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10 Secrets That Can Prevent Cancer
Green vegetables and fruits can reduce the risk of cancer. You shouldn’t eat a particular kind of vegetable or fruit. If meal has many different colors, effect of preventing cancer will become higher.
When Should You Limit Vegetables
In some cases such as before and after bowel surgery, heartburn, renal failure, patients have to keep off eating vegetables because vegetables have a lot of fibers.
What The Experts Wish You Knew About Alcohol
We all know that drinking to excess is bad for our health – but knowing just how it affects our bodies, and what is a safe quantity, may have you re-evaluating your favourite tipple.
Small Changes = Big Results
Forget making big changes in 2013. Experts say a series of small changes is more likely to deliver better health because they’re easier to stick to over time.
Summer – Hit Or Myth
Taste isn’t the only reason to take your snags off the barbecue before they become charcoal. Studies have shown a group of carcinogenic substances called polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) can be produced if foods are burnt or overheated.
5 Tips To Reduce Fat Belly After Parturition
Many women are very worried because after the parturition, waistline is wrinkled, wrinkled, even still like at 5 months of pregnancy. However, parents should not worry because over time, firm waist will return as before. But if you want firm waistline return fast, do not ignore the simple tips below.
What Should We Eat To Not Gain Weight
Our body burns less energy at the end of the day, especially in the evening. Therefore, if the later you have dinner, the higher the content of sugar (blood sugar) and fat (tiglyxerit) will be.
Forbidden Things In Pregnant Period
In pregnant period, women should have a nutritious and digestive diet. Food should be rich of protein, fruits and clean. You should avoid foods with stimulated substances, cigarettes, wine and incorrect diet. After becoming pregnant, fetus’s development must depend on mother’s blood in the vital organs to be fostered. Consequently, the performance of blood in pregnant women’s vital organs has direct effect on the development of the fetus.
Things To Avoid Before Going To Bed
Doing exercise not only maintains health but also consolidates sleep’s quality. However, doing exercise in 3 hours before going to bed will increase body’s temperature, so you will feel more sleepless. Therefore, if you want to sweat or do exercise, you should do it before that period of time in day.
Plan Before Pregnancy
To help giving birth and bringing up children be smooth, you should prepare for this process carefully from 6 months to 1 year. You need to know that baby’s appearance can make your life reverse and you have to spend a lot of money. If you don’t have good preparation, conflict can take place between husband and wife.
Small Tips Helping Pregnant Women Sleep Well
Being pregnant will make you feel tired because your body produces stimulated elements to help fetus develop. A good sleep at night is a necessary thing; it will help you take a rest, be alert and healthy.
Some Drinks Pregnant Women Should Say No With
If you use beverages containing a lot of stimulants, they will affect fetus’s development. According to many researches, these drinks also increase risk of miscarriage and premature birth.
Some Notes About Pregnant Women’s Bath
Although it is summer, pregnant women shouldn’t bathe with too cold water. When you bathe with cold water and the weather is hot, your body’s temperature will change suddenly. As a result, you easily catch cold and have got flu.
Help Pregnant Women Drink Milk Easily
According to nutritious experts, pregnant milk is provided with many essential nutrients. It is good for pregnant women’s and fetus’s health, especially women who lack nutrients in pregnancy like calcium, iron, folic acid and vitamins… However, how to provide enough and gain effect is difficult.
Drinks Good For Health
Everyone often calculates the content of calories and nutrients in meals but they don’t pay much attention to drinks. You should care these following drinks that are useful for health.
Gargle Is Not Good For Pregnant Women
According to US pediatric medicine health experts, alcohol will cause negative effects on fetus’s development, especially it will reduce children’s ability of awareness in the future and cause inborn defect.
5 Things Pregnant Women Should Avoid After Meals
Most people have the habit of eating a lot of fruits after meals because they think that it can help colon peristaltic. However, this is not a scientific way. In reality, after meals, foods move into stomach and take 1-2 hours to digest and eliminate slowly. If you eat a lot of fruits after meals, you will make foods be obstructed in stomach.
Your Festive Survival Plan (Part 2)
While there’s no magic solution, there are some tricks to help stave off that hangover. We all know to drink lots of water during and after sessions on the booze. If you find fruit juice is too acidic for your stomach to cope with, try herbal teas and effervescent vitamins as an alternative with some flavour.
Your Festive Survival Plan (Part 1)
It may still be a few weeks away, but getting on top of your wellbeing now will ensure you enjoy the party season to the full and stay healthy all the way through until new year
Why Pregnant Women Should Sleep On Left Side?
Pregnant women often tell each other that sleeping on left side is good for fetus. However, not all mothers know the real benefit of this position.
When Should Pregnant Women Gain Much Weight?
According to obstetric experts, in the first phase of pregnancy, pregnant women should gain from 1.5-2kg if having normal body weight. If you are underweight, you should gain 2.5kg but should gain only 1kg if you are an overweight woman.
Smelling Flowers May Cause Miscarriage
Floral scent has certain effect in disease cure, but if too sweet and strong, it becomes the number one enemy causing foetal derangement or miscarriage in pregnant women.
Swimming Pool Water Can Cause Visual Impairment
Summer is the time parents usually take their children to go swimming to get cooler and healthy exercise. However, many people don’t know that swimming pool water is the cause of many diseases, especially to the eyes.
Notes For Pregnant Women When Exercising In Summer
Benefit for pregnant women to exercise every day is nothing to argue anymore. But many pregnant women still wonder: how to exercise safely in uncomfortably hot weather today?
Notes For Women After Caesarean Section
Lying on one side is the most suitable position for women after caesarean section (C-section). However, within the first 6 hours after surgery, do not lay your head on pillow.
