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Stop The Clock
Of all the hormones, perhaps the most noticeable effects on the skin come from declining oestrogen levels around menopause. This group of hormones keeps the skin soft. hydrated and plump.
Race You To Goal! (Part 2) - Five steps to success
If you think you’re ready to run now, there's a 5K race in Edinburgh's scenic city centre on 26 May. The event welcomes beginners and children. and also includes a handbike and wheelchair section. Visit edinburgh-marathon.conn for details.
Race You To Goal! (Part 1) - Cut out and keep: your 5K training plan
If the last time you ran was at school (and you hated it back then) you may not believe us when we say you can become a runner. But it really is possible! With help from celebrity trainer Matt Roberts we show you how
In This 21st Century's Silent Killer?
Inflammation is more than just the current health buzzword – it’s the factor scientists are pointing to as the potential root of most diseases.
Good, Better Breasts?
The Poly Implant Prothèse (PIP) scandal has ignited fresh debate over the safety of silicone implants. This is not the first scare of its kind, and it surely won’t be the last.
Directions to Paradise
Total relaxation is the ultimate. That’s the moment when one becomes a buddha. That is the moment of realisation, enlightenment, christ-consciousness. You cannot be totally relaxed right now. At the innermost core a tension will persist.
Awaken To The Power Of Your Thoughts
Often times, we pay scant attention to our thoughts. We say, after all, it was but a thought. We must never forget that thoughts are things, thoughts are forces, and thoughts are the building blocks of life.
Pregnancy : Coping with Pregnancy Symptoms - Easing morning sickness
Some women sail through pregnancy without any symptoms at all, while others suffer from every possible ailment. The good news is that whatever your complaint, there are ways to cope. However, if you are at all worried, talk to your doctor.
Pregnancy : Traveling During Pregnancy, Dealing with Sleep Problems, Ideal Exercise
Even if you’ve had a sedentary lifestyle until now, you can safely start an exercise program during pregnancy—just check with your doctor before you get going. Not only will exercise help you maintain a healthy weight, but it will also promote restful sleep, encourage circulation and elimination, reduce tension, and get your feel-good endorphins flowing.
Pregnancy : Your Pregnancy-at-work Toolkit, Hazards at Work
Being prepared to deal with any pregnancy symptoms during working hours can help you to feel on the ball and remain professional with a minimum amount of fuss.
Pregnancy : Your Pregnancy Handbag, Maternity Rights and Benefits
Strict guidelines support your rights during pregnancy, but the provision for maternity leave and pay is still very poor. Take time to investigate what’s available to you, and how you can take advantage of it.
Pregnancy : Perfect Pregnancy Snacks
Not only does your blood sugar have a tendency to dip and soar during pregnancy, leaving you feeling tired and lethargic, but your body needs regular refueling to keep up with the demands placed upon it.
When The Big C Hits Small Fry (Part 4) - Coping strategies
The ordeal of being diagnosed with cancer and the intensity of the treatment are overwhelming to the child and family. It is difficult to maintain a sense of normality for the child, what with frequent hospitalization and treatments.
When The Big C Hits Small Fry (Part 3) - Wilm's tumour,Retino blastoma
Usually strikes children below five. The causes are unknown although a genetic abnormality could be the culprit. The first sign is a painless mass in the tummy, which swells needing a larger underwear size.
When The Big C Hits Small Fry (Part 2) - Bone cancer, Brain cancer, Hodgkins disease, Neuroblastoma
Lymphomas are cancers of an ingredient in the White Blood Cells which reside in the lymphatic system and blood forming agents, and are duty bound to fight infection.
When The Big C Hits Small Fry (Part 1) - Blood cancer
Blood cancer (acute lymphoblastic leukemia) White Blood Cells develop in the stem cells in the bone marrow. When this development goes berserk, pieces of chromosomes get rearranged so that affected cells multiply uncontrollably and become cancerous.
Take A Good Shot... Or Two (Part 3) - Pneumococcal Infection
You need the vaccine if you have chronic heart and lung disease, do not have a functioning spleen, have cancer of the blood cells, have a spinal fluid leakage, and drink not wisely but too well.
