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Pregnancy Day by Day : Welcome to your First Trimester (part 10)
If you smoke, you should quit (so should your partner) for health reasons. Once you’re pregnant, not smoking will reduce the risk of miscarriage, stillbirth, premature birth, low birth weight, and sudden infant death.
Pregnancy Day by Day : Welcome to your First Trimester (part 9)
To do a back stretch, get on all fours and lower your bottom toward your feet while stretching your arms out on the floor in front of you. Lower your forehead as far as you can, keeping your neck and back aligned, and stretch your arms as much as you can.
Living with Migraine : Reducing Stress at Home
Stress increases the frequency of migraine attacks. In order to reduce stress, you need to determine what issues are creating problems. Relationships and financial situations are common sources of stress for many people.
Living with Migraine : How Other People Can Help
Migraine is very common. It will not take you long to discover other sufferers once you start your treatment program. You will find that people with migraine are very interested in your experiences and treatment.
Pregnancy Day by Day : Welcome to your First Trimester (part 8)
Egg collection will be scheduled (see image), following the first stage of IVF. Not all follicles that were stimulated will contain eggs. Two days after egg retrieval, you will be given progesterone to thicken the uterus lining. Two to five days after fertilization, the most promising embryos are chosen to be transferred.
Pregnancy Day by Day : Welcome to your First Trimester (part 7)
Genes are located on rodlike structures called chromosomes that are found in the nucleus of every cell in the body. Each gene occupies a specific position on a chromosome.
Pregnancy Day by Day : Welcome to your First Trimester (part 6)
One theory is that the female orgasm is an evolutionary device designed to convey semen into the cervix as the uterus contracts. If the woman climaxes up to a minute before her partner, or she doesn’t orgasm, she will retain less semen than if she comes at the same time or after him.
Pregnancy Day by Day : Welcome to your First Trimester (part 5)
Recent research suggests that women who have a high calorie intake (especially if they eat that most phallic of fruit, the banana) are marginally more likely to bear a boy.
Pregnancy Day by Day : Welcome to your First Trimester (part 4)
If you have any ongoing medical problems, go to see your doctor before you start trying to conceive. Conditions such as diabetes, asthma, high blood pressure, heart trouble, a previous bout of deep vein thrombosis (DVT) , thyroid conditions, sickle-cell disease, and epilepsy can all impact a pregnancy.
Pregnancy Day by Day : Welcome to your First Trimester (part 3)
Regular exercise can increase your chances of conceiving by allowing your body to work at optimum levels. If you’re fit and have a healthy lifestyle, you will reduce the level of toxins in your body and be less stressed, which makes it easier to conceive.
Pregnancy Day by Day : Welcome to your First Trimester (part 2)
IVF (in vitro fertilization) may be an option if a woman is having trouble conceiving. The first stage with this procedure is to stimulate the ovaries to produce many follicles, so that multiple eggs can be fertilized outside the body.
Pregnancy Day by Day : Welcome to your First Trimester (part 1)
A daily prenatal vitamin supplement before and during early pregnancy helps protect your baby from spinal cord defects.
Sleep Disorders : Limb Movement Disorders
These are disorders of excessive movement during the night that are not explained by any other abnormality or medical condition. They include periodic limb movement disorder and restless legs syndrome (RLS), which is quite common.
Sleep Disorders : Snoring
Snoring is far from being just a nuisance and is rarely a joke either for those who snore or, more importantly, for people who have to put up with their snoring.
Dealing with Stress at Work : Reclaiming Your Desk
Start with your own desk to reduce stress in the workplace. Mess just makes for stress. Do not fool yourself that an untidy desk is acceptable because you know where things are. Do not rely on new technology and the “paperless office” to rescue you.
Dealing with Stress at Work : Taking Positive Action
An organization that sets out to take positive action on stress at work must commit itself to the costs involved to reap the full benefits. These benefits can be measured financially as well as in terms of morale and increased productivity.
A Healthy Pregnancy : Traveling in Pregnancy
Provided your pregnancy is normal, going to faraway places is perfectly possible. However, discomforts such as extreme heat, high altitude, and makeshift accommodations may be less tolerable, and in some cases may compromise the safety of your baby.
