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Home Workout : 10-Minute Tone-Up – Band On The Run
Can’t resist fitting in a workout when you’re on holiday? This 10-minutes routine makes it all the more easy. With simple moves using just an exercise band, we’ve designed a quick workout that will work your arms, legs and bottom – and burn a few of those excess holiday calories, too!
The Truth About … Vitamin C
Vitamin C is essential for maintaining a healthy body. But what many of us don't know is that it is also crucial for younger-looking, blemish-free skin. Of course, what we want to know is exactly how much vitamin C we need to achieve this holy grail of skincare, and why is it so powerful?
Tone Up Your Triceps
Tired of bingo wings? You need to work your triceps, the muscles at the back of your arms. Although they make up about two-thirds of your upper arm, it’s easy to forget about your triceps in your training routine, as you don’t see them. But don’t ignore this important muscle if you want shapely, toned arms.
Tone Up In The Pool (Part 2)
Want to burn a few more calories on holiday? Instead of chatting on a lounge chair, jump in the pool and chat while treading water. You’ll burn tons of calories, while toning your legs and bum
Tone Up In The Pool (Part 1)
If there’s no gym at your holiday destination you might be worried that the beach body you worked so hard for will disappear as fast as you can say all-you-can-eat buffet.
Sleep Like A Baby
If pregnancy complaints are keeping you awake at night, here are some safe solutions for back pain, leg cramps and more.
On A Roll : Strengthen Your Tummy Muscles
Begin by sitting up tall. Bend your knees and point your toes towards the ceiling. Place a band around the bottom of your feet and grab hold of the free ands, keeping your elbows bent slightly and at your side.
No More Workout Woes
Your exercise to feel good, but sometimes your workout sessions can leave you feeling a little rough. Nausea, shakiness or creaky joints after working out aren’t uncommon, but you don’t have to endure these side-effects.
10-minute tone-up – Band on the run
Can’t resist fitting in a workout when you’re on holiday? This 10-minutes routine makes it all the more easy. With simple moves using just an exercise band, we’ve designed a quick workout that will work your arms, legs and bottom – and burn a few of those excess holiday calories, too!
Learn How To Breast­feed
Getting the proper latch can make or break your breastfeeding experience. Our step-by-step guide will help you do it right.
Healthier Eating : It's treat O'clock
We’ve all been there… sometimes the lure of fast food or birthday cake is just too hard to resist. But what if you could have your cake and eat it, without worrying about the calories? Well, it turns out you can enjoy all your favorite ‘treat’ foods without the guilt, if you’re sensible about when you eat them.
Are You Super Sensitive?
If you’re overwhelmed by your emotions, you may be a ‘highly sensitive person’. Taking simple steps to look after yourself will make life easier.
5 Workout Pains
A Hard workout can bring on anything on anything from dizziness to cramps. But which niggles are harmless and when are they a sign it’s time to slow down?
Nutrition : Red meat, Fiber
Eating red meat is associated with a higher risk of early death, a study found, particularly from cancer and heart disease. Researchers tracked the health and diet of more than 121,000 people from 1980 through 2006.
Hormone Copycats : A class of injectable type 2 meds gains ground
For decades, insulin was the only injectable diabetes medication. But in the past seven years, several more have come on the market, including three incretin mimetics: exenatide (Byette), long-acting exenatide (Bydureon), and liraglutide (Victoza).
Exercise Of Diabetics
It’s the age-old question: hit the weight room first or the treadmill? For people with type 1 diabetes, that decision may affect their risk for going low after exercising. Researchers monitored blood glucose levels.
Diseases At Kids
Siblings born in quick succession may have a lower risk for type 1 diabetes, a study found. Researchers analyzed data on nearly 2,800 children with type 1 from 14 previous studies.
Basic Knowledges Of Diabetes
Some doctors don’t follow expert advice on how to treat people with newly diagnosed type2 diabetes, a study found. The American Diabetes Association generally recommends using metformin first, along with lifestyle changes.
The Parent's Guide To Diabetes (Part 4)
When a child has a chronic illness, understanding your insurance coverage becomes part of your job. Make sure you know what medications, devices, and supplies such as test strips are covered as well as any brands that are preferred.
The Parent's Guide To Diabetes (Part 3)
Newly diagnosed kids usually spend several months receiving insulin injections before their doctor will consider putting them on an insulin pump, but you don’t have to wait that long to learn your options.
The Parent's Guide To Diabetes (Part 2)
Inject with less pain. Most diabetes experts will tell you that needles today are tiny, and that’s true – they’re shrunk considerably since the advent of insulin. But that doesn’t mean shots are always painless.
The Parent's Guide To Diabetes (Part 1)
It is a truth universally acknowledged, that parents of young children recently diagnosed with type 1 diabetes must be in want of a little clarity. In other words, if you just found out your child has diabetes and your emotions are swinging from anxiety and despair to complete confusion, don’t worry.
The Runner's Pedicure
Do you have sensitive soles? Is heel skin too hard? That is a common symptom when walking frequently, walking routine can destroy your feet in the long time and make training process becomes painful.
Your Age, Your Perfect Workout
You can choose between these two: you go to the gym 4 times a week next years, train as hard as you can with some fitness equipment and hope for a bright result, or simply you can choose types of fitness training that is designed for your age wisely.
The Right Weight Routine
The strength routines at right target the muscles that are key to reducing discomfort during pregnancy. Choose a weight that allows you to perform the repetitions prop­erly and comfortably and follow the suggestions at right. After your first trimester, avoid any exercise done while lying on your back.
Night Moves
Studies illustrate that who practice some sports before having breakfast will burn more ample fat in a day. Meanwhile, the gold hours for practicing sports focus much on toughness, durability and strength.
