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Nutrition For Pregnant Women During Pregnancy
You are going to become mothers. The most important thing for you at this time is designing for yourselves a diet that has enough nutrients. Nutrition for pregnant women should be diversified and suitable.
5 Most Common Workout Mistakes
Even if you’re not as flexible as the person beside you on the mat, you should still spend time stretching. To get the most from your session, don’t hold your stretches in conventional positions -change the angle and range of movement.
7 Kinds Of Pain That You Shouldn’t Disregard
In life, we can meet attacks. You shouldn’t disregard 7 following kinds of pain and you need to go to see doctor immediately.
How To Lose Weight Quickly After Childbirth
After pregnancy that fostered carefully, most pregnant women gain weight a lot. All women pay attention to the problem of losing weight after giving birth, especially women that work in office. Normally, women are on maternity leave about 4-6 months.
Lacking Sleep - Sign Of Serious Disease
In the case that the body cannot produce hormones, it will make metabolism slow, and as a result, it will lead to reasonable sleep. If you feel asleep and have accompanied expressions such as nails are brittle, easy to break, your skin is dried and you gain weight, you should go to check by endocrinologist.
Boost Your Performance (Part 2)
Contrary to what you might think, long runs aren’t just the domain of those gearing up for marathons all runners can benefit from a regular long run in their program. This is because it improves cardiovascular fitness, enhances fat use, (sparing precious glycogen stores) and helps muscles, tendons and other connective tissues adapt to the forces of running. It also burns a ton of calories!
Boost Your Performance (Part 1)
Running has never been more popular, and the new year always brings a mass of new recruits to what has to be one of the best fat-burning, muscle-toning, stress-busting sports around!
Pregnancy Week by Week : Week 11 (part 3) - Ultrasound in Pregnancy, Fetal MRI
Ultrasound is the standard test used to diagnose birth defects and other problems. It is often the first test used. However, there are some limitations to ultrasound. If a woman is obese, if there is less amniotic fluid or baby is in an abnormal position, ultrasound may not reveal problems.
Pregnancy Week by Week : Week 11 (part 2) - Traveling during Pregnancy, Auto Safety during Pregnancy, Medication Classification for Pregnancy
Pregnant women frequently ask whether travel can hurt their baby. If your pregnancy is uncomplicated and you aren’t at high risk, travel is usually OK. Ask your healthcare provider about any travel you’re considering before making firm plans or buying tickets.
Pregnancy Week by Week : Week 11 (part 1) - Pregnancy May Reveal Future Problems
Your body goes through many changes during pregnancy, which begin almost at the time of conception. They allow your body to accept and to tolerate the genetically “different” fetus. Changes also help your body adapt to nourish and to support the fetus and to prepare you for delivery.
Why You Always Feel Tired
In daily life, you often feel low-spirited and stressed, especially in the hot weather. Effectively, the pressures of work, diseases, medicines, and life changing… are the reasons making you tired.
Be Aware Of Dangerous Signs In Pregnancy
In 9 months and 10 days of pregnancy, it can be not as smooth as you thing. You can face with different symptoms, so you should know which ones are normal and which ones need treating.
Reproductive Healthcare (Part 1)
To pregnant women, hygiene care plays a great role in reproductive health care. It’s the primary thing and can’t be replaced.
Pregnancy Week by Week : Week 10 (part 4)
Nearly every pregnant woman receives information on Down syndrome. Older women have traditionally been offered various tests to determine whether their fetus is affected by the condition.
Pregnancy Week by Week : Week 10 (part 3) - Chicken Pox during Pregnancy, Brain Builders
Did you have chicken pox when you were a child? Ninety percent of women today are immune to chicken pox. If you didn’t have chicken pox, you may be one of the 1 in 2000 women who will develop it during pregnancy.
Pregnancy Week by Week : Week 10 (part 2) - Vaccinations and Immunizations
Immunizations and vaccinations protect you from diseases. A vaccine is usually given by injection or taken orally. Each vaccine dose contains a very small amount of a weakened form of the disease.
