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Welcome to your Third Trimester (part 9) - Doppler scans
A Doppler scan is a special scan that analyzes blood flow through the placenta. If the placenta is functioning well, the blood flows easily.
You In Shape, Get Inspire! – Part 3
When hearing Peepshow’s producer wondered why Holly considerably got choppier after joining the show, she was hurt. But when seeing close-up photos of paparazzi on the magazine’s surface, Holly recognized that she had to change.
You In Shape, Get Inspire! – Part 2
A healthy life and schedule with friends – two things that sounds far different from each other, but they can still be combined harmouniously if you know how to do it.
You In Shape, Get Inspire! – Part 1
Joann Ysip used to have a disease called ‘eating because of stress’ 11 years ago when her 8-year-old son Logan contracted epilpepsy sysndrome. She shares, ‘I was so worried that I was sick every time my son’s disease got serious.
Work Out or Sit It Out?
Some petty diseases any leg trauma can stagnate your exercise process. Do not worry since the following advice will support you when you are unhealthy.
The Pet Prescription : Avoid high blood pressure & Encourage Alzheimer patients and their family
Those who get allergy will create antibodies which can cause respiratory system to be swelled (reason for asthma) as well skin to be inflamed (reason for eczema), then there are stimuli which cause them get angry and secrete saliva.
3 Interesting Healthy Secrets
Researches on nutrition recommend that to have a fit body, you should eat or drink immediately after doing exercise to help muscles recover. If you eat food containing carbohydrate and protein, your muscles will get better completely
Welcome to your Third Trimester (part 8) - Burning calories
During pregnancy your body will store fat—mainly in the hips, thighs, and abdomen—to ensure there is enough energy for your baby to grow. Usually, the body relies on glucose for energy but in mid and late pregnancy, hormonal and metabolic changes facilitate the use of fat as an energy source.
Welcome to your Third Trimester (part 7)
In pregnancy your abdomen is measured to establish the height of the top of the uterus, which indicates how the baby is growing. It is important to know whether the same person is measuring you since there is an element of subjectivity depending on the technique the doctor uses.
Welcome to your Third Trimester (part 6) - Buying bedding
Your baby doesn’t need a blanket or pillow—in fact, experts advise against them. To reduce your baby’s risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), put a fitted sheet on a firm crib mattress (don’t use a second-hand mattress), and keep blankets, pillows and stuffed animals out of the crib.
Welcome to your Third Trimester (part 5) - Growth of twins in the last trimester & HypnoBirthing
In these last three months, you’re likely to get very big. As you’d expect, the more babies inside, the greater the challenge for your body to provide enough space as well as the perfect conditions for growth.
Eat Smart: Green Tea Health Benefits
All tea comes from the same plant genus, Camellia Sinensis. It is the process of drying the tea that causes it to be black, green or white. This process will vary, but here is a simplified explanation.
The Pill’s Secret Powers (Part 2)
Pill users might have increased grey area in brain regions such as the prefrontal cortex. But, say experts, it’s too early to speculate whether this could lead to better brain function.
The Pill’s Secret Powers (Part 1)
New science shows the tiny tablet does way more than just prevent pregnancy – it affects your body and mind in complex ways, both good and bad
Welcome to your Third Trimester (part 4) - Going on a hospital tour
As part of the build up to your baby’s birth, you may be offered a tour of the hospital. Not only will you be able to see first hand where you’ll be delivering your baby and what the units are like, but you can also figure out the practical details, such as parking, admission procedures, what you’ll need to bring, and what facilities there are, such as cafés and shops for visiting friends and family.
Welcome to your Third Trimester (part 3) - Buying for your baby
During pregnancy, your core body temperature rises due to the effects of the hormone progesterone, your increased weight, and the greater demands on your body. Exercise generates heat and raises your core temperature even further, which is why you’re likely to feel extra hot when you exercise during pregnancy.
Eat smart - Grown your own (Part 2) : Herbs, to add flavor & Potatoes
One vegetable you can get going early on In the year is the potato. I would be hard pushed to find anything as delicious as a freshly dug spud - the flavor is really quite special.
Eat smart - Grown your own (Part 1) : Window-box salads
Great success last year came from investing in some cheap, yet cute, terracotta window boxes. Just as with pots, add some broken-up old plates to help drainage. Then we used them to grow French breakfast radishes, which are so delicious when freshly picked and eaten, and really peppery.
