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Burn Fat All Day Long (Part 1) - The smarter exercise plan
Turn your body into a more efficient, calorie-burning machine with these four strategies. Plus, transform your body with our metabolism-boosting cardio and strength workouts
5-Minute Fixes … Your Do It Anywhere Workout (Part 2)
Hold a dumbbell in each hand overhead and stand with feet shoulder-width apart. Squat, place dumbbells on ground, then jump legs back into plank position. Bring right knee to right elbow , then repeat with left knee.
5-Minute Fixes … Your Do It Anywhere Workout (Part 1)
Whether you exercise on the road, in your lounge room or outdoors, these speedy calorie-zapping circuits make it easy to stay in shape when time is not on your side.
Instant Energy : Get a boost with this invigorating, 10-minute yoga routine
You won't wilt as easily under the pressure of the day, your ability to concentrate will improve and you'll bring more vitality to each and every task - and who doesn't want that – and not just in winter!
Beat Sports Injuries - The Natural Way
Activities such as running, cycling and golf put pressure on the spine, which can exacerbate backaches. For relief, hit the mat. In one study published in Archives of Internal Medicine, 60 percent of people who practised yoga for 75 minutes weekly reported less lower back pain after three months.
Beach Body Confidence : 5 of the best local bootcamps
Rather than eating three large meals, try to eat five-seven smaller meals and snacks throughout the day. This will help you regulate your hunger and provide a steady flow of energy, meaning you will not be so tempted to start snacking.
Your Body Only Better (Part 2) - The exercises for fast results
Don’t want to spend the whole summer in the gym? Train smarter, not longer. The latest research shows high intensity interval training (HIIT) is the way forward for blasting calories, revving your metabolism and getting super fit, fast.
Your Body Only Better (Part 1) - Our 10 favourite flat tummy foods
While a sensible rate of weight loss is often cited as 1-2lb a week, it is possible to lose more and stay healthy. “If you have as short-term goal, like a holiday, that extra motivation is good,” .
Double Up Your Workout
Newsflash: the key to a better body isn’t doing more exercise, it’s doing different exercise. “Split workouts 50/50 between cardio (to improve heart and lungs) and strength work (to build muscle) and you’ll burn calories and define your body faster,” says trainer Tim Weeks.
Computer Health : How much is too much? (Part 4) - Pest control, A brighter view, Stretch it out
Pointing devices are a cluttered field, so again I turn to my relaxed arm theory. Put your arm on a level surface and consider its shape. More often than not, our arms aren't exactly flat, rather turning outwards with the inside of the elbow join pointing slightly upwards rather than wholly inwards.
Computer Health : How much is too much? (Part 3) - Crossing alert, Key innovations, Palm pressure
One of the things people do most with their legs when sat at a desk is cross their legs at the ankles. This is to be discouraged it seems. Not that you're likely to sit like that with firm pressure on your legs for long enough to cause any obvious nerve or blood flow issues.
Computer Health : How much is too much? (Part 2)
Footstools or footrests aren't common in the office in my experience, but they certainly should be. People sit in weird positions in chairs, and with the amount of time we sit in them (wait while I get up and stretch), we're inclined to keep moving our legs and feet into odd positions to try to be comfortable.
Computer Health : How much is too much? (Part 1)
Sitting isn't for everyone. Type 'standup desk' or 'standing desk' into your search engine of choice and allow a moment for the possibility of quite a work and lifestyle change.
Exercise Is Year-Round : Fitness in fall, Exercising in winter, Spring training for summer sports
Enjoy some season-specific exercise. Feel yourself in tune with the rhythm of nature as you allow your body to experience things that can only be experienced in the season you're in!
Drink To Your Health
A 2011 study at Harvard University in US, for example, found that female coffee drinkers who averaged four cups a day cut their risk of endometrial cancer (occurring on the lining of the uterus) by 25% and, with more than three cups of caffeinated coffee, lowered their odds of basal-cell carcinoma (a type of skin cancer) by 20%.
