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Five Steps For Getting The Best Price (Part 1)
Getting a discount off of a car’s sticker price doesn’t mean a lot if you give back the savings in other areas of the car-buying process. If you really want the best deal, you need to pay attention to every step, from setting up the right financing to the right financing to fending off last-minute sales pitches for unnecessary extras.
7 Lies We Tell Our Doctors
It's a strange phenomenon: We fib about our behavior to the exact people who could help steer us in a better direction. Read on to hear why-and how-you should always fess up.
Fun Or Fitness?
Tossing a Frisbee. Hitting the dance floor. Crushing your friend in Wii tennis. They're all great ways to pass the time and let off some steam, but it turns out that some of your favorite hobbies might qualify as actual exercise too.
A Day In The Life Of Your Body Clock
You know that if your head aches at around 6pm, it’s probably because you’ve been staring at a computer screen all day (and may need to get your eyes checked), but why do asthma sufferers have attacks more often in the early hours of the morning and why does your skin itch more at night?
Are You Aging To Fast? (Part 2)
Muscles, ligaments and tendons lose strength so you might take longer to get moving and have a stiff back and neck more often. "People become scared to move as they age but you need to move regularly,"
Are You Aging To Fast? (Part 1)
Stiff joints? Vision not as sharp? Or maybe you're lost for words sometimes. Here, experts explain what to expect at different stages of life and which symptoms indicate you may be ageing too fast.
Don’t Catch It! Beware The Norovirus!
The season for the Norovirus is coming and this year it could be a bad one. Here's what you need to know to protect yourself
Healthy Habits? Not So Fast!
Eating your greens, flossing daily, moving more... we all know the keys to keeping fit and well. But what about those deeply ingrained habits we think are doing us good, but are actually hindering our health? Here are six you need to reconsider right now.
5 Noticeable Expressions In The Early Morning
Dark ring around eyes can give the signal that you catch some chronic diseases such as bad digestive and respiratory function, chronic gastritis, or chronic liver disease….
How To Cure Diseases With Fruits
Doctors use fruits as remedies. Fresh fruits have a lot of components that are necessary for body such as vitamins, carbon compound, protein, lipid, cellulose, minerals…
Women Need To Pay Attention To Symptoms Of Kidney Disease
Kidney is one of body’s zangs. It has important duty in maintaining life, development, preserving race. Therefore, if other organs have disease in a long time, this will harm kidney.
Best Online Retailers (Part 2)
If you’ve narrowed your choice to a few similar items, it’s handy being able to compare them side by side, as we did with bicycles on REI, sweaters at L.L.Bean, and cameras at B&H Photo. On Amazon or other sites without such a tool, open each product page in a separate tab on your browser and compare that way.
Best Online Retailers (Part 1)
No matter what a website sells, it should provide good value and quality, make shopping easy, deliver products on time, and have competent customer support. Too see which sites best meet those expectations, we asked our readers about their experiences at 52 of the nation’s largest retail sites.
The Best Card For You (Part 3)
Some rewards cards require you to spend a certain amount to get the advertised perks. Watch for phrases such as “up to” in card offers – that may mean you’ll get the highest rewards only after spending thousands in a single year.
The Best Card For You (Part 2)
Rewards cards aren’t suitable for cardholders who carry a balance, because they generally carry higher APRs than other cards. Robert Muthumbi, 41, of Flowery Branch, Ga., owes $5,425 on his Capital One cards, which has a 22.0 percent APR, and $5,000 on a Discover card at 16 percent.
The Best Card For You (Part 1)
On the surface, the HSBS Platinum MasterCard with Cash or Fly Rewards and the Capital One Venture card seem comparable. If you like to travel, you might find their pitches enticing: Both let you earn points that you can use for plane tickets. But a cardholder charging $1,500 a month would get $460 worth of points in the first year with the capital One card and only $180 with HSBC’s card.
