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Tests and Treatments : Investigating Sleep Problems
To examine the patterns and quality of your sleep, you can ask yourself the following questions. These questions are modeled on the Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index, which is designed to assess sleep in adults.
Reduce Personal Stress : Think Rationally
You may find that simply writing down in your stress diary all of your negative thoughts and the things that you are worried about will give you a better perspective on your problems.
Reduce Personal Stress : Relax Your Body
Physical relaxation techniques can help you to reduce muscle tension and manage the effects on your body of the fight-or-flight response. This can be particularly important if you need to think clearly and perform.
Sleep and Neurological Problems : Adults with Intellectual Disability
The treatment for primary sleep disorders such as sleep apnea, narcolepsy, or circadian rhythm disorders may be slightly more complex, but can result in enormous improvements in the quality of life and health.
Sleep and Neurological Problems : Common Neurological Diseases
Sleep disturbances in Parkinson’s disease need to be managed in conjunction with your doctor. Management involves good control of symptoms and careful use of your medications.
Migraine in Elderly People
Headaches late in life may be associated with life-threatening conditions such as brain tumors, aneurysms (weakened, bulging areas in an artery wall), or inflammation of arteries.
Migraine and Menopause
Menopause and migraine sometimes go well in that migraine attacks decrease in frequency after menopause in most women. However, in some women the frequency of attacks increases in the years preceding menopause.
Migraine in Men
Men are less likely to go to see a doctor for any condition. Men are more likely to self-diagnose their migraine as a sinus or allergy headache because of associated symptoms of tears forming in their eyes (eye-tearing) or nasal congestion in one nostril.
Migraine in Adolescents
For most females, the first migraine attack occurs during puberty or a year or two before that. If migraine attacks have started at a younger age, they often increase in frequency the year before menstruation starts.
Reduce Personal Stress : Relax Mentally
Imagery is a potent method of stress reduction, especially when combined with physical relaxation methods such as deep breathing. The principle behind imagery is that you can use your imagination to recreate, and enjoy, a relaxing situation.
Reduce Personal Stress : Reduce Performance Stress
Part of the stress that you feel comes from uncertainty about what is about to happen. By thinking through the event, you can understand and manage the doubts and uncertainties that may disrupt it.
Diagnosing and Treating Migraine : Other Therapies for Migraine
Trigger point injections are used to help individuals with headache or with neck and upper back tightness or tension. Small amounts of salt water (saline) are injected with tiny needles into different areas of the tense or tight muscles.
Diagnosing and Treating Migraine : Preventing Migraine
Understanding how migraine medications work as part of your comprehensive treatment program to prevent migraine attacks is essential for your success. The following tips will help you get the most out of your preventive medications.
Diagnosing and Treating Migraine : Other Medical Problems
Migraine is the most common cause of frequent headaches. Most people would rather treat their headaches as “sinus” headaches, and most women will insist that their headaches are caused by hormonal changes.
Diagnosing and Treating Migraine : Diagnosing Migraine
Migraine can cause many symptoms that are related to brain function. It is important that you have a medical evaluation to exclude other disorders as the cause of your symptoms.
Children and Adolescents : Adolescent Sleep-Wake Patterns
The most important thing for you to do is to evaluate not only your 15-year-old’s lifestyle but also the way in which you help–or don’t help–reinforce a consistent sleep-wake schedule.
Children and Adolescents : Sleep Problems in Children
Bed-wetting during sleep is also called sleep-related enuresis. Enuresis is very common and at any one time millions of children suffer from it. Bed-wetting can be described as either primary or secondary.
Children and Adolescents : From Infancy to Adolescence
Every family has its own routine and the one suggested here can be easily adapted to suit the way you interact with your children to get them to bed in as stressfree a manner as possible.
Children and Adolescents : Babies
Sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), or crib death, is the most common cause of death in children up to the age of one year. The diagnosis is made after all other possible causes of death have been excluded.
Women and Sleep : Sleep and Menopause
Menopause, the transition into midlife, is a normal event in every woman’s life and most women live long enough to experience it. Generally, menopause is said to be present once there has been an absence of any menstruation for 12 months.
Women and Sleep : Early Stages of Motherhood
Unsurprisingly, women experience more awakenings at night after delivery (for feeding of the baby), although this tends to settle after the first month. Many mothers find daytime naps are a good way to compensate for this disruption in sleep during the night.
Women and Sleep : Sleep Patterns During Pregnancy
Sleep patterns change throughout pregnancy, largely as a result of the enormous physical changes that take place as the fetus grows, but also partly due to hormonal changes that occur.
Women and Sleep : Sleep and Pregnancy
Many factors contribute to this: hormonal changes, the growing fetus, discomfort (vomiting, heartburn, cramps, pressure on the bladder), mood changes, and anxiety related to delivery.
Women and Sleep : Sleep and Menstruation
The hormones estrogen and progesterone play a role in regulating the menstrual cycle and also, through their additional functions relating to the brain, influence other processes like sleep and circadian rhythms.
Women and Sleep : Sleep Differences Between the Sexes
The section summarizes the differences in sleep between men and women throughout life. Since these findings are based on only a few studies, they may not prove to be entirely correct in the long term.
Migraine in Women : Migraine during Pregnancy
Migraine, especially menstrual migraine, can improve dramatically during pregnancy. It is important to understand, however, that migraine does not just go away. Migraine attacks may become less frequent, but the underlying disorder is always present.
Migraine in Women
Population studies show that prior to puberty, boys have the same number or slightly more attacks than girls. After puberty, girls begin to experience more attacks than boys due to an increase in estrogen levels.
Migraine in Children
Children, both boys and girls, can have migraine. Many adults have their first migraine attack during childhood or during adolescence. However, migraine in childhood is often not recognized and is left untreated until adulthood.
The modern local
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Dubliner Shepherd’s Pie
“Our family loves a hearty shepherd’s pie after a long day working on the farm. Because our cows produce milk to make the cheese, we like to add some shredded Dubliner to the potato crust.”
Rhubarb Crumble
Sprinkle this mixture over rhubarb in the pie dish. Bake for 30 to 45 minutes until topping is cooked and golden. Serve with whipped cream and soft brown sugar, or try stirring a little Amaretto into your cream.
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