Take A Good Shot... Or Two (Part 2) - A few good shots
A single dose vaccine can be given if there is an outbreak, although the effect lasts for only a few months. Hepatitis A is a food based infection which affects the liver and is marked by jaundice (yellowing) and pain.
Take A Good Shot... Or Two (Part 1)
Vaccinations aren’t only for babies and toddlers according to a strict schedule, booster doses, eta! Adults need them too. Depending on your circumstances, your age, health history, childhood vaccinations, occupation and travel plans, you may be advised to have certain immunization shots. Here’s a handy guide.
Producing Results
For a couple of months Raja tried to do it on his own. He cut down on his intake, went for daily walks. The 3 kilos he dropped proved to be a pinprick on his 123-kilo frame.
Interesting discoveries on baby's kicks
All future moms want to feel the first kicks of their babies. It is an interesting feeling and evidence showing that the babies still develop healthily in their bellies.
Postures for pregnant women to have a sound sleep
Turning the body and lying comfortably in the bed may be one of the biggest wishes of pregnant women, especially when they want to lie prostrate or supine since both postures cause problems for them.
Pregnancy : Nutrition During Pregnancy
A healthy diet not only helps ensure that your baby gets all the nutrients he needs for optimum growth and development, but it also minimizes the risk of pregnancy complications, and provides you with plenty of energy.
Pregnancy : Budgeting for Baby, Your Basic Maternity Wardrobe
Early pregnancy is a great time to look closely at your financial situation and plan ahead. There’s no doubt that having a baby can be expensive, but with a little tweaking of the budget, and some prudent cuts, you can help to make sure that you are in a comfortably stable financial position to enjoy life as a parent.
Pregnancy : What to do if the Test is Positive, What to do if the Test is Positive
The confirmation that you are about to become a mother heralds a new stage in your life, and now is the perfect time to start planning and preparing for the changes ahead. You may be experiencing mixed feelings about the news, and that’s entirely normal.
The A – Z Guide To A Healthier Happier You! (Part 4)
There is growing evidence of high levels of deficiency – around half of us have inadequate vitamin D levels and one in six is severely deficient during the winter months. Add in low levels being linked with diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, MS and cancer, and it’s no wonder that many of us are now taking a regular dose.
The A – Z Guide To A Healthier Happier You! (Part 3)
For people who suffer from repeated bouts of depression, mindfulness-based cognitive therapy (MBCT) can be transformative. MBCT combines meditation that involves being fully aware of what’s happening in the present moment without judging it, and cognitive therapy, which helps you change the way you see your life.
The A – Z Guide To A Healthier Happier You! (Part 2)
The latest research suggests that fish oils may go beyond relieving joint pain and could actually slow down the progress of osteoarthritis. Bristol University researchers who gave omega 3 fatty acids to guinea pigs (an animal that naturally develops the disease) found that those treated with fish oil had a 50% reduction on disease.
The A – Z Guide To A Healthier Happier You! (Part 1)
New research is emerging that suggests that occasional fasting – cutting calories down to a minimal 500 – 800 a day – could have positive health benefits.
Sun Sea And Port! (Part 2) - Outdoor swimming, Rollerblading, Water- skiing
There is nothing like that first dip in a glistening hotel pool. Refreshing and revitalising, swimming can be pretty body transforming, too- even doggy- paddle can burn over 200 cals an hour.
Sun Sea And Port! (Part 1) - Surfing, Tennis
Is sunbathing near the lifeguards the closest you have come to surfing? Make this the year you get more from your holiday, with uor insider summer sports tips to help you perform like a pro.
Drop 5 lbs : 3 easy ways to save 100 calories in June
When it comes to weight loss, it’s not the diet itself that matters but the calories that count. A major new study has found that people following a low-fat or a low-carb diet are no more successful than those following other diets.
