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9 Changes After Giving Birth
Though you’ve made well psychological preparation, read lots of books and do2uments, you can still be surprised of things happening after giving birth.
The Best Foods For Women At The First Trimester Of Pregnancy (Part 3) - Red beans, Yoghurt, Okra, Salmon
Most pregnant women have anemia during pregnancy. To increase the amount of hemoglobin, women should add red bean onto their daily diet. Iron-rich seeds such as red bean should also be used after pregnancy.
The Best Foods For Women At The First Trimester Of Pregnancy (Part 2) - Cheese, Asparagus, Eggs, Broccoli
The lack of vitamin D in pregnant women can affect the intellectual and physical development of the fetus. Therefore, women should eat much asparagus – a food rich in vitamin D.
The Best Foods For Women At The First Trimester Of Pregnancy (Part 1) - Spinach, Lentils, Orange, mandarin, grapefruit , Seeds
Orange, mandarin, grapefruit are rich in vitamin C, which helps to develop the bones and gristles as well as blood vessels for the fetus and increase the resistance for pregnant women.
Recommended Sleeping Positions For Infants
Infants spend most of their time in their first month sleeping. This is very important as an infant will grow continuously and need rests to process new information that they receive. It’s important to lay infants in a safe position because under some certain conditions, infants can be at risk of chokes.
Sugar - The Other Cause Of Wrinkles
And not just the kind of sugar you get from candy bars and soda. We’re talking about a glass of wine, a bowl of pasta, a slice of bread… even excess protein, fruit and veggies eventually turn into sugar (glucose) in the body.
Six Abnormal Signs Of Body (part 2) - Terrible toothache, Chest pain, Abnormal hairs growth
Some foods cause heartburn or indigestion, but they are not the cause making you have chest pain. Chest pain is accompanied by health warning signs of your heart not good and you might have a heart attack any time.
Six Abnormal Signs Of Body (part 1) - Discomfort, bloating in the abdomen, Terrible headache
Women often have flatulence, discomfort in the abdomen more than men because they have to undergo monthly menstrual cycle. However, if you find flatulence situation takes place continuously, even in the days are not "red light", you need to pay attention and visit a doctor soon.
Don’t Make Mistakes That Cause Defects To Your Baby
Birth defects are extremely dangerous complications happening in the process in which the fetus develop mother’s uterus. Most birth defects happen within the first 3 months of pregnancy. These defects can be detected when the baby hasn’t been born, but there’re lots of cases the defects when the baby is born.
Pregnancy Nutrition : Important Issues - Food Safety Awareness
Although the food supply in the Unites States is one of the safest in the world, the way we store, prepare, and/or handle food after it leaves the grocery store can put us at risk for foodborne illness or food poisoning. Some foods can carry harmful bacteria and parasites that can make both you and your baby sick.
Pregnancy Nutrition : Important Issues - Cold and Flu Season
Even if you have the best intentions and take optimal care of yourself, you may not be able to completely protect yourself from catching a cold or the flu virus while you are pregnant.
Signs And Symptoms Of High Blood Sugar
High blood sugar or hyperglycemia occurs when the insulin in the body is insufficient or not able to process the glucose in blood appropriately. Despite the relationship of hyperglycemia, its relative, hypoglycemia and diabetes, people who don’t have diabetes can also have high or low blood sugar levels.
Impacts Of Coffee On Diabetes
Coffee, whether contains caffeine or not, can seriously affect diabetics. Coffee has impacts on levels of hormones, and the ability to increase stress hormones. Drinking coffee can raise the level of blood sugar in diabetics, especially when drinking it with an empty stomach.
Natural Ways To Treat Osteoporosis
Natural remedies are effective ways to treat Osteoporosis, the pains resulted from the illness as well as further negative effects. The followings are some effective natural remedies for Osteoporosis and Osteoporosis pains.
What Happens after Your Pregnancy? (part 3)
At your 6-week postpartum appointment, plan to discuss several important subjects, such as contraception, your current activity level, limitations and future pregnancies.
