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Lift Weights Drop Pounds
If you’re training like a trouper and reaping zero results, it’ s time to stop lifting 2.5kg dumbbells umpteen times and start pumping some iron. Here’s why: more weight builds more muscle, and greater muscle blasts hoards of calories all day long.
How To Beat The Men
You’re lean. You’re strong. You’re in the shape of your life. So how come that bloke just did more pull-ups than you? Relax. Scientific studies show that even fit women struggle to do some exercises. It’s time to hone your technique, build strength and get even (or a little bit better at least!).
Be Careful With Top Of Dangerous Diseases In Pregnancy
Pre-eclampsia or poisoning pregnancy or high blood pressure because of pregnancy is popular to pregnant women that have first born child. Basically, pre-eclampsia is understood: the state that mothers’ body cannot adjust to pregnancy. Most pre-eclampsia appear after the 30th week and it can rise suddenly or slowly.
How To Help Pregnant Women Relax On Holiday
In pregnancy, change of body makes pregnant women’s body more tired and unpleasant. The following simple ways will help pregnant women relax effectively.
Building A Strong Core - Plank Variation
All plank exercises are great for strengthening your abs and core, but when you draw your knee into your chest, you’ll feel your abs engage even more because your body’s less stable as you balance on one leg.
10 minute tone-up - Stay Centered
Does one side of your body feel stronger than the other? Flexibility, strength and range of motion differences between each side of our body is common. If not addressed, this imbalance can result in an injury.
15 Minute Workout - Arm Yourself For Spring
Toned, strong arms are hot accessories during tank-top season but they’re just as key when you’re trying to bang out as many pushups as the chick next to you at boot camp.
15 Minute Workout Back In Action
When checking out your reflection, you likely give a quick spin to see how your butt looks, but barely notice your back muscles. That’s a shame, because they’re crucial to getting a healthier body (and can look damn sexy too).
Pregnant? You Can Stay In Shape
When news broke that Kim K. had hired top A-list personal trainer Tracy Anderson to keep her in shape through her new pregnancy, it was no surprise given the fact she’s built her fortune on her figure. But it’s not just body-conscious celebrities who should exercise throughout their pregnancy.
Things That Pregnant Women Should Know About Amniotic Fluid
Pregnant accident because of amniotic fluid is considered dangerous accident during pregnancy. Therefore, pregnant women should be vigilant with their amniotic fluid state.
Training Gear Not Trendy Gear
No disrespect, dumbbells- you're great and we heart you-but the kettle bell is kind of stealing our adoration. To be honest, this isn't a new crush: We've always been fond of the kettle bell's shape, which creates an uneven distribution of weight and makes basic dumbbell exercises more challenging.
Simple Foods That Can Prevent Liver Cancer
In the recent years, people proved that nutrition has important influence in preventing cancer. According to Dr. T. Colin Campbell, diet researcher choosing foods can make cancer cells’ development slow.
Diet mistakes – The Experts Wish You Didn’t Make
Ever tried to lose weight and wondered why you didn't succeed? Here, Australia's top weight-loss specialists provide some surprising insights.
Drop Two Sizes!
If you're logging hours and hours on the treadmill, you've likely seen the numbers on the scale decrease, but you may not be losing body fat. In fact, a 2011 review in the Journal of Obesity found that the effect of regular aerobic exercise on body fat is negligible.
I Want A Second Option
For many people, choosing to consult a second doctor or specialist on a health matter can turn out to be the difference between life and death. We spoke to three women who changed the course of their medical treatment for the better by seeking a second, third, and even fourth opinion.
Nutrition DNA Tests – How They Help You Lose Weight?
Weight loss isn't easy, and keeping it off once you've lost it can be even harder - particularly when what works for your partner or a friend doesn't work for you. You all eat the same amount of carbs, but while they keep dropping weight, yours doesn't budge.
5 Postures That Help Begin Labor Easily
People often compare “pain like pain in giving birth” and this thing shows that it’s difficult and hard for pregnant women to spend giving birth. Therefore, although women always put their mind at ease, all women fear this thing.
