Tips For Losing Weight After Pregnancy
The weight you gain during pregnancy keeps you and your baby healthy. Once your child is born, the weight you gain will gone. However, most women still have some extra pounds after pregnancy. Be patient while you are still recovering; pregnancy is a complicated physical process.
Six Surprising Reasons Why You Are Losing Weight
If you suffer from depression, you can lose weight quickly. People with depression often feel very difficult to perform the behaviors in their life, including eating, drinking and rest.
Some Mistakes In Losing Weight By Jogging
Jogging is a good kind of exercises suitable to everybody and it helps many women be in good shape and stabilize body weight. However, there’re many people who make mistakes when jogging.
4 Mistakes Resulted From The Attempt Of Losing Weight
There were only a quarter of people who decided to lose weight for health. The other believed that being skinny would make them look more attractive.
Misconception About Losing Weight By Fruits
Nowadays, many people eat fruits to lose weight. They think that fruit neither be excessive nor too nutritious. To them, fruits have become magical remedies to maintain weight, beauty and health. So, are fruit really almighty?
Losing Weight With Brown Rice
To get rid of overweight, you can choose the method of exercise with high intense or apply strict diet. We suggest you a way to lose weight lightly and safely from brown rice.
Losing Weight In A Week With Honey
Honey is a special type of vitamin because it is useful to body, skin, hair and blood in our body. Not only bringing lots of health benefits, raw honey is a safe and smart option when you're trying to lose weight.
What to Eat When You're Pregnant : A Healthy Weight Gain (part 1) - Putting on too much weight
There is a very strong association between weight gain during pregnancy and birth weight. The more weight you put on, the bigger your baby is likely to be. This might make you think that you should limit your weight gain, as a smaller baby will mean an easier birth.
Your Pregnancy After 35 : Exercise during and after Pregnancy (part 1) - If You Exercise Regularly, The Exercise Payoff
Exercise during pregnancy can help you feel more in control of your body and relieve some of the common aches and pains of pregnancy. Exercise improves circulation and helps you adjust to carrying the extra weight you gain during pregnancy.
Reduce Weight For Your Children
Obesity in children has become an increasing disease in the fast few decades. Obesity in the teenage years can contribute in bad effects later then, from inferiority, and weak body function to the abuse of prohibited substances and eating disorders.
Tips To Avoid Types Of Food Making Metabolism Syndrome Get Worse
Metabolic syndrome is a group of symptoms which when they appear together, the risk of having coronary artery disease, stroke and type 2 diabetes will increase. The clearest symptom is obesity around the abdominal area.
The Fastest Way For Teenagers To Lose Weight
Overweight teenage girls sometime have trouble knowing how to reduce their weight healthily. Many girls become desperate in losing weight and they can even use the method of taking diet pills which is dangerous and harmful to their body. Luckily, losing weight can be easy if teenage girls follow the special weight-losing strategies.
Bottlefeeding Your Baby (part 1) - Advantages to Bottlefeeding, Your Nutrition If You Bottlefeed
Your baby can receive good nutrition if you bottlefeed her iron-fortified formula. Some women enjoy the freedom bottlefeeding provides. It can make it easier for someone else to help care for the baby.
How To Help Your Overweight Children (part 1) - Find ways to reduce the time of watching TV
There’re many scientific researches showing the close connection between watching TV and obesity in children. Also, specialists state that the decrease in the time of watching TV costs big deal.
Pregnancy Week by Week : Week 39 (part 2) - What Is an Epidural Block?
An epidural block provides excellent relief by blocking painful sensations between the uterus and cervix, and your brain. Medication in the epidural prevents pain messages from traveling up your spinal cord to your brain.
Foods For Weight Loss
You seem to have food cravings all the time but be afraid of getting fat. In this case, “cheat” foods that make you feel full may help.
7 Foods That Help Reduce Sore Throat
Lemonade with honey is not only a reliable remedy for losing weight, but also for treating sore throat.
10 Habits That Can Help You Lose Weight
You need to have a strategy for main meals and snacks. You should hide foods for snacks that are full of nutrition in the moments in day because you know that you will feel hungry and you cannot be successful with the eating and drinking habit.
The Foods That Help Lose Weight Effectively In Summer Days
Losing weight to reduce temperature is one of the methods that many people apply to reduce hot and muggy feeling in summer days. Therefore, you should add the following foods to your daily menu:
4 Implicit Reasons That Make You Unable To Lose Weight
The thyroid gland failure is a disease that relates to thyroid gland. Nowadays, because of the condition of life, this disease becomes popular to women. When women have disease in thyroid gland, women can meet some symptoms such as tiredness, stress, sweating at night, not suffering cold feeling and not controlling their weight.
