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How To Increase Chances Of Conception
Stress can slow down or prevent the ovulation. Women who frequently have stress usually have irregular ovulation cycle. And trying to have a baby increases the level of stress, pushes you into a vicious circle. Some researches show that stress affects the amount of testosterone and sperm production of man.
How To Relax During Pregnancy
In nine months of pregnancy, your body has to experience many changes for your baby’s growth such as having a morning sickness, being tired, aching… If you still have to both go to work and do the housework, all these duties will pressurize you into stress.
How To Work Effectively During Pregnancy
If the smell of coffee makes you want to vomit, then stay away from kitchen or cafeteria. Avoid foods that make you feel sick. There is nothing worse than every 5 minutes you have to vomit once.
Give Up Bad Habits Before Being Pregnant
Not only when being pregnant, women need to pay attention to scientific and appropriate diet but before pregnancy, but they should also focus on this problem.
Gold Tips For Pregnant Women In Summer
The body temperature of pregnant women is usually higher than normal, so hot weather in summer makes them feel more uncomfortable.
Guide Pregnant Women to Eat Fruits in Right Way
Fruits - the same as fresh vegetables are foods that cannot be lacking for people’s health. Especially for pregnant women, fruits have good effect on the process of creating babies’ brain. However, how much fruit is enough for eating is the problem making many women confused.
Have Slim Waist within 3 Weeks
In general, anytime and anywhere that you can keep your belly tight, you should take these advantages. Keep the belly tight in 20 seconds then release. When you ride your motorbike, you should keep your belly tight, sit up straight; try this method during 3 weeks to 1 month, you will feel its effect clearly.
Exercises For Slim Waist And Nice Body
Lie supine, retract your knees, put your soles on floor, and breathe in deeply. Elevate the head and leaned slightly forward, arms straight forward and put your legs paralleled while breathing out. Hold this position for 15 seconds, and then return to original position. Do 15 times.
Exercises For Weight Loss
First of all, in order to lose weight effectively, you should know that when you increase 1 kg, the body metabolic process is up to 13%. Therefore, spending time regularly for exercise and doing exercise with right position to burn calories effectively.
Formula For Pediatric Weight Calculation
After birth, all babies have a same point, it is losing physiological weight. The main reason is the reduction of water in baby body (which is in its body when it is still in mother’s womb) through urine and stool.
Great Benefits Of Water For Pregnant Women
Drinking water brings many benefits for everyone, especially for pregnant women. Pregnant women are suggested to drink 2-2.5 liters of water every day (equal to 8 glasses of water). Besides fresh water, drinking fruit juice, vegetable juice is also good for pregnant women.
Does Morning Sickness Make Fetus Hungry?
Morning sickness makes you feel bad because not only you do not have nutrients but your baby is also stunted, sickly. Fortunately, that's what most pregnant women have to go through, and no matter what, your body will provide enough nutrients and protect baby. Moreover, morning sickness doesn’t last too long.
Early Signs of Esophageal Cancer
The majority of cases of esophageal cancer have poorly clinical manifestations in early stage, so that it’s easy to be confused with other pathologies in esophagus and throat; more clearly clinical manifestations are usually in late stage, so treatment is difficult.
Exercise To Relieve Backache For Pregnant Women
From the last 3 months of pregnancy, future mothers should not practice strong physical fitness. But how to strengthen the back muscles?
Breast-feeding During Pregnancy
Maybe your baby can eat food, be bottle-fed and drink by cup, but you still want to breast-feed it because of the nutritional benefits of breast milk. So you are wondering if you can continue breastfeeding during pregnancy, and what will happen after giving birth?
Change For Better Things (Part 3)
Maybe at this time you are spending much free time on Facebook, shopping mall or watching TV. When you’re waiting for the birth, it is a good opportunity to reassess how you want to spend free time and to find healthier and more productive activities for your family. Here are some suggestions for you to think:
Change For Better Things (Part 2)
Gaining weight too much in pregnancy makes you have higher risk of being obese. This is about 6 times higher when your child is 1 year old.
