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A single mom's secret
So while we singles take to dating websites trying to find the perfect mate – and potential step-parent – I invite all you happily married and cohabitating folks to take a cue from us solos: reserve time alone with your little one.
The Quiet Revolution
With a simple diet tweaks, you can say goodbye to foggy brain and forgetfulness, and boost your long-term brain health, too. Lifestyle factors such as caffeine, alcohol, stress, fatigue and depression are all linked to short-term memory loss as well as old-age illnesses such as dementia and Alzheimer’s.
Fit For A Bride (Part 2)
This is it now! To get your limbs in the best shape for the day, do arm exercises (20 press-ups) and leg exercises (30 squats) every night. These little extras take all of five minutes but can make a huge difference.
Fit For A Bride (Part 1)
Planning a wedding is one of the most exciting things you’ll do in your life, but with it can come a huge amount of pressure, especially when you’re trying to get in shape at the same time. The good news is there are many stress-free ways to get fit for your wedding day – the secret is all in the planning.
Keep Your Drive Alive
To achieve goal, write down a clear, feasible objective and challenge with a limited time. Specific objectives help you focus, increase effort and keep determination in a long time.
Empowerment Through Fear: The Wild Things In You Bathtub
I’ve always been afraid of spiders. As a child, I lived in an old house covered in vines, and twice I watched an egg sac burst and release hundreds of baby spiders across the room and over my head. I still remember the terror, awe, and beauty of those moments – but mostly the terror.
Three Easy, Low-Cost Ways To Impact Climate Change
A lot has changed: the world is getting warmer, weather patterns are getting wackier, oil is getting scarcer, and those pesky eco-conundrums are more confusing than ever.
The Door Ajar
The first door-ajar dream I remember was from a woman who didn’t want to hear that it was time to move on in her life and end some key relationships. She kept the door tightly closed and in her dream was terrified when she saw in open – she was sure she had locked it.
Blissful Thinking (Part 2)
Ten and a half hours of meditation a day are taking their toll. Sessions vary in length from 45 minutes to two hours but it takes just a few minutes for pain to start shooting down my neck and into my back. It also feels like a red-hot poker has been jammed into my left thigh and calf.
Blissful Thinking (Part 1) - Initiation
From foo-foo spiritual workshops to practical psychologist sessions, I’ve done work to improve the clarity of my inner vision. Still, there comes a time when it gets a little cloudy. It’s tricky to remain positive when you’re wondering why life has handed you lemons.
Woman On A Mission (Part 3)
I haven’t had a bath in years! I’m not a bath kind of gal. I like to get a manicure or have a massage. I like to shop. I go to flea markets a lot – that’s something I really enjoy doing. And I love to bake. If I have a free afternoon I’ll bake with my daughter.
Woman On A Mission (Part 2)
Some people might say I’m crazy, but I’d say the birth of my daughter for sure. I intend to do it again – not necessarily her birth, of course! But those are profound moments in life – my life, her life and my husband’s life. Those are the ones I’d relive.
Woman On A Mission (Part 1)
Seven years after her break-out performance opposite Robert Downey Jr in Kiss Bang Bang, Michelle Monaghan has notched up an impressive array of well-chosen roles opposite some of Hollywood’s hunkiest stars.
Mind Your (Sporting) Ps & Qs (Part 2) - Gym 101 & Cycling 101
The most annoying thing novice cyclists ten to do is look over their shoulders, lose their line and swerve,” says top local cyclist Ashleigh Moolman Pasio, who’s off to the London Olympics this year.
Mind Your (Sporting) Ps & Qs (Part 1) - Running 101
“There’s an unspoken rule that slower runners and walkers line up at the back to stay clear of athletes looking to run a good time. This is often not adhered to and causes major congestion at big events.”
‘Positive Thinking Has Made The Difference’
As someone who’s tired every diet that promises quick results, I can honestly say the difference between then and now is my mindset. I haven’t suddenly developed stronger willpower or done something I hadn’t already done before - it’s simply that I’ve changed the way I look and react to food.
Lorna Maseko – Raising The Bar (Part 1)
The transition between BTA and SABT gave me a lot more drive and ambition. I’d always felt I deserved things because I was black and so on. But when I got to SABT, my whole perception about life and how my dreams were going to come true really changed.
Lorna Maseko – Raising The Bar (Part 1)
As a professional ballet dancer, Lorna Maseko wowed audiences on local and international stages. Now the Top Billing presenter is focusing her adventurous spirit and fierce ambition on her television career and her own company.
Hard Times Made Me Stronger
As a teenager, Thabisa Xhalisa sought a job as a domestic worker to help support her family. At 29, she has a master’s degree, two children and a life story of overcoming the odds through hard work, determination and careful introspection.
Feel – Good Fitness
Sticking with any long-term fitness regime can be a challenge. And constantly having to muster the motivation to exercise in the first place can often be the biggest challenge of all.
You Too Can Lose Half Your Weight
In the US half of the population are either overweight or obese. New Zealand has similar statistics. Happily married Jared was returning home to the US after this New Zealand visit and was looking forward to being back with his new-born baby son Brady.
Think Yourself Young (Part 2)
Revive something you used to love at least 10 years ago and ideally even further back. Whatever it is – ice skating, swimming in the sea – give it another go. It will transport you back and make you look and feel younger.
Think Yourself Young (Part 1)
Anti-ageing treatments can be expensive, risky and unproven. But here’s the good news – the true secret to looking and feeling youthful may reside in your mindset.
Why can’t you save?
The best way to prevent worrying about money? Having savings to fall back on. Sounds like we need an attitude shake-up. And there’s no better time to start than now.