Dishes That You Should Eat To Prevent Lung Cancer
Green tea contains catechin that can eliminate radioactive substance out of body. In addition, the researches in laboratory showed that polyphenols extracted from green tea can prevent the development of cancer cells. Among people that smoke cigarette, the people that smoke cigarette have the risk of lung cancer 12 times than people drink at least 1 cup of green tea every day.
Perfect Fruits That Can Reduce The Risk Of Disease
Adding fruits to your diet is an intelligent way to intensify body’s resistance. Kinds of fruit contain the antioxidants that can help your body always be healthy.
20 Foods That Are Good For Heart
Health of heart is very important to body. The obstruction of blood in heart can cause stroke, high blood pressure, diabetes and atherosclerosis. Therefore, we provide you with the top of 20 following foods that can eliminate the obstruction in artery and maintain a healthy heart.
10 Tips To Maintain Weight Loss Success
Do not try to lose too much weight at once. In that case, you probably increase the weight faast after stopping the diet. Do not lose over 2 kg of weight at one time. It needs time to stabilize the new weight before going to the next step. This is the best way to not get fat again.
How To Avoid Obesity When Being Pregnant
According to the latest research, there’re over 30% women who are overweight in pregnancy. Women who are overweight before pregnancy or increase too much weight during pregnancy, their health can be seriously affected. Obesity can increase the risk of gestational hypertension and diabetes which can lead to pre-eclampsia.
Secrets That Help Lose Weight And Not Gain Weight Again
Losing some kilograms isn’t difficult to people that have the high determination. The thing that makes obese people toss and turn most is the method that can defeat redundant fat and prevent it to come back again.
Benefits When You Chew Food Carefully
Chewing carefully will create the full feeling, and as a result, it can inhibit the feeling of craving for food and this thing has effect in losing weight.
10 Pregnancy Problems That You Should Be Aware Of
It often occurs from the 13th week after the conception. So far, there has been no rule or specific benchmark relating to the phenomenon. Everyone can have different ways but one reason which is due the fact that abnormal chromosome cause damages on sperms.
Fix It With Food! (Part 1)
Whether it’s swollen feet or seeing stars, reflux or retching, the tortures your pregnant body inflicts on itself are certainly inventive. Yet most medicines are on the ‘no’ list during pregnancy. So trick your body right back: Many foods contain ingredients that can counteract common pregnancy niggles.
Brown Rice Is A Good Source Of Food
Brown rice is especially good for women as it can reduce the risk of cancer, colon diseases, reduce cholesterol and be good for the cardiovascular system of menopausal women.
Secrets That Can Control Weight In Pregnancy
Body Max Index is known with abbreviation BMI. It is used to evaluated thin of fat level of a person. This index can help define a person that is obese or malnourished. You are considered obese if your BMI is 30 or over.
How To Beat The Men
You’re lean. You’re strong. You’re in the shape of your life. So how come that bloke just did more pull-ups than you? Relax. Scientific studies show that even fit women struggle to do some exercises. It’s time to hone your technique, build strength and get even (or a little bit better at least!).
Diet mistakes – The Experts Wish You Didn’t Make
Ever tried to lose weight and wondered why you didn't succeed? Here, Australia's top weight-loss specialists provide some surprising insights.
I Want A Second Option
For many people, choosing to consult a second doctor or specialist on a health matter can turn out to be the difference between life and death. We spoke to three women who changed the course of their medical treatment for the better by seeking a second, third, and even fourth opinion.
Small Tips To Prevent Fatty Liver
Fatty liver is the state that has disorder of transforming. There are a lot of fatty cells in liver, or in other word, liver is accumulated with a lot of fat.
Eating Eggs In The Morning Helps Lose Weight
An egg provides about 70 calorie and no carbohydrate to the body. However, it provides lots of necessary nutrients and proteins. For that reason, the egg is a wise choice for people who want to lose weight and control the amount of calorie that is provided to the body daily.
Wonderful Effect Of Lemon Juice
Lemon juice will help you reduce stress, worry and your health is also improved.
Fire Up Your Motivation
According to a 2011study, those who did moderately intense exercise for a total of150 minutes a week- (30 minutes a day. five days a week). fell asleep faster and felt less tired during the day.
How To Lose Weight Quickly After Childbirth
After pregnancy that fostered carefully, most pregnant women gain weight a lot. All women pay attention to the problem of losing weight after giving birth, especially women that work in office. Normally, women are on maternity leave about 4-6 months.
