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Reduce Stress : Meditation (part 3)
Any concentrated focusing while repeating a sound can be called a mantra meditation, whether it’s Sufi chanting or the recitation of the rosary prayer. If you choose a word or phrase that means something to you, you may feel your meditation has a more personalized feel to it.
Reduce Stress : Meditation (part 2)
Walking meditation is excellent as an alternative to sitting meditation. Some people like to sit for most of their meditation session but then spend the last few minutes in walking meditation, and for some, who practice sitting meditation for longer periods of time, walking meditation gets the body moving periodically without breaking the meditative flow.
Reduce Stress : Meditation (part 1)
Meditation is an excellent way to cultivate control over your own mental processes, but in many cultures, meditation is often practiced for spiritual reasons, not for stress management at all.
18 to 22 Weeks Pregnant (part 4) - 21 - 22 Weeks Pregnant
Perhaps you envision the newly decorated nursery descending into chaos. Or maybe you have never liked doing laundry and fear Baby’s soiled onesies will pile up to the sky. This week I am going to demystify the art of maintenance. It isn’t the scary, pain-in-theneck series of burdensome tasks you think it is. In fact, you are already an expert organizer!
18 to 22 Weeks Pregnant (part 3) - 20 Weeks Pregnant
Think back to moving day. You probably had a few family members or close friends stop by. Boxes were everywhere. You were all in a hurry to get things put away. People slammed items into any available cabinet space. They shoved things into drawers. And when they were done they said: “I just wanted to get these boxes out of here.
18 to 22 Weeks Pregnant (part 2) - 19 Weeks Pregnant
There are those who will passionately argue that it shouldn’t matter to you whether your baby is a boy or a girl. They act as though a mother caring one way or the other whether her baby is a boy or a girl is somehow frivolous or selfish.
18 to 22 Weeks Pregnant (part 1) - 18 Weeks Pregnant
Researching birth philosophies may lead you to the discovery that the practice you’re currently seeing for prenatal care just isn’t a great fit for you, or that you’d be better off giving birth at a different hospital than you’d planned on.
Save Your Life With Cancer Screening (Part 4)
Men age 50 to 74 should all with a doctor to see whether the benefits of the test outweigh the harm for them based on their risk factors older men rarely need the test because the cancer typically progresses so slowly that treatment does not improve survival. Younger men should consider testing only if they are at high risk, because the cancer is uncommon before age 50.
Save Your Life With Cancer Screening (Part 3)
Getting patients and doctors to change their approach to cancer screening is hard. But a number of organizations are working on the problem
Save Your Life With Cancer Screening (Part 2)
If you find disease-related statistics confusing, don’t feel bad. Many doctors don’t get them, either. In one study, researchers presented 412 doctors with what appeared to be data from two tests.
Save Your Life With Cancer Screening (Part 1)
Early detection saves lives. That’s the assumption that drives aggressive cancer-screening campaigns. It’s what persuades women to host “mammogram parties” where they gather friends for wine, cheese, massages, prizes, and breast-cancer screenings.
Boost Your Metabolism : Watching Your Weight (part 2)
Some foods are better for you than others. The key is to eat a diverse diet, with an emphasis on those foods that pack the heaviest nutritional punch.
Boost Your Metabolism : Watching Your Weight (part 1)
You already know that a healthy body equals a healthy metabolism, but part of having a healthy body means maintaining or reaching a healthy weight. Ideal weights are typically based on your gender and your height, but there can be wide variance in what is most healthful and most desirable.
Too Much Of A Good Thing?
Super juices, energy shots, vitamin-infused nutrition bars – grocery stores teem with foods that have been pumped up with nutrients during processing. A 12 ounce bottle of Odwalla Superfood Blueberry B Premium Fruit Smoothie Blend, for example, delivers up to 530 percent of the recommended daily value of the B vitamins thiamin, riboflavin, B6, and B12.
Banana Is Good For Pregnant Women (Part 2)
Many scientific researches prove that banana contains a lot of important nutrients such as potassium, kinds of vitamin, magnesium, Fe… that are good for development of fetus and health of pregnant women. Pregnant women should regularly eat a banana every day or drink a glass of banana vitamin that is very useful for the body.
Banana Is Good For Pregnant Women (Part 1)
Banana is the source that provides fructooligosaccharides, an important substance to bring up useful bacteria for bowel and it can help function of bowel operate well. As a result, body will absorb vitamins and nutrients more effectively. This absorption will bring more calcium for our bones, it helps bones become healthy.
