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Flu Shot Excuses-Busted
A new survey shows that only 46 percent of Americans intend to get the vaccine this season. Here’s a look at some common cop-outs-and why it’s time to change your thinking.
Comparison Between Normal Delivery And Caesarean (Part 2)
Caesarean is a savior for pregnant women and fetuses having unusual problem such as the unfavorable position of the fetal head, having dangerous defects such as heart diseases, kidney diseases, placenta praevia… With this method, pregnant women don’t have to waste their strength and don’t have to stand the labor pain; they will be completely of sound mind during the caesarean.
Comparison Between Normal Delivery And Caesarean (Part 1)
Let’s find out the plus and minus of normal delivery and caesarean to choose the suitable method for your childbirth.
Your Pregnancy After 35 : Your Career and Your Pregnancy (part 6) - State Laws
Many states have passed legislation that deals with parental leave. Some states provide disability insurance if you have to leave work because of pregnancy or birth.
Your Pregnancy After 35 : Your Career and Your Pregnancy (part 5) - Insurance-Coverage Questions, Laws That Protect You during Pregnancy
The Pregnancy Discrimination Act of 1978 requires companies employing 15 or more people to treat pregnant workers the same way they treat other workers who have medical disabilities and cannot work.
Your Pregnancy After 35 : Your Career and Your Pregnancy (part 4) - Driving during Pregnancy
It is usually safe to drive during pregnancy, but it may become uncomfortable for you to get in and out of the car as pregnancy progresses. However, your increasing size shouldn’t interfere with your ability to drive.
Pregnancy Week by Week : Week 39 (part 3) - Anesthesia Problems and Complications, Cord-Blood Banking
You may have heard about storing blood from your baby’s umbilical cord after birth. Cord blood is blood in the umbilical cord and placenta, which in the past were usually thrown away after delivery. Stem cells have proved useful in treating some diseases. Treatment corrects and/or replaces diseased or damaged cells.
Pregnancy Week by Week : Week 39 (part 2) - What Is an Epidural Block?
An epidural block provides excellent relief by blocking painful sensations between the uterus and cervix, and your brain. Medication in the epidural prevents pain messages from traveling up your spinal cord to your brain.
Pregnancy Week by Week : Week 39 (part 1) - Can Your Baby Get Tangled in the Cord
You may have been told by friends not to raise your arms over your head or to reach high to get things because it may cause the cord to wrap around the baby’s neck. There doesn’t seem to be much truth to this old wives’ tale.
Tone And Stretch Your Waist
This graceful move will help lengthen and strengthen your lateral oblique, the muscles that help form your waistline. In everyday life, the lateral oblique are rarely worked, which leads to those tell-tale ‘love handles’ around your midsection. Using the ball makes this move more challenging, as the constant wobble will work your abs and the stabilizing muscles In your shoulders that much harder.
Burn It Up
Hold a dumbbell in each hand with your palms facing your legs. Hinge forward from the waist with a slight bend in your legs so your arms are hanging down towards the ground.
Join The Resistance
Improve your striding form – and boost your all-round fitness – with these conditioning workouts designed to match your running goals
Your Pregnancy After 35 : Your Health and Medical History (part 3) - Celiac Disease, Chicken Pox, Cytomegalovirus , Diabetes
Celiac disease is a digestive disease that affects the small intestine. If you have celiac disease, you have an allergy to gluten, which causes your intestines to absorb fewer nutrients. Symptoms include diarrhea, abdominal pain, bloating, irritability and depression.
Your Pregnancy After 35 : Your Health and Medical History (part 2) - Allergies, Anemia, Asthma
Your health directly affects your baby’s health and well-being. Some illnesses, diseases and conditions women experience during pregnancy can affect their babies; it’s a good idea to be informed about them.
Your Pregnancy After 35 : Your Health and Medical History (part 1) - Choosing a Healthcare Provider
You have many choices among healthcare providers to care for you during pregnancy. You can choose an obstetrician, a family practitioner, a certified nurse-midwife or a nurse practitioner to oversee your prenatal care.
Pregnancy Week by Week : Week 38 (part 2)
You may not feel much like eating now, but it’s important to eat healthfully. Snacks might be the answer—eat small snacks throughout the day to keep your energy levels up and to help avoid heartburn. You may also be tired of the foods you’ve been eating.
Pregnancy Week by Week : Week 38 (part 1) - Tests You May Have during Labor, Breech and Other Abnormal Presentations
If you think you may be in labor and go to the hospital, you will have a labor check. Vital signs will be taken, a monitor will be placed on your abdomen and a pelvic exam will be done.
Noticeable Things In Daily Routine Of Pregnant Women (part 2)
Some food when eating raw may cause listeria infection (causing miscarriage, meningitis and sepsis), disease caused by xanmon bacteria (causing diarrhea) and other dangerous diseases.
