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Fit to EAT (Part 1) - Pre-Workout Eating
Eating the correct food at the correct time, according to the workout you do, can really help you improve your performance, tone and overall wellbeing. However, each person is unique and each expert has a different approach to exercise and nutrition.
Chemical Peels for a Youthful, Glowing Skin
While chemical peels offer you a nice bridge between topical beauty products and aesthetic procedures, you should keep in mind that there are many types of peels available.
My natural FIRST-AID KIT
For example, for New York (a time-zone difference of seven hours), you take 7mg on night one, 4mg the next night, 2mg on the third night and 1mg on the fourth. Then you'll be in sync.
Mood SHIFTERS : How your hormones affect your mood
Every woman can tell you how her hormones have played havoc with her emotions at some point in her life; some have to deal with this monthly. Yet few women know why your hormones do what they do to you, and what you can do about it.
Mind and soul
Women may be slower to park, but they are rated as better at positioning themselves within the parking space. The NCP parking report, conducted by a parking operator in the UK, surveyed 2 500 drivers.
Greening THE MIND: Loosen the grip
While we have no conscious control over this internal gardener, we can develop our "green fingers" through self-awareness and mindfulness, thereby bolstering the process of bringing eternal sunshine to our spotless minds.
Fresh ideas: You can make a difference to the environment
Researchers from Yale University, in the USA have discovered a fungus that likes to eat plastic. The fungus, Pestalotiopsis microspora, was discovered during a two-week trip to the South American country of Ecuador.
Welcome to your Second Trimester (part 18)
As many as 70 percent of pregnant women find the color of their skin changes. You may notice brown patches appearing on your forehead, cheeks, and neck, known as chloasma or the “mask of pregnancy.” Darker-skinned women may develop lighter-colored patches.
Welcome to your Second Trimester (part 17)
You may be experiencing some back pain and discomfort as your hormones begin to soften your ligaments. This means that your joints are less stable than usual, and injury is more likely.
Secrets women keep from their GPs
Fibbing to your partner about those “on sale” stilettos is one thing; twisting the truth at a doctor’s appointment, or simply not knowing what to say, is another. A joint US survey by General Electric, Cleveland Clinic and Ochsner Health System has found that more than a quarter of patients either lie or omit facts about their health to their GP.
Taste sensation: A passion of mine
Our taster menu finalé came in the shape of a creamy Chocolate Mousse served in tall glass with coconut sprinkles, which silenced both of us it was so scrumptious, then the obligatory cheeseboard with a glass of port.
Love at the very first bite (Part 2) - Towards your favorite wines, Towards the appetizing dishes rich in protein & Towards the ambrosia chocolate
The diet consultant expert Cathy Langdon advised: “Why don’t you try to have a date with your favorite dishes? Let’s sit down, leisurely enjoy your snack and make sure you eat them with pleasant spirit, not in bad mood or stressed”.
Love at the very first bite (Part 1) - Towards the crispy and delicious food & Towards the charming fat dishes
“No one can resist the alluring attraction of food. We used to wish that these delicious dishes are not only appetising but also good for health. Actually, with several tips, you can make it become true.”
5 foods that can stress your system
Not Harvard University researchers claim that eating 100 grams of unprocessed red meat daily (a portion about the size of a deck of cards) increases the risk of type 2 diabetes by nearly 20 per cent; while 50 grams of processed red meat daily think one sausage, or two pieces of bacon – boosts the risk by 50 per cent.
Welcome to your Second Trimester (part 16) - Relieving stress
DVT stands for deep vein thrombosis, a condition in which a blood clot forms in a deep leg vein. DVT partially or completely blocks the blood flow in the vein, causing pain and discomfort.
Welcome to your Second Trimester (part 15) - Strengthening your legs & Enjoy a healthy vacation
A strong and toned lower body can be achieved by doing the exercises shown below. Strengthening these muscles will make day-to-day tasks, such as walking and climbing the stairs, a lot easier as your baby grows. Strengthening your leg muscles can also help prepare you for labor positions, such as squatting.
Stress Mastery : Time Management
Most people find time pressures and deadlines at work very stressful. While you cannot always control the demands of your work environment, how you arrange your use of time can help promote efficiency and prevent problems, therefore lessening your time pressures and concomitantly lowering your stress level.
