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Choose Way To Welcome Your Baby
If you are sure about the birth possibility of both parents and family members, you can choose the method to welcome baby at home. Or you can hire a doctor or midwife to help you to be giving birth at home.
Beautify Pregnant Women In Summer
Obviously, you really want to cool your body during hot summer days. However, that is difficult to implement because “air conditioner” of the body is temporarily broken. So, why don’t you try using brown sugar to strengthen your body?
8 Tips For Longevity
Mission of the human body is moving. It seems that physical inactivity lifestyle nowadays is the main culprit leading to depression syndrome. Many depressed patients thanks to exercise regularly and dedicatedly got improved performance similar with others practicing meditation.
Win The Cold War
A recent review of 10 different studies showed that 42 percent fewer people caught a cold after consuming any amount of these healthy bacteria - whether in supplement form or in food such as yoghurt - for more than seven days.
GHRI Investigates : The Big (Non) Chill
Most dehumidifiers full an internal reservoir and then, once full, shut off until emptied. They can be set up to drain continuously into a sink or – if you buy one with a built-in pump – can empty upward (out a basement window, for example).
'I'm Single, So What?'
The number of single women in the UK has double over the last 30 years – but far from being a lonely Bridget Jones generation, we’re a growing group of dynamic, independent women. So, please, don’t feel sorry for us
Total Time Savers : Your washing machine, Plating pointers
The When to Plant app compatible with IOS 5 ($1.99; for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch) takes the guesswork out of seasonal planting with month-by-month options based on your zip code – telling you the perfect time to start seedlings indoors, sow seeds outdoors, or harvest a crop.
Mind Your Language
The words you use affect how you feel. We round up the five most life-limiting expressions to ditch from your dictionary today.
Do It Smarter – Clean Less, Relax More
Tips to make your house work load lighter and boost your sense of calm – you know, if that weeklong cruise isn’t in the cards
Welcome To Middle School
If you’re prone to putting on weight, you’re always going to have to be strict,” says Kirsch. “Regardless of who you are, staying away from sugar is key. So is staying away from excessive alcohol and dairy.
Running For Life
If your skin goes to the other extreme with dryness, flaking, peeling, redness, sensitivity, rosacea, or eczema, you're not alone: A study in the Journal of Investigative Dermatology found that when women experience psychological stress, their skin becomes more easily dehydrated, even leading to eczema.
'I Ran Off 3st And Dropped A Decade!'
‘It was actually my smoking counselor who suggested I should take up running. At first I thought I’d never have the times as I’m a full-time mum, plus I was desperately unfit. But then I found a free online programme that promised to transform a couch potato into a 5K runner in just 12 weeks, and decided I had nothing to lose.
Anti-Panic Plan
Even if your disaster default is more ‘fall apart’ than ‘fix it’, you can still be the go-to girl in a crisis. The trick? “Understanding you response and tweaking it so it works for, not against, you.’ Says consultant psychotherapist Adrianna Irvine. Here’s how to max your reaction…
Fitness Wise
An impressive 94% of us make exercise a priority on holiday, but it means we’re often faced with the choice of cramming a change of fit kit into our bags or re-using sweaty gear – who wants to wash it in the hotel basin?
Are Diet Pills Too Good To Be True ? (part 3)
A dangerous legal loophole means doctors registered in the UK can prescribe unlicensed (non-NHS approved) medicines, provided they take personal responsibility for them.
Are Diet Pills Too Good To Be True ? (part 2)
Thousands of women in the UK buy slimming pills online, according to the government’s Medicines and Healthcare Regulatory Agency (MHRA), oblivious to the fact that most of the websites belong to unscrupulous vendors.
Are Diet Pills Too Good To Be True ? (part 1)
From traditional meal-replacement shakes and bars to weight-loss wonder pills, there’s an increasing array of ‘natural’ products available that promise to help you shift pounds faster than by dieting alone.
"Why Date Just One Man? (Tip: try 20)"
When a long-term relationship ended, fashion stylist Sarah, 29, decided she was done with the one-guy approach. Here she reveals how she finds the time – and sets the boundaries.
You May Kiss...Your Friends Goodbye (Part 2)
I’m terrified of getting lost among a new crop of “smug marrieds” who host couples dinners to swap townhouse woes and pregnancy tales while my so-called hilarious stories about the latest guy I met on the weekend are seen as sad or pathetic.
You May Kiss...Your Friends Goodbye (Part 1)
My friend and I were on our third bridesmaid-dress shopping trip for her upcoming nuptials, and I had already tried on countless hideously tailored dresses complete with all the stereotypes (spaghetti straps, bows and too many ruffles) all bound to show swear stains, wrinkle upon contact and be wholly unwearable beyond the ceremonial obligation.
Welcome To Your Career Future (Part 2)
Once upon a time, people with creative minds would pick an industry – film, TV or maybe even video games – and stick with it. These days, the doors between them have been flung wide open, and the traffic’s moving in every direction.
Welcome To Your Career Future (Part 1)
The employment market is changing fast, and many of the roles we’ll want in the future haven’t been invented yet. So here’s a heads-up on tomorrow’s hottest jobs – and how to make sure you get them.
Success Stories : Weight loss stories (Part 3)
"Once I was no longer continuing much of my loved school sport I found the kilograms slowly increasing," she says. Concerned, Danielle visited her doctor who discovered she was suffering from polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) and, as a side effect, Insulin Resistance.
Success Stories : Weight loss stories (Part 2)
"I've always known my weight was an issue but just couldn't do anything about it," says Suzanne, who has spent 20 years yo-yo dieting. In her teens and early twenties Suzanne's weight gain was gradual thanks to an active lifestyle but as her commitments grew so did her waistline.