Noticeable Things In Daily Routine Of Pregnant Women (part 1)
All researching documents show that, dyeing hair during pregnancy is safe but it’s the best to wait till the first quarter is over, when your fetus has attached to the womb and had less affection from the chemicals from hair dyes.
Your Pregnancy After 35 : Your Career and Your Pregnancy (part 3) - Inconveniences and Risks to Consider
If you travel, your discomfort level is likely to increase, especially if you’re cooped up in a car or plane for hours. You may have trouble sleeping in a strange bed. If you develop a complication while you’re away from home, those who have been involved in your pregnancy and know your history will not be available to care for you.
Your Pregnancy After 35 : Your Career and Your Pregnancy (part 2) - Carpal Tunnel Syndrome during Pregnancy
Carpal tunnel syndrome is characterized by pain in the hand and wrist, which can extend into the forearm and shoulder. It is caused when the median nerve in the wrist is compressed.
Your Pregnancy After 35 : Your Career and Your Pregnancy (part 1) - Work Risks Associated with Pregnancy
If you work during pregnancy, keep in mind a few precautions. You will probably have to slow down and to lighten your duties. Expect to take things a little easier at work and at home—you may not be able to do some of the things you do when you aren’t pregnant. Learn to ask for help when you need it.
How To Have Shapely Legs
Just because you can’t see them in the mirror, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t work your hamstrings. They’re the muscles that help protect your knees (along with your quads, they help your knee absorb shock). They also shape your entire lower body, so you look great from behind as well as in front’
Pregnancy Week by Week : Week 37 (part 2) - Vaginal Birth after Cesarean
Should you attempt a vaginal delivery after having had a Cesarean delivery? Medically speaking, the method of delivery isn’t as important as the well-being of you and your baby.
Pregnancy Week by Week : Week 37 (part 1) - How Your Actions Affect Your Baby’s Development
Most women plan on a vaginal birth, but a Cesarean delivery is always a possibility. With a Cesarean, the baby is delivered through an incision made in the mother’s abdominal wall and uterus. An
Cholesterol Control Tips
Are you tired of the egg diet, or to limit eating shrimp? If you are avoiding foods because of their high cholesterol, you may need to rethink your strategy.
Pregnancy Week by Week : Week 36 (part 3) - Packing for the Hospital
Packing for the hospital can be unnerving. You don’t want to pack too early and have your suitcase staring at you. But you don’t want to wait till the last minute, throw your things together and take the chance of forgetting something important.
Pregnancy Week by Week : Week 36 (part 2) - How Your Actions Affect Your Baby’s Development
It’s time to choose a doctor for your baby. You might choose a pediatrician—a doctor who specializes in treating children. Or you might choose a family practitioner.
Pregnancy Week by Week : Week 36 (part 1) - Restless-Leg Syndrome
You have only 4 to 5 weeks until your due date. You may have gained 25 to 30 pounds (11.25 to 13.5kg), and you still have a month to go. It isn’t unusual for your weight to stay the same or change very little at your weekly visits after this point.
Appropriate Diet To Control Or Reduce Cholesterol
Cholesterol is a substance produced naturally by the body. There are two types of cholesterol: HDL, known as good cholesterol, and LDL, often called bad cholesterol. High cholesterol levels in the body can cause serious problems. One way to lower cholesterol is through diet.
Your Pregnancy After 35 : First-Time or Repeat Pregnancy ? (part 2) - Involving Your Children
Being pregnant when you already have children may raise some concerns for you. You’ll probably feel anxious about how the new baby will affect your older children and your relationships with them.
Your Pregnancy After 35 : First-Time or Repeat Pregnancy ? (part 1)
With a repeat pregnancy, you may feel baby move sooner than with a first pregnancy. Part of this may be because you already know what baby’s movements feel like, so you identify them sooner.
Ten Misconceptions About Cholesterol You May Not Know
While genetics plays an important role, selecting a diet has a significant impact on cholesterol level. If your family has high cholesterol genetic factors, you must take preventive steps and more active to keep your cholesterol level in normal.
10 Ways To Stick To Your Diet On Vacation
Maintaining a diet is always easier if you can control completely the cooking. But holidays do not mean your diet go away. There are many ways to keep your calories under control while you’re away from home, but you may have to make some changes when you can’t cook by yourself.
How To Lose 15 Pounds In 3 Days
We almost can’t lose 15 pounds in just 3 days – and if you do, it’ll not be a permanent weight loss but water weight. However, if you are retaining a significant amount of water and are willing to adhere to strict diet, you can lose weight more quickly - although it may not be up to 15 pounds. You can regain all of the water weight for non-compliance with your diet.