'Fat Doesn't Make You Fat' (Part 2) - Eating the Noakes way
When Fairlady put out the call to dieticians to provide an eating plan along the lines of Noakes’ theory, they were reluctant ‘to put their name to a protein-rich diet’ without seeing further research
'Fat Doesn't Make You Fat' (Part 1) - Carbs are out, protein is in
To lose weight – and be healthy – we must suffer a little. We must cut calories, exercise harder, up our fruit, veg and whole-grain intake, eat only the leanest proteins, and wave goodbye to all fats – especially saturated ones.
Antioxidants - A beginner's Guide
Antioxidants are molecules that counteract ‘oxidative stress’ in the body. Ever taken a bite out of an apple and set it aside, only to find the flesh had turned brown minutes later? That’s oxidative stress.
What Were You Doing At Dawn?
Got a snooze- button habot? These three women swapped theirs for a body- stretching start to the day, and they have never looked back
Out of the Blues (Part 2) - Antidepressants: 4 things you should know first
"Never stop taking medication without talking to your prescribing doctor," stresses Wilson. "You should be weaned off the medication gradually. It's important that your doctor and therapist monitor your progress continually — treatment and length of treatment is very individual."
Out of the Blues (Part 1) - Happy pills
The evidence is bleak: more women are unhappy than ever before. There’s still a lot we don’t understand about depression, but we do know that when the treatment fits the patient, it can lighten – and even save – lives.
Gone In 60 Minutes (Part 3)
Get fitted for a good pair of running shoes. It'll help prevent injuries to your knees, back and shins. A good pair of running shoes should be bigger than your normal size shoe fit (try one size bigger).
Gone In 60 Minutes (Part 2)
"It gets the body's energy flowing again and helps you become more focused, alive and vital. Over time it unleashes your full creative potential. While most people will be passing the afternoon growing more and more unpro­ductive, you may become super-productive and enjoy the work you're doing.
Gone In 60 Minutes (Part 1)
Due to the limited time, stick to either cardiovascular or strength training per session. Ideally, alternate between high-intensity cardio days, and strength training.
Do You Judge Other Women Because Of These?
The PIP breast implant scandal not only highlighted a horrifying lack of regulation but also showed how conflicted we are about women having boob jobs. On the 50th anniversary of implants, Barbara Ellen argues that judgment should be reserved for the regulators of cosmetic surgery, not those who have it.
Big, Fat Diets
If you knew of a diet that would let you drop eight percent of your weight in 10 days with no hunger and no muscle loss, would you do it? ‘Course you would. But here’s the kicker – you have to imbibe your nutrients through a nasogastric tube.
To Have A Healthy Baby During Pregnancy
Pregnancy is an interesting experience in woman’s life. Although someone will undergo a difficult time of morning sickness, fatigue, body pain, and so on, they always desire their baby to be the healthiest.
Pregnancy Handbook: Your Pomegranate-sized Baby
The 21-week embryo begins to have white fluid that surrounds the baby’s body and helps save baby in amniotic fluid environment. This fluid will exist with baby till it comes into the world.
Pregnancy Handbook: Your Mango-sized Baby
At 19 weeks gestation, you can get a good look at your baby’s gender, bending and touching… through ultrasound. Your baby is five months old in your pregnancy.
Reveal Disadvantages Of Fruits
Plum is the fruit which contains much of acid being likely to resolve calcium, phosphorus and protein in body. Losing a great amount of these substances will cause illness.
Are You Skinny Fat?
In fact, “skinny fat” is a term of trainers to indicate people who are slim but they are not muscular. They look great in costumes and health photos. They persist that they can eat any dishes they like and show off that they have never gone to the gym to keep fit.
A Folk Remedy For Leucorrhoea From Sugar-Cane
According to medical experts, sugar-cane complements nutrients for our muscle besides freshening our body, refreshing ourselves with drink, reducing fatigue, and supporting digestive system.
Milk It : Coconut milk,Soya milk, Oat milk, Almond milk, Rice milk
Just when did a simple glass of milk become so complicated? Not so very long ago it was deemed such a wonder drink that school children were given a free daily dose (its nutrient count includes protein, calcium, zinc, vitamins A and B and, if you buy organic, omega 3, too).
