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What to Eat When You're Pregnant and Vegetarian : Other essential vitamins and minerals (part 2) - Vitamin B2, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12
What it’s for: Riboflavin is needed for the conversion of fats, protein and carbohydrate into energy. Deficiency can result in cracked skin at the corners of the mouth and skin problems around the nose, eyes and tongue.
What to Eat When You're Pregnant and Vegetarian : Other essential vitamins and minerals (part 1) - Vitamin A , Folic acid
Where it’s found: There are two forms of vitamin A: retinol and beta-carotene. Retinol is found in animal products, including eggs and milk, and beta-carotene is found in carrots and other orange fruit and vegetables.
Your Pregnancy After 35 : More Than One Baby (part 6) - Other Considerations
Often a physician advises a woman expecting twins to stop working at least 8 weeks before her due date. Ideally, you should stop working at 28 weeks with a twin pregnancy—24 weeks if your job requires standing or other physical exertion.
Your Pregnancy After 35 : More Than One Baby (part 5) - Delivering More Than One Baby
Multiple fetuses are often delivered early. How babies are delivered often depends on how they are lying in the uterus. All possible combinations of fetal positions can occur.
Your Pregnancy After 35 : More Than One Baby (part 4) - Take Care of Yourself, Your Nutrition with a Multiple Pregnancy
Taking care of yourself when you are expecting more than one baby is the best way to take care of your developing babies. An important thing to remember with a multiple pregnancy is to take things more slowly from the beginning of your pregnancy until delivery.
37 to 40 Weeks Pregnant (part 6) - 40 WEEKS PREGNANT
If you haven’t already had your baby, you’re now forty weeks pregnant and have either reached your estimated due date or are very close. Congratulations! Your baby will be here very soon.
37 to 40 Weeks Pregnant (part 5) - 39 WEEKS PREGNANT
A small folding/portable bookcase might have been your first choice for this area. It will work well while you’re holding a baby. But a sturdy one will work better over the long haul. For example, a toddler might grab one of the legs of the portable bookcase as he crawls by and down it may go!
Your Pregnancy After 35 : More Than One Baby (part 3) - Twin-to-Twin Transfusion Syndrome
Twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome (TTTS), also called chronic intertwin transfusion syndrome, occurs only in identical twins who share the same placenta. The condition can range from mild to severe and can occur at any point during pregnancy, even at birth.
Your Pregnancy After 35 : More Than One Baby (part 2) - Increased Risks Associated with a Multiple Pregnancy
If a woman is pregnant with more than one baby, her risk of problems during pregnancy increases. You can minimize your risks, and possibly avoid them, with good prenatal care and careful attention to your health.
Your Pregnancy After 35 : More Than One Baby (part 1) - How a Multiple Pregnancy Occurs
A multiple pregnancy occurs when a single egg divides after fertilization or when more than one egg is fertilized. It also happens with fertility treatments, when more than one fertilized egg is placed in the uterus.
What to Eat When You're Pregnant and Vegetarian : Planning a healthy diet (part 3) - Planning meals
If you’re not a very adventurous cook, now is a good time to start experimenting with different ingredients. By eating a variety of pulses, nuts, starchy foods and vegetables, you’re more likely to get all the nutrients you need.
What to Eat When You're Pregnant and Vegetarian : Planning a healthy diet (part 2) - Protein foods,High-fat or high-sugar foods
As well as providing essential fatty acids, fat is needed for the absorption of the fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E and K. It is estimated that about 30g of fat is needed each day. However, fat shouldn’t make up more than 35% of your calorie intake.
What to Eat When You're Pregnant and Vegetarian : Planning a healthy diet (part 1) - The five food groups - Fruit and vegetables, Starchy foods
Foods such as breakfast cereals, bread, rice, couscous, potatoes and pasta provide starchy carbohydrates, also known as complex carbohydrates or good carbohydrates.
