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The Best Advice My Dad Every Gave Me
To celebrate Father’s Day, we some readers to share the one piece of fatherly advice that made all the difference to them.
Sunny Day Feet
We tend to take an ‘out of sight, out of mind’ approach to our feet for most of the year. Then summer arrives and. all of a sudden, the way our feet look becomes very- important indeed.
Julianne Moore On Life, Love & Laughter Lines (Part 3)
The comedy works well, says Moore, because it is authentic. ‘I think marriage is really hard. My husband and I have been together for 15 years, which is hard for me to believe.’
Julianne Moore On Life, Love & Laughter Lines (Part 2)
Moore was born in Fort Bragg, an army base in North Carolina. The family (Moore has a sister, Valerie, and a brother, Peter) moved more than 20 times during her childhood.
Julianne Moore On Life, Love & Laughter Lines (Part 1)
Julianne Moore has every reason to celebrate. Last year’s romantic comedy Crazy Stupid Love, received wildly enthusiastic reviews. This year, there is high excitement — and already talk of awards — for her next role playing Sarah Palm in the television film Gaine Change — as well as the release of two further films.
I Must Confess… (Part 2) - Notorious, Branded, Guilt-ridden, Unscripted
A few years ago, during the filming of BBC show Inside Out, 70-year- old broadcaster Ray Gosling made an unexpected confession, telling viewers that he had carried out a mercy killing.
I Must Confess… (Part 1) - Guilty but not as charged
Twitter was flooded with outraged comments recently, when Afro-soul singer Simphiwe Dana confessed to having an affair with a married father. Since no one had found out about it, it seemed strange that she would risk public scorn for the sake of a clean conscience.
The Only Way Is...Weight Watchers! (Part 2)
It made me realise just how much I'd been overeating, even with healthy meals, which had been a huge factor in my weight gain. But I loved that following the Pro Points plan meant eating regular, tasty meals while still losing weight.
The Only Way Is...Weight Watchers! (Part 1)
When I was younger, none of this was a struggle for me. I ate fairly healthily and was a slim size 8 when 1 went to college to study art and design, aged 17. Finding an outfit for a night out was as easy as going into my wardrobe and slipping on the first dress I found.
Nicola Gross : New Beginnings
One of the key reasons for the relaxed air of the home is the colour palette, says Nicola. ‘There’s a misconception that blue and grey are cold colours, but I find them warm, tranquil and elegant, especially when they’re combined with hints of green.
How To Clear Your Fitness Hurdles (Part 3)
Making music makes babies less anxious and enhances brain development, according to a study from McMaster University (Canada). Researchers studied 50 six-month-old infants – some were placed in special music classes, while others weren’t.
How To Clear Your Fitness Hurdles (Part 2)
It’s seldom shin splints or sore muscles that stop us following fitness routines – it’s the mental hurdles, from self-consciousness to simple sloth. Identify yours and start leaping them today.
How To Clear Your Fitness Hurdles (Part 1)
It’s seldom shin splints or sore muscles that stop us following fitness routines – it’s the mental hurdles, from self-consciousness to simple sloth. Identify yours and start leaping them today.
Find Balance Every Day! (Part 2)
Those participants who used Facebook mostly for socializing used the site to forge social ties and combat loneliness, while social Twitter users used it more as a form of procrastination.
Find Balance Every Day! (Part 1)
Are you more of an early bird than a night owl or vice versa? If you’re at you’re at your best in the morning. Then your creative peak may actually be in the evening. In contrast, if you’re an evening person, then the optimum time for creative musings may be in the morning.
Claims That Don't Hold Water
The notion that we don’t drink enough water — that is, at least eight glasses a day — “is not only nonsense, but is thoroughly debunked nonsense,” according to a recent editorial in the British Journal BMJ.
What should a pregnant woman do to make her baby becoming the smartest?
Bearing a smart and talented baby is a common wish of all parents and grandparents. So, take notice of the following things when pregnant.
