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What To Abstain When Taking Medicine
To help medicine prove its effect, it needs to have a suitable travelling companion. The reason is that some medicines aren’t appropriate to milk, some others aren’t appropriate to roast meat and banana.
Boost Your Metabolism : Taking Your Vitamins (part 2)
When ingested, the fat-soluble antioxidant beta-carotene is converted into vitamin A, which bolsters your ability to build healthy cells and tissues. Foods rich in beta-carotene include carrots, dark leafy greens, sweet potatoes, and mangos.
Boost Your Metabolism : Taking Your Vitamins (part 1)
Vitamins are produced by living material such as plants and animals and are natural substances that are necessary for almost every process in the body. While vitamins do not provide calories or directly supply energy, they do help carbohydrates, proteins, and fats produce energy.
Train Your Body To Respond To New Challenges
Here's what they didn't tell you when you signed up for your fat-blasting, bingo wing-busting mega program with New Year member bonus and free sweat towel: at some point your progress is going to stall like a learner driver with a stick shift. And that initial sense of mastery and virtue will turn to puzzlement and, perhaps, despair.
Risks And Benefits Of Herbs For Pregnant Women
A part from aloe, ginseng, there’re many herbs that are good for normal people; at the same time, have the ability to harm pregnant women and fetuses if the remedies aren’t used carefully.
Reasons For Gaining Weight Quickly
Genetic matter is one of the reasons causing fast increase in weight that you might not know. Gene affects not only on the metabolism of the body, but also on your shape. That’s because it can affect your appetite. If your body has a great percent of fat, you can gain weight more easily than others despite the fact that you don’t eat as much as they do.
Women Spending Long Time Sitting Easily Catch Diabetes
According to research of British scientists, women who spend more than 7 hours a day sitting have more risks of type 2 diabetes than women who do exercises. This research is carried out by scientist from Leicester University (England).
Discover Fetal Positions
Pregnant women are really interested in and curious about fetal positions in the womb. You always wonder where your babies are so that you can play with them, don’t you? Let’s find out!
10 Factors Causing Headaches
This isn’t a simple issue; if you think that you can be fine by taking some painkillers then, you’re wrong. You need to know the reason of your headaches to face it and have timely treatments. According to specialist, the 10 followings can cause headache
10 Tips To Soothe The Stress
David Spiegel, Director of the Centre on Stress and Health of the Stanford University School of Medicine, said that hypnosis was a high-focus state of mind. If it is used right, hypnosis can refresh your mind, lower heart rate and reduce muscle tension. Try closing your eyes and imagine that there’s a stressful scene on your right, for examples, traffic jams.
Boost Your Metabolism : Managing Your Minerals (part 2)
If your stress levels have caused you to stock up on antacids, you may want to consider supplementing your diet with phosphorus. This chemical element helps build strong bones and teeth, repair tissue, and build cell membranes, but it is also the primary regulator that transforms carbohydrates, proteins, and fats in the food you eat into energy and activates the B vitamins.
Boost Your Metabolism : Managing Your Minerals (part 1)
It’s a little strange to think, isn’t it, that the same minerals we see in rocks and in tall buildings are the keys to our body functioning like a well-oiled machine? Well, minerals are necessary to keep our bodies working at full capacity and if that doesn’t happen, our metabolism takes a beating.
Isometric Exercises Are Static, Held Exercises
Isotonic exercises cause contraction and elongation of a particular muscle or muscle group throughout the movement. Examples are lunges, squats, and pushups.
Reduce Stress : For Kids and Teens (part 2)
Being a teenager or a preteenager is always difficult because of the surge of hormonal changes teenagers experience with puberty. Many teenagers suffer from depression, self-doubt, anger, hopelessness, and other intense emotions, even in response to situations adults wouldn’t necessary consider stressful.
Reduce Stress : For Kids and Teens (part 1)
Adults sometimes have the misconception (or the not-altogether-accurate memory) of childhood as one long parade of cotton candy and carousel rides. Perhaps it is the comparison with our adult lives that makes childhood seem so carefree.
Lady Girls’ Weight Loss
Approximately 50 per cent of Australians will have made at least one New Year's resolution, with the most popular one being to lose weight. This statistic, reported by psychology researchers at the University of Sydney, is closely followed by resolutions to stay fit and healthy.
Jump On It!