The Fantastic Ms. Fox (Part 2)
The first thing to be mentioned is Fox’s love for comics. It origins from her childhood’s hobbies about hero stories and interesting adventures in which people fight for the right and justice.
The Fantastic Ms. Fox (Part 1)
Rumors say that real life of the hot star Megan Fox is a version of trite and hollow comics. But, with two movies that about to be launched, this hot actress conquers audience by her ability.
12 things to say “yes” to in 2012
Have you New Year's resolutions already passed you by? Don't panic, the year is still ripe with opportunities to embrace life and live it to the full! We show you how saying “yes” to these 12 simple ideas can help you live life as a happier, healthier and more wonderful you.
33 Ways To Make Your Life Easier (Part 2)
Beautiful Bottles Transform old glass bottles into gorgeous vases by pouring a water-based paint in through a funnel, a little bit at a time, adding water if needed.
33 Ways To Make Your Life Easier (Part 1)
You’ll never have to worry about an accidental red sock sneaking in with your white laundry, if you put a Dr Beckmann Colour and Dirt Collector Sheet into the washing machine drum with your clothes.
How Sex At Bedtime Can Ruin Your Love Life! (Part 2)
Drastic changes are necessary and the most important is lighting. Scientists have discovered that making love exclusively in the dark or with harsh artificial lighting deprives us of a natural sexual stimulant to the brain, pineal and pituitary glands - all vital for arousal.
How Sex At Bedtime Can Ruin Your Love Life! (Part 1)
If your default mode is sex last thing at night, chances are it's not as great as it could be. Marital therapist Andrew G Marshall tells us how couples he's counseled have resolved this problem.
Who Knows What I'll Be Insecure about Next Week?
With her phenomenally successful film career and settled home life, Sarah Jessica Parker is the last person you'd associate with chronic self-doubt. Here, she shares her hang-ups, as well as her thoughts on marriage and ageing.
State Of Play
Multi-award winning director and playwright Lara Foot is the first woman to be appointed CEO of Cape Town's Baxter Theatre. Here, she talks about her kids, sushi, and the year ahead...
I Turned My Passion Into BUSINESS (Part 2)
I only discovered HypnoBirthing after the birth of my daughter Kiera, when I was pregnant with my second baby, James. My first birthing experience was not a good one, so I wanted to do it right the second time around.
I Turned My Passion Into BUSINESS (Part 1)
Growing up in Sedgefield, taking part in ballet and modem dancing, I didn't even know belly dancing existed. But after working for a few years as an aerobics teacher, I wanted to try something completely different.
Are You A Wage Suwe?
I took the scary step of giving up the security of a job in July last year. And in November it became clear I'd jumped just in time: a company-wide round of retrenchments put almost half 'my' team - each excellent in their role – out of their jobs.
Be happy: Seven-day plan (Part 2)
Happiness research shows that people who are happiest are those who demonstrate a high level of gratitude and appreciation for what they already have.
Be happy: Seven-day plan (Part 1)
“Research on happiness shows it’s not the external things in life, or getting through a big “to do” list that determines your levels of happiness,” says Pearl. “The real issue relates to how you manage your inner world – your mind as well as your emotions”
Finding focus: want to get more done
You can instill self-discipline by thinking about what you’ll be able to achieve. A musician or artist brings lasting happiness through their talents, but only if they first practice with diligence. T
We’re talking to… Tamzin Outhwaite
I’m in my element when I’m in a dance class. With a job in musical theatre, you’re doing eight shows a week, and singing and dancing on stage every night. You’re training as much as an athlete. I’ve been in and out of musical theatre in my career and that’s when I’m at my fittest.
The new sleep gadgets
If you sleep fitfully and don’t wake up refreshed, a revolutionary new tool could help you work out where you’re going wrong. Sleep researchers are calling the Zeo the most exciting development they’ve seen in 40 years.
Your Feel-Good Wardrobe
With the change in season, we’re all thinking about shedding those chunky cardigans and dusting off our lightweight trench coats, not to mention shopping for the key items missing from a spring wardrobe.
We Baked Our Way To Success (Part 2)
When Chris was made redundant in 2006, we decided that I wouldn’t return to work after maternity leave and the time had come to seize the day and fulfil our dreams of travelling. So we sold our house and spent eight months seeing the world.
We Baked Our Way To Success (Part 1)
Do your research. Trawl the Internet to see what other competition is out there, then ask them for advice. We often get calls from new start-ups and, if we’d had their confidence, it could have saved a lot of time with planning.
The One Thing That Saved Me From Depression (Part 2)
Depression is something that can affect any of us because life is full of inevitable losses and sadness. And sometimes you will need help. About two thirds of GP practices offer counselling for depression on the NHS, but it’s probably limited to between four and six sessions.
The One Thing That Saved Me From Depression (Part 1)
Author Marian Keyes, whose new recipe book Saved by cake is out this month, writes movingly about depression and how baking proved to be the magic that helped her.
Be an Ebook Bestseller
Every aspiring author would love a book deal and now the growth of ebooks is changing the face of publishing. It’s true there are many self-published ebooks that don’t attract readers, but there have also been amazing success stories.
There Was A Wall Between Us And We Both Felt It
Our turning point came when I was 30. Unemployed, single and childless, I was staying in her house when the news came that my youngest sister had become pregnant. I was furiously jealous. My mother came into my room and found me howling, pounding the wall, shouting, “I should have been me!”
12 simple steps to success!
Positivity, mental tough ness and perseverance are all qualities you might attribute to someone like a successful athlete, but they can also help you to succeed in all aspects of life.
5 Things I Know About… Breaking The Mould
Actress Christina Hendricks, 36, is best known as the star of Mad Men, the hit US series about 60s cocktail – quaffing ad men and women. Here, she reveals how she has always been a woman who goes her own way in life.
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