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Take Control Feel Happier
How many of us continue with unsatisfactory arrangements because ending them seems too awkward. What are yours? A cleanser who is not very good at cleaning?
Your Blood Is Worth Bottling!
If you’re had a blood test, your doctor will tell you your blood type. Otherwise, if you go to a Blood Bank to donate blood you’ll get a donor card which shows your blood type.
How Your Pet Is Keeping You Young!
Forget the skin creams and cleansing regimes – the secret to staying young might just be someone who’s more likely to roll in wheat grass than drink it. Yes, owning a pet could be the ultimate anti-ageing treatment.
Find Your Fitness Sweet Spot
All effort, no results? You just haven’t met your true exercise match. Amanda Khouv reveals how to find your perfect workout and start reaping some amazing rewards
Clutter-Free Heaven
I’m organizationally challenged, and until recently, my place had absolutely no order. I didn’t own a single file. I made it a priority to create a system that not only kept things organized, but was also aesthetically pleasing.
Health Tech : Appy World (Part 2)
Little scientific research has been done to determine the effectiveness of health-related apps, partly because this is a new field and research can’t keep up with technological advancements.
Health Tech : Appy World (Part 1)
Apps aren’t just for tech geeks. My first step towards losing some lingering weight began when I downloaded SparkPeople Diet & Food Tracker onto my cellphone. With it, I could work out how many kJ were in my morning croissant (at 1 300kJ, it was a little depressing) and what to eat to lose my tummy tyre.
Raise Up - How One Woman Negotiated…
The thought of having the “money talk” had always made me uncomfortable. In my final year of journalism school, I interned in a newsroom for three months. When they offered me a job, I was so relieved to have full-time work that I hugged the HR woman instead of playing salary hardball.
I Need A Fashion Buddy !
I think women are very generous about sharing their random knowledge, although I have to say mine are not in much demand, such as my instinctive memory for Latin vocabulary learned at school.
Generation Going Solo
No publisher? No husband? No business partner? No problem! Meet the women who are going travelling, setting up in business and having babies on their own – and on their own terms
The Big Health Overhaul
Overhauling your health is best done in small steps, but how do you know where to start? Try asking yourself one or two of these questions each day – the answers could improve your health, fitness and mood, or even make you live longer.
Useful Advice for Your Health
Incorporate soy into your child’s diet, as it’s an excellent source of high-quality, complete protein and adds nutrient density. Soy is the only widely available, plant-based protein that provides all the essential amino acids needed to meet the protein needs of children aged two and older.
10 Things We Absolutely Love
Our relationship with camping is ambivalent to say the least (it’s the 3am loo dash in the dark and the mud that usually – and abruptly – quells our initial enthusiam). But if all tents were this witty and pretty, we could be persuaded to re-consider our misgivings.
The Story Of My Divorce (Part 3)
The past two years haven’t been easy – for me, for my children, for their father. Time does not heal all wounds. But it has allowed for scar tissue to form, enough so that the wound no longer requires my constant attention.
The Story Of My Divorce (Part 2)
We deliver The Speech to the kids as we rehearsed it yesterday with a therapist. Our story is that the divorce is not M.’s fault. Nor is it mine. We simply failed, together. Fate handed us lemonade and we somehow turned it into lemons.
The Story Of My Divorce (Part 1)
My husband and I weren’t wildly mismatched. Neither of us cheated. We weren’t even the type to yell. How do you accept that your marriage has ended when you can’t figure out what exactly went wrong?
How To Future - Proof Your Back
From stiff shoulders to lower-spine spasms, back pain can be a nightmare, says Alice du Parcp. These six posture-perfecting tips will see you straight
Swing Into Action
The best exercise is the kind you’re enjoying so much you don’t even notice your heart rate increasing, which is why the Flora pro.activ Swing Into Action campaign makes getting active fun.
Balates – The Ultimate Body-Firming Workout
Take the toning powers of Pilates and the flexibility benefits of ballet, and what do you get? The ultimate body-firming workout that’s come all the way from New York – to your front room.
Away With Pain : Caffeine, Foam rolling, Epsom salts
You may have found a justification for your morning cuppa. Researchers at the University of Geprgia (US) discovered that drinking caffeine, about the equivalent of two cups of coffee, helped reduce muscle soreness in women after a strenuous workout.
You're A-Z Of Memories
With so much digital gadgetry at our fingertips, we’re snapping more pictures than ever- but what happens when the memory card’s full?
What I'd Tell My 18-Year-Old Self…
Whether it’s leaving home, finding your career path or having the most fun possible, turning 18 inevitably brings huge changes. Four famous women recollect what they were like on the cusp of womanhood.
My Second Act (Part 6) - Thor Balanon – The Creative Copywriter Who Became A Café Owner
Subspace has become a hub for people who are just like Thor – K-pop fans who can’t last a day without coffee. It’s become his home and everybody’s welcome to join him.
My Second Act (Part 5) - Dedet Dela Fuente – From Taking Photographs To Roasting Stuffed Pigs
Dedet dela Fuente opens her house in Magallanes, Makati City, to people who want to sample her Pinoy-with-a-twist dishes, such as Rellenong Bulaklak, Alimango in Thick Gata Sauce, Pork Binagoongan, Dayap Cheesecake, and Guinataang Halo-Halo.
My Second Act (Part 4) - Erica Paredes – The Makeup Artist Turned Accidental Cook
Thirty-two-year-old Erica Paredes’ foray into cooking was born out of necessity. When she first moved out of her parents’ home, the most she could do in the kitchen was heat canned goods.
My Second Act (Part 3) - Xilca Alvarez – Winning Cases In The Courtroom And On The Farm
It was supposed to be a joke, a crazy idea thrown into the conversation for a shallow laugh. But some people took Xilca Alvarez, 31, seriously and thought her idea could actually work. Among them as Gawad Kalinga (GK) founder Tony Meloto, who put her good-humored proposition to the test.
