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Great Drinks For A Deep Sleep
It is suitable for people who don’t prefer dairy products thanks to its mildness. Daisy tea helps you to relax, relieves your nerves and stomach, comforts the body as well as brings you a good sleep. It’s ideal to drink daisy tea at 30min before bedtime.
Guide Pregnant Women To Do Exercises
During pregnancy, abdominal muscles running from breastbone to pubic bone will have to support most of the entire weight of the embryo. In this case, if these muscles are weak, the back muscles have to bear greater weight to protect the spine.
Lose Weight with Aloe Juice
Aloe is considered as a panacea which cures injuries and eases burns. Basing on these utilities, aloe is often used in cosmetics to beautify, treat acnes, and prevent aging. Besides, not any one knows another utility of aloe is assisting to lose weight effectively.
Med-Ball MasterClass
Got room for only one piece of fit kit? Then make it a medicine ball. An old favourite, there are literally hundreds of fat-burning, body honing moves you can do with it.
Possible Concerns During Pregnancy : Hypertension and Preeclampsia
Mild hypertension during pregnancy is not necessarily dangerous by itself, but it can be a sign of a more serious condition called preeclampsia. High blood pressure puts a woman at higher risk for preeclampsia.
Possible Concerns During Pregnancy : Gestational Diabetes
Gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM) is a type of diabetes, or insulin resistance, that develops around the middle of pregnancy and ends after delivery. Women who are pregnant, have high blood sugar (glucose) levels and have never had diabetes before are said to have GDM.
Health Expert - 6 Health Myths Smashed!
Is your health knowledge based on fact, fear or fiction? Here’s an update on the six health myths you should stop believing right now…
Fitness Expert - Get Fit Standing Still
‘The one-legged tree pose requires a huge amount of balance, so it serious works your core and the balancing leg’, explains AJ. ‘This move is also great for improving flexibility in your legs and hips’.
Possible Concerns During Pregnancy : Hyperemesis Gravidarum, Iron Deficiency Anemia
Anemia is defined as a deficiency of red blood cells or red blood cells having a decreased ability to carry oxygen or iron. There are different forms of anemia, such as iron, B12, and folate deficiency. During pregnancy, the most common is iron deficiency anemia.
Planning for a Healthy Baby : Charge Up the Calcium, Pump Up the Iron, The Scoop on Prenatal Vitamins
Prenatal supplements (PNVs) are specialized vitamin and mineral supplements that women can take even before pregnancy to get all of the essential nutrients they need during pregnancy. Studies have shown that the use of prenatal supplements before and throughout pregnancy can benefit a healthy baby.
Challenge: 4 Weeks To Party Dress Confident (Part 3) - The lower body circuit
For the full body workout, alternate one circuit of the upper body moves with one lower body circuit, and do three times.
Challenge: 4 Weeks To Party Dress Confident (Part 2) - The upper body circuit
Spend 15 seconds per move in the first set, 30 seconds per move in the second set and 45 seconds per move in your third set for both the upper and lower body circuits.
Challenge: 4 Weeks To Party Dress Confident (Part 1)
‘Christmas is always a hectic time for me. I have a really busy social life anyway, so I struggle to fit exercise around seeing my friends at the best of times. This year, though, I’m determined to walk into my office party pull of confidence, wearing the sort of sexy body con dress I’ve never been able to wear before.
Can You Delay Motherhood But Guarantee A Baby?
It costs the same as IVF but, rather than giving you just one shot at conceiving, a radical new treatment claims to rewind your fertility. We investigate the controversial technique coming this year.
It's All About Me! MyPyramid (part 3) : Food Intake Patterns, Build a Healthy Nutrition Base
Building a healthy nutrition base is the foundation of staying healthy and achieving weight loss. Because no one single food can provide all the nutrients you need, you should consume a number of different foods each day. Here is what you can eat from MyPyramid to get your desired results.
It's All About Me! MyPyramid (part 2) : Choose Sensibly
You now know what kind of delicious variety you can have in your diet based on MyPyramid but the trick is you need to choose sensibly. Let me help you sort through some of the food choices that can help you win the battle of the bulge.
It's All About Me! MyPyramid (part 1) : Build a Healthy Nutrition Base!
Building a healthy nutrition base is the foundation of staying healthy and achieving weight loss. Because no one single food can provide all the nutrients you need, you should consume a number of different foods each day. Here is what you can eat from MyPyramid to get your desired results.
