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Home Practice: It's Hip To Move (Part 2)
Keep your right leg active as you release both hands to the floor. Root down into your standing foot as you reach your left leg up. Wrap your right arm around your standing calf. Relax into the pose.
Home Practice: It's Hip To Move (Part 1)
Often, hip-opening practices focus solely on the outer hip. But the hips are ball-and-socket joints, so they move in many directions. This sequence opens and strengthens the qhole hop joint – the inner, outer, front, and back of the hip.
Healing Waters (Part 2) - Long walk to blissdom
It felt like the longest corridor I ever traversed. To this day I still don’t know what lay on the other side of that glass, other than deep dark night. But the journey was so worth it: eventually the corridor opened out into a series of stone pools on the high cliff overlooking the river.
Healing Waters (Part 1) - Hot rocks, Onsen etiquette
Japan is a volcanic country, which means plenty of hot springs and a long tradition of Onsen, or hot baths. My partner, David, and I came to the Minakami-onsen, to escape the bright hustle of Tokyo and iron out some of the creases from our long flight.
Get Your (Ph) Balance Right (part 2) - Alkaline vs Acidic Foods
We in the West have turned a deaf ear to the wisdom of the ancients: that the most effective antidote to illness is in nature’s larder. Instead of stocking up on the seasonal, fresh, unrefined foods that our bodies crave, we gorge on fat, starch, sugar, salt and chemicals when we become ill.
Get Your (Ph) Balance Right (part 1) - How is pH balance regulated?
We in the West have turned a deaf ear to the wisdom of the ancients: that the most effective antidote to illness is in nature’s larder. Instead of stocking up on the seasonal, fresh, unrefined foods that our bodies crave, we gorge on fat, starch, sugar, salt and chemicals when we become ill.
Core Competency : Core integration with a block, Paripurna navasana, Forearm plank pose
When you see yogis doing an arm balance with finesse, they look as light as a feather. They make the pose look so easy that you might forget how much strength it requires. But the inverse is actually true – to make a difficult pose look effortless, you need to be plenty strong.
The Lowdown On Legs
Your growing uterus puts pressure on large nearby veins, slowing the blood flow to your heart. Blood then pools in your legs (thanks, gravity), causing veins to swell and become “varicose.”
How To Boost Your Milk Supply : Nuts, Blessed thistle, Fenugreek,Oats, Vegetables, Ginger
A milk-boosting diet likely won't turn drops into ounces, but it can help maintain a long-term supply. Ask your doctor or lactation consultant about these super foods and berbs, which many lactation consultants say could help you increase your milk production.
Feel The Power (Part 2) - Stave off muscle loss
Small but mighty is an apt description of yoga teacher Amy Ippoliti. When you see the petite powerhouse effortlessly rock deep backbends and arm balances, it’s hard to imagine that just over a year ago she suffered a shoulder injury that interfered a shoulder injury that interfered with her regular practice.
Feel The Power (Part 1) - Small but mighty
Small but mighty is an apt description of yoga teacher Amy Ippoliti. When you see the petite powerhouse effortlessly rock deep backbends and arm balances, it’s hard to imagine that just over a year ago she suffered a shoulder injury that interfered a shoulder injury that interfered with her regular practice.
Combat The Baby-Bump Blues
One in five women experiences some degree of depression during pregnancy, says Rachel Manber Ph.D., professor in the Psychology and Behavioral Studies department at Stanford University. Feelings of being overwhelmed and hormone surges are the culprits.
Welcome to your Third Trimester (part 54) - Bringing on labor
Although no “home” or alternative remedy has been proven to bring on labor, there are several harmless techniques that are thought to assist the body’s natural processes.
Welcome to your Third Trimester (part 53) - MRSA: is it a risk?
Raspberry leaf tea is a traditional remedy in Europe. European studies have found that drinking this tea in the months prior to delivery (not before week 30) helps shorten the second stage of labor by helping the uterine muscles to contract more efficiently, so that contractions are more effective.
Ways to beat hay fever this summer
Reports suggest 2012 is going to be a challenging year for hay fever sufferers with the season starting earlier and lasting longer, and pollen counts two to three times higher than last year.
Save Your Soles This Summer
If you’ve been hiding your feet in boots and trainers for most of winter, you might be relishing the thought of reuniting them with summer wedges, flip-flops and sandals.