5 Healthy Problems For Women Over 25 Years Old
Here are 5 problems concerning health that women over 25 years old should be interested in to know how to maintain health.
Be Ready Before Giving Birth
There are dozens of things that mothers need to do before officially hospitalizing for giving birth, but do you know exactly what to do?
Be Ready For A Natural Childbirth
Giving birth is always an interesting experience to all people who are going to be parents especially to first time pregnant women. Therefore, though you have careful preparation, you always feel worry about something not enough for upcoming childbirth. Refer to our advice to have a perfect natural childbirth.
Be Ready For Childbirth
Birth is the most difficult challenge in 9 months and 10 days of pregnancy. Passing this gate, you will have the happiness to hold on hand the little baby that you expected for many days. To have a successful birth, mothers need to prepare mental and health before giving birth.
Delicious Dish Curing Constipation For Pregnant Women
In pregnancy, women usually feel flatulent, indigestion and inside heat. So dishes containing lots of vegetables will be the number one choice.
Eating How Many Eggs Is Enough During Pregnancy?
We all know that eggs are very nutritious for pregnant women, but not anybody has knowledge how to eat eggs sufficiently and safely.
Fruits Removing Nausea For Pregnant Women
In the first period of pregnancy, most women have to pass through morning sickness. The most common symptoms are nausea and vomiting. Vomiting due to sickness is usually in the morning after getting up and meal. Here are some fruits treating morning sickness effectively.
6 Effective Tips To Lose Weight
Weight loss is really necessary, especially in summer days when you want to put on nice dress. Little tips for weight loss as below will be exciting suggestions for you.
10 to 12 Weeks Pregnant : Examine Which Medical Tests You May Need
In today’s world, you have at your disposal an array of tests that can tell you a great deal about your child before he enters the world. The question is, which of these tests do you need? You will of course decide this with your physician, but I believe that being informed can only make your experience better.
What Do Pregnant Women Know About Nuchal Translucency Test?
Pregnant women are usually word of mouth that in 11th-13th weeks of pregnancy, women have to take nuchal translucency test to know if babies have the risk of Down syndrome. In fact, do they understand clearly about nuchal translucency?
What To Do When Miscarrying Continuously?
Whatever situations happening during pregnancy will have a great influence to the psychology and health of women .However, the reason for miscarriage is normally unclear, and even though you have fully vaccinated, applied a science diet, supplied all the necessary nutriment, miscarriage can still happen.
Taking the Pounds Off Plunge
Losing weight safely and effectively requires an approach that includes setting goals (both short-term and long-term goals), changing eating habits, and incorporating physical activity into daily life. Remember: Don’t just follow a “diet.” Aim to eat healthy!
Pregnancy Handbook: Babies Gradually Have Stable Presentation
Fetus’ crania still does not have combination; parts of crania still separate so that babies can move through narrow cervix. But other bone in their body is harder and harder. Neurons in baby’s brain develop quickly in order to support to complete their senses. Especially, apple of the eyes can stretch to help babies recognize shapes
Pregnancy Handbook: Baby Is As Small As A Durian
For boys, two testicles have left abdomen to scrota. However, one or both testicles are sometimes not in right position even when they are born. 2/3 of boys who are hidden testicles will be cured themselves before they are one year old.
Pregnant Handbook: Babies Are As Small As Melon
In the 36th week of pregnancy, fuzz on baby’s skin starts losing gradually together with sebum. Sebum is a quite thick cream to protect baby’s skin during 9 months of soaking in amniotic fluid. Combination between sebum and amniotic fluid creates excrements of fetus.
Top 50 Tips To Have The Most Perfect Pregnancy (Part 2)
In state of preparing for childbirth, what do you need to make ready in order to welcome the healthiest and most perfect babies?
Top 50 Tips To Have The Most Perfect Pregnancy (Part 1)
To have a healthy baby, right before and during pregnancy, women should remember some small tips as follows.
