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Not the Retiring Type?
Those who work past retirement age are healthier and happier, latest research shows. This is especially so if they work part-time, do so because they want to (rather than having to stay in a job they hate) and continue to work in the same field. It’s not just about the money either.
How We Grew Our Own Community (Part 2)
I loved the thought of growing my one fruit and veg but my own garden was small and I was forever running out of space. So five years ago, I put my name down on a council allotment waiting list.
How We Grew Our Own Community (Part 1)
The produce is available for everyone to help themselves to, and so far no one has been greedy. In fact, for the first 12 months, barely anyone picked what was growing – they were too scared to touch!
Find Your Hidden Talent
Are you feeling a bit trapped and finding it hard to see a way to change things? Maybe you have a job you’re not crazy about but need to keep working, or you’re just not where you’d imagined you’d be at this stage. A crossroad, such as redundancy, relationship breakdown or an emptying nest, can also force us to think differently.
The Interior Collection
The Interior Collection works closely with the faux finishers Emily Smith to create unique finished works. Whitnie Cypert, the owner of The Interior Collection co., says ‘our team will discuss the project’s objectives together and then work with Emily to carry out them.
Graceful AGING (Part 2)
I cleanse my face each morning with Restylane Facial Cleanser, followed by Restylane Day Cream SPF 15.1 cleanse at night, followed by Restylane Night Cream. If I am going to be outdoors, or spending extended amounts of time in the sun, I use a stronger sun lotion and apply repeatedly throughout the day.
Graceful AGING (Part 1)
While fighting the signs of aging is something we all think about, not all of us do so the same way Meet a group of women who have so far evaded invasive and non-invasive treatments and find out their tips for a healthy, youthful-looking skin.
A study in style
Imagine a scenario: you've just moved from Sotogrande to Gibralta and you are finding an apartment to satisfy all criteria as area, location and amenities. Only one minus point is the interior is decorated very boring and everything needed refurbishing.
Daily Discounts : Urgent discount, Exclusive discount & Crowd effect
Sellers know that you will be more likely to buy goods if seeing others buying them, so discount websites often show how many people registered successfully to buy items.
Fix your 5 organisational black holes
The world is full of them: women who look put-together on the outside – throwing impeccable dinner parties, biking for charity, running businesses – but who haven’t checked their bank balance for eight months and carry a small junkyard around in their handbag.
Discover your destiny
Sue has over 30 years experience in the field of spirituality, specializing in research the impact of core energy of the natural crystalline to the person's mood, and she is also famous with fortune telling and be an outstanding lecturer.
My first proposal
No longer after that, my marriage broke up in January 2001, and one day after officially divorce, I suddenly decided I'll go find Ken. I scour the house to find phone numbers and send messages to him.
BFF: Can you stay friends when you want different things? (Part 2)
Resentments can fester in these situations. Signing the deed on a stylish, inner-city terrace with your partner may send your share-house-dwelling friend, who is still paying off travel debts, into a green-eyed trance.
BFF: Can you stay friends when you want different things? (Part 1)
You’ve giggle, bawled and partied together, but what happens to your friendships when babies and mortgages get thrown into the mix? Clementine Bastow finds out…
Wealth From Waste
Meet the woman who turns plastic from dangerous waste into products that are good for the environment and who has won a prestigious international award for her efforts
Keep It Clean : Building a credit record
Many people are ashamed of seeming incapable of managing their money and tend to keep unmanageable debt a secret. But that only makes it worse. A good place to start, whether you’re already in trouble or just want to avoid it, is knowing your credit record.
Wedding Receptions : Require careful planning
Whether you choose basic appetizers, a multi course sit down meal or a buffer line for your guests, advance planning and open dialogue will be required between you and your vendors of choice. The same goes for beverage services.
Wedding Do Not Have To Cost a Fortune
Brides, you don’t have to see your inheritance or your own hard earned savings account disappear on your wedding day.
Wedding Customs Stand the Test Of Time
Each culture, ethnic group and nation has its own unique traditions surrounding marriage and wedding ceremony and all are as diverse and varied as the bride and groom.
To A Huge Problem
Such is the case with the overpopulating of animals and the desire of the Watauga County Humane Society to discontinue euthanizing its adoptable animals.
The American Spirit
Many years later and legally able to enjoy a sip of bourbon, I visited the Kentucky Bourbon Trail to learn more about the one and only truly American spirit.
Pre-Wedding Events Help Set the Stage
Most are significant to the bride and grooms, as well as to both families and the wedding party but they should serve only to complement the wedding and never upstage it.
Louise Penny: Learning Kindness (Part 2)
I’m finding as I get older and I know from my friends that I’m far from unusual in this that we tend to get simpler. Our needs are simpler, and my needs certainly are simpler. Michael and I live basically on the side of a mountain.
Louise Penny: Learning Kindness (Part 1)
“I have been lucky in my life in many, many ways”, she says. “And I think I was very lucky in my mid-30s. I really had to evaluate where I was and if it was where I wanted to be. And I realized it wasn’t. I wasn’t even halfway through my life and something had to change.”
Libby’s Celebrating 10 Years with a New Look
Ten years ago, Libby Cockerham began living her dream and opened the doors to her fashion boutique in the heart of Jefferson. Bringing with her practically a lifetime of retail experience accumulated in the shadows of her late father from Jon Marc’s Department Store- Libby followed her heart and took appropriate steps to keep the memories alive.