Your Pregnancy After 35 : Tests for You and Your Baby (part 10) - Tests for the Woman Expecting Multiples
If you are carrying more than one baby, the number of tests you receive, and when you receive them, will be different. Some researchers recommend if you are at least 32 years old and your healthcare provider determines you’re carrying more than one baby, you should have chromosome testing, such as amniocentesis or chorionic villus sampling.
Your Pregnancy After 35 : Tests for You and Your Baby (part 9) - Pap Smear
Often on your first prenatal visit, you will have a Pap smear if it’s been a year or more since your last test. If you’ve had a normal Pap smear in the last few months, you won’t need another one.
Your Pregnancy After 35 : Tests for You and Your Baby (part 8) - Cystic Fibrosis Screening Tests, Jewish Genetic Disorders
Cystic fibrosis (CF) is a genetic disorder that causes digestive and breathing problems. It causes the body to produce sticky mucus that builds up in the lungs, pancreas and other organs, which can lead to respiratory and digestive problems. Those with the disorder are usually diagnosed early in life.
Your Pregnancy After 35 : Tests for You and Your Baby (part 7) - Tests for Blood-Sugar Levels, Nuchal Translucency Screening , Fetal MRI , Instant Risk Assessment
Many doctors test every pregnant woman for diabetes, usually around the end of the second trimester. Testing is particularly important if you have a family history of diabetes. Blood tests used to diagnose diabetes are a fasting blood-sugar and glucose-tolerance test (GTT).
Your Pregnancy After 35 : Tests for You and Your Baby (part 6) - Chorionic Villus Sampling,Fetoscopy, Fetal Fibronectin , Percutaneous Umbilical Blood Sampling
Chorionic villus sampling (CVS) analyzes chorionic villus cells, which eventually become the placenta. The test detects genetic abnormalities; sampling is done early in pregnancy. The advantage of CVS is that a healthcare provider can diagnose a problem earlier in pregnancy.
Your Pregnancy After 35 : Tests for You and Your Baby (part 5) - Alpha-Fetoprotein Testing, Multiple-Marker Tests
The alpha-fetoprotein (AFP) test is a blood test done on the mother-to-be. As your baby grows inside you, it produces alpha-fetoprotein in its liver. Some alpha-fetoprotein crosses fetal membranes and enters your circulation.
Your Pregnancy After 35 : Tests for You and Your Baby (part 4) - Amniocentesis
Amniocentesis is a test done on fetal cells and is often offered to women over 35 or women whose screening-tests results are abnormal. Most women who have amniocentesis are being screened for chromosomal defects, such as Down syndrome, Turner’s syndrome or neural-tube defects (spina bifida).
Your Pregnancy After 35 : Tests for You and Your Baby (part 3) - Specialized Tests You May Have
An ultrasound exam may be one of the most exciting tests you have during pregnancy! You and your partner can actually see your growing baby. The test is a valuable tool for your healthcare provider because it enables him or her to check for many details of fetal development. (Ultrasound, sonogram and sonography refer to the same test.)
Your Pregnancy After 35 : Tests for You and Your Baby (part 2) - Third-Trimester Tests
A special type of pregnancy test, called a quantitative HCG test, is a blood test done in the first trimester. Your healthcare provider may order it if there is concern about miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy.
Your Pregnancy After 35 : Tests for You and Your Baby (part 1) - At-Home Tests
Your healthcare provider may ask you to take a home pregnancy test when you miss a period to help determine if you’re pregnant. These tests are so accurate that your healthcare provider may rely on them as an initial screening for pregnancy.
Tips To Make You Look Less Fat During Pregnancy
Most women worry about gaining weight, and it’s hard for them to stop worrying about this issue in pregnancy. You know that you will gain weight during pregnancy, but even when all your weight will be on the perfect belly, there’re may be moments when you look at yourself in the mirror and feel that you’re fat.
Why Do Pregnant Women Have Mood Swings?
One of the most noticeable symptoms of pregnancy is mood swings. With all the changes taking place in the women’s body, there’s no surprise that mood swings is a companion of these changes. According to an association, the physical changes, fatigue and hormone changes can have a part in mood changes.