What Happens after Your Pregnancy? (part 2)
You may be seeing the pediatrician again this week. You’ll probably receive his or her immunization record at this visit. Put it in a safe place with baby’s other important papers.
What Happens after Your Pregnancy? (part 1) - In the Hospital
Keep important “baby” documents together, such as the birth certificate, immunization record (when you get it at baby’s first pediatrician’s visit) and baby’s social security card.
Fruits That Diabetics Patients Should Avoid
Diabetics have many concerns about the balance of the diet they have to strictly observe in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle. It’s due to the sugar consumption and absorptions. Different foods have different rates of absorptions, and fruits are not an exception.
Challenges You Need To Overcome To Be A Mother
Being pregnant also mean that you have to accumulate and perfect the daily experience. However, there’re some pretty unusual things that not anyone knows.
Osteoporosis And Its Secondary Causes
Osteoporosis is a disease that most people don’t worry about until they’re 30 years old and over. That’s because the bone mass that are lost won’t increase until people are at middle age.
How To Prevent Atherosclerosis Effectively
Atherosclerosis occurs when matters called plaques start accumulate at the artery wall. The plaques are often made up of calcium, cholesterol, fats and excess products. The atherosclerosis can lead to heart attacks or strokes because it prevents blood from going in and out the heart. You should do as the following to prevent atherosclerosis.
Foods That You Shouldn’t Eat Before Exercise
Proper nutrition can create or break an exercise session. Eat right, and you’ll feel strong throughout the exercise session with a pretty excess of energy. Eat wrong and you can be lack of energy, even get sick. By knowing foods to avoid before the gym, you can make sure foods and snacks will help - not harm - your exercise.
5 Natural But Effective Ways For Childbirth
Your expected day of delivery has passed, and there’s still no signals of labor, which makes you feel like on a knife-edge. Refer to the following tips to push your delivery.
Diets That Can Prevent Osteoporosis
Osteoporosis is a disease that makes your bones weaker and easily broken. Anyone can have osteoporosis, but the disease is most popular to women at old ages. You can prevent osteoporosis by observing a healthy diet that is rich in calcium.
Eating Tips To Control Blood Sugar Levels
If you have diabetes, it’s important to eat healthy foods to reduce your blood sugar levels. If you can control the foods you eat, you can control diabetes and prevent yourself from long-term complications.
Breastfeeding – the best diet for you and your baby (part 4) - Colic
It can be very distressing if your baby has colic, and you are probably willing to give anything a go. However, before you cut anything out of your diet, it is important to know the facts.
Breastfeeding – the best diet for you and your baby (part 3) - Weight loss,Foods to avoid when you’re breastfeeding
If you are going out for a drink, it is best to plan your feeding beforehand. Alcohol clears from your breast milk at about the same rate as from your blood (just over two hours per unit).
Breastfeeding – the best diet for you and your baby (part 2) - A healthy diet for breastfeeding, Ten tips for eating well with a new baby
When you have a new baby to look after, it can be difficult to think about your own diet. However, it is important to make healthy eating and regular meals a priority. This will benefit both you and your baby.
Breastfeeding – the best diet for you and your baby (part 1) - How your diet affects your milk
Some components of breast milk are affected by the food you eat. The protein and carbohydrate content doesn’t seem to vary, but studies have shown fat content can be altered.
How To Take A Sound Nap
Cool weather of autumn makes many people feel pleasant and want to take a quick nap in the daytime. However, when should you sleep, how long should you sleep and what should you keep in mind? See the answers below.
How To Know A Relationship Or Marriage Is Over
Every relationship has a trouble. Sometimes, it is just a little thing such as arguing about dinner or watching TV. In addition, there are some serious signs to show the end of relationship.
3 Ways To Reduce Excess Fat
Excess fat in the body not only makes you have an imbalanced body but also leads to diseases such as heart disease, diabetes... According to the researches of the scientists, there are two types of fat causing obesity.
7 Habits That You Should Avoid After Eating
When the meal is finished, many people often eat fruits, smokes cigarettes, drink a cup of tea or take a shower... Nutrition experts recommend that you should give up these habits immediately because they are harmful to health.