How To Lose Weight While Sitting Much
You are busy with work, sit in front of computer in a long time and sit all day in the office... After a long time, women often ask each other, how to lose weight while sitting in a long time?
Secrets To Lose Weight Easily
Nowadays, many women worry about their weight. Environment for working and activities as well as eating, drinking, resting… can make women easily gain weight. If you gain weight a lot, it can lead to heart disease, high blood pressure, arthralgia…
5 Kinds Of Grain Giving You Beautiful Skin And Ideal Weight
Kinds of grain are women’s favorite snacks. Kinds of grain not only are nutritious but also have important role in beautifying skin and losing weight. 5 following kinds of grain are very good for women.
Good Tips That Help Pregnancy Become Perfect (Part 1)
Nerve system, especially brain and backbone of babies will take form in the first day when mothers are pregnant. Therefore, when pregnant women provide necessary nutrients such as folic acid, calcium, Fe, this thing will create foundation for fetus’s development.
Train Your Body To Respond To New Challenges
Here's what they didn't tell you when you signed up for your fat-blasting, bingo wing-busting mega program with New Year member bonus and free sweat towel: at some point your progress is going to stall like a learner driver with a stick shift. And that initial sense of mastery and virtue will turn to puzzlement and, perhaps, despair.
Lady Girls’ Weight Loss
Approximately 50 per cent of Australians will have made at least one New Year's resolution, with the most popular one being to lose weight. This statistic, reported by psychology researchers at the University of Sydney, is closely followed by resolutions to stay fit and healthy.
Top Super Foods For Women After Childbirth
While pregnant, you think that you won’t need to add many nutrients and will want to lose weight as soon as possible. The fact is the birth process will cost the pregnant much strength.
10 Foods That Helps Control Temper
Avocado contains lots of vitamin B that is necessary for brain cells and mental system to operate efficiently. They also have beta carontene, lutein, folate, vitamin E and Glutathinone. The collection can prevent the fat absorption that cause stress in the oxidazing process. There’re plenty of avocado recipes that can please you, such as avocado salad or avocado smoothie…
4 Interests Of Reasonable Diet
Providing with reasonable diet will bring health surprising interests. Surely, when you apply a reasonable diet, your health and spirit will be improved a lot. Vegetables and fruits contain a lot of micronutrients that are useful for body.
Weighing the Risks (part 2) - Gaining Too Much Weight, Gaining Too Little Weight
It can be easy for some women to pack on the pounds during pregnancy. Even though you do need to gain some additional weight, gaining too much weight can have a negative impact
Move It or Lose It! (part 1) - Fun Fit Facts, Get Off the Couch
Don’t be insecure about cellulite. I’ve known and worked with centerfold models who have it. It is often touched up for these ladies. If only we all could have that luxury!
10 Easy Ways To Lose Weight (Part 1)
Losing weight can be a daunting, difficult task. Yet, according to research, making just one small but permanent change to your lifestyle can have long-lasting effects. In the study, participants who made small adjustments, such as reducing the number of sugars in their coffee, or walking for five minutes more each day, most more than twice as much fat from their stomachs, and overall, four times more weight over a four-month period.
Pregnancy Week by Week : Week 3 (part 2) - Exercise during Pregnancy?
Exercise is important to many pregnant women. In fact, studies show more than 60% of all pregnant women exercise. However, statistics also show that only 15% of pregnant women engage in 30 minutes of moderate exercise five or more times a week.
Will Your Face Age Like Your Mother’s (Part 1)
Have you looked in the mirror and had those moments where you’ve caught glimpses of your mother staring back at you? Or have you seen the lines around your mother’s eyes, or the loose skin around her jowls, and wondered if you’ll look the same way at her age?
Adopting Healthy Eating Habits (part 3)
Be careful though. Companies are only required to list the amount of trans fat per serving, and they don’t have to list anything under 0.5 grams. That means if you eat more than the recommended serving—a metabolism don’t on any day—you could be eating a dangerous amount of trans fat.
How To Extract Mucilage From Pomelo Seeds For Diabetes Treatment
Pomelo seed of all kinds of pomelo including forest pomelo, dried-sectioned pomelo (unable to eat) can be extracted to make medicine for many diseases treatment.
Does Morning Sickness Make Fetus Hungry?
Morning sickness makes you feel bad because not only you do not have nutrients but your baby is also stunted, sickly. Fortunately, that's what most pregnant women have to go through, and no matter what, your body will provide enough nutrients and protect baby. Moreover, morning sickness doesn’t last too long.