Welcome to your Third Trimester (part 2) - Your belly: to show or not to show?
You may find that in these final couple of months, you need to change your swimming style to one that is more comfortable; many women opt for breaststroke, which can also help to get the baby in to an optimum position .
Welcome to your Third Trimester (part 1) - How identical are identical twins?
Twins from the same egg have the same DNA. In a way, they’re natural clones, so you might expect them to be identical in every way. They will certainly look very alike, and have the same hair color, eye color, and skin color. They will also have the same blood group and tissue type.
Welcome to your Second Trimester (part 48) - It’s all in the belly
According to those “old wives,” there are other physical clues: if you’ve gained weight on your face and it’s round and full, you’re having a girl. If your right breast is larger than your left, it’s a boy—and if your partner gains weight, you’re “definitely” having a girl!
Welcome to your Second Trimester (part 47) - Sensible snacking
Pregnancy slows down your digestive tract, which can lead to unpleasant burping, bloating, passing gas, and an uncomfortable feeling in the stomach. Symptoms can be worse after you eat a large meal.
Welcome to your Second Trimester (part 46) - Listen to Mommy
Your developing baby’s ears are structurally complete, and studies show that he can hear clearly now. Far from cushioning him against noise, the amniotic fluid that surrounds your baby has excellent sound-conducting properties. Your heartbeat and digestive system provide a constant background rhythm, but he’s also aware of other sounds.
Welcome to your Second Trimester (part 45) - How to wear a seat belt
It may feel cumbersome to wear a seat belt while you’re pregnant, but it is essential, and a legal requirement. The good news is it’s possible to buckle up comfortably.
Three Best Yoga Advices
If you are under high blood pressure or have a threat of contracting this dangerous disease, do not worry so much since therapies, postures, and breathing movements in yoga can be effective tools in your treatment regime. A few studies prove that yoga can reduce blood pressure in the body dramatically.
Play it forward (Part 2) - Shoulder - Rotator cuff inflammation or tear
Rotator cuff is a group including 4 kinds of muscle that help keep the humerus in shoulder cavity stable and support the shoulders move. The tendons of these muscles are often stimulated easily and tear due to trauma or movements that are repeated many times.
Play it forward (Part 1) - Foot & Knee
If you love sports, you must be familiar with trauma. The reasons may be due to repeated physical impacts, imbalance in biology system, or both. But, if you practice yoga, it is an effective tool to cure and prevent trauma.
Eat smart: Pulses & cereals
A great source of protein and fibre, they also taste delicious! They form a key part of a balanced diet and we should all be eating more of them. Here's how to make them part of your healthy eating plan.
Welcome to your Second Trimester (part 44)
Hemorrhoids are, like varicose veins , dilated veins, but they occur around your anus. The weight of your baby pushes down on your back passage, restricting blood flow and causing the veins to dilate.
Welcome to your Second Trimester (part 43) - Pregnancy posture
Prior to pregnancy, your center of gravity was directly over your hips; during later pregnancy it shifts forward to your enlarged abdomen. This dramatic shift in your center of gravity increases the curve of your lower spine, and can result in lower back pain .
Welcome to your Second Trimester (part 42) - Coping with leg cramps
Getting painful spasms in the leg muscles is common in pregnancy, particularly at night. You may find that you wake up due to the sudden and severe localized pain in your legs or feet. This is thought to be due to the pressure of the uterus on the pelvic nerves.
Welcome to your Second Trimester (part 41)
If you have a toddler already, she will undoubtedly be curious about why you have suddenly got so fat! Keep things simple, along the lines of “Mommy is growing you a baby sister or brother, but she/he won’t be here just yet.” Over the coming weeks, explain in more detail what having a new baby means.
Power lunch: Whole-body tone-up (part 2)
This series will work your entire ab area, including the hard-to-reach lower abdominals and your obliques, the side muscles that help minimize love handles. Making the Flying X as explosive as possible will also improve your body’s ability to generate power.
Power lunch: Whole-body tone-up (part 1)
Perform each series once, with as little rest as you can between each move. Once complete, rest for two minutes before moving on to the next series. Repeat this as many times as you can manage before heading back to the office.
