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The Ultimate Jeans Workout (Part 2)
Warm up on a Spin or road bike for 10 minutes. Stand and pedal all-out for 30 seconds, then sit and cruise at a moderate pace for 30 seconds. Go easy for three minutes. Repeat five more times.
The Ultimate Jeans Workout (Part 1)
Do the following strength workouts three times a week on non-consecutive days. Add one or two weekly HIIT (high-intensity interval training) workouts from the cardio box to blast even more calories and you’ll be slipping into those skinny jeans in less than a month!
Supercharge Your Run
Knowledge is power when it comes to running. You can put it the miles on the road, but the more you focus on stretching, warming up and cross-training, the faster you’ll be.
Maximise Your Afterburn
It sounds too good to be true, but training in the right way sends your metabolism soaring for hours, even days afterwards. This is thanks to excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC), or “exercise afterburn”.
How To Spice Up Your Training
All of these methods will rejuvenate your training. Or try combining them all with this workout. Warm up with a good 20-minute stretch of your calves, hamstrings and quads
Welcome to your Third Trimester (part 44) - Health professionals and you
When you get closer to the birth, and especially during labor, you will find that there is inevitably more contact with health professionals. These individuals are a source of reassurance and a font of knowledge, but as a male you may sometimes feel that you’re being sidelined or that your opinion doesn’t count.
Welcome to your Third Trimester (part 43) - Making the most of maternity leave
A baked potato is a great mini-meal, providing you with carbohydrates. Try different carbohydrate foods in the lead-up to labor to see which you like best.
Fish, Licorice Root, And Seaweed : Eating fish instead of meat could reduce the risk of diabetes.
Researchers in Spain report that the consumption of foods from the healthy Mediterranean diet – olive oil, fresh vegetables, and fish, for example – has declined in recent years as consumers reach for more red meat and heavily processed baked goods.
Enlightened Diet : Microgreen power
When it comes to plant-based nutrition, most people envision long rows of organic farmland with luxurious stretches of leafy lettuces, kale, and other greens. But there’s another type of crop that offers nutritional density and a surprisingly zesty taste.
Welcome to your Third Trimester (part 42) - Desperate for a toilet
In the third trimester you’ll be frequenting the bathroom regularly, as you did in the first trimester. At this stage it’s due to the increasingly heavy baby pushing down on your bladder from above. If you find that it hurts when you expel urine, you may have a urinary infection and should contact your doctor for a test.
Welcome to your Third Trimester (part 41)
During pregnancy, it’s common to eat more often than previously but to eat less at each meal. This is because your uterus has grown so much that all your other organs have moved around and are squashed into much less space. Your stomach simply has less room in it to fit the food so you can’t eat as much before feeling full.
The Return Of Age-Old Remedies
Scientists from London’s Kingston University, in collaboration with Neal’s Yard Remedies, a brand of beauty products in Britain, recently have “rediscovered” some of the benefits of rose, white tea, and witch hazel.
The Gift Of Breath
Breathing is a curious, seemingly miraculous phenomenon. It is the most basic of our voluntary behaviors and yet, as long as we are healthy, it doesn’t require any volition at all.
Welcome to your Third Trimester (part 40) - Baby showers
Throwing a baby shower to celebrate the imminent arrival is a great opportunity to get together with the girls. Arrange it yourself, or ask your best friend to do the honors. Note to best friend: surprise parties are great, but consider whether the mom-to-be will want to be the center of attention.
Welcome to your Third Trimester (part 39) - Items for your hospital bag
Make sure you have all the items you need for your hospital bag. Remember to include items for yourself as well as the baby and, if you know you’re having a cesarean, pack enough items for a few days.
Healthy Eating Strategy: Nibble Nation (Part 2)
The secret is simple: you have to rethink what a snack is – or isn’t, says dietician Keri Glassman, author of The Snack Factor Diet. It isn’t dessert, for example. A snack doesn’t have to be sweet, chocolate-dipped or contain more than 630kJ.