Notes When Pregnant Women Go Swimming
Swimming is proved to bring a lot of benefits to pregnant women including reducing uncomfortable symptoms, keeping form for pregnant women and help them get back the form quickly after giving birth ... However, to keep safe when swimming, you need to follow some following principles:
Overcome Uncomfortable Feeling At The End Of Pregnancy
Fatigue can appear much in the late afternoon, especially when you are working. Yoga for pregnant women helps you to relieve the fatigue, strengthen the ligament around pelvis. It makes the labor easier.
Pamper Yourself During Pregnancy
Research showed that spending 10-20 minutes per day relaxing not only helps you relieve stress, but also makes your baby happier and healthier.
No-Guilt Nibbles
Give the gift of good health this Christmas, by inviting your friends and family over for a super healthy soirée! You might think it’s hard to lure your guests with vegetable crudités and non-alcoholic punch rather than pigs in blankets and boozy mulled wine, but we’ve found a selection of ideas that are both healthy and delicious.
Recover Stretchmark Skin After Giving Birth
During pregnancy, your quick weight gain while your skin has not stretched enough to adjust to new condition usually causes ugly stretchmark on your skin, the most at thigh skin and lower abdomen skin.
Are You Too Nice For Your Own Good?
If you’re the kind, sensitive type, the chances are you’ll get lots of party invitations this festive season – others are drawn to your gentle, caring nature. But there’s a down side to being a warm and generous soul. Putting others first means you can attach your self-worth to their approval, and that can be unhealthy because you can lose the ability to value yourself unless others do.
Rescue The Beauty Of Pregnant Women
The bride is of course beautiful, but how about pregnant women? If they are beautiful, perhaps this is the beauty of spirit, and not all pregnant women satisfy with this.
Say Goodbye To Short Sightedness
The short-sightedness in children is increasing dramatically and becomes a serious worry of parents. According to the optometrists, the school myopia has the rapidly rising trend.
When Can We Hear Fetal Heartbeat?
Do you know that, from 16th day, the embryo has two blood vessels to form heart's vessels. Although this time the shape of the fetal heart has not been formed yet, but it also beats due to contractile activity, it does the function of a real heart.
When Does Fetus Turn Its Head?
From the 36th week onwards, the fetus usually curls up in the womb and the pregnancy is stable with the head turning down and the face closing to the mother's womb. However, in some cases, the position of the baby can still change: sitting or horizontal lying.
Do And Don’t When Pregnant Women Beautify
We all know beautifying is indispensable need of women, even during pregnancy. However, you are wondering because you scare that hair dying causes birth defects, and massage stimulates preterm...
Herbal Remedy Prevents Hair Loss
90 percentage of women told that they had been very worried due to losing their hair a lot. People still think that alopecia seems to be hard to treat. Actually, many women have found safe and effective treatment based on many of valuable herbs.
How To Extract Mucilage From Pomelo Seeds For Diabetes Treatment
Pomelo seed of all kinds of pomelo including forest pomelo, dried-sectioned pomelo (unable to eat) can be extracted to make medicine for many diseases treatment.
Ice Tea Causes Kidney Stones
Urologists of Loyola Chicago University – USA warn that dinking too much ice tea can cause kidney stones because of high content of oxalate (salt and ester of oxalic acid).
Is Yolk As Harmful As Cigarette?
According to the survey based on over 1,200 patients, Doctor David Spence (from University of Medicine and Dentistry of Munich, Canada) found out that eating a lot of yolk will form arterial plaques one of the factors that could cause stroke and atherosclerosis.
Frequent Urination During Pregnancy
To reduce frequent urination during pregnancy, you should avoid drinks such as tea, coffee, and alcoholic drinks because they keep water in the kidneys, force kidneys to work hard, causing urinary frequency.
Find Culprits Causing The Death Of Pregnant Women
Statistics of the United Nations shows that the death of about 500,000 women worldwide each year is related to pregnancy and childbirth.
Does Caesarean Section Affect Sex?
Women cannot do the biological reproductive function normally, small or narrow or unbalanced pelvis (Cephalopelvic disproportion), about 30%.
Does Lots Of Baby’s Kick Mean Healthiness?
Mothers can recognize that there are many days babies move a lot but sometimes they are quiet as if being sleeping. Or, fetal movement is different at various times of day. The difference in the frequency of fetal movement is a common sign in most pregnant women.
Benefits Of Swimming For Pregnant Women
Swimming is considered to bring many benefits for pregnant woman. However, not every woman is brave enough to join this sport.
5 Habits To Avoid Gynecological Diseases
You should soak your underwear and the whole family’s about 30 minutes before washing by hands. There is need to put into the dryer, but dry your underwear at much sunlight place is an effective way to kill bacteria to prevent gynecological diseases.
24 Exciting Tips To Maintain Health (Part 2)
There are some simple ways to have healthy body such as standing on one foot when brushing teeth, limiting to comb hair, or opening window when sleeping.
Bright Skin with Papaya
Women used to use familiar masks such as yogurt, honey, tomato, cucumber. These are very good and safe masks, help the skin bright and smooth. However, if you try papaya, you will be surprised at the use of this sweet fruit!
Pregnant Women Need To Avoid Dyeing Hair In The First Three Months Of Pregnancy
In the past, dyeing hair was for those who have gray hair early. Nowadays, dyeing hair is used for many people, even for children; and there are about 70% of women in the world dyeing hair at least 1 time.
Pick Undies And Footwear For Expectant Mothers
Clothes for pregnancy not only beautify mothers but also play an important role for their health and babies. So, what must be taken into account when pregnant women pick these kind of wearing? We have some tips here.
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