Varicose Veins Can Be Painful And Unsightly
Although largely harmless, varicose veins can be painful and unsightly. We seek expert advice on the symptoms, causes and treatments
Small Tips To Prevent Fatty Liver
Fatty liver is the state that has disorder of transforming. There are a lot of fatty cells in liver, or in other word, liver is accumulated with a lot of fat.
Dangers Coming From Eating Disorders During Pregnancy
Being obsessed by other people’s measures, they change their nutrition regimen in a negative way. Of course, it needn’t discuss more as those people are also the most stubborn on earth because they never listen to other people’s advice.
Exercises That Can Bring Better Labor
There’re lots of women thinking that in 9 months and a days of pregnancy; we need to take care of our health and avoid activities. They consider that exercising can bring dangerous value like miscarriage when exercising. However, this concept is completely wrong.
What Do Fetuses Do In The Womb?
Sharp 3D ultrasound images that have high qualities help us to have a specific look at the development process of fetuses in 9 months of pregnancy. Moms should try taking a look at the fetal development.
When Should Pregnant Women See A Doctor?
Vaginal bleeding in 3 early months of pregnancy can be a sign of miscarriage. On the second and third stage, fetuses can have placenta problems. If fetuses are in the situation, call the doctor for timely treatment.
Antenatal Cares That Shouldn’t Be Skipped (Part 2)
In the 21th-24th, ultrasound can help detect nearly all of fetal abnormality and morphology, such as cleft lip, cleft palate, organ’s malformation. That ultrasound is really important because the time to stop the pregnancy is before 28th week of pregnancy. Moreover, if you take ultrasound late, fetuses will be too big to detect malformation.
Antenatal Cares That Shouldn’t Be Skipped (Part 1)
Some women recognize they’re pregnant but refuse to have early medical exams because they think that at that time, fetuses are still small. However, according obstetricians, not having early ANC can lead to unfortunate results like early miscarriage, stillbirth which due to uterine abnormalities or gene.
What Can Fetuses Hear In The Womb?
This depends on fetal age. From 20th to 27th week, fetuses start to have the ability to hear. They can hear mother’s heartbeat clearly. Besides, they can feel the sound of conversations and other sound outside the womb.
Shake Up Your Fitness Routine
Do you find you just go through the motions at the gym, never really challenging yourself and not getting the results you want? If you said yes, then it’s time for a workout overhaul. By training smarter rather than harder, you’ll feel more satisfied, motivated and increase your fitness level in no tim
Your DNA Destiny (Part 2)
Down at his Duke lab back in 2003, Dr. Jirtle was on to something. He suspected that smart lifestyle choices could affect a person's DNA. But he also thought there must be a critical time for when epigenetic behavior can be set. Turns out he was right.
Your DNA Destiny (Part 1)
If modern science has taught us anything, it's how powerful genes can be. Their complicated codes inform everything from our intelligence and height to our health future. But emerging research in an exciting field called epigenetics is pointing to a game-changing fact: through certain behaviors, we might be able to redirect our biological destiny and sidestep disease
Your Fittest Body Ever… 4 In Four Weeks (Part 3)
Injured folk either rush back to their former workouts, which puts them at risk of (yes) another injury, or are so afraid of getting hurt again they permanently put it off.
Your Fittest Body Ever… 4 In Four Weeks (Part 2)
Exercise when he's not around, too "You can always do 20 minutes of bodyweight exercises or go out for a brisk walk,” says Cahill. Buy a pedometer and clock up 10.000 steps a day; research by the University of Tennessee found that women who did this had 9% less body fat than women who walked less.
Your Fittest Body Ever… 4 In Four Weeks (Part 1)
Unlike other holidays, breaks from exercise generally last longer than you'd like and the souvenirs they come with are far worse than a novelty fridge magnet. You know how it goes: a couple of missed workouts soon snowball into months of no workouts and suddenly you can't button your favorite jeans.
Pregnancy Week by Week : Week 13 (part 3)
Caffeine is a stimulant found in many beverages and foods, including coffee, tea, various soft drinks and chocolate. It may also be found in some medicine, such as headache remedies.
Pregnancy Week by Week : Week 13 (part 2) - Working during Pregnancy
In the United States, millions of babies are born to women who have been employed at some time during pregnancy.