Your Pregnancy After 35 : How Your Baby Grows and Develops (part 5) - Hydrocephalus, Cordocentesis, Fetal Surgery
Hydrocephalus causes an enlargement of the fetus’s head. It occurs in about 1 in 2000 babies and is responsible for about 12% of all severe fetal malformations found at birth.
Your Pregnancy After 35 : How Your Baby Grows and Develops (part 4) - Intrauterine-Growth Restriction
Intrauterine-growth restriction (IUGR) indicates a fetus is small for its gestational age. Weight is below the tenth percentile (in the lowest 10%) for the baby’s gestational age. This means 9 out of 10 babies of normal growth are larger.
Ways To Keep Your Natural Beauty Throughout Pregnancy
Pregnancy doesn’t make a woman feel unsafe; it makes her feel splendid and beautiful. While being pregnant can highlight the natural glow of the skin, the glimmer shine of the hair and make you energetic, it also comes with some small problems.
Your Pregnancy After 35 : How Your Baby Grows and Develops (part 3) - Problems for a Developing Fetus, Premature Birth
A baby can hear inside the womb. But “hearing” in a fetus is really a matter of feeling vibrations in the skull that are then transmitted to baby’s inner ear. It may be similar to living near a busy airport.
Your Pregnancy After 35 : How Your Baby Grows and Develops (part 2) - The Umbilical Cord, The Amniotic Sac
The umbilical cord is the connection between your baby and the placenta. It is usually about 24 inches (60cm) long. The cord is gray or white, coiled or lumpy, and contains two arteries to carry baby’s blood to the placenta, where it absorbs oxygen and nutrients. A vein in the umbilical cord carries blood and nutrients back to the baby.
Your Pregnancy After 35 : How Your Baby Grows and Develops (part 1) - Normal Fetal Development
Sometimes women express concern about giving birth to a large baby. Many factors affect how big your baby will be. If you are in good health, have no medical problems, don’t gain too much weight and take good care of yourself during pregnancy, you’ll probably have an average-size baby.
Tips To Have A Positive Body Image After Pregnancy
Pregnancy changes your body in many ways, even after your delivery. Although you lose the weight of your baby, the amniotic fluid and placenta right after the pregnancy, you still need time to burn the fat that accumulated in pregnancy. Your stomach also gets bigger after you’re pregnant.
The Perfect Diet For Pregnant Women
When pregnant, good nutrition will become more important. Some future mothers are afraid of everything, but in general, facts and obstetrician’s advice will help them get over it. And adding essential nutrients in your diet when you’re pregnant will ensure the fact that you’ll meet your need of nutrients.
What to Eat When You're Pregnant and Vegetarian : Common complaints and how to deal with them - Gestational diabetes, Pre-eclampsia
This is a temporary form of diabetes that affects about 5% of pregnant women. It develops when hormones from the placenta interfere with insulin, the hormone that regulates blood sugar levels.
What to Eat When You're Pregnant and Vegetarian : Common complaints and how to deal with them - Dizziness and fainting, Dizziness and fainting Restless legs , Sleep problems and tiredness
Half to three-quarters of pregnant women experience dizziness at some time. You may find that you feel light-headed when you get out of bed in the morning or if you get up from a chair too quickly. Standing still for long periods might also make you feel light-headed.
What to Eat When You're Pregnant and Vegetarian : Common complaints and how to deal with them - Wind and bloating, Haemorrhoids, Diarrhoea
As well as being prone to constipation, pregnant women also experience more wind, bloating and general digestive discomfort. Food spends longer in the intestines so that more nutrients can be absorbed, but this also means that it has more time to ferment and produce gas or wind.
Prevent Morning Sickness In 7 Weeks
Several first weeks of pregnancy usually come with morning sickness from mild to severe. Though many people can consider morning sickness as an unavoidable part of the first stage of pregnancy, you can avoid morning sickness at 7 weeks.