A Healthy Pregnancy : Skin, Hair, and Teeth
Many women look and feel better than ever during pregnancy, while those less fortunate report that there is a downturn in their appearance. However pregnancy affects you, the changes will be temporary and you’ll be back to your normal self soon after the birth.
Trying for a Baby : We Want to Be Parents Preparing for pregnancy (part 3) - All about conception The beginning of life
Conception occurs once an egg is successfully penetrated by one sperm. The journey of the egg and the sperm, although apparently simple, requires a whole complex chain of events to occur for fertilization and implantation to take place.
Trying for a Baby : We Want to Be Parents Preparing for pregnancy (part 2) - Preconception diet, Signs of ovulation & Stopping contraception Ready for conception
A varied, balanced diet is key to good reproductive health. Certain foods in particular contain essential vitamins and minerals that are thought to benefit eggs and sperm and the health of the future embryo.
Trying for a Baby : We Want to Be Parents Preparing for pregnancy (part 1)
If you are trying to conceive, it's best to avoid taking any drugs, prescribed or otherwise. Some medicines can decrease fertility, so tell your doctor you are trying for a baby if you need a prescribed medicine.
Living with Migraine : The Benefits of Planning
Those of us who have dedicated our lives to helping people with migraine are passionate about making sure that sufferers know that there is treatment for their disease.
Living with Migraine : Changing Your Attitude
You cannot anticipate every possible situation that could trigger a migraine, so the best defense against a migraine attack is to have your illness as well controlled as possible.
Dealing with Stress at Work : Devising a Strategy
Any organization should view devising a strategy to reduce stress as a necessary part of the cost of maintaining its most valuable asset – its workforce. The ideal strategy will depend upon the size and resources of the organization.
Dealing with Stress at Work : Identifying Attitudes
Organizations, like individuals, differ greatly in their attitudes to stress. Some take a hard-line approach, expecting their employees to be tough enough to handle stress. Others are more caring and helpful in their responses to such problems.
Sleep Disorders : Sleep-disordered Breathing
People who are obese are at greater risk of developing sleep apnea than people who are a healthy weight for their height. People with a BMI of 30 or more are usually considered obese.
Sleep Disorders : Insomnia, Narcolepsy and Abnormal Daytime Sleepiness
People with narcolepsy can have anywhere from 2 to 30 episodes of uncontrollably falling asleep during the day. These attacks can occur at any time, even if a person is working. Each sleep attack can be as short as a few seconds and up to 20 minutes in duration. Following a sleep attack, they feel refreshed.
A Healthy Pregnancy : Lifestyle Hazards
Many of us use chemicals daily in and around the home. In addition to personal products, such as bath oils, deodorants, and hairsprays, we also keep dozens of other substances around the home, including cleaning fluids, detergents, bleach, and air fresheners.
A Healthy Pregnancy : Illnesses and Medication
Whether you have a preexisting medical condition, or acquire an illness or infection during pregnancy, always consult your doctor before taking medication or before stopping any prescribed medication.
Treating Migraine : Exercise and Sleep, Managing Time
You must be sure you have completely aborted the attack before you exercise, and you should decrease the intensity of your workout. You must be well hydrated and avoid hypoglycemia (low blood sugar). You may want to forego your usual workout and take a relaxing walk instead.
Treating Migraine : Emergencies, Complementary and Psychological Therapies
Many complementary therapies (such as relaxation techniques or massage), if initiated early in a mild attack, can defer the use of medication. It is important for many reasons to reduce the use of abortive medications, but if you delay treatment too long, more medication will be needed.
Survive Long-Term Stress : Cope with Burnout
It may be too late to talk about avoiding burnout. Perhaps you have reached a stage where you are disillusioned with your job and are now just going through the motions.
Survive Long-Term Stress : Take Steps to Avoid Burnout
If you are at risk of burnout and you intend to do something to improve the situation, you need to identify which areas of work are at the root of the problem, and then take practical remedial steps.