It Takes Two : Natural childbirth is encouraged
When I found out I was pregnant, I chose my OB-GYN for two reasons: She came highly recommended and I had heard through other moms that she was supportive of natural childbirth.
Fight Off The Flu
We usually get into the situation of sitting next to a person with a running nose, or flu or coughing, and you doubt that you will be the next victim. The fact is you catch the flu no because of you don’t prevent it, but the bacteria appear everywhere.
Fear Not The Gym
The money you’re still spending on that gym membership doesn’t have to go to waste just because you’re pregnant. Learn how to navigate cardio, weights and class options to stay fit and feel great in every trimester.
Bittersweet (Part 2) - Diet and exercise can help
A GDM diagnosis can serve as an early warn­ing, motivating at-risk women to make perma­nent lifestyle changes. “Even if treatment only delays diabetes by 10 or 15 years, that’s huge,” Metzger says.
Bittersweet (Part 1) - Long-term risks to moms and babies
In many pregnancies affected by GDM, the baby absorbs the moth­er’s glucose and grows bigger than he or she should, and a Cesarean section is often necessary. In others, the baby is underdeveloped and has a low birth weight.
Why Do Pregnant Women Have Stomachache When Eating?
When women are pregnant, activity of digestive system is slowed down. So, foods will be backlog in body. That causes constipation and stomachache directly after eating (because while old foods have not transformed yet, new foods have entered).
Which Fruits Should Pregnant Women Eat In Summer?
We can say that any fruits do have their own preeminent effects, some fruits provide vitamin C, vitamin E; others supply additional water timely for body during and after movement.
Vitamin Treating Constipation For Pregnant Women
During pregnancy, the feeling of flatulence and constipation always occur that makes pregnant women tired and difficult to absorb foods.
Tips On Eating To Be Beautiful In Pregnancy
Sleeping moderately, breathing fresh air, caring skin frequently, doing exercises, maintaining balanced diet will make you healthy and beautiful in all 9 months of pregnancy.
Six Principles That Pregnant Woman Must Not Ignore
Gentle exercise has many benefits for both mothers and babies. Moreover, it also helps your body back to perfect like the time before pregnancy after you bear. These exercises will help the abdominal and back muscles strong.
Rights And Wrongs About Diet During Pregnancy
In general, people usually worry about coffee and carbonated drinks because of caffeine in them. For this problem, researchers have shown that caffeine through the placenta can cause negative effects on fetus; the new-born baby is easily anxious and crying.
Reasonable Diet Prevents Cancer
Scientists say that the unsuitable diet is the fastest way to lead people to have cancer because it accounts for about 40% - 60% causes of disease. How is reasonable eating? That is paying attention to complement a full of vegetables, balance diet, limit high fat and low fiber foods.
Pregnant Handbook : Baby Is As Big As Cauliflower
The 25-week fetus is much more heavy and taller than before. The amniotic sac is more and more tight and that is a reason why baby kicks its mother more. Taste of baby have formed and developed, it knows how to distinguish food taste, and its body is relatively perfect.
Pregnancy Handbook : Baby Is As Big As A Melon
The 24-week fetus has heard sound outside clearly, so parents should choose classical tracks for their baby, watch animation, and tell the story regularly. Moreover, at that period of pregnancy, the baby understands what you say.
Pregnancy Handbook : Baby Has A Size Of A Cabbage
26-week fetus has incredibly rapid development. Most children will reach the standard weight in this week and mothers need to pay attention to closely manage their diet to gain weight not exceeding permitted level.
Massage Your Baby
Your baby has hearing, vision, sensation, memory; especially from the eighth week of pregnancy the baby begin perceiving by feeling.
Is Spasm Dangerous In The First Months Of Pregnancy?
At the later of pregnancy, you will have to sustain pain, spasms. However, some problem can come early in the first quarter of pregnancy.
Is Caesarean Delivery Modern Or Harmful To Babies?
With every 100 children were born in Brazil, there are 80 babies are picked up by caesarean section. The number of American children born through operating in 2006 rose double compared to 10 years before.
How To Reduce Nausea For Pregnant Women
During pregnancy, not all pregnant women have nausea or vomit, but some only have retching symptom . These feelings are very unpleasant when pregnant women smell or eat any foods which are not fitting. Retching does not take women much powers but causes uncomfortable feeling, so how to deal with this symptom?
How To Prevent Difficult Childbirth
According to the statistics of researchers, there are up to 5% cases of difficult birth every year, and pregnant women who drop in this condition unluckily will face with many risks. Let find out reasons of difficult childbirth.
How To Keep A Good Vegetarian Diet For Health
Many people believe that a vegetarian diet can prevent many diseases, but in fact, many complete vegetarian still suffer from chronic diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and dyslipidemia. So is vegetarian the optimized way to protect your health?
Great Benefits Of Yoga For Pregnant Women
Period of pregnancy and breastfeeding makes your shape and outward change very much. But you should not be too worried, the exercises of movement and breathing have had for over 5,000 years will help you strengthen physical and spirit perfectly.
Do And Don'ts When Pregnant Women Have Flatulence
Maybe you are in a divided mind that the foods for pregnant women who have flatulence are a bit little, not enough nutrients in pregnancy. Don’t worry, you should pay attention to your meals until not be flatulence any more, after that you can enjoy other favorite foods.
Deal With Pregnancy Problems From A To Z (Part 3)
Hemorrhoids is created by stretching too much of hemorrhoidal venous plexus at anal and it can protrude to make you pain, itch, and bleed especially when taking toilet. This disease is easy to occur in pregnancy because stimulant factors swell blood vessels and baby’s’ weight creates pressure on it.
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