Pregnancy Week by Week : Week 35 (part 3) - What Is Placenta Previa?
With placenta previa, the placenta attaches to the lower part of the uterus instead of the upper wall; it lies close to the cervix or covers it. The problem occurs about once in every 170 pregnancies.
Pregnancy Week by Week : Week 35 (part 2) - How Your Actions Affect Your Baby’s Development - Preparing for Baby’s Birth, Preregistering at the Hospital
You may be feeling a little nervous about knowing when it’s time to call your healthcare provider or go to the hospital. Ask about signs to watch for at one of your prenatal visits. In prenatal classes, you should also learn how to recognize the signs of labor and when you should call your healthcare provider or go to the hospital.
Pregnancy Week by Week : Week 35 (part 1) - Umbilical-Cord Prolapse, Emotional Changes in Late Pregnancy
With umbilical-cord prolapse, the umbilical cord is pushed out of the uterus too soon. It’s rare and is a life-threatening emergency for the baby. It happens when the cord passes alongside or past part of baby, which compresses the umbilical vessels and shuts off the supply of blood and oxygen to the baby.
7 Shocking Ways To Lose Weight
Researchers from Arizona State University and Erasmus Rotterdam have found that when you eat in front of a mirror, you will digest slower and eat less than usual. In their experiments, researchers placed a mirror in front of participants and what they found was that: those who ate in front of a mirror tended to consume less food than those who don’t.
Bye, Belly Flab – Get Your Body Back
The thought of doing a million crunches to get rid of your post-baby "pooch" sounds pretty boring, right? As luck would have it, you don’t need to, because crunches are as ineffective as they are dull for toning your abs muscles.
Discover Interesting Things In 40 Weeks Of Pregnancy (Part 3)
In the 3rd term of pregnancy, though you can feel more tired and the body is heavier, you and your fetuses have been through 2 thirds of the path. Soon you family will be glad to welcome a new dear member. In the remained one thirds, there’re changes that cause discomfort to pregnant women.
Discover Interesting Things In 40 Weeks Of Pregnancy (Part 2)
Fetuses will have the size of a peach in the first 3 months, increase height in the 3 medium ones and have the height and weight increased at the 30th week: they’ll weigh 1.5kg and look like complete infants.
Discover Interesting Things In 40 Weeks Of Pregnancy (Part 1)
Getting pregnant and having babies are ones of the most marvelous and sacred things of the nature. In 9 months and 10 days of pregnancy, women’s bodies have to change to adjust the pregnancy and foster fetuses. Even the fetuses experience different developments to prepare for the due day.
Healthy Menu For Pregnant Women Who Are Vegetarians
Eating sensibly during pregnancy helps pregnant women to maintain the best supplement of vitamins and minerals for fetal best developments. Therein, the main food groups such as meat, fish, seafood… have plenty of iron, protein, vitamin B12, calcium… which are necessary for fetal developments.
Signs That Pregnant Women Should Take Notice Of
Ectopic pregnancy is a dangerous complication that the embryo nestling outside the uterus. In most cases, ectopic pregnancy can’t stand for long. Moreover, pregnant women can be endangered by the pregnancy as the hemorrhage is a complication able to threaten the life of them.
Pregnancy Week by Week : Week 32 (part 3) - Cancer and Pregnancy
Pregnancy is a happy time for most women. Occasionally, however, serious problems can occur. Cancer in pregnancy is one serious complication that occurs rarely.
Pregnancy Week by Week : Week 32 (part 2)
If you’re expecting more than one baby, your nutrition and weight gain are very important during pregnancy. Food is your best source for nutrients, but keep taking your prenatal vitamin every day. The vitamins and iron in prenatal vitamins are still essential to your well-being and the well-being of your baby or babies.
Pregnancy Week by Week : Week 32 (part 1) - How Your Baby Is Growing and Developing
The rate of multiple births is going up—since 1980, the rate of twin births has increased 70%. Statistics show that close to 4% of all births in the United States are multiple births. If you’re expecting more than one baby, you’re not alone!
Pregnancy Week by Week : Week 31 (part 3) - What Is Pre-eclampsia?
Pre-eclampsia describes a group of symptoms that occur only during pregnancy or shortly after delivery. Pre-eclampsia seems to be on the rise; the condition affects 1 in 20 pregnancies and accounts for over 15% of all maternal deaths during pregnancy.
Pregnancy Week by Week : Week 31 (part 2) - How Your Actions Affect Your Baby’s Development
Some women experience an increase in saliva during pregnancy. Hormones are the culprit. Too much saliva is called ptyalism; it occurs when estrogen levels increase. The condition often runs in families. Morning sickness may also contribute to the problem.
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