Heart Protection In Hot Days
According to Dr. Gertler, body contacting to the high temperature of a hot sunny day will increase the level of heart tension. Especially, exercising or doing physical activities in high-temperature places leading to the fact that the temperature of the body combine to the air humidity and worsen heart issues, as the sweat can’t be discharged.
How To Prevent Flatulence After Meals
Flatulence is very common, especially in modern life when people have to face many delicious foods, parties… or have to eat quickly to be on time for other works. Though the eating is not too serious, it leads you to the feeling of a full and tight abdomen, discomfort or unexpected farting.
Right Ways To Use Vitamin C
Vitamin C is contained a lot in green vegetables, such as broccoli, tomato, in juice like orange juice, lemonade mandarin and pomelo juice… The main function of vitamin C is to help produce collagen, a main protein of the body (affect skin), neurotransmitters and hormones and help the body absorb and use other nutrition elements.
Tips To Improve Gestational Depression
The most happiness of married couples, especially women, is to become parents. However, lately, there have been pregnant women complaining about their headache, insomnia, concentration lack, sadness and boredom… After researches, it’s concluded as signs of depression.
Women Too Fat Or Thin Can Hardly Get Pregnant
Many women think that let the husbands eat durian, black chicken and bok choy porridge or oysters… regularly can help them get pregnant quickly. However, there’s no scientific researches proves that concept is true. In fact, nutrition diets just play supporting roles. They just help the pregnancy be healthier and babies be stronger.
5 Foods That Protect You From Flu
According to researchers, mushroom is also able to stimulate white blood cells and fight against infections. In a long period of time, mush room has been considered to be ta food that could improve human immune system. Nowadays, researchers have proved that mushroom is able to stimulate the formations and activities of white blood cells, which helps you prevent more diseases.
10 Bad Habits That Reduce Expectation Of Life
Most of people think that they are doing their best to have a healthy, long life. However, in the daily life, there’re habits that are thought to be harmless but, able to take out some years of your life expectancy.
Anti-Cancer Benefit Of Tomato To Men
American researchers discovered that in comparison to male people that didn’t eat tomato, ones that ate tomato 2-4 times a week has less chance in having prostate cancer.
Foods That Should Be Limited In Winter
In hot seasons, the hot, burning weather can cause dehydration as we have to sweat a lot, and the high temperature of the environment will cause functional disorders… Therefore, you should limit some bad habits in your eating.
Harmful Diet Habits
Many people think that eating foods except meat and fish will help them lose weight but, it’s only been for natural foods or small processed ones that help you be healthy. The diet has to be sensible and include a comprehensive content of nutrients. Otherwise, the diet may not promise your health.
Drinking Water In The Morning Is Good For Health
Do you know about the water’s benefits? According to specialists, regular water absorption helps purify the body and brings beautiful skin. However, many people forget drinking water after waking up in the morning.
8 Signs Of Pregnancy
There’re women who find that they’re tired and lose concentration to their jobs try to take as much caffeine as they can in order to improve the situation. They might not know that they’re pregnant. Some even don’t know about the danger of using too much caffeine when pregnant.
5 Ways To Cope With Seasonal Sickness
The long-term alternating raining and sunny weathers not only make the house, clothes stinky, but also create the chance for mosquitos, mold and bugs to develop and cause respiratory tract, digestive infections and flu… So, How to cope with it?
10 Ways To Release Stress At Lunch Break
A little bit pressure will help you finish the work on time and improve the work effects. However, some researches have shown that the successive pressure can result badly on your physical and spiritual health, which leads to cardiovascular diseases and the cholesterol increase in blood.
Aspirin Can Prevent Liver Cancer
A research which has been published in Journal of the National Cancer Institute magazine (England) shown that using aspirin seems to relate to the decrease of the risk of liver cancer and the mortality risk of chronic liver diseases.