My Second Act (Part 2) - Marco Lobregat – From Marketing Manager To Mushroom Grower
“I keep falling deeper in love with mushrooms,” says Marco. “Plus, our love for food keeps the passion burning.” Compared to his previous job, he says running Ministry of Mushrooms has tested his patience much more because it’s a long-term endeavor.
My Second Act (Part 1) - Hindy Weber-Tantoco – The Fashion Designer With A Green Thumb
Hindy Weber-Tantoco is creating a clear fashion statement: Not by way of designing clothing for kids, mothers-to-be, and women – she’s been doing that for 10 years now and simply excels at it – but by offering a range of natural and organic products that helps people live healthier lifestyles.
The Trip Advice Every Woman Must Read!
When it comes to osteoporosis it’s never too early to start protecting yourself. A few simple lifestyle changes are all it takes
Falling In Love Is The Easy Part…
If you feel like the magic is fading after years together, here is some life-changing advice on making love last – by 10 women who know
At Last! Thrift Is In Fashion
In these days of straitened circumstances, we are rediscovering old ways. Newspaper is great for cleaning windows. Soda crystals are cheap and you can use them to clean silver, brass, get rid of food stains and unblock sinks and drains-hell, they're so useful you could probably make them into a small boat and sail it to France for a cheap holiday.
Save Water - Save Money!
Between the rise in water bills, the floods and the drought warnings, one thing at least is clear: we need to get into the habit of using water more responsibly.
How Far Would You Go?
What steps would you take to get younger-looking skin? In a unique study on 500 women conducted by Hearst Magazines UK, respondents were asked exactly that.
Wanted - A Man Who Goes With Everything
Looking for a guy who’ll charm your boss, impress your dad and never, ever scratch there in public what you need is Port-a-Man – the date you can take anywhere, says Gemma Askham
He's 29? Run! (Part 2)
“Without that dialogue, the difficult questions, like, ‘What do I want from life?’ or ‘Why am I living like this?’ don’t surface until the balances is disrupted,” she says. In other words, men will happily bottle it all up in the extended adolescence of their twenties – only for the heat of an impending 30th to melt the entire waxwork.
He's 29? Run! (Part 1)
There’s something in the male psyche that makes normal, happy men do some very weird things around a certain birthday. So be careful when you light those candles.
"Has Online Dating Ruined Me?"
After 1,500 dates, Mark Restuccia still can’t find The One. Why? Because the internet has turned him into a serial first-dater.
The Truth About … Fats
They can give you better skin, improve your mood and boost your immunity. But don’t go reaching for the doughnuts just yet – there are rules. Here’s how to do fats the right way
Nutrition Wise : Just say no to sugar, Upgrade your snack time
We already know sweet treats are bad for your teeth and your waistline, but now new research reveals they may be bad for your brain, too. Rats fed on a diet high in high-fructose corn syrup, used in sweets and fizzy drinks, showed significant deterioration in memory and learning skills in as little as six weeks.
Anxiety Your New Secret Weapon ?
Got butterflies again? More women are using anti-anxiety drugs than ever, yet many experts now say a little panic leads to success. So can panicking ever be productive?
Bye Bye Boredom
So much for feeling frazzled at work. Boredom is now more common in the workplace than stress, says a recent study, and stems from the fact that we now expect to feel constantly fulfilled. Add a bit of excitement to a yawn-worthy day with these tricks:
How To Get An Extra Day’s Holiday
A long-haul flight doesn’t have to result in eyelids heavier than dumbbells for days after touching down. Tweaking your sleep pattern slightly in preparation for any time-zone changes – even by as little as an hour three nights before jetting off – can reduce drowsiness.
Sculpt Your Body Slim In Six Weeks
The unique program combines six hours a week of her exercise method, alongside a rigorous dietary overhaul, for a six-week period. “Each week we train you in four 90-minute sessions in the comfort of your own home – bringing the gym to you and saving precious time,” says Louise.
Health Monitor : Snooze Or Sweat
You're sleep deprived. Getting less than six hours most nights over the past three weeks can affect insulin levels and metabolism, making a workout "counterproductive," says Cleveland Clinic expert Dr. Charles Bae.
Grocery Grab - Say Cheese!
You don’t need to drop by a deli just to buy cheese. Your favorite supermarkets now stock a wide variety of delicious options, ranging from blue to Parmesan.
Are Dogs Our Future
Our hectic urban lifestyle stifles the animal inside. To rekindle a relationship with our primal values, an increasing number of us are braving the constraints of city life to look into the wet, adoring eyes of the most faithful companions.
Yummy Shopping - Chill Out
This Australian creation is pure genius. Each sheet of Techni-Ice consists of polymer refrigerant wrapped around four layers of textile and heavy-duty plastic. Thanks to the magic of science, a few trade secrets, and the insulating effect of the four-ply construction, this dry ice replacement stays frozen for hours.
What's Age Got To Do With It?
I know about the way things were done. This is how things need to be done now.” An angry phrase that can pop up in any work environment, anywhere in the world. Being a team leader has its rewards and challenges. Being a young team leader, when you have to oversee colleagues who are older and have been in the field longer, is often rather more challenging.
Be Cool When Autumn Is Round The Corner
Autumn is round the corner, and it is time to discover new ways to look your beautiful best. Before you decide to change your hairstyle or buy more makeup, we tell you what’s going to rock in the coming season.
‘We Love Our New Bikini Bodies!’ (Part 3)
Her downfall was the treats on offer at client meetings. Eating slowly, making a conscious effort to chew every mouthful. Will stop her from scoffing a pain au chocolate at a breakfast meeting without a thought.
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