Reduce Stress : Get a Massage (part 2)
Polarity therapy is a little like Reiki in that it is designed to free and balance the body’s internal energy, but polarity therapy is more of a melding of Eastern and Western approaches. It includes massage, dietary counseling, certain yoga exercises, and psychological counseling for a full mind-body approach to energy balancing.
Reduce Stress : Get a Massage (part 1)
After all that exercise, your muscles might be sore. While you shouldn’t push yourself to the point of pain, movement and effort often result in sore muscles, achy joints, and injuries such as strained ligaments and pulled tendons.
How To Practice If You Have Arrhythmia
Through result, yoga can ease nerve system, and reduce blood pressure and heart rate. After 3 month attending yoga classes, patients begin to have fewer symptoms than the time before practicing. Mr. Dhanunjaya Lakkireddy, director of research, shows that to prove effect of yoga, patients need to practice this sport regularly, not in a short time.
Mistakes In Dental Hygiene
All of us are familiar with methods of dental hygiene; however, those methods are completely correct. Mistakes in brushing teeth will lead to some diseases about palate and gums.
10 Silent Signs Of Stress
If you have 10 signs as below, you should start relaxing yourself and take a rest because they can be expression of stress.
Keeping Up That Calcium
Calcium is an important part of a balanced diet. That’s because calcium is not only important for strengthening bones (which is especially important because it helps prevent musculoskeletal injuries during exercise), it also regulates your blood pressure, helps secrete hormones and digestive enzymes, assists directly with weight loss, regulates heart muscle function, and helps boost your metabolism.
4 Ways To Be Healthy Quickly
According to the research of California University, people detect that those who often eat chocolate will have lower body index. In reality, every week, if you eat 5 parts of chocolate, your body’s weight will be lower 5-7kg than people that are on diet.
Some Simple Ways To Avoid Headaches
Headache is a very common symptom, especially for those who work in the offices. It causes us to feel tired and uncomfortable. Most headaches are usually caused by the work stresses or weather changes, and they usually only happen for a short time. These pains are not usually dangerous for your health and will expire if they are prevented properly.
Top 10 Foods Causing Addiction Easily
Precooked foods often gather enough sugar, salt, and fat which make your body difficult to digest as protein, fabric, and water. Their appearance also causes you easily to addict foods if you do not pay attention to diet.
20 Folk Remedies To Treat Morning Sicknesses
Morning sickness is a normal physiological phenomenon during pregnancy, not a type of disease. Therefore, it does not need any special treatments. However, morning sickness makes pregnant women tired. Some of them are unlikely to eat anything, do anything; they want this terrible stage to fleet.
Essential Nutrients For Pregnant Mothers
Sometimes some common diseases caused by viruses or bacteria can be protected by increasing the resistance through daily food or dietary supplements, just take notice a little, you can protect your health well.
Top 10 Items To Help Conceive Fast
Royal Jelly is rich in vitamins B, E, H, oxydaza ferment, cholinesteraza, photphataza, yeast metabolism of amino acids, organic acids; and small quantity elements such as calcium, copper, iron, phosphorus, potassium, silicon, and sulfur to help support weak sperms increase the rate of fertility to give better embryo development.
4 Things Pregnant Women Should Know
Women who are in the first time of pregnancy are usually surprised even they have read books or researched on the internet.
10 Great Ways Of Diet To Lower Blood Pressure
Stable blood pressure is one of the important steps to prevent heart diseases and strokes. In addition to medication, you can control your blood pressure through dietary sources in the daily diet.
Pregnancy Week by Week : Week 5 (part 3) - Ectopic Pregnancy
An ectopic pregnancy occurs in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy when the egg implants outside the uterine cavity, usually in the tube. Ninety-five percent of all ectopic pregnancies occur in the Fallopian tube (hence the term tubal pregnancy).
Pregnancy Week by Week : Week 5 (part 2) - Fatigue in Pregnancy
You may feel exhausted early in pregnancy. It may be hard to get out of bed in the morning, or you may find yourself falling asleep in the middle of the afternoon. Don’t worry—this is normal, especially in early pregnancy. Your body uses a lot of energy as your baby grows.