Remember The Good Times
Reveling in feel-good or proud moments may help you stock to get-healthy vows. In three new studies, patients agreed to make lifestyle changes and received encouragement.
Love Since Embryonic Time
Being pregnant, you have to prepare strongly for solving many questions. They are the tension coming from antenatal examination, weight problem (enough or not) as well as pleasant and sweet moments when going shopping to buy shower gel and shampoo for upcoming angel.
Four Steps To A Younger You (Part 2)
Oxidation is the basic process of life. This process helps create necessary energy for exchange organs to help us sustain life. Every cell in your body should be provided with a certain amount of oxygen and nutrients to operate normally.
Four Steps To A Younger You (Part 1)
Stress, lacking of sleep and sunlight…are what we often avoid to keep our freshness. However, don’t you know that besides them, there are many elements in your body which are silently aging you?d time, money and effort caring it. Hair loss becomes your anxiety and sorrow.
Detoxifying Food For The Body
It contains much fiber, so it’s good for digestion, stomach contraction and bowel function. Normally people often eat raw pachyrrhizus but you can stir, cook or bake it. If you bake it without sharpening peel, it will be sweet and cool when you eat.
Pregnancy : Stimulating your Baby
Whether you simply want to spark your baby into reassuring action, change her into a more comfortable position, or start encouraging her to respond to you, there is plenty that you can do to get your baby to move around and to keep her stimulated.
Pregnancy : When to See your Doctor, What to Ask your Doctor, Natural Therapies and Remedies
Many women are understandably reluctant to take conventional medication during pregnancy. There are some alternative and complementary therapies and remedies that are safe during pregnancy, but talk to your doctor before starting something new. Always make sure the practitioner knows you are pregnant.
How to Make a Break
Breaking up is hard to do. But when else fails, it’s something we have to deal with – and not just when it comes to men. Here’s how to part with your boss, a professional confidant and s friend.
Concerns After the Birth (part 2) : Problems in babies after birth
Small white spots called milia are caused by blocked sebaceous glands, while baby acne is caused by the mother’s hormones remaining in the baby after the birth. Both disappear in time without treatment.
Concerns After the Birth (part 1) Maternal problems, Congenital problems in babies
Following the birth, you may have a range of concerns about you and your baby . However, few of these are serious and are usually easily remedied or are part of the normal development of your baby or your recovery process.
Complications of Pregnancy & Labor
Certain conditions that are specific to pregnancy and some that occur more commonly in pregnancy mean that a pregnancy is classified as high risk. A high-risk pregnancy is closely monitored with more prenatal appointments and possibly additional scans. In labor, certain complications require immediate intervention.
Women Should Not Scream While Giving Birth
Most women could not stand the pain due to womb contraction, so they have tried to scream with the hope of relieving the ache.
Slip Of The Tongue
A method which is suggested by many experts is surgery to lengthen the tongue ligament, a simple small surgery which is operated by direct desensitizer in the doctor’s office for hard tongue-tie.
Pregnancy Day by Day : Common Concerns in Pregnancy (part 3)
During pregnancy, an increased vaginal discharge is normal. However, if the discharge is creamy and thick, and you have some soreness and itching in your vaginal area, you may have yeast, a fungal infection.
Pregnancy Day by Day : Common Concerns in Pregnancy (part 2)
These problems occur as a result of increased blood volume coupled with the softening effect of pregnancy hormones on blood vessels. Allowing plaque to accumulate may exacerbate these symptoms and also makes the start of gum disease more likely.
Pregnancy Day by Day : Common Concerns in Pregnancy (part 1)
Pregnancy hormones affect every system in your body. In this section, you will find a list of common concerns with an explanation of the adaptation process that may cause these symptoms, information on whether medical help is likely to be required, and advice on measures you can take yourself to alleviate symptoms.
The Disturbing Drip
Some people sweat profusely even when it’s not hot. And no, it’s not because they’re nervous. Abnormal and excessive sweating is a condition known as hyperhidrosis and it can affect armpits, hands or feet.
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