’re on a diet. When you restrict what you eat, the levels of ‘happy’ neurotransmitters in your brain fall. These include the hormones serotonin and dopamine, which are most easily produced when we eat foods containing fat and sugar. No wonder we commit diet sabotage when we see cake!
Is Stress Killing Your Libido?
Feeling worried about sex, or rather, your lack of interest in it? You’re not alone. Here’s how to understand this modern phenomenon and relight your fire
The Secrets Of Deep Sleep
We all know that lack of sleep can leave us groggy and forgetful, and now new research helps explain why. Neuroscientists from the University of California have found that missing out on deep ‘slow wave’ sleep can prevent our experiences from moving into long-term memory instead leaving them stuck in the hippocampus section of the brain.
9 Extremely Important Notes In Pregnancy
In the first time of becoming pregnant, pregnant women can be overwhelmed by experience of women that used to give birth and medical experts to help you have a healthy pregnancy.
Things That Make Pregnant Women Anxious
We can take roll call of things that make pregnant women anxious, especially women are pregnant in the first time.
Unstable Symptoms At The End Of Pregnancy
In the last period of pregnancy, widening of uterus will create pressure for low belly. This change can make ligament increase its stretch. As a result, it will lead to attacks in belly and throbbing pain in slope. When pregnant women sit down or stand up, these attacks will appear.
Eat, Fast Get Healthy (Part 1)
You’ve probably heard about intermit tent fasting experts say by reducing your calories two days a week you’ll slim your waist and reduce your risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes. Finally, is this a diet that delivers?
Eat, Fast Get Healthy (Part 2)
While fasting might leave you hungry and affect your concentration, there’s evidence that it can boost your brain cells. The link between obesity and impaired cognitive function has already been widely researched, but advocates say intermittent fasting could prevent the onset of memory loss and age-related diseases such as Alzheimer’s.
How To Get Your Five-A-Day On A Budget
It’s no secret the cost of food is on the rise, and has been for some time. Since 2007, UK households have been cutting back on bread, meat, fish and alcohol as well as fruit and vegetables, according to the Government’s annual Family Food Survey. Apparently we’ve saved 6.8 per cent on our shopping bills by buying cheaper, and in many cases, less healthy foods.
Technological Devices’ Influence On Children’s Health
Technological devices bring us a lot of convenience in life. However, not all of the people know that electromagnetic wave from these devices can make children’s intelligence reduce and affect children’s health.
What To Do When Babies Are Lazy Drinking Water
Some children are keen on playing or they recognize that filtered water is vapid, so they are often lazy to drink water. You can apply the following good ways to encourage children drink enough water that body needs.
8 Necessary Things In Pregnancy That Can Help Pregnant Women Feel Happy
Pregnancy is a happy period; however, pregnant women can feel uncomfortable because of changes of body. Pregnant women should do the following things to feel more pleasant.
Surviving A Relationship Break-Up
You spend weekends at home alone. You pick up the phone 10 times a day. And when Adele sings "sometimes it lasts in love, but sometimes it hurts Instead," you're right in there, crooning away into your hairbrush. Whether it was the love of your life or the love for right now, working through the pain of a break-up can sometimes last longer than the relationship itself.
What Is Your Body Trying To Tell You? (Part 2)
Dirt and bacteria aren't all you're getting from chewing your nails to the nubbins. "The mineral content of hair or nails is similar to the mineral content of bone," says Campbell. So if you're deficient, your body craves a supply of the minerals in the nail material. "Hence, the reward cycle begins and continues and nail biting becomes a habit."
What Is Your Body Trying To Tell You? (Part 1)
They seem more of an irritation than something worthy of a doctor's visit but whether it's itchy eyelids, white film on your tongue or muscle cramps, the symptoms persist. Maybe they're nothing, or maybe your body is trying to tell you something.
10 Natural Ways For Detoxification
However, if you detoxify by obeying main diet with fruit or reduce portion suddenly, this thing will be harmful to your health in the long term. You don’t have to obey some special diet with 10 following healthy and natural detoxifying methods.
How To Cure Sore Throat Effectively
In time of changing season, weather’s change will suddenly make you catch cold and have sore throat. The following simple ways will quickly help you eliminate this unpleasant feeling.
Tips That Help You Be Healthy In The Office
A recent online study of Cintas Corporation showed that 84% of adults go to work when they are ill. The worse thing is that half number of them never warns their colleagues, so diseases can easily spread more.
Five Steps For Getting The Best Price (Part 2)
One of the most effective ways to get a low price is to have dealers compete for your business. This can be done by emailing or calling several in your area or I neighboring towns. Tell them the exact model, trim level, and options you want and ask for their lowest out-the-door price.
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