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Pregnancy Week by Week : Week 16 (part 2) - How Your Actions Affect Your Baby’s Development
If necessary, amniocentesis is often performed around 16 to 18 weeks of pregnancy. By this point, your uterus is large enough and there is enough fluid surrounding the baby to make the test possible.
Pregnancy Week by Week : Week 16 (part 1)
Fine hair covers your baby’s head. The umbilical cord is attached to the abdomen; this attachment has moved lower on the body of the fetus. Fingernails are well formed.
Pregnancy Week by Week : Week 15 (part 4) - Exercise for Week 15
Tay-Sachs disease is an inherited disease of the central nervous system. The most common form of the disease affects babies, who appear healthy at birth and seem to develop normally for the first few months of life.
Pregnancy Week by Week : Week 15 (part 3)
Research shows if a woman experiences sleep disruption during pregnancy, she may be at higher risk of some pregnancy problems. Less sleep may also increase your risk of postpartum depression. And if you’re exhausted when you begin labor, you may be at a higher risk for a Cesarean delivery.
Pregnancy Week by Week : Week 15 (part 2)
Ultrasound can be used during the second trimester for several reasons. These include diagnosis of multiple fetuses, with amniocentesis, with bleeding related to placenta previa or placental abruption, intrauterine-growth restriction (IUGR) and evaluation of baby’s well-being. Ultrasound at around 20 weeks may be done to determine if the placenta has attached normally and is healthy.
Pregnancy Week by Week : Week 15 (part 1) - Alpha-Fetoprotein Testing
As baby grows, it produces alpha-fetoprotein (AFP) in its liver and passes some of it into your bloodstream. It’s possible to measure AFP by drawing your blood; too much or not enough of the protein in your blood can be a sign of problems.
Muscle Stretching Movements That Are Good For Pregnant Women
Relaxing muscles is very good for pregnant women because this activity helps intensify flexibility, release the muscles that are repressed. This thing will pregnant women let loose their body and they will feel more relaxed.
Pregnancy Week by Week : Week 14 (part 3) - Overweight/Obesity Bring Special Precautions
If you are overweight when you get pregnant, you’re not alone. Statistics show up to 38% of all pregnant women are overweight. About 20% of women are obese when they get pregnant.
Pregnancy Week by Week : Week 14 (part 2) - X-Rays, CT Scans and MRIs during Pregnancy
Some women are concerned about tests that use radiation during pregnancy. Can these tests hurt the baby? Can you have them at any time in pregnancy? Unfortunately, we do not know of any “safe” amount for a developing baby.
Pregnancy Week by Week : Week 14 (part 1)
Pregnancy can make skin tags and moles change and grow. Skin tags are small tags of skin that may appear for the first time or may grow larger during pregnancy. Moles may appear for the first time during pregnancy, or existing moles may grow larger and darken. If you notice any changes in a mole, show it to your healthcare provider!
How Hardcore Are You?
if you’re not making gains, you’re probably not working as hard as you think. We reveal how to turn up the dial to make every session count
Slim In 3 Days!
Nothing beats a healthy, balanced diet and regular exercise when it comes to weight loss, but if you’ve got a deadline to meet, a super-quick body blitz is in order. Whether you’re feeling a bit sluggish or want to kick-start weight loss in time for your hols, our three-day detox is the ticket to feeling lighter and more energized, with clearer skin and increased mental clarity, by the time the alarm clock sounds on Monday morning! What’s not to like?
Top Popular Diseases In Pregnancy That Pregnant Women Should Be Aware Of (Part 2)
The digestive diseases that are popular to pregnant women are diarrhea and constipation. Over 50% of women have constipation in pregnancy. Constipation in pregnancy has the reason from the change about the concentration of typical hormones in this period.
Top Popular Diseases In Pregnancy That Pregnant Women Should Be Aware Of (Part 1)
In pregnancy, the change of hormones will make pregnant women’s resistance reduce. Therefore, besides dealing with the unpleasant feelings such as morning sickness, backache, agita, cramp, edema,...pregnant women can regularly catch diseases caused by weather such as flu, coughing…
Hit The Gym - Whipped
Sick of logging it out on your own in the gym? Go for a group class for a motivational boost and friendly competition. So far, so straightforward… but what if we said to try a class with ropes that definitely aren’t for skipping? These battle ropes are more tug of war than skip in the park!
9 Foods That Are Extremely Good For Pregnant Women
All pregnant women want to have a healthy pregnancy and want their children well developed. To archive the wish, it’s necessary to have a healthy regimen. However, not every woman is able to choose the best foods. Healthy foods will help pregnant women prevent from gestational diabetes, body pain, swelling… during pregnancy.