Looking for a new way to IÖII your body and mind? We’ve} found five classes designed take your fitness to new heights better fitness and a great physique doesn’t have to mean long, boring workouts. There is a way to take your body leaps ahead and have fun at the same time - you just have to pick up your heels!
Moves For A Hot Bod
When you can’t look to clothes for a strategic cover-up, muscle definition becomes crucial in giving your figure that sought-after shape and tone. So, this workout relies on plenty of big, compound moves to build your lean muscle mass and blitz fat, revealing a trim, toned and sexy silhouette in the process.
Stretch Yourself Healthy
‘This ancient holistic technique goes beyond the physical, working with the deeper energy channels,’ explains yoga teacher Sally Lovett (stretchingthecity.com). ‘Specific asanas [poses] can awaken and relax areas of the body to relieve and, in some cases, even cure certain ailments.’
Boost Your Metabolism : Controlling Fat Intake (part 2)
Artificial trans fat isn’t recognized by your body as an artificial substance, so it is not discarded in the digestion process. Instead, it is used in chemical reactions as though it was a normal fatty acid.
Boost Your Metabolism : Controlling Fat Intake (part 1)
The food science that centers around fat is simple. Fats are simply chains of carbon molecules bonded with hydrogen molecules and attached to a glycerol molecule. There are three kinds of fat: saturated, monounsaturated, and polyunsaturated.
Burst Your Stress Bubble
A massive 40 percent of office workers are under dangerously high levels of stress, according to a new study by office supplies company Viking. Juggling long hours at work and high-pressure deadlines while trying to squeeze in valuable downtime with family, friends and partners may be the source of a build-up that could send your health into a downward spiral.
How to Beat a Fat day
You’re probably blaming the pizza you gorged on last night or that extra glass of vino with your Sunday roast. In reality, it’s less to do with food and more to do with your head: research from the University College London suggests that feeling fat or thin is an illusion created in your posterior parietal coretex - a part of the brain that integrates sensory information.
How To Rock The Rower
Hands up if you find the rowing machine a little daunting? We don’t blame you. On a treadmill, you run. On an exercise bike, you cycle. Perfect rowing technique, however, can seem far less straightforward, which means many people are steering clear of this effective piece of gym kit - and missing out on its big-time benefits.
Reduce Stress : Make Time for Stress Management (part 2)
Only you can decide what is good for you, what is bad for you, what can make your life better, or what will make it worse. Be an advocate for yourself. Stand up for what you need. If you don’t manage your stress, who will? A best friend should know you like he knows himself. Be your own best friend, and that’s exactly what you’ll have.
Reduce Stress : Make Time for Stress Management (part 1)
You can weave stress management into your life one thread at a time. To start establishing your new habits today, try doing just four little things every day. You can work them into your schedule in any way that works for you.
3 Ways To Work Tour Waist
Movements that include rotating and twisting the upper body require control and contraction from the oblique muscles at the sides of your torso, as well as the front abs. So incorporating these exercises into your regular routine means you’ll target both, as well as your deeper core muscles, in one hit.
15 Minutes To A Better Booty
If you’re dreaming of a bottom so bootylicious that even Beyoncé would be impressed with your assets, you need to sharpen up your lower-body workouts - especially if you’re one of the 15 million Brits who’s chained to their desk each day.
Boost Your Metabolism : Leading An Active Lifestyle (part 2)
Here’s a list of different dance styles, their benefits, and their calorieburning count for a moderate intensity for 30 minutes. Try these dances to work your body and boost your metabolism.
Boost Your Metabolism : Leading An Active Lifestyle (part 1)
Remember: If you’re not moving, your metabolism is not revving! Being sedentary can be the worst thing for your internal engine. By being active in small ways throughout your day, you’re helping to keep your metabolism cranking.
Ways To Prevent Malformation For Fetus
Every woman at child-bearing age needs to have folic acid supplements for at least 3 times a month before getting pregnant. Lacking folic acid is the reason of some congenital malformations and neural tube defects (congenital spondylolysis defect is the most popular) in fetus.
Reduce Stress : Your Home Life (part 2)
If you love your things and love to be surrounded by them, the trick to keeping your home stress-free is to have your things well-organized. If everything is kept neat and you know where everything is, then your abundant collections and favorite things can bring you as much joy, comfort, and calm as a de-cluttered, spare space might bring somebody else.