9 WEEKS PREGNANT : Banish Paper Pile-Ups
If you are like most people, paper clutter is your nemesis. Mail piles up on the kitchen counter. Magazines, catalogs, newsletters, and invitations ooze across the dining room table and tumble onto any available floor space.
8 WEEKS PREGNANT : Understand and Control the Exhaustion
IF YOU ARE FEELING under the weather, it may help you to understand what’s going on in your body and how best to deal with these changes. These feelings have a purpose, and, thank goodness, they don’t last forever.
Are Your Postcode Making You ill? (Part 2)
What do you fear could be putting your future health most at risk? Insisting on a natural tan? Popping painkillers at the first hint of a headache? Friday-night cocktails? In fact, the latest research suggests genuine threats to our long-term health lie in areas we rarely give a second thought.
Are Your Postcode Making You ill? (Part 1)
What do you fear could be putting your future health most at risk? Insisting on a natural tan? Popping painkillers at the first hint of a headache? Friday-night cocktails? In fact, the latest research suggests genuine threats to our long-term health lie in areas we rarely give a second thought.
50 Shades Of Blue (Part 2)
PND affects one in 10 women and usually develops in the first four to six weeks after in childbirth, but can sometimes appear after several months. The main symptoms are a persistent sadness, a loss of interest in the world around you, anxiety, a lack of energy, poor concentration, low confidence and guilt.
50 Shades Of Blue (Part 1)
The black dog. The blues. A bit down. There are almost as many descriptions for depression as there different experiences. And right now, it’s the most common mental health problem in the world, with 10% of us here in the UK suffering with it at any one time.
Preparing for Pregnancy (part 4) : Be Careful with Vitamins, Minerals and Herbs, Substance Use before Pregnancy, Work and Pregnancy
Don’t self-medicate with large amounts or unusual combinations of vitamins, minerals or herbs. You can overdo it! Certain vitamins, such as vitamin A, can cause birth defects if used in excessive amounts.
Preparing for Pregnancy (part 3) : Genetic Counseling, Pregnancy after 35, Weight Management before Pregnancy
If you’re planning your first pregnancy, you are probably not considering genetic counseling. However, there may be circumstances in which genetic counseling could help you and your partner make informed decisions about having children.
Planning for a Healthy Baby : Before You Become Pregnant , Focus on Folic Acid
Folate, found naturally in foods, is one of the B vitamins; it is also known as folic acid, which is the name for the form found in supplements and fortified foods. Folic acid merits special consideration. During pregnancy, this vitamin helps to properly develop the neural tube, which becomes the baby’s spine.
Planning for a Healthy Baby : Healthy Eating for Your Baby, Principles of Healthy Eating
Eating healthily will ensure that both you and your fetus receive the nutrients that are essential for you both from the very start of pregnancy. But don’t wait until you are pregnant. Researchers believe that eating a healthy diet once you become pregnant may not make up for earlier nutritional deficiencies.
Reduce Stress : How Stress Affects the Mind and Spirit (part 2)
Imagery meditation and visualization are meditations that use your imagination to make positive changes in your thinking. The purpose of imagery meditation is to imagine yourself in a different place (the beach, the mountains, Paris) or circumstance to effect instant relaxation.
Reduce Stress : How Stress Affects the Mind and Spirit (part 1)
Stress management techniques that strengthen and reinforce the body will also help to strengthen the mind’s ability to resist the negative effects of stress. But some stress management techniques directly deal with the mind—the thought processes, emotions, intellect, and, extending beyond the mind, the quest for spiritual meaning.
Preparing for Pregnancy (part 2) : Your Health before Pregnancy, Current Medications
Discuss any chronic medical problems you have with your healthcare provider. You may need extra care before and during pregnancy. Some common chronic medical problems are discussed below.
Preparing for Pregnancy (part 1) : Your General Health, See Your Healthcare Provider before Pregnancy
Your general medical history will be covered. You may be asked many things about your health and lifestyle. Your answers provide clues as to what needs to be done once you do get pregnant to keep you healthy.
Solving The Suger Puzzle (Part 3) - Are We Overdosing?
Interestingly, they also found that drinking fructose caused the subjects to gain visceral fat, the kind of fat in the belly that’s associated with metabolic syndrome; drinking glucose added fat, too, but here the fat was subcutaneous, the “safe” kind that has no established relationship with disease.
Solving The Suger Puzzle (Part 2) - Sweet Choices
Confused in the sugar aisle? Use this handy comparison chart to help you decide which sweetener to choose and how to use it.