Don’t Be ‘Choked’ On Stress
You’re ready to give that speech or play that piano recital or take that test. Yet, when the pressure is on, you flounder. Your mouth goes dry and your throat tightens when you are handed the microphone. Your fingers become like sausages when you sit down at the piano. Your draw a blank when you look at the test questions
'Breathe' Helps To Let Go
Suppose you had to remind someone you love to breathe, because they had given up on breathing and you were reluctant to let them stop.
Forgetful Bliss
I remembered all the stories about gruesome break ups and jerky colleagues, too. I could hang with each word, later recalling every detail whether the story was mine, a friend’s or a perfect stranger’s. plus, I could resurrect the feeling and get riled up all over again.
7 things the grocer wants you to know
Ask if you can try one before buying or not, according to Danielle Halstead, the store manager of New Seasons Market in Vancouver, WA, proposed. “It is very easy for us to open a box or cut one of these oranges before buying a dozen”.
5 advices from Joel Osteen
“How you start your day will decide the type of day you will have. In stead of getting up and thinking that ‘I do not want to go to work today’, just focus on the positive things such as going home with family or a happy lunch with colleague”.
Simplification your 401(k) plan
Keeping costs at minimum by asking account manager about how much you are paying for the specific funds and whether you should change or not. Fund cost can range from less than 1% to 2% or more. 1% difference sounds not much, but with time, it can take away a big part of your money.
Be the voice for those who have no voice
When the children at Glatfelter Memorial library read loudly a story, they did not clap, but they licked, barked and smelt.
Adding Value to Your House
The family room is the only area of the house that can increase size in three next years, the NAHB survey said. A large room (family room/kitchen/living room combination) is what people are looking for.
Sexover your new year
Research in the Journal Sexual Medicine shows It takes men just 665 seconds to reach peak arousal when shown sexually explicit images, with women 78 seconds behind, so, you do have time!
I’ve forgotten what 'normal' eating is”
I've spent my whole life on a diet. Everything I eat is low fat and 1 cook my meals from scratch so 1 can control what goes into them.
“I’ve found porn on my boyfriend's PC...”
It's nothing illegal but it's made me feel sick and I've lost all interest in sex. I know a lot of men use pornography but it makes me wonder how he thinks about women generally.
Daily Discounts
Whatever deal Groupon is hawking is offered only to "members." (Never mind that it's free to join.) Couple that with finite availability ("Just 200 left!"), and consumers feel they're getting something even more exclusive.
Cold, Hard Cash (Part 2) - Facing The Inevitable & The New Deal
To counteract this, some PTAs have started asking parents to make a specific one-time donation at the beginning of the school year.
Cold, hard cash (Part 1) - History Lesson
Bake sales, car washes, raffles, auctions - fundraising is nothing new. But the reality of multiple years of slashed budgets means schools aren't just trying to cover extras like arts, athletics and field trips but core necessities.
Your Guide to RRSPs (Part 2) - Investment Considerations & Fund Categoriesof Interest
Although you have until the end of February to make your 2011 RRSP contribution, you should actually try to put money in the plan as soon as possible every year. That way you can maximize the benefits of tax-free compounding.
Your Guide to RRSPs (Part 1) - Pay Down Debts First
If you have personal debts, they generally should be repaid before you put any money into RRSP or TFSA because you must pay them with after-tax dollars.
Too Much of a Good Thing
Suggestions: a small whole-wheat wrap with turkey, lettuce and tomato; sliced apples or whole-wheat bread with nut butter; cut-up fresh fruit and yogurt; a smoothie made with fruit and skim milk; or whole-grain tortilla chips with bean dip or salsa.
Measuring versus Weighing Risk
Even if you haven’t gained a pound since high school, you may still be at risk of developing metabolic syndrome due to the changes that creep up on our bodies as we age.
Home Sweet (New) Home
An estimated 13% of Americans relocate each year, yet many forget to make plans to help their pet through the transition.
And these days, admissions reps rely on sites like Facebook to get a sense of an applicant beyond essays, transcripts and test scores, to seek out kids they envision as being good potential additions to the overall student body.
Craig Oliver - TV News Pioneer (Part 2)
The CBC moved Oliver to Winnipeg next, where he married, despite what he describes as lifelong problems with commitment. “Linda deserved better,” he writes in Oliver’s Twist.
Craig Oliver - TV News Pioneer (Part 1)
On the phone from his home in Ottawa, Oliver laughs at the suggestion: “No, and don’t forget I have reached a certain age where I’m probably not going to be around doing this a lot longer.
Ready for adventure? (Part 2)
My gears and clunking, my calves are aching and I’m doing my best to enjoy the panoramas glimpsed through the pine trees as I follow our bike guide's pumping calves up into the woods.
Ready for adventure? (Part 1)
Dream of doing more than reading a novel on when you go away? This year's hottest hols teach you new tricks in seriously stunning surroundings
Is WORRIED your default setting?
Do you suffer from 'Saturday morning stress'? Where, instead of being excited about the weekend, you realise just how many things you've scheduled in, and feel a rising panic worse than any rushed Monday morning.
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