Good Habits For A Healthy Heart
Sleeping 7 to 8 hours, drinking a beer, eating less salt every day... are the good habits that everyone should practice to have a healthy heart.
8 Things You Should Avoid When Talking To Pregnant Women
Pregnancy is the time women become incredibly sensitive. Refer to the following things to make sure that you don’t make them nervous or hurt them.
The Training Revolution
I‘m in my usual weekly exercise class with my instructor and classmates. I can see them, they can see me - nothing unusual there. Except I haven’t had to venture to the gym or pay an expensive membership. Instead, I’ve rocked up to my living room with just my yoga mat, a chair and water bottle for my Sleek Technique Interactive Live Class.
Steps To Heal The Pain Of Divorce
Divorce is a painful emotional process that is depressed and stressful. It starts with argument about law principle, finance and ends with an end of relationship. Living after divorce is not easy and wasteful in time, but there are something you can do to turn your life into a right direction.
Test Your Health (part 3) - Complexion check, Tongue check
Look at your face and your complexion. Note its color and luminosity. Do you have a healthy glow or is your skin dull? Do you have bags under your eyes?
Test Your Health (part 2) - Dimple squeeze, Skin brush
On your upper thigh, about half way towards your knee, grab a handful of flesh and squeeze. Does it look dimpled and uneven, or smooth and firm?
Test Your Health (part 1) - Tummy shake, Knee pinch, Dimple squeeze
Stand in front of a long mirror. Pull up your clothes to expose your tummy and start jigging and jumping. Keep an eye on your tummy and stop moving suddenly - does it shake about?
Four Things Regarding Diet You Should Keep In Mind
There are many different conceptions about daily diet. However, in fact, there are some wrong habits that will make your health and your family’s be threatened.
How To Know If He Wants To Get Married With Me
Making your boyfriend interest in your marriage can be very difficult. However, there are many signs that can help you to maintain and keep your relationship in the long-term commitment.
Tips For Losing Weight After Pregnancy
The weight you gain during pregnancy keeps you and your baby healthy. Once your child is born, the weight you gain will gone. However, most women still have some extra pounds after pregnancy. Be patient while you are still recovering; pregnancy is a complicated physical process.
Perfect Time To Take Pregnant Photos
Pregnancy is the most amazing time to each women and mothers shouldn’t miss the chance to record these amazing photos as great memories. It’s not just that, taking photos makes women feel comfortable, reduce tension, especially each time they sit down and look back on these photos.
Things That Pregnant Women Should Avoid
The diet can affect your child, even no matter what you do when you are pregnant. Hence, you must avoid some special things to protect your child.
Persuade Your Boyfriend To Propose
You are ready to commit and tired of waiting for him to propose? Here are some tips to speed up the process and have a ring on your finger.
Signs That He Loves Another Woman
When you know that your lover is not honest to you, it is so miserable. However, it may be not as painful as the fact that your relationship is going down with all your efforts because he is giving his new love to others.
Slow Down Your Crazy-Busy Life (Part 3)
Identify the high-stress parts of your day. Figure out how you can make those times more relaxed, suggests Ashley Stoffel, O.T.D., clinical assistant professor of occupational therapy at the University of Illinois at Chicago. If mornings are chaotic no matter how much you plan, try getting up 20 minutes earlier so that you have some quiet time to get organized or even do some calming stretches. Or try writing out a step-by-step routine to keep everyone on task.
Slow Down Your Crazy-Busy Life (Part 2)
The moms we surveyed say that money is their biggest stressor. It makes sense; the U.S. Census Bureau reports that in the years since the official end of the recession, the American family’s household income has fallen 4 percent, nearly the same decrease as during the recession itself.
Slow Down Your Crazy-Busy Life (Part 1)
You feel like you’re being pulled in a million different directions. Your to-do list is never-ending. You have to sneak away to find time for yourself. We get it! Our special report can help you find the calm that’s been eluding you.
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