Pregnancy Week by Week : Week 5 (part 1) - Nausea and Vomiting
As early as this week, a plate that will become the heart has developed. Two tubes join to form the heart, and it begins to contract by day 22 of development. A beating heart is visible as early as 5 to 6 weeks of pregnancy during an ultrasound examination.
Weighing the Risks (part 3) - Eating Disorders
Maintaining a positive body image can be tough for any woman. During pregnancy, body image concerns seem to become even more prevalent. Eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia seem to be more prevalent in women and tend to peak around the childbearing years.
Weighing the Risks (part 2) - Gaining Too Much Weight, Gaining Too Little Weight
It can be easy for some women to pack on the pounds during pregnancy. Even though you do need to gain some additional weight, gaining too much weight can have a negative impact
Weighing the Risks (part 1) - Pregnancy Weight Gain, Weight Woes
The health and weight of your baby at birth depend greatly on how much weight you gain over the course of your pregnancy. The weight of your baby factors into your weight gain, but your body also gains weight through its increase in blood volume—about 50 percent—as well as muscle, fluid, and tissue.
How to assess your current exercise program (part 3)
The more aware you are of your body, the more you can avoid injuries. Body awareness should never be considered an add-on to an exercise routine, but rather the foundation.
How to assess your current exercise program (part 2)
The study of human motion—quantifying the human body by measuring how much and how many times people can move—emerged as the industrial age took hold and virtually all bodies began to move in harmony with assembly lines and other machinery or equipment.
How to assess your current exercise program (part 1)
Many people believe that exercise is not really good for them unless they feel hyperstimulated or have some background fatigue, which they often identify as relaxing because they have worn out their muscles.
Reduce Stress : Exercise More (part 3)
Exercise is a broad term. Just about anybody can find some kind of exercise they actually enjoy. Maybe joining a gym is the answer for you—all those classes, all that equipment, the sauna and spa to relax you afterwards, even child care!
Reduce Stress : Exercise More (part 2) - Take the Exercise Quiz
Are you exercising enough? Are you exercising too much? Are you doing the right kind of exercise to relieve your stress? Take the following quiz to determine if your exercise routine is the right prescription for you
Reduce Stress : Exercise More (part 1) - Get to Know the Benefits of Exercise
Not only does exercise help the body to deal with the physical effects of stress, but it helps the mind to feel more in control and able to manage stress.
5 Things You Shouldn’t Do In Taking Medicine
In general, you should take medicine when you feel hungry. It means that you should take medicine about 1 hour before meal or 2 hours later because foods make absorption of new medicines change.
Boost Your Metabolism : Snacking Smartly (part 2)
Beyond the fact that you’re totally sedentary while watching TV, this activity tends to be damaging to health because of mindless snacking. Try to avoid all buttery and salty options. Instead, choose low-calorie, high-fiber snacks such as carrots, berries, broccoli, celery, and apple slices.
Boost Your Metabolism : Snacking Smartly (part 1)
Contrary to popular belief, snacking—done right—can give your metabolism a boost! Here’s why: When you slash too many calories from your diet, your body gets the signal that it should protect its reserves of carbs and fat, and your metabolism slows as a result.
5 Beans Good for Health
To have a flexible, slim body, you need to be provided with protein, fiber, mineral, antioxidants, and carbs can be maintained, consumed in long time. Here are 5 kinds of beans that help you increase nutritious value and are good for health.
Staying On Track—Eating Well (part 5) - Making Friends with Food Labels
This program can only work if you give careful consideration to what types of food you eat. It behooves you then to make friends with food labels. Nutrition facts labels found on food products inform you about the nutrients that are found in the items you buy.
Staying On Track—Eating Well (part 4) - Stocking Up on Staples
Having healthy choices readily available can help you lose weight. Begin by shopping at least once a week with a list in hand. This helps to ensure that you have a variety of perishable and lower-fat fresh foods to enjoy. It also allows you to have snacks and healthy meals around that won’t kill your diet.
Staying On Track—Eating Well (part 3) - Diet on the Go, Sticking to a Meal Plan
Having a busy life is exciting and can be very fulfilling. However, it can kill your diet desires if you aren’t careful. Whether you take your own food with you or eat out, choose to be a good dieter on the go.
Staying On Track—Eating Well (part 2) - Healthy Ordering—Made Easy
Adding butter, margarine, sour cream, creamed spinach, and extra cheese to baked potatoes can increase calories by as much as 200 to 500 calories per serving.
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