Reduce Stress : Your Home Life (part 1)
After a long day at work, you come home to your castle, your haven of peace and comfort and . . . a pile of dirty laundry, a mound of dirty dishes, a stack of newspapers to be sorted through and recycled, footprints in the kitchen, and, oh no, there are those videos you were supposed to return yesterday. Suddenly, it doesn’t seem so relaxing to be home.
Top Foods That Pregnant Women Should Be Careful Of (Part 2)
Cucumber is good for pregnant women’s health. The natural water in cucumber will prevent pregnant women from the risk of dehydration during pregnancy. Besides, cucumber has plenty of potassium which is important to the electrolytic process and helps they maintain the stable blood pressure.
Top Foods That Pregnant Women Should Be Careful Of (Part 1)
When you’re pregnant, it’s essential to have yourself provided with vitamins and nutrients from foods. However, to some foods, you must be careful in processing and eating in order not to harm yourself and your fetus.
Boost Your Metabolism : Going For A Run
We commend your efforts to boost your metabolism. But don’t open the door and take a 5-mile jog or run around your neighborhood. Trust us, you’ll be sore for days and you may even injure yourself.
Foods That Cause Miscarriage
While pregnant, women have to be careful with foods eaten daily. The followings are foods that can cause miscarriage.
Some Things You Might Not Know About Pregnancy
According to many researches, the labor often begins at midnight and lasts until 4 a.m.. The reason is that some hormones have their maximum increase at night, such as estriol and oxytocin, both of which have the ability to bring spasms to the uteri and the neck of the womb.
Reduce Stress : Your Work Life (part 2)
When the day starts, know where you are going. Know what you will do. Time unplanned is often time wasted. That doesn’t mean you can’t allow for spontaneity or a lovely, unplanned, unscheduled hour or two.
Reduce Stress : Your Work Life (part 1)
We all experience stress some of the time, and these days, more and more people experience stress all of the time, particularly at work. The effects aren’t just individualized, either.
Get The Body You’ve Always Wanted
What equals a sexy body to you? We’re willing to bet the words toned, strong and slender rank highly on your wish list. That’s why we’ve teamed up with celebrity trainer Kristin McGee to bring you the ultimate hot-body workout straight from the States.
Great Reasons To Go Heavy
Worried about bulking up if you boost the load on your barbell? Don’t. We’ll always be the first to tell you that women lack the testosterone that’s needed to g row anything near Arnie-sized biceps. What you will gain from a boost in lean muscle mass and strength, however, could change the way you think about weight training forever.
Long, Lean And Seriously Toned
Barre Concept takes inspiration from ballet classes to give you all the benefits of a dancer’s body, even if you swapped your high buns for high tops years ago. Based around the Ballet Barre (remember that waist-high hand rail?), this high-intensity workout is set to high-energy dance music, rather than the traditional classical tones.
Treadmills & Elliptical Exercisers (Part 2)
Non-folding treadmills tend to be more stable, a feature that may be important to some runners. Folding treadmills, including the budget versions, can save space.
Treadmills & Elliptical Exercisers (Part 1)
When you ship for a treadmill or elliptical exerciser, focus on exactly, why you’re buying it: to stay active or to lose weight. That way, you can avoid paying for unnecessary features that might sound great but won’t help you meet your fitness goals – and might increase the price.
Stay Young With Yoga
Try Tamal’s anti-ageing yoga postures to help keep you healthy from the inside out, year after year. Each pose helps to improve the blood flow around your body and boosts your immune system as you sculpt a lean physique. Alternate between the two sessions below, performing a minimum of three sessions a week for best results
Boost Your Metabolism : Practicing Interval Training
Interval training, otherwise known as speed play, has been shown to be one of the most effective methods to rev up your metabolism and burn fat, especially around the abdomen.
3 Ways To Sculpt Your Arms
For sexy, shapely arms, it’s important to sculpt them evenly - don’t fall into the trap of working just your triceps in an effort to keep those pesky bingo wings at bay. Defined biceps will steer some of the attention away from that dreaded trouble spot while making you look and feel stronger all round.
Banish Back Pain (Part 2)
Press your pubic bone into the mat and extend your legs back, lengthening the front of your thighs away from your hips. Press your feet into the mat.
Banish Back Pain (Part 1)
Back pain is a big problem and chances are, you know all about it. It’s one of the most commonly treated health problems in the UK and is often a result of sitting ¡n one position for a long period of time (hello, work desk), a weak core or an inactive lifestyle.
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