I love my athletic body (part 2)
“I love doing press-ups, lunges and sit-ups as part of my circuit. Doing the same old conventional exercise can get a bit tedious, however, so I like to spice each move up” Here’s Kirsty’s favourite three moves, each with a little twist on the conventional exercise.
I love my athletic body (part 1)
With a cup of tea – strong, dash of milk, no sugar – in one hand and a toasted English muffin in the other, Kirsty Gallacher relaxes onto the sofa to begin our interview. H&F has been invited along to Kirsty’s first photoshoot with sportswear brand USA Pro, for which she is the new ambassador.
Hooked on running
“The TRX is particularly good for runners because it helps build strength in your legs while working your whole body in several planes of movement. This type of exercise counteracts the repetitive forward running motion that can cause muscle imbalances and injuries,” explains TRX director of training and development Fraser Quelch .
Welcome to your Second Trimester (part 40)
As your body works hard to nourish your baby, you may find yourself feeling dizzy from time to time. It’s common to feel dizzy when you stand up suddenly; this is because, although your blood supply has increased during pregnancy, getting up quickly causes the blood to rush into your legs.
Welcome to your Second Trimester (part 39) - Up close and personal
There are ways to reduce the symptoms, such as circling and stretching exercises to improve circulation and increase wrist mobility. Your doctor will be able to demonstrate these exercises. Wearing wrist splints and elevating your hands on a pillow at night can also help.
Hit the spot: Balancing your hormones (part 2)
Rest is important for reducing fat around your stomach. The stress hormone cortisol, responsible for fat storage around your middle, falls the more you rest and sleep, so rotate your workouts and, once a month, add in a fun or soothing workout, such as yoga.
Hit the spot: Balancing your hormones (part 1)
If you’ve joined a gym and ditched the chocolate, but the fat on your turn still isn’t shifting, you may be surprised to hear your hormones could be to blame. Until recently, exercise physiologists considered spot reduction a myth, believing you need to burn fat all over, using a mix of cardio and whole-body resistance work.
Health Expert Advice: Why massage is a treat worth indulging in
Have you ever felt so guilty about the cost of a massage, you’ve not been able to relax and enjoy the treatment? Many people think of massage as an indulgent treat, but denying yourself the pleasure of a good rubdown means you’ll be missing out on a hugely beneficial – and scientifically proven – health tonic.
Being on a knife-edge
While most of us rely on a healthy diet, exercise and grooming regime to make the most of our appearance, an ever increasing number of women are turning to cosmetic surgery to fix their body hang-ups.
5 things not to do at the gym
“Cardio is central to fat loss, but if you spend more than 50 per cent of your workout time on it, think again,” says Levi. To really improve your shape, weight train. Your body will drain its glycogen stores doing weights, so if you do 20 minutes of cardio afterwards your body will switch to burning fat.
Want a baby soon? – Your fertility mot (part 2)
Drinking any alcohol can send your fertility plummeting, possibly cutting it in half – and the more you drink, the less likely you are to conceive. Too much alcohol also reduces testosterone, reducing libido, and affects sperm quality and quantity in men.
Want a baby soon? – Your fertility mot (part 1)
Women are leaving it later than ever before to start a family – the number of new mothers in their late 30s and 40s is soaring. But while leaving pregnancy until you feel ready brings with it the freedom to develop your career and find the right partner – it can also bring concerns about whether you’re still fertile.
Welcome to your Second Trimester (part 38) - Maternity matters
If you’re having twins, now is the time to discuss your maternity leave with your employers. Some women start their leave toward the end of their pregnancy, while others wait for their babies to be born. Ask your doctor for advice.
Welcome to your Second Trimester (part 37) - Keep toned
Effective strength training during pregnancy, using free weights (see image) or a machine at your gym, will help your body deal with the demands of pregnancy. Being stronger will help you carry the increase in body weight and also help you recover after the baby is born.
The New Moves For A Brighter You (Part 2) - Lower blood pressure & Calm problem skin
Your body-boost plan If you have digestive, skin, joint or mood niggles, then detox is a great first move… with our experts’ food and supplement ideas the next.
The New Moves For A Brighter You (Part 1)
Your body-boost plan If you have digestive, skin, joint or mood niggles, then detox is a great first move… with our experts’ food and supplement ideas the next.
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