Your Dream Team Workout
Tennis burns up to 200 calories per half hour- plus it is free, fun and a perfect excuse to round up your friends for a trip to the park. Do it on non- Zumba days so your are not knackered pre- class. Check out page 100 for our expert tips.
The No Time No Gym Get Fit Plan (Part 3)
Adding toning moves and pushing yourself to work harder will help turn your walk into a total body workout. Try these simple additions to impove the toning effect.
The No Time No Gym Get Fit Plan (Part 2)
For anyone reading this who feels the simply do not have 10 minutes- let alone half and hour- each day to set aside for walking, here is how to integrate the benegits into everyday life.
The No Time No Gym Get Fit Plan (Part 1)
Stay healthy, lose weight and feel fantastic. If you saw all those claims on a bottle of pills you’d think it was too good to be true. But walking can deliver all these fantastic results- and so much more. Plus, it’s fun, easy to fit into your life and it’s free!
Master Class - Laid Back (Part 3)
Anantasana requires complete mindful attention in order to maintain extension and stability. As you transition into the full pose, initiate and refine your physical adjustments slowly and remain poised, calm, and centered.
Master Class - Laid Back (Part 2)
Plank pose will activate your abdominal and spinal muscles and engage your core strength. When done skillfully, this core support makes it possible to maintain the natural curves in your spine, which will help keep you stable in Anantasana.
Master Class - Laid Back (Part 1)
Any number of things can pull you off balance. If you lose your focus, you might topple over, tweak your neck, or bruise your pride. Lose stability along your spine, slouch your back, or round your shoulders, and the pose collapses.
Is A Holistic Hen Do For You? (Part 2)
Swapping cliched hen activities like pole- dancing or cocktail- making classes for music- video dance classes and healthy cookery lessona will get you a piece of the holistic action for a fraction of the price.
Is A Holistic Hen Do For You? (Part 1)
If you think this all sounds suspiciously similar to the classic hen’s spa break, you would be wrong. Spending all weekend drifting about in a bathrobe seems, so, well, 2010, compared to the latest seriously body- honing hen breaks.
Home Practice - Sitting Pretty
A steady flow practice is an excellent way to prepare the body and mind for seated meditation. Use the physical pose to prepare your spine, use your breath and the alignment points of each pose to calm and still your mind.
Eat Better: Confused by food?
Want to keep your brain flexible and fit? New research says people who eat lots of fruit, vegetables and fish have better mental performance. Higher blood levels of vitamins B, C, D, E and omega-3 fatty acids were linked with higher scores in thinking and brain volume tests.
Dr Oz's Weight-Loss Rules
The following pose activates your parasympathetic nervous system – the part that helps to relax and counter the stress response. Lie on the rug or mat, arms by your sides, and let your muscles melt into the floor.
Ask Sarah: lost weight, vitamin D
Basically, weight loss cmes down to the balance between the number of calories you burn and the number you take in. if you and your friend eat exactly the same but she’s exercising more, she’ll lose more weight.
5 Ways To Improve Your Family's Health In May
Foods high in vitamin C help the body absorb the kind of iron found in chickpeas, leafy greens and other plants – so it’s especially important for vegetarians to combine lemone and other citrus fruits with their salad and veg portions.
Advisor Speak: Oiling, massaging, and protect your hand
If you can’t avoid these altogether, applying a cloth that has been soaked in ice-cold water for 5 minutes, is the easiest solution to preventing the bites from getting further inflamed.
12 Weeks To A Healthier Family (Part 2)
If you fell you can’t even slip downstairs to your basement long enough to make your treadmill worthwhile, bring the equipment to you.
12 Weeks To A Healthier Family (Part 1)
Last year, the Institute of Medicine in the US increased its recommendations for the first time since 1997. Kids and young adults need 400 IUs of vitamin D every day, up from 200 IUs. You can get this amount from supplements, or D-rich sources like milk.
Understanding Mental Health : Basic Ingredients For Good Mental Health
To understand mental health, it is important to recognize some of the concepts related to emotional maturity. Below are criteria that describe an emotionally mature person. Check those statements you feel are like you.
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