6 Effective Tips To Lose Weight
Weight loss is really necessary, especially in summer days when you want to put on nice dress. Little tips for weight loss as below will be exciting suggestions for you.
Taking the Pounds Off Plunge
Losing weight safely and effectively requires an approach that includes setting goals (both short-term and long-term goals), changing eating habits, and incorporating physical activity into daily life. Remember: Don’t just follow a “diet.” Aim to eat healthy!
7 Tips To Lose Weight In One Week
You should eat healthy fats which include nuts, lean fish, olive oil if you want to maintain curves of your body when losing weight. Diets combining with doing moderately exercise will help you lose weight healthily. This means that you will burn fat without affecting muscles and gradually replace fatty areas on body by firm and healthy curve.
It's All About Me! MyPyramid (part 3) : Food Intake Patterns, Build a Healthy Nutrition Base
Building a healthy nutrition base is the foundation of staying healthy and achieving weight loss. Because no one single food can provide all the nutrients you need, you should consume a number of different foods each day. Here is what you can eat from MyPyramid to get your desired results.
It's All About Me! MyPyramid (part 1) : Build a Healthy Nutrition Base!
Building a healthy nutrition base is the foundation of staying healthy and achieving weight loss. Because no one single food can provide all the nutrients you need, you should consume a number of different foods each day. Here is what you can eat from MyPyramid to get your desired results.
Preparing for Pregnancy (part 3) : Genetic Counseling, Pregnancy after 35, Weight Management before Pregnancy
If you’re planning your first pregnancy, you are probably not considering genetic counseling. However, there may be circumstances in which genetic counseling could help you and your partner make informed decisions about having children.
Dieting in America—The Love and Hate Affair (part 2)
Weight-loss medications have become very popular in our country. This may seem like the newest trend in weight loss but people have been taking some form of medication or concoction for eons in hopes of adjusting their weight.
Dieting in America—The Love and Hate Affair (part 1)
Hundreds of diets are created and shared with us every year. We spend billions of dollars keeping the weight-loss industry alive. And the fat cats who run these major corporations are not slim when it comes to offering consumers diets, gimmicks, beverages, powders, pills, equipment, and more.
Surgery To Correct A Pelvic Floor Problem
It was late last year when I finally decided I had to do something about my pelvic floor. I’d had a sensation of “something coming down” for years – in fact, thinking back, probably since the birth of my second child, nearly 20 years previously.
Boost Your Metabolism : Knowing Your Body (part 2)
When you embark on any health or fitness regime, it is important to ask your doctor for a total lipoprotein profile so that you are aware not only of your total cholesterol but of each component as well.
Health Tech : Appy World (Part 2)
Little scientific research has been done to determine the effectiveness of health-related apps, partly because this is a new field and research can’t keep up with technological advancements.
The 20 Best Boot Glamping Breaks (Part 2)
Camp Biche in France is all about having fun while losing weight; a house party at a pretty villa involving loads of outdoor exercise, healthy vegan food – and wine. During the week-long Kickstart programme, most people lose around 8% of their total body fat and boost their fitness.
Say No To The Yo-Yo ! (Part 3)
I’ve been at a healthy weight for over five years now, and I love having a waist – there’s no way I’d swap it for chocolate fudge cake! I still eat traditional Guyanese food, but now I stop myself from taking such huge portions because I know what will happen if I do.
Say No To The Yo-Yo ! (Part 2)
With a weight problem tied up with an unhappy marriage, Lucy Stacey, 34, felt trapped and isolated. Getting healthy was the first step to slimming down and having a happier life.
Say No To The Yo-Yo ! (Part 1)
It’s the Holy Grail of dieters – not just losing weight, but staying slim. Our columnist Aggie MacKenzie has kept to her goal weight for years, so we asked her and three other successful dieters for their secrets…
Lose Weight Without Effort (Part 1)
Strict diets can result in side effects such as headaches, nausea, insomnia and anxiety as a result of your body’s natural homeostasis being thrown out of balance. And if you’re not nourishing yourself throughout the day, when your body needs maximum energy, you’ll end up making the wrong food choices.
Choose Foods For Women After Childbirth
Eating after bearing not only helps women recover quickly their health but also provides essential nutrients into breast milk that is beneficial to baby’s development.
Are Diet Pills Too Good To Be True ? (part 2)
Thousands of women in the UK buy slimming pills online, according to the government’s Medicines and Healthcare Regulatory Agency (MHRA), oblivious to the fact that most of the websites belong to unscrupulous vendors.
