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The Small Change Diet (Part 2)
Carbohydrates are not bad, says Gans, despite what some diets say. “Eating carbohydrates doesn’t make you fat. Eating too many of the wrong types of carbohydrates makes you fat.”
The Small Change Diet (Part 1)
According to Gant, you can ditch your bad eating behaviors in favor of healthier ones by trying out one new habit at a time. Start with one’s small change for a week. Once it becomes a habit, add another.
Health By Chocolate
On the one hand, we’re told chocolate is too fatty to be good for us. On the other, it’s so loaded with antioxidants that you’d be crazy not to eat it, with a study released last year finding that gram for gram chocolate contains more health-promoting polyphenols and flavones than fruit juice.
Get High On Running (Part 2)
Eat alight breakfast, like two pieces of toast, three hours before the race, says Troop. Don’t load up on muesli as you’ll want to go to the toilet 2km into the race. A big breakfast will make you feel heavy and increase your chance of getting a stitch.
Get High On Running (Part 1)
Running is simple: you can do it anywhere, at any time, it can help you find a social outlet or solace, and as you learn to set goals and bask in the glory of achieving them, it won’t just improve your fitness; it can change your life.
10 Vitals Check You Must Have (Part 2)
Maintaining good vision comes down to a healthy lifestyle and your genes, says ophthalmologist Dr Kerrie Meades, from personalEYES in Sydney. “Glaucoma tents to be genetic, as does age macular degeneration, which will make a difference to how your sight fares as you age.”
10 Vitals Check You Must Have (Part 1)
If you notice a lump, your GP may wish to send you for an ultrasound. Your family history is important, for if many women in your family developed breast cancer at a similar age, you may carry the BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes.
Train With The Best
It’s a fact: personal training is more popular than ever. A recent survey by Premier Training International found that 78 per cent of fitness graduates quit a previous job for a fresh start in the booming $3.81 billion fitness industry, and the demand for their skills is growing.
What’s Your Yoga Style?
Baffled by Bikram? Intrigued by lyengar? With so many different yoga styles around, it can be confusing getting to grips with the differences between each method. Never fear, whether you want to chill out or get a cardio fix, our guide will help you find your perfect match. Simply grab a yoga mat and you’re good to go!
The Smart Workout Train Your Brain! (part 2)
Roll back onto your shoulders and straighten your legs upward, placing your hands against the small of your back, and keeping your elbows tucked in close to your body.
The Smart Workout Train Your Brain! (part 1)
Exercise revs up your circulation and boosts your metabolism, helping to relies stress, improve your mood and bolster your attention span. So, if you’re feeling a bit slow off the mark or you’re struggling to concentrate at the office, a workout that stimulates your grey matter could be the perfect fix.
The Easy Way To Win At Life
Stress is so finely woven into everyday life that it’s hard to imagine a day without it. Whether it’s work, family, deadlines or money, there always seems to be something to worry about. But even if you’re well accustomed to the feeling of stress, it can take a mental and physical toll on your wellbeing.
Find Your Flow (Part 2)
Release your hands and place on either side of your right foot. Lift and turn your left heel back into line with your left leg. Press down with your left hand and rotate your torso to extend your right arm upward.
Find Your Flow (Part 1)
When was the last time you were really hungry? If you’re even a little bit aware of modern nutrition advice, you’ll know that eating small meals often or “grazing” is the number one tip for keeping your blood sugar stable and your weight in check
Make Your Downtime Count (part 2) - Tone your tummy and work your back, Bent-over row
Stand with your legs about hip-width apart and your knees bent holding a dumbbell in each hand, or holding a weighted bar.
Make Your Downtime Count (part 1) - Work your legs, Leg curl, Sculpt your arms
We all love a really satisfying gym workout that endorphin-fuelled feeling when you’ve sweated bucket loads, worked to your maximum limit and can feel justifiably smug. Equally, there’s nothing more annoying and de-motivating than an unproductive session.
Reduce Stress : Calculate Your Personal Stress Profile (part 2) - Your Stress Triggers
Whether you live in a polluted area, such as near a busy street or in a house with a smoker (or if you are a smoker), or are allergic to something in your surroundings, you’ll be exposed to environmental stress.