Pregnancy Week by Week : Week 10 (part 1) - How Your Baby Is Growing and Developing
When pregnancy is confirmed, it can affect you in many ways. Some women see pregnancy as a sign of womanhood. Some consider it a blessing. Still others feel it’s a problem. If you aren’t excited about pregnancy, don’t feel alone. It’s common.
Can Mumps Cause Female Infertility?
Mumps can cause orchitis complications that lead to male infertility. How about female? Does the disease can effect on women’s reproductive organs and cause infertility?
How To Drink Water Right In Hot Season
In summer, there’re many people like drinking cold water to reduce thirst and feel comfortable. However, this is an unhealthy habit that can cause certain damage to the human health. So, how to drink water right in the hot season?
Scientific Diet For A Healthy Summer
As summer comes, the hot weather makes us feel tired and lose appetite. Apart from providing yourself with water, you need to absorb different nutrients.
Get A Roll On!
The plan how it works: Three to five times a week, do each move in order. To increase the challenge, repeat the entire circuit. You’ll need a foam roller.
Nora Tobin’s Game Plan for Good Health
About half a million readers log on to score Nora Tobin's exercise and diet pointers every week, making her one of our website's most popular contributors. And why not? The competitive beach volleyball-player-turned-model-turned-lifestyle coach is the picture of health (check out those abs!).
Signs Of Laboring
If fetuses are around 38th to 40th weeks and you find some symptoms, such as: uterine contractions, the vagina discharge red fluid, urinal gleaning, water breaking…, you should hospitalize and wait for the labor. However, everyone has different signs of labor.
The 6 Most Important Tests In Pregnancy (Part 2)
The AFP test is not often conducted alone; it’s one of the Triple tests. There’re 3 substances used in the Triple test, such as AFP hCG and Estriol. The AFP test is usually taken around the 15th to 20th week of pregnancy.
The 6 Most Important Tests In Pregnancy (Part 1)
Genetic screening is carried out to detect some genetic disorders of parents, define whether they are dangerous or not. Although parents don’t have diseases, it doesn’t mean they don’t carry a kind of disease gene that can transmit to their children.
Habits Causing Miscarriage (Part 2)
Meat and fish aren’t cooked through (noodle soup of underdone beef, fish salad, sushi…, pregnant women shouldn’t eat these dishes although they used to be your favorite dishes.
Habits Causing Miscarriage (Part 1)
During pregnancy, besides some reasons that cause miscarriage such as mother’s womb is unusual or chromosome, if mothers don’t pay attention to daily activities, it can also increase the risk of miscarriage.
Herbal Remedies For Morning Sickness
While herbalists believe that things whose origin is from natural is effective, cheap and good for health, medical experts rarely advise pregnant women to use herbal remedies because they aren’t sure about its absolute safeness.
Pregnancy Week by Week : Week 9 (part 3)
We have had pregnant women ask us the most bizarre questions or present us with information that is totally incorrect or only partially correct. When we ask them where they found these facts, they often tell us “the Internet.”
Pregnancy Week by Week : Week 9 (part 2) - Some General Lifestyle Precautions
We recommend you don’t take a chance with a sauna, hot tub or spa. Your baby relies on you to maintain correct body temperature. If your body temperature gets high enough, and stays there for a while, it may hurt the baby.
Pregnancy Week by Week : Week 9 (part 1) - How Your Baby Is Growing and Developing
Baby’s arms and legs are longer. Fingers are longer, and the tips are slightly enlarged where touch pads are developing. The feet are approaching the midline of the body and may meet in front of the torso.
Problems In Sleep
Sleep is period that body takes a rest and recharge energy to welcome a new day. However, why do many people not charge energy, feel tired and even die in sleep?
Your Flex is on Fire (Part 2)
The woman works and moves through the hips, working the body and using the eyes to engage with her partner, and McMahon describes salsa as an entire body workout. “You’re using the arms and working through the torso, the hips and the legs.
Your Flex is on Fire (Part 1)
Sex sells, and the fitness industry has certainly climbed on board. Not only have our workout clothes become sexier, but our workouts are joining the ranks. too, with anything from pole dancing and burlesque to belly dancing and striptease, helping us to get in touch with our sexy side as well as keeping our bodies in top shape.
Pregnancy Week by Week : Week 8 (part 3) - Braces during Pregnancy?