A Healthy Pregnancy : Sex and Relationships
In a low-risk pregnancy, sex is perfectly safe, although your levels of desire may fluctuate throughout pregnancy. Most women report that their interest in sex is the same or slightly reduced in the first trimester. In the second trimester, it varies from woman to woman, and in the third trimester libido often falls.
A Healthy Pregnancy : Exercising Safely
If you had an exercise program before you became pregnant, you can continue with this in the first trimester as long as you have the all clear from your doctor. As your pregnancy goes on, you may need to adapt your program.
A Healthy Pregnancy : Your Pregnancy Diet (part 2)
Your BMI is calculated by multiplying your weight in pounds by 703, dividing the answer by your height in inches, then dividing the answer by your height in inches again.
A Healthy Pregnancy : Your Pregnancy Diet (part 1)
Eating regular nutritious meals and snacks throughout the day is vital during pregnancy to keep your energy levels up, and to provide your growing baby with all he needs to develop well.
Sleep Disorders : Disrupted Sleep - The Epworth Sleepiness Scale
The Epworth Sleepiness Scale was first devised by Dr. Murray Johns in Australia and published in 1991. It measures chronic sleepiness over time. It has been extensively validated and translated into many languages, and is one of the most widely used clinical questionnaires in the world today.
Sleeping Well : Mood and Memory, Sleep Diary
Keep your sleep diary beside your bed and fill it in every morning for 2 weeks– you can use the example opposite for reference. Indicate for each day any events that may have influenced or disturbed your sleep. If you do have concerns about the quality of your sleep or sleep patterns, seek medical advice.
Treating Migraine : Sample Migraine Attack Treatment Plan
This sample plan shows how you can “step up” your treatment of a migraine attack if one particular combination of treatments fails. Use the combination that works best for you; different migraine attacks may need different combinations of medications. If you are not headache-free 4 hours after your migraine attack started, contact your doctor.
Treating Migraine : Prescription Adjunctive Therapy
The most effective medication for the nausea and vomiting of a migraine attack is one that can alleviate the symptoms as quickly as possible. It is very important that these symptoms are controlled as soon as possible so you can drink water and eat.
Survive Long-Term Stress : Deal with Burnout
Burnout is a very real threat to people in challenging and stressful jobs. It mainly strikes highly-committed, passionate, hard-working, and successful people, who lose all motivation and interest in their work.
Survive Long-Term Stress : Build Defences Against Stress
If stress is an inherent part of your job, you can take steps to defend yourself against its effects. There are support networks that you can call upon, and ways of adjusting your lifestyle to maximize your resilience.
Sleeping Well : Sleep Disrupters
Sleeping pills of the benzodiazepine class can suppress slow wave sleep. Many antidepressants can lead to a reduction in REM sleep and some may induce either insomnia or excessive sleepiness.
Sleeping Well : Sleep Promotion
If you can’t get to sleep within 15–20 minutes, you should get out of bed, leave the bedroom, and do something quiet and unstimulating (like reading a book or knitting) until you feel sleepy again.
Treating Migraine : Prescription Pain Relief & Prescription Abortive Therapy
Most NSAIDs, except aspirin, ibuprofen, and naproxen sodium, require a prescription. If the migraine is not aborted in 2 hours or less with aspirin or other NSAIDs, then these medications need to be combined with another migraine abortive therapy, using either triptans or dihydroergotamine .
Treating Migraine : When to See Your Doctor
Many people who take over-the-counter medications for what they believe to be tension (stress-related) headache or sinus headache have mild to moderate headaches caused by migraine.
Analyzing the Causes of Stress : Coping with Daily Life
Many people believe that they have no choice but to work all the hours available. This belief may be reinforced if work is used to escape from other problems. Be aware of your needs, and try to develop a fulfilling private life as well as a career.
Analyzing the Causes of Stress : Assessing the Workplace
The structure of an organization and its day-to-day workplace conditions can have a major effect on stress levels. Take a long hard look at both these areas to help identify what is putting you or your colleagues under stress, then work out the best solutions.
Treating Migraine : Over-the-counter Abortive Therapy
The most effective over-the-counter medications for aborting a migraine attack are aspirin, ibuprofen, and naproxen sodium. These nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) block the chemical reaction in the body that produces inflammation.
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