Reduce Stress : Calculate Your Personal Stress Profile (part 1) - Your Stress Tolerance Point Analysis
Your stress tolerance point indicates how much stress you can take. If your answers fell about equally in more than one category, that probably means you can take lots of stress when it comes to certain things and less when it comes to other things, or that some parts of your life are too high in stress and others are just right or even too low.
Boost Your Burn! (part 2) - Plank knee-tuck, Swing, Squat and upright row, Press and knee raise
Push through your hips and knees, lifting your chest upwards, and use this momentum to swing the weight up to chest height. Keep your arms straight.
Boost Your Burn! (part 1) - Plyometric press-up, Plank shoulder-touch
Want to see great results in the shortest possible time? Who doesn’t! This super-speedy workout is engineered to ramp up your calorie burn to help you hit that magic 500 mark in just a few quick moves.
Are You Totally Fit?
If you want to be all-round fitness star, you need more than just endurance or strength on your side. Here’s how to power up your performance to reach your true peak
10 Ways To… Tune Up Your Health
High blood pressure can increase your risk of heart disease, stroke and kidney disease. Being overweight, smoking and not doing enough exercise are all contributors. A check-up is simple: your GP or pharmacist will wrap a cuff around your upper arm and inflate it until it’s tight before taking a reading.
The Folate Conundrum
Long time ago, pregnant mothers were advised to absorb folic acid. The main reason is that folic acid can prevent mental disability such as spina bifida. Many countries including South Africa are trying to minimize the impact of various types of nerve disability through programs to supplement essential nutrients.
The Saliva Test
If you’ve been struggling with a health problem that your doctor hasn’t been able to get to the bottom of, saliva testing may help to solve the mystery. “It’s a good way to find out what’s going on with your male and female hormones, as well as your cortisol [energy] levels,” .
The Fibroid Fact File
Fibroids often cause painful, heavy periods, they may lead to anaemia, and can even affect your ability to have a healthy baby. You might be surprised to learn they’re more common than you think. Around four in 10 women over the age of 40 have fibroids, but many won’t know.
Look Good And Feel Great…For Less!
Eating well, exercising regularly and stressing less are great goals to aim for – but let’s face it, they come at a (top) price. And with headlines screaming about a double-dip recession on a daily basis, it’s no surprise that money, not health, takes priority.
Boost Your Metabolism : Spicing Up Your Life (part 2)
Horseradish, a popular ingredient to add to spicy foods and mustard, helps boost metabolism by stimulating digestion, especially of fatty foods. Studies have also shown that it may increase the liver’s ability to process toxins and suppress the growth of cancer cells because of the glucosinolates that it contains.
Boost Your Metabolism : Spicing Up Your Life (part 1)
Capsaicin—a molecule found in spicy foods such as peppers, certain spices, Tabasco sauce, and salsa—has been shown to decrease cholesterol absorption and increase enzymes that help metabolize fat.
Sculpt A Killer Figure! – The Body-Con Workout
Looking great is a much about rock-solid confidence as it is rock-hand abs. so what would it take to boost your self-esteem? A workout that celebrates your curves and sculpts your waist should do it!
Antibiotics That Pregnant Women Must Stay Away From
When the body is infected with bacteria, relying on antibiotics is necessary. Though, pregnant women must be careful when using antibiotics. These following antibiotics are very harmful to pregnant women.
Your Inner Symphony
Although there is no scientific evidence to show that music can affect to children while they are still in their mothers’ womb, you can help your baby to do exercise a bit by music.
Boost Your Brain Health, So Get Moving Right Now
Exercise isn’t just brilliant for your body, it’s also magnificent for your mind. According to a study from the University of Georgia, just 20 minutes improves your ability to process information and your memory functions. Try these ideas to be your brightest and best.
Happy Living Health Wrap
Can’t put your BlackBerry down? The working day no longer finishes at 5.30pm. An online survey by the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy found that 64 per cent of us continue to work for an extra two hours and 18 minutes on our smartphones after we’ve left the office.
