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I am giving men the wrong signals...
You say things have changed in the dating game since you were fast single, but the real truth is it's you who's changed. You’ve become a confident, self-assured woman who knows what she wants, and that makes you attractive.
How to be a success of EVERYTHING! (Part 3)
The reality is we constantly deal with minor rejections - and survive them! Your hairdresser tells you a bob won't suit your face shape, the shop assistant doesn't have that dress in your size - you shrug your shoulders and move on.
How to be a success of EVERYTHING! (Part 2)
Losing weight or getting fit isn't as easy as it sounds, otherwise we'd all be super-slim, toned and as fit as fiddles. Work out why you've fallen off the wagon before - or what's likely to scupper your chances this time.
How to be a success of EVERYTHING! (Part 1)
Whether it’s a better job, body or relationship you’ve set your sights on for 2012, our celebrity experts are here to teach you the skills you need to achieve it
How To Avoid Office Politics
Do not pretend and please find way to avoid any problem influential to work with our instructions to avoid office politics.
What’s fueling team?
We dole out healthy eating advice every month, but what are we nibbling on in meetings and munching during photo shoots?
Wanted: the most beautiful scent in the world
What is perfume for it not to make you feel beautiful? Leyla Tabaksert goes in search of the perfect scent for a very special occasion – her wedding day
Will this be London’s first female MAYOR?
If Siobhan wins on May 3, she’ll become Mayor of London in the year the capital hosts both the Olympic Games and the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations.
Ready, Steady death run
In our quest to get involved in all things Olympic, Laura Potter jumps at the chance to join golden girl Jess Ennis on the track.
How to have a difficult conversation
From a heart-to-heart with your husband to a face-off with a friend, sometimes it’s easier to keep schtum than cause a showdown. Here’s how to face those awkward chats – no ranting required.
Friends? Of course they MATTER
In your twenties you’re not really aware how much you share with your friends because you live in each other’s pockets for years without really noticing.
Courage is my key to happiness
Eva Mendes has emerged from a life-changing year more confident than ever. She talks to Elin Tough about bravery, body image and the secrets of self-belief
Are you a label queen? (Part 2) - Health sells & Learn the lingo
We can all read food labels. But, admit it, sometimes we choose to ignore the facts. Kidding ourselves that if our chocolate’s organic, we can eat twice as much is something we all do.
Are you a label queen? (Part 1) - New label laws & Shop Smarter
You’re standing in the bakery aisle wondering what loaf of bread to buy. You’re hungry and in a rush. You want to make the healthiest choice possible, but don’t have time to scour the ingredients of all the hundreds of products in front of you.
The first three questions you need to ask him
Concrete things such as the first lover, the first motorcycle are deeply memorable.
Shhh, things he does not need to know
You love him, so confide everything to him is sounds to be good. However, specialists say filling him with too many details of your life may damage attraction of each other – which is, now they feel right more than ever.
The best way to attract his attention
There is no imitative formulate for it. You can say a “winged” sentence with a girl, but if you create it specially, she will feel how heartfelt it is.
Mysterious Astrologer: Jessica Adams
A special plan using your communication skills needs a two-way commitment, but it will bring great success in June.
101 things about men - why he loves when you bite your lip
Biting your lip makes his inner rude self appear. Why? It makes blood gather to your lip, which makes it chubbier and redder. Both are signals of reproduction ability, and when a man sees them, it stimulates his primitive instinct because he is finding a lover having this ability.
Your 40-week Journey : Who will Handle My Care? A guide to prenatal care (part 3)
Sometimes, women develop complications in pregnancy where specialist care is needed to assure the health of the baby or mother but the midwife or family practice physician may still see the mother following the plan of care outlined by the obstetrician or perinatologist.
Your 40-week Journey : Who will Handle My Care? A guide to prenatal care (part 2)
You will be offered several blood tests during pregnancy and the results provide vital information that may affect your pregnancy and help your caregivers to plan your care.
Your 40-week Journey : Who will Handle My Care? A guide to prenatal care (part 1)
Several different models of care are available and they are related to the type of care provider you choose. Certified nurse-midwives (CNMS) or certified midwives (CMS) are appropriate for the majority of women who anticipate a normal pregnancy and birth.
Love bikes?
It’s the year of the bike but are we really ready for it? With more cyclists dying every year on the roads, we say it’s time to take your safety into your own hands.
What makes me happy (part 3)
I’m not sure when it started, but I can remember the distinct sense of longing for something I didn’t have. There was a feeling of melancholy that accompanied it, because the longing wasn’t for what someone else had; but how they felt
What makes me happy (part 2)
I know that dating a young man is no new thing, but this represented a complete about-turn for me. One I came to recognise as the start of my path back to happiness – a state that usually came naturally. Until I hit 36, I never thought I’d be happy with a younger man.
What makes me happy (part 1)
A flood of feeling returned to my body, and with it came the realisation that life is short and rich and valuable, that it should not be squandered in unhappiness, that I had a responsibility to taste life to the full.
Twitter changed my life (part 2)
When news reports of the earthquake broke, I was devastated. I’d live in Christchurch for ten years and had many friends there. 181 people died and thousands were made homeless.
Twitter changed my life (part 1)
The revolution changed the life of every Egyptian and Twitter helped that happen. Some of the most powerful tweets I saw were on January 25 2011, the day of the first big protest.