Success Stories : Weight loss stories (Part 1)
Jessica knew that she was gaining weight but as a new mum she convinced herself there wasn't the time to exercise and was worried that reducing her calorie intake would dry up her milk.
Now Do Not Take This The Wrong Way
After years of practice, I'd like to think I have become better at both writing fashion captions and dealing with criticism. And yet every so often, a certain sort of criticism still has the power to throw me off balance.
How To Buy Everything Cheaper
Supermarkets tend to have fruit and vegetables at the front, basics (like eggs, bread and cereals) at the back and everything non-essential (but tempting) in between.
It Take Two : Try these tips
Does your partner tempt you with a trip for gelato when he knows you're trying to eat healthier? Does he suggest a movie instead when you say you want to catch a spin class before dinner?
Weddings Uncut (Part 2)
“I tell brides to only use recommended caterers the wedding breakfast isn’t a meal you gamble on. However, when one party needed kosher food for the bride’s family, she insisted on using a separate caterer for their food.
Weddings Uncut (Part 1)
Perfectly arranged ‘candid’ shots of the happy couple gazing into each other’s eyes, a cake that would look out of place at a Kardashian wedding…This is the stuff we’re told ‘dream weddings’ are made of. But behind the glossy photos can lurk all kinds of trauma.
The Big Question When Is A Man Ready To Go The Distance?
While carrying on with as many people as possible can be a wild ride, there comes a time when the head rush of rampant one-night stands fades and it’s time to go one-on-one for the long haul.
When Being Single Sucks
You can prioritise your friends, eat risotto in the bath and never have to choose between ‘fun’ and ‘his family’. You can look forward to all the exciting firsts – date, kiss, sex, dramatic argument (just me?).
Sun, Sea, Sand And… Shame!
I run a second-hand fashion website selling everything from McQueen bags to Miu Miu pumps. I got the idea at Uni when friends asked how I always had the latest designer bag – it was because I’d sold the previous one to fund it!
So You Think You Want My Job?
I run a second-hand fashion website selling everything from McQueen bags to Miu Miu pumps. I got the idea at Uni when friends asked how I always had the latest designer bag – it was because I’d sold the previous one to fund it!
Six Things To Do … This Season
This fruit is perfect as a snack, in salads and as the hero in a dessert. Try this recipe for poached pears and top with low-fat yoghurt for a healthy treat. Pour four cups red wine in a pot; add 12 cup sugar, one cinnamon stick, six cloves, and zest from an orange; simmer.
Marry Me? 'No,' She Said
Whether he gets down on bended knee or blurts it out in front of the TV, when a man proposes, he's pretty confident of the answer. But what if she says no? Three men share their tales with us
Boys & Bellinis in Brooklyn
As a woman, i was born into the art of compromise. A recent example -my friend suggested that we go and see Titanic 3D. I suggested I would rather kill myself. Surely there was a happy medium that involved neither self-harm or Celine Dion?
1 In 10 Of You Do It More Than Once A Week…(Part 2)
For a lot of women, porn isn’t a solo or passive activity. Instead, they’re making their own, and finding it’s a fun or exciting way to bond with their partners; 46% of you admit to having sent sexy pictures to someone, and 16% have got naked over Skype or your webcam.
1 In 10 Of You Do It More Than Once A Week…(Part 1)
Let’s repeat that statistic again: 87% of GLAMOUR readers have looked at porn. You may not use it regularly only 30% of those who responded said they used porn once a month or more but the stereotype that only men like sexy pictures?
A Love Affair With Colour
Patchworked textures and rich, vibrant hues are combined with the smell of baking bread in this family home full of character and style.
War Against Distraction
The key word in Voltaire’s observation is “sustained.” We don’t sustain, we don’t take long, thoughtful, sustained walks. We don’t sit quietly in space and solitude until a problem disappears [which it would] because we are too busy.
Time To Be You (Part 2)
Take a cheerful voyage down the memory lane and think of all good things your friends have done for you. Then choose five friends whose special gestures made you happy and express your gratitude to them. Yes, touching lives [and feeling enriched as a result] is that simple.
Time To Be You (Part 1)
We are all on this never-ending quest of creating the perfect job, the perfect home… the perfect life, hurtling into a whirlpool of endless activity. In the rush, time just whizzes past in a blur till we settle down under the covers, comatose, ready to battle yet another day.
Slowing down
Do you want to succeed at something? Good work right now will help you do that. Most people want to start by improving how they “market” their services. Maybe a new website, or a better network of affiliates. But most of the time that’s not where the answer lies.
Here Come The Girls!
No TV show since Sex and the City has provoked so much discussion in the media, online and among viewers about women, sex, women and sex and, finally, the representation of women on TV today.
Give What You Want (Part 3)
My mother was the librarian where I attended college, and each time I entered the library, there would be a half a dozen college girls around her desk. Mom gas always had an incredible counseling ministry, not because she is such a great talker, but because she is a tremendous listener.
Give What You Want (Part 2)
Almost all emotional problems and stress come from unresolved conflicts and failure to have developed right relationships with people. Because of this, many people have a deep desire for total forgiveness.
Give What You Want (Part 1)
A time warrior removes her sword and dismembers procrastination. And this may be the most important thing she’s ever learned about winning the war against procrastination: she can always start small. Start small, and the smaller the better.
End Of Procrastination
A time warrior removes her sword and dismembers procrastination. And this may be the most important thing she’s ever learned about winning the war against procrastination: she can always start small. Start small, and the smaller the better.
Do You See It?
Subsequently, I had one member from each group present their findings. As we went through each presentation, they were not only able to articulate a powerful vision and mission but also came up with a logo and branding proposition.
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