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A Brighter Life For Less (Part 1)
To help you get the best heath, fitness, beauty and nutrition deals, we’ve come up with a load of clever cost-trimming tricks, like how to whip up a healthy five-star meal for less than R100, get a professional haircut for peanuts, or slice your gym membership fee in half .
Welcome to your Third Trimester (part 26) - Fabulous fiber
Fiber is very important in the third trimester, since it will help your digestive system work more efficiently. Dietary fiber—the indigestible part of plant foods—is the best natural way to keep the bowels regular. Most pregnant women who eat a diet based upon whole grains, fruits, and vegetables, are likely to be getting enough fiber.
Welcome to your Third Trimester (part 25) - Getting the balance right
Much of later pregnancy involves your partner doing less than normal. This may range from doing less exercise to not doing household chores. It may be challenging for your partner to realize that she’s not able to do things as easily as before and, to a certain extent, is less independent.
The link between calories and ageing
Most of us are familiar with the concept of fasting, thank to detox programmes that consist of little more than water and, if you’re lucky, some steamed veg. By severely restricting the calories you eat, these diets help you lose weight and inches in days.
Welcome to your Third Trimester (part 24) - Non-alcoholic drinks
In a pregnancy without problems, an orgasm will not cause premature labor, and at full term orgasm will only cause the onset of labor if it’s going to happen anyway.
Welcome to your Third Trimester (part 23) - Protruding navel
You may be surprised to find that by now your perfectly formed navel is protruding. This protrusion is caused by the pressure of your rapidly expanding uterus, which presses against your abdomen and literally pops your belly button out.
Strengthen your cardiovascular system
Trainer Diane Vives crafted this routine to strengthen your cardiovascular system and tone your muscles at the same time – the ultimate one-two punch for igniting your fat-burning engine.
Snack-proof your desk
Many of us spend between eight and 10 hours at our desks each working day. Regular breaks can be hard, and perhaps this is one reason why desk-bound snacking is spiraling out of control.
Is Sugar Poisoning You? (Part 2) - 5 steps to curb your sugar habit
Going “cold turkey” on sugar is not recommended, unless you can cope with headaches, mood swings, skin eruptions, depression and drowsiness. Take it slowly and your transition from sugar-dependency to stable blood sugar will be much easier.
Is Sugar Poisoning You? (Part 1)
Sugar can be as toxic to your body as alcohol and hard drugs, according to a new study from the University of California. Researchers say that, taken in high quantities, sugar’s not only responsible for obesity and type 2 diabetes, it can also contribute to many of the major fatal diseases, including heart disease and cancer.
Welcome to your Third Trimester (part 22) - A good night’s sleep
Insomnia is a common problem during pregnancy and can lead to fatigue, feelings of stress and anxiety, and irritability. Whether it’s brought on by your increased size, back pain, heartburn, getting up to empty your bladder, or something else, insomnia is not fun.
Welcome to your Third Trimester (part 21)
There have been numerous studies over the past few years involving women exercising while they’re pregnant. The bottom line is that exercise performed effectively and safely, at a moderate intensity and in healthy women, is beneficial.
Time-Saving Power Sets
With summer on the way, why not make the most of the sunshine by finishing your workout quicker? This time-saving regime uses compound moves to work multiple muscle groups together and burn fat.
The 5 Best Stay-Young Workouts (Part 2) : Weight training, Dancing & Boxing
Half of all women over 50 will break a bone as a result of osteoporosis, so make sure it’s one age-related condition you avoid.
The 5 Best Stay-Young Workouts (Part 1) : Power Plate & Intensive training
The health benefits of exercise are almost endless. Working out can help you lose or maintain weight, boost your immunity, protect you from chronic illness, including cardiovascular disease, and make you happier.
Welcome to your Third Trimester (part 20) - How your babies lie in the uterus
Even if your twins are identical they’re individuals, and relating to them as separate people will help their development and your relationship with them. Even in pregnancy, some expectant moms notice how different their babies are from their different movement patterns in the uterus.
Welcome to your Third Trimester (part 19) - Stem cell collection
The blood in your baby’s umbilical cord contains “cord blood,” which is rich in stem cells. These cells are the building blocks of organ tissue, blood, and the immune system.
Shedding Festive Cheer
Well you are not alone and I am as guilty as you. I have been keeping up the fitness with walking, swimming, running and tennis. But I have also been enjoying social gatherings with family and friends, which inevitably involve lashings of carbohydrate and high glycemic food, along with a wine glass or two of festive cheer.
Losing IT Without Going To The Gym
Scottish-born Steven Horne has been living in New Zealand since 1990. Living is the operative world, as he almost died not once, but three times. His life story is one of highs and lows that could definitely, writes Lorraine Thomson, be the substance of a dram-ma Hollywood movie.
How To Look Fantastic In Your 40s
My journey to fitness is very unique. Growing up I was not athletic. It was not until my early 30s that I learned gymnastics, flexibility and the strength move required to perform a fitness routine.
How To Achieve New Year's Reso
If you're used to eating the wrong kinds of foods and not exercising, then you need to make some serious lifestyle changes and you may as well face facts early on – it's not going to be easy. However, the results will be more than worth it.
Welcome to your Third Trimester (part 18) - Using a birthing pool
Laboring and giving birth in water can not only relieve much of the pain, discomfort, and stress of childbirth, it can also induce relaxation and reduce blood pressure.
Welcome to your Third Trimester (part 17) - Kicks and hiccups
By now, it’s possible to see and feel your baby moving, often with kicks and punches. This may happen more often in the evenings, when your partner finally gets to sit down and relax. Watching your baby’s movements can be a great way to bond with her, and with your partner.
