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Your Pregnancy After 35 : How Your Body Changes during Pregnancy (part 6) - Increased Vaginal Discharge
One of the first symptoms of early pregnancy is frequent urination. The problem continues off and on throughout pregnancy. You may have to go to the bathroom at night when you never did before. It usually lessens during the second trimester, then returns during the third trimester, when the growing baby puts pressure on the bladder.
Your Pregnancy After 35 : How Your Body Changes during Pregnancy (part 5) - Babies’ Movements Are Different
The movement of every baby is different. One baby may move less than another. If your baby has been very active, then is very quiet for a long while, you may want to discuss it with your healthcare provider. He or she will determine if there is cause for concern.
Your Pregnancy After 35 : How Your Body Changes during Pregnancy (part 4) - Gum Disease, Braces during Pregnancy
You need to take good care of your teeth and gums. Good dental care is important because hormonal changes in pregnancy may cause dental problems. During pregnancy, hormones can make gum problems worse. Increased blood volume can cause gums to swell and make them more prone to infection.
Your Pregnancy After 35 : How Your Body Changes during Pregnancy (part 3) - Cholestasis of Pregnancy, Plaques of Pregnancy , Pemphigoid Gestationis
Some women have a severe, itchy rash of red bumps that begins on the tummy and spreads to the lower body, then to the arms and legs. This is called plaques of pregnancy, toxemic rash, polymorphic eruption of pregnancy or pruritic urticaria pappules (PUPP).
Your Pregnancy After 35 : How Your Body Changes during Pregnancy (part 2) - Surface Skin Changes, Itchy Skin
In some women, a vertical line appears along the midline of the abdomen, called the linea nigra. The linea nigra fades markedly after pregnancy but does not usually disappear completely.
Your Pregnancy After 35 : How Your Body Changes during Pregnancy (part 1) - Skin Changes, Stretch Marks
Stretch marks, also called striae distensae, may occur more often in older women. These marks occur when the elastic fibers and collagen in deeper layers of your skin are pulled apart to make room for baby.
Exercises Recommended During 7 Months Of Pregnancy
Pregnant women should take part in normal exercise programs during the first 24 weeks of pregnancy to maintain their physical strength and fetal health.
You want to walk into this space after your baby arrives and feel welcome. It’s possible with the work you do this week. And if you are leaving your job for good, clean out your space and set up those key files I mentioned above to honor the person who follows you.
If you took the first route, you’re probably a naturally organized person. You thrive on order. You are wired very much like me. Motherhood will be a time you train your own child how to be organized.
Can You Eat Crab Meat During Pregnancy?
Seafood such as crab contains omega 3 acid and vitamin B, making it a necessary source of nutriments for pregnant women. However, pregnant women need to be extremely careful about preparing safe foods as their overloaded immune system may have to struggle to fight against harmful substances.
Can You Eat Chocolate During Pregnancy?
Pregnant women who like coffee can be surprised to find out that they have to limit the consumption of coffee and caffeine in general. This also means that you have to keep an eye on how much chocolate you eat.
33 to 36 Weeks Pregnant (part 7) - 35 WEEKS PREGNANT - CONTAINER FUN
If you have a large bathroom with lots of storage space, it makes sense to have all such items here. If you need to use a hall closet or the linen closet, keep one thing in mind: As a product gets to the end, you want to transfer the backup supply in a few days early.
33 to 36 Weeks Pregnant (part 6) - 35 WEEKS PREGNANT - BATHROOM ORGANIZING TOOLS
Once the bathrooms have been cleaned out, it’s time for lunch. Be sure your helper takes out the trash and finds a spot for the products you wish to share. My best advice is to share it with her so it all leaves today.
33 to 36 Weeks Pregnant (part 5) - 35 WEEKS PREGNANT - DEBRIS, BE GONE
Women tend to think of their beauty products as “evergreen,” when in fact most have a short shelf life. Keep that in mind the next time you want to pick up some makeup items you really don’t need in your kit.
33 to 36 Weeks Pregnant (part 4) - 34 WEEKS PREGNANT - Stock Up on Postpartum Supplies
As you can probably imagine, giving birth to a baby causes some physical aftermath. You will probably be sore after delivering and you may have healing stitches to contend with.
33 to 36 Weeks Pregnant (part 3) - 33 WEEKS PREGNANT - VISITORS
You may be wondering what you need to do to get ready for visitors. Again, I would like you to get out of the mode of thinking of the people who will be staying in your home as guests.