30 – Minute Circuits Helped Me Ditch 2st
I would never go back to my old habits. I have transformed myself into a healthy, active woman and feel so much better for it. I was so thrilled with my wedding photos, I have has one blown up to hang in our living room- it is a daily reminder that I am capable of anything once I put my minds to it.
7 Years Younger : Feed your face, Celebrity secret
It’s what we put in – not on – our bodies that really counts when it comes to younger-looking skin. Expensive anti-ageing moisturisers certainly play their part, but don’t forget the stop-the-clock ammunition on the shelves of the supermarket.
The Scent Of Roses
With the help of leading perfumer and rose expert Robert Calkin, we chose a mixture of shrub rose, easy-care varieties to grow among other flowers in the border, and climbers you can train up a wall, round the door… wherever you’ll enjoy their delicious fragrance.
The Countdown To Conception (Part 3) - You want to get pregnant … within the next 12 months
Testicles dangle like they do because sperm production requires a lower temperature than the rest of the body. Anything that raises it- tight pants, hot baths, long bike rides or car journeys, hours spent with a laptop on his knees- can affect this.
The Countdown To Conception (Part 2) - You want to get pregnant … two year from now
While moderate exercise has been shown to improve your chances of conception, punishing workouts could have the opposite effect. ‘Excessive exercise causes a stress response in the body, triggering the adrenal glands to produce cortisol,’ explains Dr Glenville.
The Countdown To Conception (Part 1) - You want to get pregnant … five year from now
Whether you are ready to be a mum right now, or have babies filed under ‘one day’, it is never the wrong time to think about your fertility. Our expert plans will prime your body, whatever rung of the broody ladder you are on
Inspiration For The Future
With household budgets stretched further and further, finding new ways to reduce waste and save money is more important than ever. And Future Friendly products can help you do just that. Not only do they help you save energy or water, or reduce waste, they’re also great value for money.
Bring In The Light
When garden designer Clare Matthews discovered her dream home, she transformed a warren of rooms into a large and light-filled space and brought the outdoors inside.
Say It With Flowers
Instead of traditional window boxes, Kally chose rustic woven planters that mimic her cosy indoor style. White hydrangeas and budded jasmine on the street side are complemented by some secret planting on the window side of the boxes, which only those inside the living room can see and admire
It's Good To TALK…
But it’s not always easy, especially when it comes to embarrassing health problems. These are the top six conditions we’re too shy to ask about – and the latest, no-nonsense advice on how to cope with them
In Aggie's Kitchen
Hass avocados (the variety with the alligator-type skin) are ripe when the skin is very dark – almost purply. Another check: cup the fruit in your hand and gently press the thin end with your thumb; the flesh should yield gently.
7 Years Younger
Flicking through photo albums makes you happier than chocolate, music, watching TV or even wine. Researchers at the Open University found the mood of those looking at personal snaps rose 11% versus just 1% for more usual cheer-ups.
Freezer Know-How
Being pushed for time doesn’t have to mean a takeaway or a ready meal. Instead, stow away batches of our triple-tested, freezer-safe recipes when you do have time to cook.
Bold Is Beautiful
After many years as a diplomat in South America, Paula Sinclair turned her back on blue skies and tropical climes and went house hunting … in Edinburgh. It certainly was not the weather but family life that drew her to Scoland’s capital city, but once there she fell in love with the elegant classical architecture of its buildings.
No-Fight Club
Conflict raises blood pressure and studies confirm that holding onto aggression interferes with your health. For example, a 2002 report in Health Psychology linked long-term hostility with heart disease. Experts say anger shouldn’t be ignored or avoided.
I'm So Tired
It’s estimated to be two to four times more common in women than in men – however, this could be because women are more likely to report their symptoms
More Than Child's Play (Part 2) - My child abuses his toys; I should teach him to play in the right way.
If your child is under three years old, it’s quite natural for him to throw or chew on toys. Children in this age group learn and experiment with their senses – they may be chewing them to learn their textures and shapes.
More Than Child's Play (Part 1) - It’s okay if my tot prefers to play alone.