Stress Mastery : Time Management - Six Steps to Overcoming Procrastination
Procrastination lowers anxiety in the short run due to the relief we feel from task avoidance. But it greatly increases our stress in the long run as tasks pile up or time runs short.
5 lessons from: Tiffiny Hall
The most important rule to achieving your health and weight-loss goals is by eating nude (unpackaged and unprocessed) foods and avoiding sugar. Eighty per cent of your weight-loss results will be reflected in the food you eat, while only 20 per cent is contributed by exercise.
Welcome to your Second Trimester (part 14)
During pregnancy, hormonal changes may cause your eyes to feel dry, and you may experience burning, itching, and a feeling that there is a foreign object under your eyelid. This is common in pregnancy. Dry eyes can also occur after menopause, when there are similar hormonal fluctuations.
Welcome to your Second Trimester (part 13)
Your partner may have mixed feelings about her changing shape. She may at times appear to be a “pregnant goddess” who enjoys the fact that she’s carrying a child. After all, there is nothing more female than being able to conceive and give birth. When she feels positive about this, she may seem strong and content.
When GOOD breasts go BAD (Part 2)
When it comes to financial obligations, the association recognizes that at the time of implantation, the surgeon had no reason to believe they might be inserting a faulty device, "so cannot be penalized for the company's dishonesty and indiscretion".
When GOOD breasts go BAD (Part 1)
The safety of silicone breast implants hit the headlines recently after Jean-Claude Mas, the 72-year-old founder of Poly Implant Prothese (PIP) was arrested at his home in France.
Vitamins D, E and calcium: How much is just right?
D3 is the most active form and the kind your body makes naturally when sunlight hits your skin. For decades, vitamin D was seen mainly as a wingman for calcium, helping it build bones.
The Rhino Wars (Part 3)
Over the past year several initiatives have emerged to raise money to help fight everything from rhino poaching and environmental degradation to HIV. Bead bracelets are a visible, inexpensive way to raise awareness and support for these issues, with large retailers rising to the opportunity to assist.
The Rhino Wars (Part 1)
Molewa announced various measures to address the problem in Kruger Park, including bringing in an additional 150 field rangers; increasing military presence in the park, enhanced intelligence gathering and strengthening the border between Massingir and Komatipoort.
The Rhino Wars (Part 1)
This is the latest development in the ultra-high-end Asian Market that is destroying our Rhino. Unlike other luxury brands, rhino horn cannot be reproduced in a factory and the consequence of this is heading one way-to the extinction of our black and white rhino.
Stem cells for life (Part 2) - Regeneration For Health
In 2011, approximately 230 000 women were diagnosed with breast cancer in the United States; while in Europe on average 450 000 women are diagnosed with breast cancer on a yearly basis.
Stem cells for life (Part 1)
The theory is that stem cells revitalize organs, and your skin is the biggest organ in your body. In skin rejuvenation treatments, stem cells are extracted from your blood and are applied to the areas where the underlying collagen and elastic begin to break down, thereby causing wrinkles.
Stress Mastery on the Job : Ten Faulty Assumptions and Effective Antidotes (part 2)
Many people adopt the strategy of “when in doubt, do nothing.” Change often requires that decisions be made. Many people wait indefinitely until all the facts are in to move in a chosen direction. But the reality is that all decisions are made on the basis of insufficient information, for none of us are soothsayers who can accurately predict what the future will bring.
Stress Mastery on the Job : Ten Faulty Assumptions and Effective Antidotes (part 1)
You need to keep in step with the intended rate of change deemed necessary by your organization or your competitors. Some people, if allowed to go at their own pace, would take forever to change.
Stress Mastery on the Job : Factors Leading to Increased Workplace Stress
One of the first places where accelerating change is often apparent is in the workplace. Businesses must constantly shift and adapt to stay competitive. We must continually upgrade our skills and knowledge, master new equipment, and make sense of new procedures if we are to keep pace and remain competent and secure in our positions.
Welcome to your Second Trimester (part 12)
A temperature above 102° F (39° C) has been associated with spinal malformations in developing babies, and if a rise in temperature is maintained long enough, it may cause brain damage. The temperature of the amniotic fluid can also increase and it’s thought that an extreme rise in your temperature can cause problems with the flow of blood to the baby.