33 to 36 Weeks Pregnant (part 2) - 33 WEEKS PREGNANT - THE DELIVERY ROOM
Deciding whom to invite into the delivery room can be a loaded issue. Before you allow anyone to be part of this event, I would like you to be very honest with yourself.
33 to 36 Weeks Pregnant (part 1) - 33 WEEKS PREGNANT - Create Your Team
When your pregnancy was new and your baby’s arrival seemed far off, you may have had some ideas about who would be involved in her welcome . . . and you may find that those ideas aren’t weathering so well now.
Tips To Increase Libido And Reduce Weight
One of the most important respects of any relationship is the liaison on the bed. However, if your libido is decreasing, it’s possible that your sex life is the same.
What to Eat When You're Pregnant and Vegetarian Common complaints and how to deal with them - Heartburn,Excessive thirst,Constipation
Many women feel more thirsty than usual during pregnancy. This is quite normal, as extra fluids are needed to allow your blood volume to increase and to produce and constantly replace the amniotic fluid your baby is swimming in.
What to Eat When You're Pregnant and Vegetarian Common complaints and how to deal with them - Morning sickness
If you’re suffering from morning sickness, you’re in good company: about three-quarters of women experience some feelings of nausea during pregnancy. The intensity of the symptoms can vary – about 30% of women are affected by severe nausea and vomiting.
Reduce Belly Fat Quickly With 6 Simple Steps
Everybody wants to reduce the belly fat and show off the flat belly in the bikini. To have flat belly, it’s going to take you lots of effort to exercise. And push yourself to achieve that goal and after all you’re going to have what you desire: a flat belly.
Physical And Mental Benefits Of Running (part 2)
You need to keep your endorphins and fitness up so that you’re not tempted to run on an injury and make it worse. Then go to see a medical practitioner. The sooner you do that, the sooner (hopefully) you’ll be back in action.
Physical And Mental Benefits Of Running (part 1)
It’s very unlikely that anyone will even register anything about the way you run – they’re all far too busy thinking about their own stuff. However, if you are one of the many people who prefer to start an exercise program quietly, do your first few sessions in a safe but quiet street or park until you’ve got your confidence up.
28 to 32 Weeks Pregnant (part 8) - 31-32 WEEKS PREGNANT - What kind of diapers will you use?
Some dads seem almost afraid of cloth diapers. They envision pinpricks and poop flying everywhere. If you’re leaning toward cloth, take a moment to show your spouse how simple the new systems are to use.
28 to 32 Weeks Pregnant (part 7) - 31-32 WEEKS PREGNANT - Planning for Co-Parenting
No matter how you’ll divide up the parenting burden later, keep in mind that the early weeks of caring for your baby will be exhausting and confusing. You’ll be recovering from labor and delivery.
Natural Methods To Treat Scars Resulted From Chickenpox
Although there’s a chicken pox vaccine, many people are still infected with the virus. Chicken pox often comes with flu-like symptoms and unsightly ulcers on all over the body.
28 to 32 Weeks Pregnant (part 6) - 30 WEEKS PREGNANT - USE EXCEL TO EXCEL, CHORES TO THE RESCUE
Making decisions is the heart and soul of getting organized. And maintenance is the engine that keeps the organizing train on track. Remember, it isn’t about adding work to your busy schedule; it’s about shifting your energy to a different action.
28 to 32 Weeks Pregnant (part 5) - 30 WEEKS PREGNANT - THE LAUNDRY ROOM, DIRTY DIAPERS BE GONE
With the arrival of a baby, every day will be laundry day. It’s amazing how anyone so tiny can have so many things to keep clean. Remember when you are faced with mountains of laundry that this too shall pass. One day Junior and his sister will be doing your wash!
28 to 32 Weeks Pregnant (part 4) - 30 WEEKS PREGNANT - WHAT’S IN YOUR PANTRY
For our purposes, I’m going to help you organize a walk-in pantry. I realize not everyone has one, but you can easily adapt the tips and tricks to your situation. Even a small area devoted to food storage should be an orderly space.
Do Health Checks By Yourself (Part 4)
Sitting on the floor with your back pushed firmly against a wall and your legs stretched out straight in front of you, toes pointing towards the ceiling. Then, with your arms outstretched, slowly reach forward towards your toes by bending over at the waist. The aim is to see how far you can reach past your toes.
Do Health Checks By Yourself (Part 3)
Because noticing that straight lines are starting to appear wavy is one of the most common symptoms of macular degeneration, a disease which mainly strikes people over 50 years of age and is the leading cause of blindness in Australia.