The rules of smart arguing
You’ve asked him a hundred times to put it back in the bathroom but he doesn’t listen. ‘Put his behaviour in context,’ says Christine. ‘If he never picks up towels but always brings you tea in bed, you might overlook the damp duvet.
My secret fit life - The Media Planner Boxer
If even sofa-diving’s an effort after a day’s work, prepare to be inspired. Andréa Childs meets three women whose fearless after-hours pursuits help drive their nine to fives.
Let it go or Let rip?
Most women would recognise the odd Mel moment, and class it as part and parcel of keeping the peace. After all, we’re endlessly told forgiving others isn’t just good manners, it’s good for our health and happiness, too.
“I do the work but she takes the credit…"
Many couples drift apart after a few years, when the lust that once underpinned their relationship is replaced by reality and responsibilities.
Pssst! Gossip Can Do Good
Trash talk can destroy a career, tarnish a reputation, and sever the tightest bond. But it also has a less sinister even beneficial-side. Read in for the dish.
Expert Q&A: Feeling faint, Sleep-inducing eats…
I suffer from insomnia and try not to eat anything or drink coffee after 7pm, but I’m sill struggling to get my zzzs. What can I eat for a better night’s sleep?
Ask the experts
Welcome to our wellbeing clinic! From health to diet, fitness to beauty, out team of experts dispense straight-to-the-point advice.
They Said I Need a Cesarean All about cesarean births (part 2) - Your partner's role How partners can help during a cesarean
Although you should remain mobile after a cesarean operation, it is also important that you get plenty of rest. A cesarean is major surgery so you will need to avoid lifting and carrying heavy loads for the first few weeks.
They Said I Need a Cesarean All about cesarean births (part 1)
Cesareans are classified as elective or emergency. An elective cesarean indicates that a pre-planned decision was made during pregnancy to deliver the baby by cesarean before the onset of labor.
Why isn't the Baby Out Yet? Assisting the birth (part 2)
A delivery may be assisted using either vacuum extraction which involves a small suction cap (metal or plastic) placed on the back of your baby's head and very gently pulled, or forceps, metal tongs that guide the baby out.
Why isn't the Baby Out Yet? Assisting the birth (part 1)
Appropriate pain relief, such as a local anesthetic injection, or an epidural, will be given before the procedure. The doctor will then help pull the baby out while the mother pushes. The forceps and vacuum cup are removed after the head has been delivered, and the body is delivered normally.
What Can I Do to Help? Partners at the birth (part 2)
One of the most important roles of a birth partner, whether you are the baby's father or someone else chosen to be the birth partner, is to be aware of what is happening during the labor and birth and to liaise with the medical professionals on behalf of the mother if necessary.
What Can I Do to Help? Partners at the birth (part 1)
Once your partner is having regular, painful contractions about every five minutes, it would probably be best to be with her, if you aren't already. It is usually around this time that you should be making your way to hospital, if that is where you are planning to have the baby, or contacting the midwife if you are planning a home birth.
I'm Past My Due Date Do I need to be induced? (part 2) - Fetal monitoring in labor & Types of induction When your baby is overdue
During labor in the hospital, you may spend some time on an external fetal monitor. This monitors your contractions and your baby's heartbeat to check whether your baby is showing any signs of distress in labor.
I'm Past My Due Date Do I need to be induced? (part 1)
In many pregnancies, there are no changes to your baby's activities after 40 weeks and their movement patterns will be the same, although your baby's head will probably move lower into your pelvis as it gets ready for labor, resulting in a lighter feeling under your ribs and a heavier feeling down in the pelvic area.
How Long will It Last? All about labor (part 4) - The three stages of labor How your labor progresses
Your labor is divided into three stages. The first stage begins when you have regular contractions that open your cervix; the second stage starts when your cervix is fully dilated and ends with the birth of your baby; and the third stage is the delivery of the placenta and membranes.
How Long will It Last? All about labor (part 3) - A natural breech birth & Positions for the second stage of labor
If you are having a natural vaginal delivery with a breech birth, this will be carefully handled by an obstetrician. A vaginal breech birth can be slower than a head-first, cephalic, delivery as the bottom doesn't push down as much. The obstetrician will guide the baby out.
How Long will It Last? All about labor (part 2) - Dilatation & Positions for the first stage of labor
Some women find sitting on the toilet comfy! If you want to lie down, lying on your left side is best since the pelvis isn't restricted and can open as the baby moves down, and the blood flow to the baby is not affected.
How Long will It Last? All about labor (part 1)
This is hard to determine since every woman is different and every labor is different. Also, how long your labor lasts depends on when you start timing it since the start of labor can be a gradual build up that occurs over a fairly long period of time.
It's All Your Fault, Stop the Pain! Choices for pain relief (part 3) - Pain relief choices How to manage the pain
You remain in control and avoid intervention. Being upright can help the position of the baby and there are no side effects. This may not be sufficient pain relief for strong contractions.
It's All Your Fault, Stop the Pain! Choices for pain relief (part 2) - Being prepared Practical and mental preparation for labor
Inevitably, labor will involve a degree of pain. Although this can be a frightening prospect, accepting this and thinking in advance about how you might deal with the pain may help you to cope better when the time comes.
It's All Your Fault, Stop the Pain! Choices for pain relief (part 1)
Since each woman and labor is very different, it is difficult to say which is the “best” form of pain relief. This will also depend on an individual's coping mechanisms and pain threshold
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