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Shed Those Last 5kg Now!
Your goal weight may be unrealistic, so re-evaluate to see if it’s attainable. You may also be altering your body composition by increasing muscle and decreasing fat. Take your measurements and be critical of how you feel in your clothes.
Pregnancy : The World Inside
When I think back, I can almost feel those kicks again. Few things are as magical as the baby in your belly letting you know she’s there, well before you’ll meet her face-to-face.
Labor and birth : Special Cases (part 5) - Cesarean Section
A cesarean section is the delivery of your baby by means of a cut in the abdomen. A cesarean rate of around 10–15 percent is thought to be reasonable, although in most Western countries the rate has risen beyond 20 percent and around 30 percent of all babies in the US are now delivered by cesarean, an all-time high.
Labor and birth : Special Cases (part 4) - Assisted Birth
An assisted birth is a birth in which either forceps or a vacuum suction cup (also called a vacuum or ventouse extractor) are used to aid a vaginal delivery. There may be some mild side effects such as bruising after an assisted birth, but major complications are rare.
Labor and birth : Special Cases (part 3) - Multiple Births
If you are having twins, you will get the chance to discuss your plans for giving birth with your obstetrician during the pregnancy. Your decision to have a vaginal birth or a cesarean section will probably be based upon several factors, such as the position of the babies.
Labor and birth : Special Cases (part 2) - Breech Baby
Breech labors and births are usually more difficult, so if your baby is still in a breech position in late pregnancy, you may be offered a procedure to turn your baby .
Labor and birth : Special Cases (part 1) - Premature Birth, Induction of Labor
If your labor is induced, the chance that you will need an assisted delivery with forceps or vacuum or a cesarean is increased. This is even more likely if you are having your first baby, if the cervix is unfavorable, or if you’re being induced relatively early in your pregnancy.
Armed and Sexy
So these exercises focus on the middle and rear deltoids, which helps create more muscle definition. To-die-for delts, in particular, are the ideal way to amp up the wow factor when wearing short sleeves .
Labor and birth : 2nd and 3rd Stages (part 4) - After your Baby is Born - Cutting the cord
Your birth partner can provide verbal support to help you deal with the strenuous task of pushing your baby out with each contraction. There may be times when you’re not lucid and your partner will need to speak for you and liaise with medical staff.
Labor and birth : 2nd and 3rd Stages (part 3) - Delivering your Baby - Your birth partner
Your birth partner can provide verbal support to help you deal with the strenuous task of pushing your baby out with each contraction. There may be times when you’re not lucid and your partner will need to speak for you and liaise with medical staff.
“I Gained 45kg During Pregnancy”
As your baby grows and your body takes on a curvier and more voluptuous silhouette, gaining extra kilos is a given during pregnancy. Even so, doctors say it’s no excuse to binge.
Labor and birth : 2nd and 3rd Stages (part 2) - Delivering your Baby - Crowning
As your baby descends, the chin will be tucked down toward the chest and the head will rotate slightly so that your baby is facing your back; this enables the largest part of your baby’s head to pass through the widest part of the pelvis.
Labor and birth : 2nd and 3rd Stages (part 1) - Delivering your Baby - Which positions to adopt
If you prefer a sitting position, try to sit in an upright or semi-recumbent position. If you adopt a sitting position on a bed, sitting at a 45-degree angle can help your breathing and reduce the risk of a condition known as aortocaval compression, which can affect how well your blood is circulated around your body and to your baby.
Learning To Manage Stress : Conceptual Methods Of Coping With Stress, Strategies For Supervisors To Help Employees Manage Stress
Change your internal attitudes/perceptions. While we may not be able to change some types of external stimuli that are stressful, we can change our internal attitudes and perceptions of these stresses.
Labor and birth : 1st Stage of Labor (part 5) - Positions for First Stage of Labor
Many different postures and positions can help you in the first stage, and there is evidence that changing your position in this stage increases the effectiveness of your contractions and reduces the pain. Assuming upright positions in particular uses gravity to assist the descent of the baby.
Labor and birth : 1st Stage of Labor (part 4) - Monitoring During Labor
Throughout labor, your baby’s heartbeat and your contractions will be monitored to make sure that your labor is progressing as it should be and that the well-being of you and your baby is not threatened.
Labor and birth : 1st Stage of Labor (part 3) - Changes to the cervix,Posterior presentation
The cervix is comprised of firm muscle that forms a strong base at the bottom of the uterus. For your baby to be born, the cervix needs to stretch and soften so that it can open, or dilate, and your baby can pass out of the uterus and into the vagina.