Do Health Checks By Yourself (Part 2)
Holding your hand up in front of your face, with your palm facing towards you and your fingers straight. Pay attention to the height of various fingers.
Do Health Checks By Yourself (Part 1)
Try... measuring your resting heart rate. The best time to do it is in the morning, before you get out of bed. Press your index and middle fingers (not your thumb) just below the ‘fat pad’ of the thumb on your opposite wrist. Count the number of beats in 15 seconds and multiply by four.
To make matters more complicated, “mommy brain” is not just a stereotype—it’s a scientifically studied phenomenon. Pregnancy and early motherhood have a funny way of turning even the sharpest brain as fuzzy as a Monet painting.
28 to 32 Weeks Pregnant (part 2) - 29 WEEKS PREGNANT - Make New Friends and Keep the Old
You’re bored. And it’s just occurred to you that you have no one you can call. All your friends from your “old” life are at work right now. As for other mom friends? Well, you don’t really have any.
28 to 32 Weeks Pregnant (part 1) - 28 WEEKS PREGNANT - Finalize Your Birth Plan
Remember that every goal, whether it’s getting labor started or making contractions more comfortable, has several alternative methods you can try to get there. Thinking about each option separately will help you tease out exactly what it is you do or don’t like about the idea of each medication or procedure.
Preparation For A Healthy Trip (Part 7)
Most insurance companies provide emergency assistance for their policyholders. Services include toll-free, 24-hour emergency advice and assessments about whether the treatment you will receive in a country will be safe and/or adequate. If you are admitted to hospital, notify your insurance company as soon as possible.
Preparation For A Healthy Trip (Part 6)
Jet lag is experienced after a long flight across several time zones. When you travel long distances rapidly your body’s biological clock is disturbed. Until your body adjusts to the ‘real’ time at your destination you may experience fatigue, disorientation, sleep difficulties, impaired concentration and physical performance, anxiety, loss of appetite and constipation.
Preparation For A Healthy Trip (Part 5)
Viruses mostly cause upper respiratory tract infections but bacterial infection can occur, resulting in illnesses such as sinusitis and pneumonia.
Preparation For A Healthy Trip (Part 4)
It’s a good idea to learn first aid. Most importantly, you need to know how you can minimize your risks by taking the following precautions.
Preparation For A Healthy Trip (Part 3)
Some vaccinations are recommended for your own health and safety. Other vaccinations are compulsory and you will have difficulty crossing some borders without correct documentation.
Preparation For A Healthy Trip (Part 2)
Medical costs can be very expensive in some places and are not covered by Medicare. The right kind of travel insurance is vital. Shop around to find the policy that best suits your circumstances. Don’t automatically go for the cheapest option, and ask lots of questions.
Preparation For A Healthy Trip (Part 1)
You will find out what you need to know to help prevent problems, how to stay safe and minimize risks while you are on the move, and how to treat common conditions while you are away.
Methods To Control Mood Swings
Mood swings are usually described as changes in a human’s temper. While most people get through mood changes from time to time, women can more easily be excited and have mood changes than men.
The Fastest Way For Teenagers To Lose Weight
Overweight teenage girls sometime have trouble knowing how to reduce their weight healthily. Many girls become desperate in losing weight and they can even use the method of taking diet pills which is dangerous and harmful to their body. Luckily, losing weight can be easy if teenage girls follow the special weight-losing strategies.
11 Healthy Habits for Your Sleep (part 2)
Avoid drinking 2 hours before bedtime and remember to use the toilet as well to reduce the likelihood of interrupting your sleep. This will help to reduce the need to get out of bed to use the restroom.
11 Healthy Habits for Your Sleep (part 1)
Getting a deep sleep without interruption is becoming a distant dream to many people; as a result, they have to look for help from over-the-counter medicines.
Your Pregnancy After 35 - Pregnancy Encounters of the Usual Kind (part 3) - Choosing Your Baby’s Healthcare Provider
Choosing a healthcare provider for your baby is as important as choosing one for your pregnancy or the hospital where you will give birth. It’s best to select someone and to visit this person before baby is born.
Your Pregnancy After 35 - Pregnancy Encounters of the Usual Kind (part 2) - Major Childbirth Philosophies
Couples often wonder if one type of childbirth method is better than another. Any method can be the right one for a couple, but it’s best for partners to agree on the method. If the woman chooses a method that involves her partner greatly and the partner isn’t willing or able to provide that level of involvement, it could lead to disappointment and anxiety.
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