Urinate At Night Is An Anguish Of Pregnant Women
Always urinating and urinating at night is one of the anguishes that most of pregnant women have to suffer. That is normal symptom, usually occurs during pregnancy and end after childbirth.
4 Things Need To Be Done When You Have Just Got Pregnant
Tiredness is one of the common sign at the early stage of pregnancy. Increase in progresterol, morning sickness and change in hormones will make pregnant women feel tired and have no more inner force. In spite of being very uncomfortable, no scientific evidence proves that there are any ways to treat this symptom.
Boost Your Metabolism : Increasing Fiber Consumption (part 2)
Fruits are also fabulous sources of fiber, but most of the fiber in fruit is found in the skin and pulp, which is removed when the juice is made. Juice can also contain too many concentrated calories, particularly sugars that will slow metabolism. Keep in mind that citrus fruits may add a little additional heat to your metabolic furnace.
Boost Your Metabolism : Increasing Fiber Consumption (part 1)
Fresh vegetables provide plenty of fiber, but cooking vegetables can reduce their fiber content. Plus, the vegetables will retain more of their nutrients if you undercook them, and even more if you eat them raw.
Reduce Itch For Pregnant Women
Hormones produced during pregnancy affect your body and are very hot. The fact that skin rubs itself or rub to clothes will create sweat, so the humidity is formed and it causes prickly heat and rash. They usually appear in the folds of skin and wrinkles, which can cause itch and unpleasant feelings.
Secrets Of A Standard Weight Gain During Pregnancy
During pregnancy, many women think that it’s better to eat as much as possible and the more you eat, the bigger and stronger your child is. But the fact is different from what we think.
Signs Of Healthiness
For a woman, period is very vital, and the sign to know about the ovary’s health. Whether it is infrequently long or short, much or little all means that your body is facing problem.
Tips For Reducing Headache In Pregnancy
With physical-mental technique, you can learn how to control functions of body such as muscular stretch, heart rate, and blood pressure in order to prevent headache and reduce pain. If you want to try biofeedback method to treat headache during the first period of pregnancy, you should consult therapist.
Prevent Heartburn In Late Gestation Period
72 out of 100 expectant mothers have heartburn during gestation period, especially in late period. According to experts, the symptom is caused by hormones (affecting the embryo) which operate in mother’s muscles to adapt with embryo growth.
Recognize Signals Of Pregnancy
You may have been pregnant 24 hours after having sex but at this moment, women can’t recognize anything. During this time, it takes sharp-witted women short time to recognize the signs, but a few months for others until the next menstrual cycle. Therefore, it can be concluded that the moment for each one to recognize the signals is going to be different.
Reduce Backache for Pregnant Women
How to deal with backache during pregnancy? Here are a few things you should know about backache and some suggestions to help you feel more comfortable when facing it. At the third month of pregnancy, your body becomes heavier as baby’s weight is increasing faster and faster.
The Truth About The Hottest Diets
A research of American Journal of Nutrition shows that vegetarians are often thinner and have lower risk of getting diseases such as heart disease, diabetes and cancer… because this diet includes lots of fiber, fruits, vegetables, beans, and absolutely excludes meats. Therefore, you can call this a healthy diet.
Plugged Milk Duct and How to Deal With
Expression of disease is that breasts become erection, hurt, heat, and in some cases mothers suffer fever or high fever. Although not damage life, if the disease is not treated immediately, it can cause dangerous condition breast abscess.
It Is Not Good When Kids Drink Fruit Juice
Fruit juice is a general name of all liquid that is made by juicing one of the fruits. It can be drunk with pure form or add water, sugar, ice, or other juices in order to create great refreshment and is often considered to be very nutritious.
No Longer Have Insomnia by Stress
If you often spend more time sitting in front of the computer, TV or phones even when you go to bed, that’s the reason that makes you lose sleep because of stress. Turn off all electrical appliances which are frequently used at least 1 hour before sleeping.
Eating Rules For People With Gastric Problem
You must have 3 meals per day and each must be on time. You’re extremely not allowed to feel too hungry or too full as gastric acids will be produce infrequently, affecting digestive process negatively.
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