Healthy Eating Strategy: Nibble Nation (Part 1)
There was a point in the not-so-distant past when petrol stations sold petrol, not chips and chocolates. Gyms had water fountains, not vending machines, and food trucks were parked at carnivals, not around every corner.
Welcome to your Third Trimester (part 38) - Prescribed bedrest
You may be closely monitored in hospital toward the end of your pregnancy if there is any concern about your health or that of your baby. A fetal monitoring machine will be used to check your baby’s heartbeat.
Welcome to your Third Trimester (part 37) - A soothing swim
Although you may feel too big to be exercising, swimming is a great activity for late pregnancy. The water supports the weight of your belly, so you may feel much lighter than you do normally. Try to do some gentle swimming as well as just relaxing in the water.
My Poor Diet Saps My Energy
Our new fitness challenge diarist, Vina Silvis, stumbles when it comes to eating healthily and keeping up her energy levels
Welcome to your Third Trimester (part 36) - Kangaroo care & Pamper yourself
Many moms of twins find that feeding them simultaneously, using a specially designed breast-feeding pillow, is the easiest way to manage. This is something you may want to buy now. There is a variety of effective breast-feeding positions for twins that the consultant or a midwife can show you.
Welcome to your Third Trimester (part 35) - Your Rights and Benefits
Having a baby is a huge life change and many new parents find time and money are in short supply. Maternity and paternity leave and pay can help ease the transition, so it’s worth finding out what you’re entitled to.
It's Time To Come Clean (Part 3)
Though most detoxication methods do not force you to cook, but having knowledge of some main methods also help you much. If cereal or fabaceae are included in your favorite menu, do not hesitate to cook them into delicious disks and enjoy them in your meal.
It's Time To Come Clean (Part 2)
Changing habits is a very difficult thing to do, but with the following advice, you will find an easy way to support strongly for the quick detoxication process of your body.
It's Time To Come Clean (Part 1)
Diet tendency can rise and then cool down, such as the need of detoxication (also called cleansing) which is always maintained as a necessary need.
Welcome to your Third Trimester (part 34) - Getting out and about
In most cases, it’s perfectly safe to drive in the months leading up to the end of your pregnancy. However, if you feel that you’re not able to concentrate at the wheel, or driving makes you uncomfortable, then give it a pass.
Welcome to your Third Trimester (part 33) - Group B strep test & A diabetic pregnancy
Ten to 30 percent of pregnant women carry the strep B bacteria in the vagina or rectal area. Known as GBS (group B streptococcus), it is usually harmless in adults, but can cause a rare and serious infection in newborn babies if untreated.
Are We Carb Addicts? (Part 2) - Not all carbs are equal
The biggest culprits are flour and refined sugar, says Prager. And it’s no coincidence that, just like cocaine, these begin as plants and, after brutal processing (often including bleaching), end up as powdery white stuff.
Are We Carb Addicts? (Part 1) - The fact about your fix
Released last year, research from Yale University suggests that sugars and starches (which convert to sugar in the blood) affect the brain in much the same way as Class A drugs.
Welcome to your Third Trimester (part 32) - Fuel for fitness, Getting up from lying down
Demand for nutrients is higher when you’re exercising and even higher when you’re pregnant. This is not the time to reach for low-nutrient, high-calorie snacks; ensure you make careful choices when it comes to the nutrients you put into your body.
Welcome to your Third Trimester (part 31) - What’s in your hospital bag?
Once your partner’s labor begins, your attention will need to be focused on helping her both practically and emotionally. So in addition to helping your partner prepare her maternity bag in advance, it’s a good idea to prepare a bag of your own.
Green Tea Lifts Athletic Performance (Part 2)
Green tea like many other things is good in moderation. You can get the greatest benefit from green tea if you limit your consumption of it to three to four cups daily.
Green Tea Lifts Athletic Performance (Part 1)
Tea, the most widely consumed hot and cold beverage in the world, is second only to water. Every minute people drink about a million cups of tea, with black tea making up 80 per cent.