Labor and birth : 1st Stage of Labor (part 2) - How Labor Progresses - When it’s time to go to the hospital
Many couples feel unsure about when to go to the hospital. If your pregnancy is low risk, you will almost certainly be more comfortable at home at the start of labor and should wait until you’re in active labor, when your contractions are regular, occurring every 5–10 minutes, and painful, before going to the hospital.
Labor and birth : 1st Stage of Labor (part 1) - Approaching Labor
As labor approaches, your body starts to prepare itself for the task ahead and you may notice various physical symptoms and signs that labor is about to start. Not every woman experiences labor in the same way, and certain signs can occur either before labor starts or during labor.
Understanding Stress : Burnout: An Occupational Hazard
We would suggest the latter, because burnout is simply a description of the condition of people who have become discouraged, depressed or have developed a sense of hopelessness about being able to alleviate stress.
Understanding Stress : How Stress Affects Our Physical Self, Stress In The Workplace
We believe that it is possible to live in stressful situations over a relatively long period of time if we can find ways to manage the stress. The diagram below suggests what happens as our system responds biochemically when we are under stress.
Winter-Proof Your Body (Part 3) - Steal tips from the experts
To prevent flu, I’m always on 1000mg vitamin C and 1000mg omega-3 oils per day, as well as a supplement that contains zinc and selenium. I eat whole foods to build my system. I have about four to five cups green tea per day to give me an extra jump.
Winter-Proof Your Body (Part 2) - Now change the way you live
Micro-organisms, such as bacteria, fungi, archaea and protists, live in and around us all the time. You get helpful and harmful ones but the harmful ones, which cause the conditions for disease, only flourish when we experience emotional, physical or mental stress to our system.
Winter-Proof Your Body (Part 1)
With flu season officially underway, many of us are already in its uncomfortable grip, or tending to those who are. Thankfully we don’t have to worry that a new fatal strain, like that in the disaster thriller Contagion, is going to wipe out the entire population any time soon.
Trouble Down Below? (Part 2) - Urge Incontinence, Do kegels correctly
If you have urge incontinence (also known as an overactive bladder), you get the urge to go even though your bladder is barely filled. You also leak en route to the bathroom. (Having frequent urges without the leakage is called urinary frequency and often has the same causes.)
Trouble Down Below? (Part 1) - Stress incontinence solutions
If you leak when you sneeze, cough, run, jump or lift weights, you have stress incontinence, caused by pressure – “stress” – on the bladder. The cause is a weakness in the vaginal support to the neck of the bladder and urethra, resulting in weakness of the urethral sphincter (valve)
My Your (Body) Language (Part 3) - For the kids
“I knew immediately that she was deeply uncomfortable about her own appearance and, in that moment, felt an overpowering need to make me feel the same about mine. But I still caught myself examining my crow’s-feet in the mirror for the next few weeks”
My Your (Body) Language (Part 2) - What your lover says
“I felt his words like a punch to the stomach. I nearly called off the wedding, even though I knew his comment was no reflection of how attractive he found me. Instead, I slowly became aware of just how much I overeat under stress… In the end, I was grateful for what he said – if not exactly for how he said it!”
My Your (Body) Language (Part 1) - Words will ever hurt me
In a recent online poll, 72 percent of our readers admitted to having been hurt by a negative comment about their weight. Which goes some way to prove that the playground chant about “sticks and stones” couldn’t be further from the truth.
“Giving In Is Not The Same As Giving Up” (Part 2)
The unpredictability of MS is one of the hardest things about it. In good days, I feel like I can do anything. I’ve grown a lime tree, a fynbos garden, and a beautiful boy child. I made my first movie and am finishing my first novel.
“Giving In Is Not The Same As Giving Up” (Part 1) - Ebb and flow
Jacqui L’Ange was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis 10 years ago. Fortunately the disease hasn’t stolen away her sense of humour or her lust for life. She shares her three “no-brainer” life lessons.
Elemental Balance – Insight Yoga Earth
Sarah Powers blends the best elements of yoga, Buddhism, and traditional Chinese medicine in her new DVDs, Insight Yoga Earth: Balancing Yin Energy and Insight Yoga Heaven: Balancing Yang Energy.
Don't Let Flu Symptoms Stop You In Your Tracks. Keep Oscillococcinum Handy!
With health and fitness a top priority, the last thing you need as winter approaches is a training setback thanks to the flu. However chances are that wherever you go, you’ll soon be surrounded by coughers and sneezers, greatly increasing your flu risk, even at gym.