Learn Your Running (Part 2)
Yoga may be the last thing to add to your running programme, but perhaps it’s time to rethink this. A study in the Indian Journal of Medical Research found that practicing yogic breathing can help athletes work ar a higher intensity at the same rate to those who don’t practice.
Learn Your Running (Part 1)
Any training method that uses oxygen as the primary fuel source, such as jogging, is aerobic. It improves your cardiovascular health, lowering your resting heart rate and blood pressure. Incorporating sprints into your runs, or doing internal training, is anaerobic, and can increase your fitness levels fats.
Is This The End Of Calorie Counting? (Part 2)
However, the take home message for the wider public from Dr Hall and his team is that catch-all calorie counting is too simplistic and that we need to be more realistic about how much weight we want to lose and how quickly. Healthy permanent weight loss may take a lot longer than we expect.
Is This The End Of Calorie Counting? (Part 1)
According to health guidelines from the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE), this can be achieved by cutting 500 calories a day, which will lead to a weekly loss of a pound of body fat for as long as you keep this up.
Get On The Circuit
CrossFit was born in 2000, when American fitness expert Greg Glassman applied his work with police cadets to everyday fitness training. Having also worked with body builders and athletes, he realized the best way to get results was to combine elements of weight training with long and short periods of high intensity aerobic efforts.
Fighting Fit - Best Shape Ever This Summer (Part 3) - Bonus ABS round
Lift your head and shoulders off the ground, while simultaneously raising your left leg. lower back to the floor, then repeat, bringing your trunk up to meet your right leg
Fighting Fit - Best Shape Ever This Summer (Part 2)
Start by jogging gently on the spot for a few seconds, then ramp it up into a sprint, lifting your knees as high as you can, and pumping your arms un true running style.
Fighting Fit - Best Shape Ever This Summer (Part 1)
Boxing is perfect for creating a leaner, muscular body without too – there’s nothing better than taking the day’s frustrations out on the boxing bag or pads.
Feel The Resistance
While free weights are often thought of as the best way to build muscle, it doesn’t mean you should forget about resistance bands. Not only are they useful for injury prevention and general strength and conditioning, they’re perfect to use at home or if you’re travelling.
Beach Body Solutions (Part 3) - Bye bye bingo wings, Flat tum
There’s no point having rock hard abs when they’re hidden under a layer of fat. Mix cardio and targeted abdominal, oblique and core exercises to get the best results. Next time you’re out on a run, stop periodically to blast 20 crunches, curls or bicycles.
Beach Body Solutions (Part 2) - Perky boobs
The good news is you can lift your bust by doing exercises that improve muscle tine underneath your breast tissue. Your own bodyweight pressure is the best way to engage the muscles in your chest, says Dee Thresher.
Beach Body Solutions (Part 1) - Beach bum, Donkey kick
According to a poll by gym chain LA Fitness, women are most critical of their bodies at this time of year; 60 per cent of us are so self-conscious about our tummies, we suck them in on holiday, while 16 per cent hate their thighs and legs, 21 per cent think bingo wings are the most unflattering part of a woman’s body and seven per cent dislike their bust.
Attack Cellulite!
Feel alone in your quest to beat cellulite before your holiday? You’re not the only one. Research by beauty brand Thalgo reveals that 95 per cent of women suffer with the dreaded orange peel.
Anyone For Tennis Balls?
If your recent gym session has left you aching and you don’t have the time or money for a massage, help is at hand. According to sports and Swedish massage therapist Kasia Jay, the key to relief could be in your garden shed.
Welcome to your Third Trimester (part 52) - How your baby is positioned
Once the baby is head down and moves into the pelvis there are several positions she may adopt: six of the most common are shown below. The position is determined by where her back and occiput (the back of her head) are lying. The most usual position is LOT. If the baby is breech, the position is determined by how the bottom is lying.
Welcome to your Third Trimester (part 51) - Placenta on toast
The thought of eating the placenta may turn your stomach, but some women choose to do exactly that. The organ is revered for its spiritual properties, and devotees of placentophagia believe the nutrients it contains, including vitamin B6, will help prevent them from developing postpartum depression.
Understanding Stress : Add Balance To Your Life, Stages Of Stress, Understanding The Three Basic Stages Of Stress
It is natural to resist or deny the presence of stress. We all have a tendency to “plunge on,” working harder and harder to overcome stressful situations rather than to acknowledge the situation and “back off.”