Welcome to your Third Trimester (part 30) - Lie and presentation
Your baby’s “lie” means which way round she is lying, vertically or horizontally—a horizontal lie is known as transverse. The “presentation” refers to which part of the baby is closest to the pelvis, and would come out first.
Welcome to your Third Trimester (part 29) - Calcium intake & Active birth classes
The goal of active birth classes is to make women feel good about their bodies and give them the confidence that they have the mental and physical reserves to have a successful birth experience. Classes are generally appropriate regardless of fitness level, flexibility, and your stage of pregnancy.
Extreme Anti-Ageing (Part 2) - Diy hormone boosters
While it’s not proven, you may be able to boost your growth hormone supplies naturally with lifestyle changes.
Extreme Anti-Ageing (Part 1) - Hormone injections
From blood plasma therapy to human growth hormone injections, the quest for youth knows no bounds. We investigate the latest anti-aging treatments.
Get Supplement Savvy
If you took them all you’d not only be broke, you’d rattle! So which to choose and how to take them for maximum benefit? We put your questions to nutrition experts to find out the best way to use supplements.
Get Perfect Health Naturally (Part 2) : Stay healthy & Love your pets
If your puppy needs to practice both physical and mental sides, try the treibbal game (read as “try ball”), also called ‘driveball’, which is a quite interesting sport type originated from Germany for puppy, a kind similar to tending sheep.
Get Perfect Health Naturally (Part 1) : Get fit & Eat well
It looks like kid’s game but hoop shaking can bring physical and mental benefits for adults. ‘Rhythmic movements can bring considerable effect to help the mentality be relaxed and release stress,’ shares Cheyenne Wyo, hoop shaking trainer.
Get More Energy In 24 Hours (Part 1)
Now’s the perfect time to spring clean your body, so you look and feel your best in time for summer. If you haven’t the time or money for a spa escape, this 24-hour energy booster is a perfect alternative.
Welcome to your Third Trimester (part 28)
Yoga is excellent exercise for the mind and body while you’re pregnant, and may be a cornerstone of your birth preparations if you choose to take active birth classes . An instructor will tailor a routine for your body and the stage of your pregnancy.
Welcome to your Third Trimester (part 27) - Itchy skin
Having itchy skin on your belly is common: as the skin there stretches and thins, it can become dry. You could try using a moisturizing lotion to soothe this.
Get Halle Berry’s Beautiful Body (Part 2)
Don’t eat anything white. This means no cheese, no sugar and no chips! Eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables.
Get Halle Berry’s Beautiful Body (Part 1)
We can’t help put salute Halle Berry. She’s played every type from a dowdy young woman in Monster’s Ball to a sexy feline in Catwoman. Yet, whatever her role, her gorgeous figure, glowing skin and sparkling eyes still shine through.
Fitness Expert Advice – June 2012 (Part 1)
The best way to do this is with interval training, which burns more calories and fat than conventional workouts. Plus, by ditching single-muscle moves for ones that are multi-tasking, you hit your muscles in a shorter amount of time.
Burn More Outdoors (Part 2) : Weighted vest, Skipping rope, Fitdeck & Reaction ball
“To use” chutes effectively you need to activate your core muscles, keep a strong posture and make efficient use of your arms when running,” says Ingleby. “A base level of fitness is advisable if you’re going to enjoy this piece of kit.
Burn More Outdoors (Part 1)
“To use” chutes effectively you need to activate your core muscles, keep a strong posture and make efficient use of your arms when running,” says Ingleby. “A base level of fitness is advisable if you’re going to enjoy this piece of kit.
A Brighter Life For Less (Part 3)
As long as both products contain exactly the same active ingredients at the same strength (always check the packaging), the generic or own-brand medicine will ultimately have exactly the same effect as the branded one and so could save you money.
A Brighter Life For Less (Part 2)
The front of the face is what people notice first. So when it comes to colouring, ask your stylist to do only the hair that frames your face or through your parting – you’ll pay half the price. It revives your look without denting your wallet.
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