Success Stories : Weight loss stories (Part 3)
"Once I was no longer continuing much of my loved school sport I found the kilograms slowly increasing," she says. Concerned, Danielle visited her doctor who discovered she was suffering from polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) and, as a side effect, Insulin Resistance.
Losing 30 kilos in 30 weeks
I learnt that you need to be bloody-minded and set a goal of one kilo a week and lock it off. You just have to do it. Spending a few months losing weight is like a dot on an A4 piece of paper. If the paper is your life, the time you spend losing weight is just a dot.
Yes, You Can Get Addicted To Love
Most of us suffer heartbreak at some point, but did you know that a painful break-up could be harmful to your health? Suffers of love addiction can’t get over it simply by nursing revenge fantasies involving a pair of scissors and the guy’s favorite suit, and stocking up on Haagen-Dazs.
The Only Way Is...Weight Watchers! (Part 2)
It made me realise just how much I'd been overeating, even with healthy meals, which had been a huge factor in my weight gain. But I loved that following the Pro Points plan meant eating regular, tasty meals while still losing weight.
The Lore Of Living
Sports scientist Prof Tim Noakes is world-renowned for his ground-breaking research and for the fact that he lives his science. Here he shares his rules for life.
Is This The End Of Calorie Counting? (Part 1)
According to health guidelines from the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE), this can be achieved by cutting 500 calories a day, which will lead to a weekly loss of a pound of body fat for as long as you keep this up.
Snack-proof your desk
Many of us spend between eight and 10 hours at our desks each working day. Regular breaks can be hard, and perhaps this is one reason why desk-bound snacking is spiraling out of control.
Losing IT Without Going To The Gym
Scottish-born Steven Horne has been living in New Zealand since 1990. Living is the operative world, as he almost died not once, but three times. His life story is one of highs and lows that could definitely, writes Lorraine Thomson, be the substance of a dram-ma Hollywood movie.
How To Achieve New Year's Reso
If you're used to eating the wrong kinds of foods and not exercising, then you need to make some serious lifestyle changes and you may as well face facts early on – it's not going to be easy. However, the results will be more than worth it.
“I have a new outlook on life”
For years Sharlene Packree, a type-2 diabetic, turned to food for comfort instead of dealing with her problems. But while the weight piled on, her problems remained and her health deteriorated as she struggled to keep her glucose levels in check.
We’re talking to… Tamzin Outhwaite
I’m in my element when I’m in a dance class. With a job in musical theatre, you’re doing eight shows a week, and singing and dancing on stage every night. You’re training as much as an athlete. I’ve been in and out of musical theatre in my career and that’s when I’m at my fittest.
Stress Mastery : Psychotechnologies - Biofeedback & Double Induction Hypnotic Tapes
Biofeedback instruments give you information (feedback) about what is happening in your body. You can then use this feedback to facilitate relaxation and to relax targeted muscles.
Further Applications of the Master Strategy : Nutrition - The Seven Steps to Good Nutrition
Whole foods for good nutrition include raw or lightly steamed vegetables, fruits, whole grains and cereals, brown rice, beans, dried peas, nuts, and certain seeds. These foods are complex carbohydrates that contain a complex mix of starch, fiber, sugar, vitamins, and minerals.
Measuring versus Weighing Risk
Even if you haven’t gained a pound since high school, you may still be at risk of developing metabolic syndrome due to the changes that creep up on our bodies as we age.
How to be a success of EVERYTHING! (Part 2)
Losing weight or getting fit isn't as easy as it sounds, otherwise we'd all be super-slim, toned and as fit as fiddles. Work out why you've fallen off the wagon before - or what's likely to scupper your chances this time.
Toddlers a Little Person Emerges : How Do I Expand His Diet? Fussy eaters
All parents worry at some time or other that their child is not eating enough. The truth is that most children will eat what they need, and negotiating this with parents is good for their developing independence.
6-9 Months: Ready for Food - Food and Health
Your baby may be reluctant to eat when he is feeling under the weather, but keeping him hydrated and offering small, nutrient-dense meals can help him to recover quickly and easily.
Sleep Disorders : Snoring
Snoring is far from being just a nuisance and is rarely a joke either for those who snore or, more importantly, for people who have to put up with their snoring.
I Still Look Pregnant Your body after the birth (part 1)
The term “afterpains” refers to the discomfort felt after the birth as the uterus starts to contract back down to its normal, pre-pregnancy size. These pains are often described as feeling similar to menstrual cramps.
Sleep and Mood Disorders - Could I be Depressed?
The following questions are based on a questionnaire known as the Zung self-rated depression scale, and can be used to assess the presence and severity of mild degrees of mood disorder.
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