Dangerous Signs In The First 3 Months Of Pregnancy
Becoming pregnant is an interesting experience, especially when you have the first child. However, this thing means that you will be new to the surroundings. Sometimes, if you don’t have enough necessary knowledge, you won’t know when pregnancy has problem.
7 Benefits From Breastfeeding For Pregnant Women
A part from health benefits for newborns, there’re scientific evidences proving that breastfeeding bring wonderful physical and spiritual benefits to mothers.
7 Important Things That Pregnant Should Keep In Mind
According to long-term researches, it’s proved that there’re many things that women should and shouldn’t do in pregnancy. That abstaining is hard but, it can bring so many benefits for both mother and children.
Be Cautious Of The Pain Symptoms In Mouth
Oriental medicine appreciates the diagnosing of disease in oral cavity. Doctors will find out the reason and signs of some dangerous diseases. We can recognize to be consulted and taken care of timely.
Benefits When You Chew Food Carefully
Chewing carefully will create the full feeling, and as a result, it can inhibit the feeling of craving for food and this thing has effect in losing weight.
“Birthing Bravely” Has Nothing To Do With It
Up to 10 percent of moms to be are deeply afraid of childbirth, a common reason for scheduling an elective Cesarean section. But with group therapy, say Finnish researchers, frightened women can conquer their anxieties and have satisfying spontaneous vaginal deliveries.
Breastfeeding - How Milk Is Made
When I gave birth to my twins a few years ago, I thought I knew a thing or two about breastfeeding. My older son had nursed for 14 months with nary a problem, and I'd been researching, writing and editing breastfeeding articles for this magazine for more than 10 years.
How to Heal After Having Baby (Part 2)
After a caesarean section (C-section), most mothers and babies stay in the hospital for about three days. You will be encouraged to get up and walk very soon after the procedure. Moving around can speed your recovery and help prevent constipation and potentially dangerous blood clots.
How to Heal After Having Baby (Part 1)
Your baby’s finally here, and you’re excited, but you’re also exhausted, uncomfortable and on an emotional rollercoaster. No matter how you birthed your baby, the physical changes of the postpartum period are immediately visible, unlike the gradual changes of pregnancy.
The Mindful Motherhood Training
For this workout, you'll need a mat and a soft exercise ball (approximately 35 centimeters). Warm up with Chi Lunges: Stand with your legs together, arms at your sides. Take a wide step to your right, bending your right knee and sweeping your right arm to the side. Return to starting position and repeat with your left foot, bending your left knee. Do 32 lunges, total.
‎Low Back Pain During Pregnancy
Your spine is a cleverly designed support system. Like the spine of a book it quite literally connects and holds the body together. Every muscle is directly or indirectly dependent on the spine in some way. When your back hurts, it affects many other parts of your body and can cause you to become tired, grumpy and generally not nice to be around.
Work Those Legs - Easy Exercises For Strong, Toned Limbs
Just because you may not see much of your legs anymore (your growing belly is stealing the show) – that doesn’t mean you should ignore them. Your legs have an important role to play during pregnancy and also for your new role as a mom. Leg exercises can be vital in tackling some of the niggles of pregnancy.
How To Quell The Queasies
Biologically, we don't quite know why it happens. It seems that something in the vomiting center of the brain is stimulated during pregnancy to induce nausea. It may be linked to higher levels of hormones (such as estrogen) during pregnancy. And you can add in two more factors that contribute: your heightened sense of smell and the fact that your digestive tract relaxes during pregnancy.
Foods That Prevent Fetal Defects Pregnant Women Should Know
Lacking iron or folic acid will lead to anemia. Anemia caused by lacking of iron can increase the risk of gestational complications, infections, miscarriage and postnatal complications, hemorrhage for example. In the worse situation anemia can cause death to mother and child.
Why Do Pregnant Women Need A Great Amount Of Calcium?
Nutrition plays an important part in pregnancy because it needs to meet the needs of both pregnant woman and her fetus. In pregnancy, the nutrition needs increase at least 25%. Therefore, it’s essential that pregnant women have adequate diets to be healthy and have enough milk to feed babies after pregnancy.
2 Steps To Toned Legs - Tips For Leaner Legs And A Better Backside
As long as you’re sleeping for at least 7 hours, it’s best to get up and work out, since the benefits of exercise outweigh more slumber at this point. But if you were up late and slept less than 7 hours (especially if your total zzz’s were under 6 hours), stay in bed! Here’s why: Lack of enough quality sleep has been shown to cause shifts in blood glucose levels that can increase your appetite and lead to weight gain.