Understanding Stress : Stress Is Determined By The Beholder
Stress is a part of life. Life today is complex, and it is impossible to avoid stress. How much stress a person encounters and how she or he deals with it frequently has a direct connection with mental health. This section will look at stress and its many interesting dimensions, and will address strategies for change.
Welcome to your Third Trimester (part 50) - The stages of labor and you
There is so much variation in the time taken to complete the first stage of labor that for one pregnancy a woman might be in labor for days, whereas a subsequent labor might be a matter of hours.
Welcome to your Third Trimester (part 49) - Fuel for labor, Fetal monitoring
Most hospitals don’t allow women in labor to eat or drink, because if you need general anesthesia, there’s a risk of aspiration. But in 2008, the American College of Nurse-Midwives issued a clinical bulletin stating that allowing a woman in labor to eat or drink provides her with hydration, nutrition, comfort, and can even reduce stress.
How Resilient Are You? - The ingredients of resilience
Learn to observe your feelings without buying into them. Using a practice called mindfulness, get into the habit of watching your thoughts pass through your mind and out again, and you’ll learn that they’re just thoughts. Meditation can also be very helpful, both in itself and for helping you develop everyday mindfulness.
Walk This Way (Part 3) - Solutions with sneakers & Solutions with hard-soled shoes
If your feet have flat soles (when your feet are wet, your footprint makes a feet form), a piece of rubber or sponge shoe soles can prevent foot frame from destroyed. If your feet are high-sole (you just see your footprints include heels and soles of the feet), use a sole with supportive rigid frame.
Walk This Way (Part 2) - Solutions with high heels
High heels makes your leg muscles to locate at shorter position, over time, this process becomes chronic. A study in the Journal of Experimental Biology proved that those wear high heels have the leg muscles 13% average shorter than those do not, making them difficult to walk without high heels because they are unfamiliar with normal strides.
Walk This Way (Part 1)
Running with unsuitable shoes will cause you to slow down the speed, gain weight easily, and be the seeds for chronic injuries. Take a look at the experimental results below to choose the right pair of shoes that best support for your practice.
Welcome to your Third Trimester (part 48) - On pushing
All women will feel an urge to push during labor, but because it’s painful they might resist doing so. Medications, such as an epidural , will interfere with the sensation of needing to push. Your midwife will help you throughout and guide you as to when it’s safe and most effective to push.
Welcome to your Third Trimester (part 47) - The power of music
Research has shown that women who listen to music during labor tend to feel less stressed and are less likely to need pain relief. There’s also some evidence to suggest that babies born to the accompaniment of music are calmer.
Your Body On Detox
When implementing the “Body on detox” mode by drinking juice. The first thing you scare is how your body will operate without protein, fat, and absorb less than 1000 calories a day.
The New Naturals : Ancient Indian medical therapy, Alkaline diet, Skin acupuncture & The detoxification
Ancient Indian medical therapy presents some health techniques such as diet changes, breathing movements and herbs to care for patients based on “dosha” (also known as “body condition”) of each person.
Foods That Make You Do Bad Things
After weeks of diet, hard training in gym, miss all the dessert, you are getting in shape gradually and reduced 5 pounds, at this time, you feel you deserve a reward such as a piece of candy, a soda or a disk of fries, but several hours later, you realize you've eaten food than you expected.
Welcome to your Third Trimester (part 46)
Most childbirth experts would agree that a straightforward vaginal birth is the safest form of birth for both mother and baby. It is also generally considered safe to use water as a method of relieving the pain in uncomplicated labors.
Welcome to your Third Trimester (part 45) - Healthy snacking, Bach Flower Remedies
Large meals are likely to leave you feeling uncomfortably full, especially late in the third trimester. If you go long periods of time between meals, you may become light-headed and feel weak from hypoglycemia—low blood sugar.
Bone Up! - Eating habits for bone, The effect of gravity to bones
According to the latest survey of the National Osteoporosis Institute, approximately 94% of the interviewee replied that they do not worry about the bone status, although among 5 women under 30 years old, there will be 1 person having osteoporosis or problems of bone structure - a starting symptom of chronic osteoporosis.
A Hotter Body – No Sweat
Deep sleep plays an important role in increasing the efficiency of tissue regeneration hormone, the latest researches have shown that lack of sleep will double the risk of gain weight: it promotes your body to absorb more calories and reduce the perception of filling.
Tone Your Back
This relaxing stretch increases mobility of the spine and stretches your upper and lower back muscles. It will also relieve any pressure on the sciatic nerve in your lower back.
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