Get A Flat Tummy, Fast!
The innovative Reebok TrainPod is the latest piece of home fitness gear aimed at sculpting your body from head to toe. It works all your muscles but its instability element is particularly great for your tummy because it instantly switches on your core.
How Does She Do It?
Miranda Kerr has it all. Fact. She’s a super-successful Victoria’s Secret model, doting mother and married to one of the most gorgeous men on the planet, actor Orlando Bloom. She’s the kind of woman you’d love to hate – if you weren’t won over by her sunny, can-do attitude.
The Dolce Diet : Eat, Drink And Win!
The newest eating plan on the nutrition block is quickly gaining credibility for its healthy philosophy towards food. There’s no crazy calorie counting or cutting food groups – instead, a former mixed martial arts (MMA) competitor and now peak performance coach.
3 Ways To… Work Harder With Water
These large tubes filled with water are great for increasing fitness and toning your whole body. The water moves from one end of the tube to the other, increasing the challenge to your core muscle. Try swings, squats, lunges and presses to work your upper and lower body.
Boost Your Burn
“One study found that women who drank 500ml of cold water raised their metabolic rate by 30 per cent, which equates to about 100kJ. Drink two litres of cold water a day and you could burn 400kJ,” says Melanie McGrice, founder of Heath Kick Nutrition and Dietetics.
Think Yourself Slim
Everyone knows how to drop a dress size: eat a little less, move a little more. It’s a simple formula, so why is it so hard to follow? Perhaps because we eat without thinking. Whether at a desk or in front of the telly, we mindlessly munch away.
Ready, Steady Row !
Pass by the crowd waiting for an elliptical and make a beeline for a rowing machine. You’ll burn up to 50 percent more kilojoules while strengthening nearly all the muscles from your shoulders to your calves.
Boost Your Metabolism : Being Knowledgeable About Nutrition (part 3)
With aging, the body’s stores of antioxidants diminish unless they are regularly replenished with an excellent diet or supplements. When free radicals build up in all parts of the body, they can enter nerve cells, disrupt function, and cause cell death.
Are You Headed For A Burnout ?
Do you routinely skip your lunch break? When you go to sleep, do you dream of spreadsheets? Do you feel naked without your iPhone? If you answered an emphatic yes to these questions, chances are you’re Bonafide workaholic.
Boost Your Metabolism : Being Knowledgeable About Nutrition (part 2)
Nutrients are grouped into six different categories: carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals, and water. Carbohydrates, proteins, and fats are called macronutrients because we need larger amounts of them in our diet.
Boost Your Metabolism : Being Knowledgeable About Nutrition (part 1)
Nutrition, perhaps more than any other factor, plays an essential role in our overall health, how efficiently we metabolize our food, and how long we live. The foods we eat affect every cell, organ, and system within our bodies, so it is important to make good choices.
Are You Getting The Best Out Of The NHS? (Part 2)
I saw my GP with what he says is an ingrowing toenail, but he just told me to get it seen to privately. I don’t have health cover and am on a low wage – can I insist on a referral?.
Are You Getting The Best Out Of The NHS? (Part 1)
My father faces a second prostate operation; last time, he was left thirsty and his ward was dirty. How can I check he’s being looked after properly?
Weight-Loss Diary : ‘I’ve Beaten The Temptation To Cheat…’
We all start a healthy eating plan with high hopes and enthusiasm. The weight seems to respond and drops off an uplifting pace.
The Skinny Jeans Workout (Part 2)
Get on all fours and curl toes under, then lift your hips and knees so your body forms an inverted V shape, hips higher than shoulders. Raise right leg to hip height behind you . Bend elbows, lowering chest toward the floor . Push up to starting position. Do lo reps; switch raised leg halfway through set.
The Skinny Jeans Workout (Part 1)
After three weeks on this 30 minute plan, you won’t just fit into the pair you already own you’ll be shopping for a smaller size!
The Running Revolution
Could increasingly popular styles like barefoot running be your ticker to running without pain? Before you ditch your trainer, red on.
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