Welcome to your Second Trimester (part 11)
Some research has suggested that if an unborn baby shows a preference for sucking, for example, his right thumb, then he will prefer to lie with his head turned to the right after the birth. The same research suggested that this preference could be used to predict right- or left-handedness in the baby as he grows older.
3 health problems you can fix yourself
Don’t believe ‘Feed a cold, starve a fever’, says Dr. Michael Roizen, author of You: The Owner’s Manual – An Insider’s Guide To The Body That Will Make You Healthier And Younger.
Welcome to your Second Trimester (part 10)
The placenta now starts a second wave of growth that will take almost six weeks. The outer layer of cells in the placenta move into the coiled, or spiral, arteries in the uterus, destroying their muscular wall.
Welcome to your Second Trimester (part 9)
Recent research shows that living with a cat or dog in early childhood may reduce the risk of your child developing asthmatic symptoms. The study found that children residing with cats were more likely to have allergy-related antibodies to felines. Never leave your baby alone with a dog or cat.
Exercises for Mums-to-be
Pregnancy is the most important period in human life, is the moment of eager and anxiety of many young mothers. Who does not desire to ensure the health of mother and baby during pregnancy, especially if the birthday is imminent, and the most useful advice is that you need to do some simple exercises.
A healthy way to lose weight : 9 ways that Almased worked in the body
The temporary diet regimes come and go. At any time, 1 in 3 women and 1 in 4 men are dieting. Unfortunately, 2/3 of dieters regain their weight within a year, and almost regain weight that they lost within 5 years. This is called yo-yo effect.
Welcome to your Second Trimester (part 8)
Omega-3 fatty acids are found in oily fish. In fact, only seafood contains two essential omega-3 fatty acids; essential because the body can’t manufacture them. Although fish is a main source of omega 3, you need to ensure you don’t consume varieties that are high in mercury .
Welcome to your Second Trimester (part 7)
Protein is required for the development of the baby and placenta, as well as to fuel changes taking place in your body . The protein requirement for pregnancy is 6 or 6.5 oz daily, instead of the usual 5 or 5.5 oz. Include a source in all three meals daily. Protein sources include meat, poultry, fish, milk, cheese, beans, nuts, and seeds.
Stress Mastery : Psychotechnologies - Flotation Tanks, Light and Sound Technology
Sound and light machines that alter brainwave activity via a combination of stroboscopic lights and synchronized rhythmic tones may seem new, but the knowledge that flickering lights and rhythmic tones can lead to profound relaxation, altered states of consciousness, and visual images is something humans have known since the discovery of fire.
Stress Mastery : Psychotechnologies - Biofeedback & Double Induction Hypnotic Tapes
Biofeedback instruments give you information (feedback) about what is happening in your body. You can then use this feedback to facilitate relaxation and to relax targeted muscles.
Welcome to your Second Trimester (part 6)
Women who have previously been pregnant tend to show earlier than those who are pregnant for the first time, because their stomach muscles have already been stretched once and so stretch much more quickly.
Welcome to your Second Trimester (part 5)
Research has shown that women who exercise at a moderate to high intensity can cut their time in labor by up to three hours, and they tend to have less complicated deliveries than those who don’t exercise.
Welcome to your Second Trimester (part 4)
I’ve just told my parents I’m pregnant but they reacted very negatively because they don’t approve of my partner. What can I do?
Welcome to your Second Trimester (part 3)
For a calcium-packed snack, stock up on yogurt. Those with so-called friendly bacteria are okay to eat during pregnancy and may help your digestion. Just make sure that the milk ingredients in your yogurts have been pasteurized to reduce the risk of infection with listeria .
Stress Mastery : Getting Yourself Motivated & Achieving a Restful Night of Sleep
Have you ever wondered why we need to sleep? One outdated theory suggested that we sleep in order to rest our brain—but our brain cells are quite active even when we sleep.
Stress Mastery : The Benefits of Exercise & Types of Exercise
Is there proof that exercise helps to cope with stress? Research clearly indicates that exercise is an effective stress reducer. Indeed, many studies have found that one of the most reliable differences between individuals with high and low levels of stress resistance was exercise and activity level .
Welcome to your Second Trimester (part 2)
Vitamin C helps your body absorb more iron from your diet, so try drinking fresh orange juice with meals, and limit your intake of coffee and other caffeinated drinks: caffeine inhibits your body’s ability to absorb iron.
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