Methods To Prevent Stretch Marks Throughout Pregnancy
Every woman who has experienced pregnancy will tell you that fast weight gain and loss will make you have stretch mark. Stretch marks that come with pregnancy can be prevented.
37 to 40 Weeks Pregnant (part 4) - 38 WEEKS PREGNANT - DELIVERY AND POSTPARTUM
Remember, you’ll need to bring your infant car seat with you to the hospital. Most hospitals will want to see the car seat before they will let you leave with the baby!
37 to 40 Weeks Pregnant (part 3) - 38 WEEKS PREGNANT - LABOR AND DELIVERY
In most hospitals, the bulk of your postpartum stay will happen in a separate room —sometimes even on a separate floor!—from where you labor and deliver. Some of the items you’ll need for each portion of your stay are different, but you’ll want to have some of your items in both places.
Signs Of Pregnancy While Breastfeeding Your Baby
Some women believe that breastfeeding their babies have a role as a morning-after pill. However, some women can still get pregnant when they’re still breastfeeding their babies. If you think that you’re pregnant when still feeding your baby, this is a good idea for you to know what you can expect ahead.
37 to 40 Weeks Pregnant (part 2) - 37 WEEKS PREGNANT - CHILDCARE, PET CARE, AND YOUR HOME
If you have small children at home, be sure their caregivers have the pediatrician’s contact information. You will want to create a simple document with your child’s insurance information and birth date along with a statement allowing their caregiver permission to seek emergency medical treatment on their behalf
37 to 40 Weeks Pregnant (part 1) - 37 WEEKS PREGNANT - Prepare the Final Checklists
Grab your favorite drink and put your feet up. As promised, there are no big organizing projects this month. Your sidekick can retire. You’re free to float around your home admiring your handiwork as a Zen Organizer
You Can Have A Flat Belly (part 2) - Core workout
Start on all fours with your hands under your shoulders and knees under your hips, keeping your head, neck, and back straight. Raise your right arm and reach it forward and, at the same time, kick your left leg backwards until it’s straight and in line with your torso, hold for one second.
You Can Have A Flat Belly (part 1) - Work your core
The frustrating reality is that the midsection can be one of the trickiest areas to tone. If you’re spending hours every week working on your tummy, then take heart – even women dedicated to a good diet and regular exercise often can’t iron out their abs.
Organic Smoothies for a Healthy Pregnancy : Cherry Vanilla Treat, Watermelon and Watercress Smoothie, Apple Celery Smoothie
If your diet and lifestyle leave you feeling in need of refreshment and vitality, this smoothie is for you. Hydrating melon and citrus combine with rich greens to provide a revitalizing lift in energy levels throughout your pregnancy.
Organic Smoothies for a Healthy Pregnancy : Vitamin C Pack, A Cool Blend for Pregnancy
This vitamin C–packed recipe is a delicious blend of grapefruit, pineapple, and orange, intensified by the addition of ginger and iron and vitamin K-rich spinach. These ingredients will help during pregnancy by supporting the growth and development of your baby.
Organic Smoothies for a Healthy Pregnancy : Romaine Pineapple Smoothie, Berry and Banana Smoothie, A Grape Way to Bone Health
Vitamins K and C, beta-carotene, potassium, folate, and protein are rich in this delicious smoothie. A one-stop shop for many of your fruit and vegetable servings, this delicious recipe satisfies your sweet tooth and your pregnancy dietary needs.
Organic Smoothies for a Healthy Pregnancy : Pregnant Pomegranate Smoothie, Beta-Carotene Cantaloupe Smoothie, Blackberry Delight
Since these delicious fruits and vegetables are packed with vitamins C, K, and B complex; potassium; and magnesium that all promote health and fight illness, this recipe is a tasty way to feel great throughout your pregnancy
Home Remedies To Treat Stretch Marks In Pregnancy
Stretch marks occur in pregnancy as the weight gain of women make the skin expanded, causing small tears that look like stretch marks. According to the woman’s health organization, stretch marks can be red, pink or brown, and they normally appear at the second half of pregnancy.
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