Bored With Exercise? (Part 3)
We don’t know if Piloxing will be coming to our shores, but this blend of Pilates and kick-boxing, which is red-hot in Hollywood now, allows you to work on your core as well as get in a great cardio workout.
Bored With Exercise? (Part 2) - The usual… but with a twist, Don’t hold back!
Some of us thrive on the kick-up-the-butt routine – sign up for something hard core and make sure you show up on time, no matter what. Once you’ve started a programme, you’re usually so revved up you can’t wait for the next class.
Bored With Exercise? (Part 1) - Not much time? Double your efficiency
Many of us are genuinely time-poor, particularly during the week, so we understand if you can’t manage an hour’s workout, But that doesn’t mean you need to need to write off an entire day.
Labor and birth : Pain Relief Options (part 5) - Drugs for Pain Relief - Managing the epidural
Once the epidural tube is successfully in place, the anesthesiologist will give the first dose of medication through it by means of a syringe. Once she is satisfied that the epidural is in the correct position and is working effectively, all subsequent doses, or “top ups,” can be given without another injection.
Labor and birth : Pain Relief Options (part 4) - Drugs for Pain Relief
For some, natural pain relief may not be sufficient to enable them to deal with the increasing intensity of contractions, and they may choose to use medication in combination with natural techniques.
Labor and birth : Pain Relief Options (part 3) - Natural Pain Relief - Massage and touch, A natural home birth
Many women find massage helpful in labor to induce relaxation, bring about a sense of well-being, and alleviate pain. Your birth partner may find it relaxing and therapeutic too. Ideally, he or she will have had a chance to see massage techniques demonstrated in prenatal classes and to practice before labor.
Labor and birth : Pain Relief Options (part 2) - Natural Pain Relief
TENS stands for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation, and is a small electrical device that reduces pain signals sent to the brain. In addition to being used in labor, the device can also be used at the end of pregnancy (after 36 weeks) if you have a backache or uncomfortable Braxton Hicks’ contractions.
Labor and birth : Pain Relief Options (part 1) - Coping with Pain
Labor pain is unique and quite different from everyday chronic and acute pain. Generally, pain is a warning sign that something is wrong, but labor pain acts as an “alert” that the birth process is underway and that you need a safe environment in which to give birth.
Top 10 Gym Mistakes (Part 2) - Tearing it up on the treadmill,The benchmark,Stand and deliver,Planking
I’ve always focused more on running and cycling that other exercises. This means that I’ve consistently worked the same group of muscles – the outer ones – and ignored the others.
Top 10 Gym Mistakes (Part 1) - No jerking,The wrong setting,Pull-down puzzle,Stop the slouch
Unless you have a personal trainer watching over you every minute of your workout, chances are that – at some point – you’re going to stray from the ideal. This may involve focusing on the wrong areas or compromising your form. In extreme cases, this can lead to injury.
Studio Cities (Part 3) - Brazilian spirit & French connection
It was a revolution in my house because may family was very Catholic, and they didn’t understand what was happening to me. But yoga made me change my point of view and the way I was behaving.
Studio Cities (Part 2) - Lighting up Japan
I want to introduce many yoga styles to Japan. I hope to make every person a little happier, make Japan a little bit brighter, and mike this world a more comfortable place. I want to continue doing this for the next 100 years.
Studio Cities (Part 1) - Turkish insight
After opening a studio in 2001, Zeynep Aksoy swore she wouldn’t do it again. The studio was successful and continues under different ownership, while her self-produced DVD sold more than 100,000 copies, but she suffered from burnout.
Om Bringing Your Practice To Life (Part 3) - Nutrients, Healing foods
Studies show that vegetarians’ intake of EPA and DHA falls far short of the 500 milligrams dieticians recommend. Flaxseeds and flaxseed oil contain another omega-3, alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), which the body converts – but only in small amounts – to the omega power-houses EPA and DHA.
Om Bringing Your Practice To Life (Part 2)
A regular practice that includes yoga’s spiritual and ethical teachings may ease anxiety more effectively than a practice of asana, breathing, and relaxation alone, according to a recent study.
Om Bringing Your Practice To Life (Part 1)
If you have time to spare at San Francisco International Airport, follow the signs to the first dedicated airport yoga room in North America, and probably the world. The 150-square-foot space, equipped with mirrored walls and loaner mats, has a no-shoes, no-cell-phones policy and is open to all ticketed passengers.
Home Practice: It's Hip To Move (Part 3)
Open your feet as wide apart as your mat and squat down toward the floor. With hands in prayer position, press your elbows against the insides of your knees. As your tailbone draws down toward the ground, draw your chest and the crown of your head up.
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