It seems people of all ages are getting braces these days. We’ve been asked by women about braces for their teeth during pregnancy. They want to know if it’s OK to continue wearing braces during pregnancy, and they want to know if they can have braces put on when they’re pregnant.
Pregnancy Week by Week : Week 8 (part 2) - Miscarriage and Stillbirth
Nearly every pregnant woman thinks about miscarriage during pregnancy, but it occurs in only about 20% of all pregnancies. Miscarriage occurs when a pregnancy ends before the embryo or fetus can survive on its own outside the uterus, usually within the first 3 months.
Pregnancy Week by Week : Week 8 (part 1)
Your uterus is getting bigger, so you should be noticing a change in your waistline and the fit of your clothes. Your healthcare provider will see that your uterus is enlarged, if you have a pelvic exam.
King Orange Helps Pregnant Women Prevent Flu
We know that kinds of king orange in particular and all kinds of orange in general are rich in vitamin C, vitamin A, calcium and fiber… that are nutritious for pregnant women’s body. Vitamin B9 (folic acid) that is in king orange is extremely important to all of the women, especially to pregnant women and women that are trying to be pregnant.
Don’t Be Subjective With Sinusitis
When many people have runny nose and headache, they are often subjective. They don’t care it and they don’t know that this is one of first expressions of sinusitis. If disease becomes serious, it can cause a lot of complications: blind eyes, inflammation of brain membrane and even death….
How To Improve Memory Reducing
Many old people often complain that they are forgetful. They worry that this state will lead to their memory will reduce and then it will lead to loss of memory and intelligence will decline. This thing can take place, but we can completely prevent it if we try to improve.
How Do American Mothers Teach Their Children To Become Civilized Ones?
Children don’t need to obey, they only need to cooperate, many Western parents teach their children to know how to have civilized and polite conduct from eating and drinking when they are young.
Boost Your Metabolism : Reducing Stress (part 2)
Many essential oils, such as lavender, have proven stress-reducing qualities. A warm, lavender-scented bath, for example, is a great way to relax and unwind. It also promotes restful sleep.
Boost Your Metabolism : Reducing Stress (part 1)
By this point, we know that our emotional, mental, and physical selves are intertwined and interlinked. We have ample evidence to prove that our psychological health affects our physical health, and vice versa.
How To Know Signs Of Pregnancy
You are pregnant when sperm combines with ovum. But in the first month, most of the women are often hesitant whether they are pregnant or not. In about the first 3 months of pregnancy, change of hormone in body will make you have a lot of changes and if you spend time paying attention, you will recognize signs of being pregnant early.
Pregnancy Week by Week : Week 7 (part 3) - Sexual Intimacy During Pregnancy
Many couples want to know if it’s all right to have sexual intercourse during pregnancy. Many men wonder if sex can harm a growing baby. Sexual relations are usually OK for a healthy pregnant woman and her partner.
Pregnancy Week by Week : Week 7 (part 2) - Using Over-the-Counter Medicines
Nearly 65% of all pregnant women use some sort of medicine during pregnancy, including nonprescription medicine, also called over-the-counter medication. Often, it is used to treat pain and discomfort.
Pregnancy Week by Week : Week 7 (part 1) - How Your Actions Affect Your Baby’s Development
A group of medical conditions considered genetic disorders occur more commonly among Ashkenazi Jews, who are of eastern European descent. About 95% of the Jewish population in North America is of Ashkenazi heritage.
Golden Advice For Pregnant Women
At this time, you can feel all of your actions. And this thing is correct; mothers are people that are the most sacred to babies on this earth. Baby’s health depends on your living style. Therefore, you shouldn’t force yourselves to abstain and you shouldn’t spend strength for exercise.
Boost Your Metabolism : Trying Supplements
We have stressed that the first and best things you can do to improve your metabolism are to improve your overall health, nourish your body with ideal proportions of a variety of healthy food choices, and lead an active life that includes regular aerobic exercise.
Boost Your Metabolism : Being B-vitamin Savvy
B vitamins have the power to boost your energy, and thus your metabolism. They are particularly important for helping your body process fats, carbohydrates, and protein into energy.
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