Pregnancy Week by Week : Week 13 (part 1) - Stretch Marks, Changes in Your Breasts
Many women have stretch marks, called striae distensae, during pregnancy. They occur when the elastic fibers and collagen in deeper layers of your skin are pulled apart to make room for baby. When skin tears, collagen breaks down and shows through the top layer of your skin as a pink, red or purple indented streak.
Can You Choose Where You Lose (Part 2)
Poliquin also believes in supplements to counteract the effect of ingesting inevitable environmental toxins, suggesting natural supplements such as glycine, vitamin C, selenium and N-acetyl cysteine (NAC).
Can You Choose Where You Lose (Part 1)
We have all been told how fat works. Essentially, if the number of calories in beats calories out, you put on weight. But an increasing number of academics and those on the forefront of weight loss research are beginning to agree that hormones may play a greater part than was once thought when it comes to how and where we store fat.
Vegetable And Fruit Smoothies Good At Detoxification
Fruit smoothie and juice… are drinks that help the body to absorb vitamins, minerals, water and fibers.
Things You Need To Know In The Three Middle Months Of Pregnancy
The 3 middle month period is the most wonderful time of pregnancy, but pregnant women need to take notice of the followings to maintain the health of both mother and child.
Is Ginseng Nutritious Or Harmful To Pregnant Women?
With conception about valuable and rare feature of ginseng, ginseng helps bear healthy, intelligent children and children don’t have newborn diseases. Therefore, many pregnant women are ready to buy ginseng to foster babies when they are still fetuses.
Natural Secrets That Help Reduce Nauseating
Period of the first 3 months is considered to be difficult to all pregnant women. Mothers must face tiredness, morning sickness and losing appetite because of the change to hormone in pregnancy. Moreover, worried psychology about miscarriage can make women become more tired.
10 Health Problems That Women Should Check
Women that have low risk of catching disease should take mammography once every 2 years from 50 years old. However, many doctors and medical organizations don’t agree with this view. It your risk of catching breast cancer is high because of history of family, you should take mammography every year when you are 40 years old.
Get Cross Fit At Home
The cult of CrossFit has taken the global fitness scene by storm: today, there are 187 CrossFit affiliated gyms in the UK and 4,500 worldwide.
Power Moves
Yoga lovers don't just have hot bodies, studies show they can perform better at work, too. Use, these seven moves to bag a sexier physique and the big corner office …
Ready, Set, Burn
Winning the battle of the bulge comes down to one thing: torching more calories. And Los Angeles-based trainer Mike Donavanik has designed a program that incinerates thousands of those bad boys per week. It features five heart-rate-revving, do-anywhere workouts that push you hard without leaving you doubled over.
7 Ways To Transform
When you took your first tentative steps into the world of running, chances are you had one wish -not to pass out! But as your experience grows, so do your expectations, and soon you’ll want to run faster and farther. Boosting your striding skills can be tough, so we asked seven fitness pros how you can reap your running rewards.
Amazing ABS
You’ve probably heard it before, but we’ll say it again -the plank is one of the best abdominal exercises ever. It’ll help flatten your abs, improve your posture and work your core, which helps stabilize your body and prevent injury. It also works your arms, shoulders and upper back. Keep challenging yourself and stay motivated with some of our favorite variations.
Pregnancy Week by Week : Week 12 (part 3) - Fats and Sweets, Cystic Fibrosis
Cystic fibrosis (CF) is a genetic disorder that causes digestive and breathing problems. It causes the body to produce sticky mucus that builds up in the lungs, pancreas and other organs, which can lead to respiratory and digestive problems. Those with the disorder are usually diagnosed early in life.
Pregnancy Week by Week : Week 12 (part 2) - Entering Pregnancy with High Blood Pressure, Physical Injury during Pregnancy
Blood pressure is the amount of force exerted by blood against arterial walls. If you’ve had high blood pressure before pregnancy, you have chronic hypertension. Your condition will not go away during pregnancy and must be controlled to avoid problems.
Pregnancy Week by Week : Week 12 (part 1) - Changes in Your Skin
During pregnancy, many things can cause changes in your skin, such as hormones and stretching skin. Below we discuss some of the changes you may experience.
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