Ease Your Anxiety (Part 2)
In a recent from the book Journal of Clinical Pharmacy and Therapeutics, patients having anxiety will drink 45 drops of the Passiflora Incarnata’s essence every day.
Ease Your Anxiety (Part 1)
The US is a nation that has the high rate of residents encountering stress. According to the National Psychological Institute, there are approximately 20 millions of adults facing psychological disorder every year.
The Package Deal (Part 2)
Despite how localized an erection appears, it’s actually the result of a complex process that involves the endocrine, muscular, vascular and neurological systems.
The Package Deal (Part 1)
When a man makes the big reveal, you may not fall in love at first sight, but most penises end up being roughly the same length when they’re at attention, regardless of their size when soft.
How to avoid healthy heartburn (Part 2)
The followings are sample recipes that help you avoid heartburn and comfortably enjoy every good taste of food.
How to avoid healthy heartburn (Part 1)
Eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, eat sufficient pure cereals. Have at least one piece of fruit at breakfast, excluding juice, and you can also have a piece of fruit between meals.
Welcome to your Third Trimester (part 16) - Planning for your Birth
As your due date approaches, you may start to think in greater detail about how you would like to manage your labor and birth. Being informed will help you feel more confident about the choices you make.
Welcome to your Third Trimester (part 15)
Knowing now will give you time to come to terms with the fact that your baby will have Down syndrome. You won’t need any special equipment or toys when your baby is born, but you will need emotional support, so turn to the people now who you think will best give you this.
Natural Sweet Contains Full Nutrition
Learn about natural sweet which is not packed by green, red or yellow wrapping in stores but it contains full nutrition.
Beat the Bloat (Part 3) - Living way solutions & Additional approaches
Many kinds of vegetables, including cucumber, asparagus, onion, aubergine, and cumin, as well as types of herb such as parsley, coriander, cardamom, play a part as diuretic natural foods.
Beat the Bloat (Part 2) - Food solutions
Many kinds of vegetables, including cucumber, asparagus, onion, aubergine, and cumin, as well as types of herb such as parsley, coriander, cardamom, play a part as diuretic natural foods.
Beat the Bloat (Part 1) - Water retention
Body fluid, excluding blood, occupied approximately 60% of a women’s body’s weight. They include water, salt, electrolytes (minerals such as sodium and potassium), and other substances adjusted by hormones and kidney.
Welcome to your Third Trimester (part 14) - Minimizing strain on your back
Your growing belly shifts your center of gravity to the front of your body. As the baby strains your abdominal muscles, and pregnancy hormones soften your ligaments, your abdominals give less support to your spine, which can result in back pain. Lifting and bending can exacerbate back pain, so try these strategies to help avoid added strain.
Welcome to your Third Trimester (part 13) - Buying for your twins
The clothes you buy for your twins should be easy to put on and take off, and, of course, machine washable. You’ll probably be given outfits as presents, so just buy the basics.
Health Expert Advice (Part 2) : Questions & Answers
The fat on your legs is held in a fibrous mesh network that looks like a fishnet stocking. When you sit with your legs crossed, you increase the pressure on that “stocking”, which causes fat to protrude through the openings, says dermatologist Dr Francesca Fusco.
Health Expert Advice (Part 1)
Use Facebook to create your own fitness challenge. This is a great way of getting you and your friends motivated and it’s totally free. Simply set up a group and set a challenge for you and your girlfriends, such as completing four workouts a week.
Whittle your waist
Forgive us for harping on about this, but endless crunches won’t tone your turn. You need to do moves that involve multiple muscle groups, including the transversus abdominis. You also need to hit your abs from all angles.
White-knuckle thrills
Former Miss South Africa Megan Coleman paddled the 2010 launch of the Unlimited Dusi Canoe Marathon with a handful of other celebrities by pairing up with previous Dusi winners to compete in a commemorative sprint.
“What I ate today”
For dinner, I like to have fish and steamed or roasted vegetables; my favourite fish is sea bass. When I’m not doing my detox. I’ll treat myself to proper fish and chips.
Turn in and tone up
This workout includes plenty of variety, so you can develop strength and stability all over, while burning excess calories at the same time. And the best things is, you don’t need to turn off the TV to do it. So grab your remote and let’s get going.
Is the P90X the ultimate home workout?
If you’ve been struggling to find a challenging home workout, the wait is over. P90X is a 12-disc, 90-day DVD programme of cardio, strength and flexibility workouts designed to challenge your entire body.
Welcome to your Third Trimester (part 12) - Choosing diapers
Disposable diapers are easy to use and ideal for when you’re out and about. But they cost more than cloth diapers, which can be washed and used over and over, even for your next baby.
Welcome to your Third Trimester (part 11) - Choosing organic
Eating organic food is one way to eat more healthily during pregnancy. Organic fruit and vegetables are grown without any chemical pesticides or fertilizers. Organic meat, poultry, eggs, and dairy products come from animals that are not given growth hormones or antibiotics.
“I have a new outlook on life”
For years Sharlene Packree, a type-2 diabetic, turned to food for comfort instead of dealing with her problems. But while the weight piled on, her problems remained and her health deteriorated as she struggled to keep her glucose levels in check.
Get the most from your gym ball
There are many ways a gym ball can help improve your balance and core strength. You can use it to work your entire body while maintaining your centre of gravity, or you can mix up your routine – the four training methods described below will help you get the most out of your workouts.
Deaf to danger
We might help you climb killer hills and fight fatigue, but the latest research shows that a reliance on earbuds while exercising may be risky – in more ways than you think.
Welcome to your Third Trimester (part 10) - Blood tests & Pelvic girdle pain
Some time between 26 and 30 weeks your blood will be tested to check that you aren’t anemic. If you are found to be anemic your doctor may prescribe iron pills for you.
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