Solving The Suger Puzzle (Part 1) - Hidden in Plain Sight, The Science of Sugar
Added sugars lurk in many processed foods. And although more and more food companies are ditching high-fructose corn syrup, their products aren’t necessarily sugar-free. In fact, they may contain just as much sugar as before, just in a different form.
Dieting in America—The Love and Hate Affair (part 2)
Weight-loss medications have become very popular in our country. This may seem like the newest trend in weight loss but people have been taking some form of medication or concoction for eons in hopes of adjusting their weight.
Dieting in America—The Love and Hate Affair (part 1)
Hundreds of diets are created and shared with us every year. We spend billions of dollars keeping the weight-loss industry alive. And the fat cats who run these major corporations are not slim when it comes to offering consumers diets, gimmicks, beverages, powders, pills, equipment, and more.
Omega - Healthy : More ways to get this super-healthy nutrient every day
Omega-3 fats are a nutrient powerhouse, shown to improve heart health and mood. Of the omega-3s, docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) are the most impressive.
What Pregnant Women Should Avoid When Catching Morning Sickness
Morning sickness is very popular among pregnant women. According to scientists, there are 90% of women are suffering from irritations caused by morning sickness.
Things You Should Know About Presentation
Usually, from the 28th week, the fetus start to rotate its head to pelvis for fixing the position of presentation – and this is the most convenient position for delivery.
Boost Your Metabolism : Eating Plenty Of Lean Protein (part 2)
Vegetarians tend to be leaner than the rest of us because they don’t eat fattening meat products, or at least opt mostly for less fattening sources of protein. Vegetarians don’t eat meat, poultry, or fish, and a small percentage of strict vegetarians avoid animal products altogether.
Boost Your Metabolism : Eating Plenty Of Lean Protein (part 1)
Amino acids, simply put, are organic compounds that make up proteins and are essential to human metabolism. Though they don’t receive nearly as much mention in nutrition discussions as vitamins and minerals, amino acids are just as necessary to our health.
Pregnancy Handbook : Baby Is Ready To Be Born
35-week-old fetuses, because the height and weight rocket in the womb, have no more space to scroll and somersault but they still remain kicks. At this time, the kidney is quite completely develops and the liver can filter the waste; body of the fetus is quite perfect now. From the 35th week, the baby mainly gains weight.
Chocolate, Chips, and Ice Cream— Why Choose These? (part 2)
Identify common behaviors, like eating in front of the TV or snacking in the car, along with emotions like stress, anxiety, or frustration, that may trigger overeating. Use this information to stop.
Chocolate, Chips, and Ice Cream— Why Choose These? (part 1)
Television, magazine, and newspaper ads are often a big factor in our purchasing and eating decisions. Coupons, store displays, tasting stations, and placement of a product on the grocery store shelf also encourage buyers to purchase it.
Exercise : Let’s Start It Early
Overweight future mothers who obey exercise regulars probably keep the advised weight levels – a research done on 82 pregnant women in the 2nd quarter revealed. And it is advisable that you take the exercise early better than late during your pregnancy.
Time For Tea
Making and drinking tea etiquette has been practiced for thousands of years, and because of their suitability. Tea contains polyphenol which helps to protect the hearts, and antioxidant to reduce cancer possibility and other nutrition to enforce the immune system. When you are pregnant, even the advantages are better.
10 Super-natural Powers Of The Pregnant Women
Hey future mother, just forget all the tiredness and difficulties you are suffering from the pregnancy for a moment. Do you know that pregnancy brings you “super power” that you even do not know? Only forming a tiny body is a miracle itself.
Slimming Effect : Low GI Curbs Cravings, 3 easy ways to save 100 calories
US researchers found that when people added almonds to their breakfast, they reported feeling fuller for longer and also avoided the pitfalls of soaring blood sugar levels that are followed by a crashing low. In addition to almonds, here are some breakfast foods you can work into your diet that fall on the low side of the glycemic index.
Heath Issues : A Shot At Easing Migraines
Strange as it may seem, if you’re lucky enough to be offered a seat on the train or the bus, you may want to refuse – politely, of course! When we sit, we experience of fewer muscle contractions, which are vital for clearing glucose and fats from the bloodstream.
Reduce Stress : Calculate Your Personal Stress Profile (part 3) - Your Stress Vulnerability Factors
Unlike stress triggers, stress vulnerabilities have to do with your personal tendencies. Everyone’s stress triggers are different, but, in addition, everyone’s personality and personal vulnerabilities to certain areas of stress are also different.
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