Foods That Bring Longevity
There’s no surprise when fruits is in the top of the list of foods that bring longevity. Fruits provide essential nutrients for the body. Especially, to ones that have bright color, their pigments are considered to have the ability to prevent cancer.
Yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi: Which One Is Right For You?
Yoga is a physical, spiritual and mental practice that originates in India. There are many different styles to choose from to suit all levels of experience.
Fight 4 Killer Diseases With Food
It's true that your DNA is a blueprint for your future health. But taking new scientifically proven steps can drastically reduce your risk for four diseases that target women. Read on and take notes
Diseases Women Often Have Due To Eating Too Many Sweets
Many women have the habit of eating sweets. However, there’s not many of them knowing that eating too many sweets can threat their health. The followings are diseases that women often have due to eating too many sweets.
Spices That Help Prevent Cancer
Regimens are very important; they can help you prevent cancer. Even when you already have cancer but have a combination of a good regimen and great treatments, your life can maintain longer.
Stress Can Delay Children’s Height Development
A research has shown that pressure can make children fall into depression state and delay their height development.
Be Careful With Backache
According to estimation of Association of Neurosurgery Experts in USA, there are about 75-85% American that can have backache in some time in their life.
Antifebriles Good For Pregnant Women
Many kinds of oriental medicine and new medicine have big influence to fetus. Therefore, choosing medicine that ensures safeness for mothers and children is a necessary thing to not only doctors but also mothers, parents and relatives in families.
What To Do Before Pregnancy
If you got married and you are sure to have plan about giving birth, the best way is that you should provide folic acid every day about 1-3 months before being pregnant. This thing is very useful for mothers and babies to have a healthy pregnancy in the future.
5 Ways That Help You Start A New Day
An overview evaluation about 134 researchers relating breakfast that was carried out by Leeds University (British) shows that memory, skill for solving problem smooth communicative ability and conscious ability will be affected negatively if we skip breakfast meal that is considered the most important one in a day.
Eating And Drinking Ways Dangerous For Kidneys
Nowadays, there are many kinds of medicine that are produced to protect liver and kidneys. However, in reality, liver and kidneys of people are mainly threatened by unhealthy eating and drinking habit.
People That Cannot Travel By Airplane
In 1982, Air Transport Association America (ATAA) and American Medical Association (AMA) unified diseases that people catching won’t be allowed or limit to travel with commercial flights (not medical flights).
The More You Abstain From Water, The More You Urinate At Night
Everyone will feel unhappy to wake up a few times to urinate. It’s suitable when there is something that makes you wake up; however, at this time, you are sleeping well and you have to wake up to urinate.
Why Do We Have Difficulty Waking Up In The Morning?
Finally, scientists find out answer for question: when do we have difficulty in waking up in the morning? The reason is that our biological clock operates with incorrect rules.
DIY Medical Manual
Pot-holed pavements, questionable meat products on supermarket shelves and more STDs down your local than you could shake a (hopefully) very long stick at. Your daily life is more dangerous than you might realize.
Fire Up Your Motivation
According to a 2011study, those who did moderately intense exercise for a total of150 minutes a week- (30 minutes a day. five days a week). fell asleep faster and felt less tired during the day.
Live Healthy - Arm Yourself With Knowledge
It's not just your imagination: Rates of seasonal allergies are soaring. Protect yourself by getting the facts straight on how and how not to stop the sneezing.
Should You Go The Distance?
You’d think someone fit enough to run multiple marathons, complete long-distance cycle races or Ironman triathlons would be the epitome of health. Yet emerging evidence suggests the opposite may be true. For while there’s no dispute moderate exercise boosts fitness and heart health, some scientists believe endurance athletes risk permanent damage to their hearts.
Sore Now…Strong Later
Want to get into shape? Some of the most important steps you can take to boost your fitness don’t happen in the cardio or strength phase of your workout, but during the recovery stage. When you exercise hard, you break down muscle fibers, which then heal and become stronger.
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