Children who are two or three are naturally selfish and don’t want to play with others. Many parents say they send their two-year-olds to school for socialization, but nothing can be further from the truth. As children grow older, they will want to have friends.
I've Got You Covered
Family holidays are already so expensive. Why bother with travel insurance? While some parents think of it as another cost that they would happily skip, it may be wiser to pay before you play.
Good Morning Children
Depending on the level of interest, the class may work on activities related to the provocation, or they could discuss something else that has captured their curiosity – a child only has to bring a tortoise to class and it would change the plans for the day.
Why Shopping Makes The World Go Round
The psychology of shopping is often likened to sex (“It gives instant gratification”), or explained anthropologically (“It’s a ritual in which the wallet gets mutilated”), but very little has been written that recognizes shopping as one of the most important sociological phenomena of the last two centuries.
Is It Worth It?
The school holidays are upon us and there’s a slew of concerts and performances in town – all aimed at young children. You might be feeling some pressure to take your preschooler along to at least one, as you know many of hi friends will be attending.
Workout Essentials: Warming Up, Stretching, and Cooling Down
You've decided to include exercise in your life. That's great! However, in your eagerness to reap the full benefits of your exercise time, don't neglect three very important components: the warm-up, stretching, and the cool-down.
Yoga For Everyone
Now a Certified Iyengar Yoga instructor, Mathew Sanford was paralyzed from the chest down in an auto accident at age 13, and he’s made it his life’s work to bring the benefits of yoga to other who have limited mobility, including people with cerebral palsy, traumatic brain injury, and paralysis.
Rhythm And Rhyme – The Poetry of Yoga
The Poetry of yoga: A contemporary Anthology. Volume 1 features verses contributed by more than 125 yogis from 16 countries, including both everyday practitioners and leading teachers such as Sharon Gannon, Rod Stryker, Lilias Folan, and Erich Schiffmann.
The Lore Of Living
Sports scientist Prof Tim Noakes is world-renowned for his ground-breaking research and for the fact that he lives his science. Here he shares his rules for life.
Self-Discovery: Morning Awakening (Part 3) - The love inside
You can enhance the practice of starting your day with clarity by cultivating an attitude that focuses on your effort rather than on the results. I call it an “as best I’m able” practice. The goal is to align your values with your words and actions throughout the day.
Self-Discovery: Morning Awakening (Part 2) - Quiet your mind, Imagine your day, Visualize your intentions
Once you’ve completed your body scan turn your attention to what’s going on in your mid. There are some people who wake up every morning with a sense of ease, quiet, and spaciousness in their mind.
Self-Discovery: Morning Awakening (Part 1)
When your yoga teacher invites you to “set an intention” for your practice at the beginning of class, it’s for a good reason that extends beyond your yoga mat. Intentions can play an important role in your life when you’re faced with difficulty, whether you’re struggling to find ease in a pose or dealing with emotional turmoil.
Shape Books (Part 2) - Sex smarts, Wholehearted, The Dovekeepers, The Hunger Games, Lone Wolf
Hinsliff is smart, with heart. This is the book Allison Pearson, author of the working mother’s lament I Don’t Know How She Does It, wishes she’d had when she tried to reconcile her twin passions for her children and her work.
Shape Books (Part 1) - Shape shifting, Fleet feet
This book includes great facts, swept along on a gripping narrative flow, with a delivery that’s often downright hilarious. Foxcroft has a talent for finding unforgettable details as she picks apart the threads of various societies’ prefabricated ideas.
Single. Solo. Uno The Power Of One (Part 2) - Step 2: take care of baby, Step 3: take care of business
It’s important to be organized when it comes to taking care of your newborn alone – there’s no one to make a midnight run for diapers while you hand back with a crying baby.
Single. Solo. Uno The Power Of One (Part 1) - Step 1: take charge
Tame your emotions. There’s no “quick fix” for the hormone-fueled fireworks that explode after childbirth. On top of normal feelings of being overwhelmed and anxious, single moms also tend to experience twinges of anger and abandonment.
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