10 Pregnancy Problems That You Should Be Aware Of
It often occurs from the 13th week after the conception. So far, there has been no rule or specific benchmark relating to the phenomenon. Everyone can have different ways but one reason which is due the fact that abnormal chromosome cause damages on sperms.
Essential Knowledge Of Miscarriage For Pregnant Women
The reasons of miscarriage are often carious and impossible to identify. Miscarriage can due to chromosome abnormalities or caused by hormone imbalance, hormone abnormalities, autoimmune disorders, phospholipid syndrome (an immune problem caused by blood clot issues) or womb abnormalities.
Diabetes Is A Popular Disease of The 21st Century
Diabetes is a metabolic disorder caused by many reasons. It is characterized by chronic hyperglycemia and metabolic disorders of sugar, protein, fat caused by the deficiency of insulin secretion, the insulin activities, or both. The disease seems to increase all over the world.
Discover Some Pros And Cons Of Sleeping Positions
We barely pay attention to sleeping positions and just consider the length and quality of the sleep. You might don’t know that wrong sleeping positions will reduce our life expectancy.
Allergies During Pregnancy - What to Expect
If you’ve suffered from allergies all your life, then you’ll know that even though your allergies can’t be cured, they can be treated with anti-histamines and low-dose steroids. But what happens when you’re pregnant and in the same way that you can’t drink, smoke, or eat sushi for nine months, you also can’t pop your allergy meds into your mouth anymore?
Chiropractic And Pregnancy
Aches and pains are par for the course when it comes to being pregnant. And the worst part is, since you’re pregnant, there’s very little that you can take (in the form of drugs) to relieve the discomforts that the majority of women experience at some point or another during their pregnancy.
Ways That Can Prevent Flu Effectively
Preventing diseases is more necessary and important than curing after diseases took place. The habit of living healthily and protecting health can prevent a lot of diseases that are easily infected such as flu. Some following ways can help you prevent flu:
5 Expressions That Show The Signs Of Heart Disease
Heart disease has expressions such as having difficulty in breathing and pain in chest, especially typical intense pain in chest; however, this doesn’t mean that not all people can catch this symptom. Therefore, we shouldn’t disregard the following symptoms
Small Tips That Help Eliminate Toxins Out Of The Body Quickly
Nowadays, together with the development of science and technology, the rate of toxins and disadvantageous effects from people’s activities that affect environment will increase quickly.
Guidance Of Safe Bathing For Pregnant Women (Part 2)
During pregnancy, the sweat secretion of sweat glands will strongly operate and make pregnant women sweat more than normal people; one out of five water amounts was discharged. Therefore, pregnant women need to keep the body clean, especially sensitive parts that are easily have sweat abeyance like in the chest, bellybutton, armpit, the closed areas and G areas.
Guidance Of Safe Bathing For Pregnant Women (Part 1)
The weather is getting complicated, the temperature is sometimes too high and followed by ill-timed rains and the humidity increase which all cause discomfort, the heat to people, especially pregnant women. Moreover, in pregnancy, specific physiological changes make sweat glands strongly operate, which makes pregnant women sweat a lot and discharge lots of vaginal fluid.
Things Extremely Interesting About Placenta
Mothers should know that when ovum is fertilized, placenta will be formed. At this time, cells will be divided into 2 groups: 1 group of cells will become baby and the other will form placenta.
Discover Wonderful Effects Of Coffee Grounds
Most of people consider coffee grounds are worthless. In fact, coffee grounds many surprising effects, such as gardening, preventing insects, skin care, smoothing hair and deodorant.
Serious Misunderstandings About Drinking Alcohol
In fact, many people may have been heard about the experience of drinking alcohol, which could be drinking alcohol with beverages, eating sausages and ham, drinking coffee with tea to reduce the bad effects of alcohol.
How To Help Pregnant Women Limit Premature Birth
In pregnancy, all pregnant women are anxious about premature birth. The following methods will help pregnant women protect themselves with the risk of premature birth.
Important Notes About Doing Exercise In Pregnancy
Doing exercise in pregnancy is very important. This thing is good for health as well as process of giving birth of pregnant women in the future.
Pregnant Women Can Get Pelvic Pain From Hard Work
Pelvic pain is a common signs of pregnancy; it especially occurs in the last months of pregnancy. However, some pregnant women can have the signs in the beginning or middle of pregnancy.
How to Get Beautiful Biceps
Toned, defined upper arms can look so sexy; but to get the definition that turns heads, biceps exercises are a must. Working these muscles can make your life so much easier too – you’ll be able to carry your shopping with ease, hit a tennis ball harder and, of course, look amazing in your strappy summer tops
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